Monday, August 23, 2010

Nobody's Perfect: Iowa....Makes another BIG Mistake.

Nobody's Perfect: The cops can't figure it out.

How did Salmonella get into 550 million eggs out of Iowa?

Was it rats? Al-Qaida? A vast government conspiracy trying to get rid of a few of us?

And why, did this nobody, after reading a book on how you should buy "healthier" eggs, (paying more of course) then went ahead and bought her first upper-class organic carton of eggs, and came home and boiled four of them.

All I can say is: Thank god I didn't fry them. And thank god I only ate one.

One thing is noted: While the chickens are not to blame...maybe someone should check the "healthier chicken feed."

I going back to the old "crappy" cheap about...oh...four years.



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