Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Nobody Talks to Allah

Nobody Reports: Today, Muhammad Mula Moobu Bin Laden came out and tried to explain why the Muslims MUST be allowed to built the Mosque near ground zero..
Here we see him with his family getting ready to open the biggest airport in the Dubai.

It's all about.."Who's got the biggest?"

Nobody: Mr. Moobu, I hear you are much concerned with the American people trying to block the building of your Mosque Center next to the empty lot where the Twin Towers once stood. Tell me--- just what message are you trying to display with this building to Islam, and what message of good will come of this?

Moobu: ALLAH BE PRAISED....we built it to THANK the American people.

Nobody: Really, you're thanking them? Why?

Moobu: Before 9/11, we did not have much success in anything.. ..but after 9/11, Allah has delivered our people to wonderful gifts---one of them being a U.S. President who understands our cause, and we thank the American people for that.
Because of the effects of the aftermath of that attack, we Muslims have now built the tallest building in the world! That one blow in the name of Islam has weakened you to the point that you no longer can claim to have the biggest and most beautiful buildings! We have now built the biggest airport in the world! We have the most exotic cars! We are now the richest nation on earth. With that one unfortunate attack, we have become number one, in all things Allah desires for us! The Mosque will show, how certain is Allah with dealing with Satan. You have not even so much as built a tiny little store on the site where once great buildings stood for all to see, and that is Allah's will, and we must celebrate his glory with the biggest Mosque in New York...for all to see! Praise be to Allah!.

We also will have the biggest guitar in the world..with the biggest Hard Rock Cafe, NOT in America, where rock and roll was born...but in Dubai! A guitar that is 118 feet tall. You will be able to see it in New York...You see, we do everything better than you. A handful of men, brought your great Satan down...and delivered us to riches. And yet, you spend billions in wars over here, and many, many lives...and get very, very...poor. Yet, you do not defeat Islam.

And now, in our Holy Mecca, we also will have our OWN time. We will no longer go by Western Time ever again. In fact, our time will be three hours before you. You must now do all business on OUR time. And to celebrate the rise of the Muslim nation over the West, we have built the biggest clock on the earth...bigger than your Big Ben...with lights, over that everyone will know when to bow to Allah.
Yes, we build the Mosque to celebrate, Allah's true faith and the return, of our great nation, because, as your President Bush has said: you are addicted to our oil! Allah has put the oil under our ground so as to conquer all the world. It's his wish.
Nobody: One more question Mr. Moobu....You are complaining about being able to practice your religion in America, but SINCE our laws say America is free to practice all religions, and SINCE you will allowed to build your Mosque, and SINCE no other religion in our country bans anyone from entering their accordance with our laws...will Christians and Jews be allowed in your new Mosque?
Moobu: Nobody has asked that question yet, and ALLAH be praised, we don't have to let them in...because we have the right to refuse all Jews and Christians according to our religion...
So let it be written, so let it be done.
But, we do hope you will come to the opening! Obama will be there to welcome us to America! With great praised for the Muslim's Triumph over Satan, on 9/11.
Allah be praised!
(Nobody makes this stuff up...and hopes someone gets the REAL message.)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas says:

It is a huge jealousy trip. All this 'Mine's Bigger than Yours'.

It's all about money, isn't it. But when it comes to the crunch the Arabs have a way to go to catch up with America in one fundemenatal and vital respect.

America has the BIGGEST, VASTEST, HUGEST most PHENOMENAL debt in the history of the World.

Match THAT, Dubai.

2:43 AM  
Blogger Joyanna Adams said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

11:48 AM  
Blogger Joyanna Adams said...

Once again, your observations are right on the money...

by the way, Nobody accepts donnations from other countries!

1:11 PM  
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