Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bloomberg, the Sheik of New York..OR .Midnight at the Oasis.

Nobody Wins when our most powerful politicians make themselves Gods, Kings, and tyrants. Mayor KING Thug, of New York, billionaire extraordinaire Bloomberg, just held a big Ramadan dinner for over 100 Muslims, sucking up to them for mostley his own benefit, but at the taxpayers mansion...Gracie.
I guess the name Graceland was already taken.
Bloomberg is always on the Forbes Riches billionaires list, and get this: In just two short years (2007-2009) he went from 142 on the list to number 17, which is why no doubt, when his term was up as mayor, he just himself King.
Not a thing was done to him, because. New Yorkers, like the rest of us, have no say in the matter whatsoever.
Oh, and lets not forget: he is a Republican who supports amnesty, gay marriage, and banning salt and fat, and anyone who dares to cross the street and look crosseyed.
He only makes one dollar as Mayor, but the power that he wields is well worth it.
And while all these politicians are supporting the "right" of the Muslims to worship as they please...we must remember...Bloomberg has big business deals going down in Dubai and all throughout the middle East.
I don't know about you, but when any man or woman says that Islam is a good religion, I want to know if that means that they think every man should have four wives, and all women should be made slaves...and be covered from head to toe, with no right to work.
Pretty soon, Bloomberg will be santioning large Muslim Weddings...and if I were gay, I'd INSIST that large gay weddings happen right in the same room.



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