Sunday, August 29, 2010

Nobody Thinks about Bill Clinton and Katrina

Nobody's Opinion:
Bill Clinton--- I couldn't get him off my mind today while I was watching the reruns of the Katrina anniversary. (Has it really been 5 years?) Many cable stations were using footage of the event as a set-up to another Obama speech, and I kept remembering reading Bill Clinton talk about the dear, sweet town of New Orleans, and how much he loved it. It was his favorite town, he said. He talked a lot about New Orleans in his book...My Life. This was BEFORE Katrina.
I thought it strange, because, I don't remember him actually ever talking about the town ever...what a coincidence. Oh...he just loved those old people down there.
But let's face it. There are so many things that Bill Clinton didn't talk about. For instance: Did you know that Bill Clinton helped China buy something that was key to our national defense, besides the Boeing gifts of treason?
It seems in 1982 a group of scientists found a way to combine iron and boron with a rare element called neodymium, to make very powerful and lightweight magnets. They were used in computer hard drives, automobile starter motors and the guidance systems of smart bombs. GM started making them, and they made 80 percent of all the smart bombs here in the United States.
GM was trying to win permission to become a player in Chinese Market of trucks, so they struck a deal. Clinton approve this sale (Magnequench) and the Chinese were suppose to keep magnet production and technology in the United States.
They shut down the place and took everything to China. (Okay...tell me who let them out of the country?) The U.S. became dependent on China for the magnets, including the ones used in smart bombs. Remember Bush's Awe and Shock smart bomb Baghdad show?
No wonder they bragged so much about the "precision."
The Chinese used this technology in 2007 by shooting down one of their own satellites. (show offs) This gives China a huge advantage in a war. Our only neodymium mine shut down in....1996. China holds 80% of it.
Gee...thanks Bill.
Let's not forget he did the same thing with North Korea. He helped them build nuclear reactors and gave them the plutonium they needed to make nukes. They promised Bill they would not use them to make nuclear weapons, but Bill said...they lied.
Now, not to get away from this lovely President, but Obama has stood by and watched Iran nuke up, while disarming our own country.
Does anybody here besides me wonder just WHY our leaders would do such suicidal things?
So, in the mist of Glenn Beck's wonderful get together in Washington D.C., is it going to make any difference in the future if we all go back to being good, honest, and God fearing people?
From the looks of the crowd, it's not the people who have gone astray. And yes, we can pray. China, or for that matter, Iran, going to care about our state of being? Does GM?
Bill Clinton once said this: "Asian societies have low crime rates (gee, is the fact that they will be SHOT a deterent, ya think?) and high economic growth rates because they have very coherent societies with strong units... where the unit is more important than the individual, whether it's the family unit or the work unit or the community unit. We have a radical Constitution, and so there's a lot of irresponsibility. And so a lot of people say there's too much personal freedom."

"When personal freedom's being abused, you have to move to limit it." --Bill Clinton
Ask any CEO....communism will give us a level playing field in the World's market.
And it seem by their words, our leaders are trying their best to get us into that state.
Yeah, Bill Clinton, is now, so much more admired than Obama..oh, how soon we forget.
Free Lunch by David Cay Johnston/
WND; Clinton's fundamental distortion of freedom by Joseph Farah



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