Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Robin Carnahan: Desperate...

Nobody Cares:
The Democrats are desperate and will lose in Missouri.
Why do I say this?
Because for the first time in my nobody Missouri voter history, I keep getting calls from Robin Carnahan's office.
I am registered as an Independent, so they keep trying to change my vote.
I tell them...I will not vote for her, but does that stop them?
Can Mayor Bloomberg stop his shameless obsequiousness to the Muslims? Can a dog stop slurping from his water bowl? Does Barney Frank want to get high, put on his boxer shorts, and chase Ricky Martin around the Hays-Adams Hotel Presidential suite?
Robin Carnahan is running for State Senate in Missouri. She wants to take over the Senate seat that her mother, Jean Carnahan: a seat the her mother had gotten due to a very brilliant sympathy campaign run by the Democratic party when Mel Carnahan, the father of the Carnahans' clan (Russ her brother is a Representative in Missouri) died when his plane went down during the very important Presidential election of Bill Clinton's' second term.
Missouri at the time, was the most important state needed for Bill's re-election.
Bill and Hillary made it to Mel's Funeral so fast, they beat the stock market. It was at this funeral that all the kids and espicially mom, were put up for coronations.
That day the mantra "We'll keep the fire burning dad." was repeated by over 100 kins of the Carnahan family, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton...and most of the Congress.
And then: On the Republican family dynasty side is Roy Blunt, who is running against her. His son, Matt Blunt, was a pretty decent Governor.
Most of all, the votes in Missouri go to race, and unions. The whites will vote for the Blunts, and the blacks, Latinos and teachers vote for Carnahan.
It's the Independents that each party must court. So,
I asked my caller, why she was a Democrat? And she said...that she thought all homeless people should have a right to medical care.
"But, they can go into any hospital and get's the law." I said
Her answer..."That's true."
Then it came out. Her mother had was a poor single parent and her house was filled with rats and roaches growing up. Bill Clinton got her a grant to go to college...(even though last week she got food from a church food bank.)
(Sigh.) Therefore, she wanted to pay more taxes.
The disconnect between this caller and her Independant listener was almost scary.
Anyway, they are persistence. I tried to talk reason with her...but she just sat and listened..probably recording every word to be analyze for the next time they call and try to convince me that a lady who served over in Europe and worked getting "voting" laws passed in different countries was someone I should vote for over a man who had a Masters in History.
The truth is: I do not like any family dynasties. There should be a law against them.
So here's what I have to say to the Carnahan campaign managers.
Leave me alone. I'm a nice person. I will not waste time on you anymore, and if you call'll get my favorite rendition of "Rocky Raccoon."
You might be sorry. Rocky is not as nice as I am.



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