Friday, September 03, 2010

Nobody Remembers Kevin Meyers

Nobody Remembers their best friend from high school...and even though I have barely kept in touch with her over these many years...I found out this week that she found her husband dead on the bathroom floor...August 11.
There's that number again.
She said she knew he was dead because when she touched him he was so cold.
And no matter how hard I tried, inside my heart there is still a very deep part of her..and my memories of her...and my deep love for her. In case you don't know me...I love very deeply, and many people who I really shouldn't love.
It's a bad habit, but there you go.
I also remember we had once got in a fight in high school, and the emotional pain I felt at sixteen from fighting with my friend, was so great, I can still feel it in my heart right now.
I copied the Simon and Garfunkel song called old friends on a piece of paper and gave it to her in class...
And now, I cannot offer her any consolation...we send emails...that's about it.
Two different lives. But my love for her has never died. Only the sorrow that has been added to today because I cannot in any way help her at all.
But the words to the song, and the sadness I feel for her loss still work today...which shows the great artist that Paul Simon was...maybe you'll remember it.
"Time it was and was a time it was
A time of innocence...a time of confidences
Long ago it must be...I have a photograph
Preserve your memories, they're all that left you.'
So, gang...I'm a mess today. I'm going to take some time off and probably just post the many wonderful emails I get for a few days.
Kevin Meyer...was a good man. He was the perfect man for Patty. He was the same age as I am.
He was taken much too soon.
Oh, and Stephen Hawkings is a ninny. So there.
No God, my ass.



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