Monday, September 13, 2010

Come Back...Glenn Beck.

Nobody's Perfect: "Time is money" The Reverend Glenn Beck said today on his very popular GLENN BECK SHOW. He was explaining how everyone's time is precious, and he makes no apologies for trying to make as much money as he can from his success. He continued on to explain how much he gives to charity to lead up to the punch line, the line that he has been punching us silly with lately, which is: he wants all of America to promise and pledge to give 10 % of their income to their church. And if you do not have a church, then give 10% to PETA, or whatever, because that is the only way we will bring our country back. wanna run that by me again? I give 10% to my church and my President will give me my freedoms back, and my money?

Now, he swears giving away money works for him. And I'm sure it does. But...come on...let's be realistic here Glenn. I'm hearing the same old song from Bill Clinton...GIVE...GIVE...GIVE!!

Everyone works for the government...through May. That's how heavy our taxes are. Millions are out of work and we are heading for the biggest depression since Hoover lost his hat, and most of us do not have enough to take us through retirement. So, wouldn't it make more sense to tell us to "save" 10% of our incomes for a rainy day?

Isn't that what the great Adam Smith talked about? I don't remember the founders ever saying , "Oh and you must tithe 10% of your income to the church." Do you?

How can we, trust our churches to help the poor here in America? How can we keep them from helping the poor in India, Pakistan, or Africa first? Doesn't our government send enough of our money overseas? When are their governments going to help their own people?

Can you tell us that Glenn? Can you give us your word that all our churches will spend our money to help Americans?

Can we audit them?

And how about this--- We have been told for decades now, that Social Security will be gone for the baby boomers. So, logic tells us, we should save our money, and take care of our own.

Isn't having the church get your (Glenn Beck's mandated) money, then deliver it out to the "needy" the very same concept as the government taking your money and giving out to the "needy"?

What is the difference? The churches are more moral? Really? Can you prove that? Now that our government has a hand in them...can you really trust them anymore?

Less than fifty years ago, you could go to your church, and put whatever you could afford that week into the basket. And most people gave generously. I grew up in a Methodist church, and watched this happen every single Sunday. But I also remember the day my mother threw preachers out of our house when they told her she could not attend their church unless she paid 10%, and put a down payment to them right that minute.

Don't even come through that door. Jesus now is a private club.

She threw them out, and never attended again....and I don't blame her.

The founders pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to each other and their country...NOT to the church.

Glenn Beck is a moral man, a compassionate man, he is trying to bring back the churches...(which are now funded with governmental handouts thanks to GWB) but (sigh)he is not perfect.
He went from teaching us all about the government we had, exposing the crooks, to trying to save US...which he thinks in generations to come...will help us.

If time is money, then we have a right to expect our time on this earth to mean something besides saving the earth for the generations unborn. I'm getting tired of that "Face it, you're screwed...give up everything you own now for the children." This comes mostly from men and women who's kids will never suffer.

He thinks if we all go back to God our country will be saved. Now, I believe in God, but millions of Muslims also believe in "God," and they are not exactly happy campers.

Speaking of Muslims...Glenn praised the football team in Michigan that practiced at night to honor their Muslim players. Right...give up your sleep and health so that you can flunk your test for school the next day due to football practice and sleep deprivation, just for Ramadan. Talk about idiotic.

Glenn compared the honoring of Ramadan to Blue Sundays.

Really. That's a big stretch of logic...even for me.

Today, Glenn sounded just like our politicians. He said that our debt is our fault, and we should pay it off. Really---really Glenn. That's the same as saying a bunch of white slave owners a long time ago killed and enslaved blacks, and now, forever more, the whites who had absolutely nothing to do with those acts have to pay reparations to their ancestors.

The American people have been stolen, lied to, dumbed down, manipulated, and yes, for way too long by a bunch of crooks and thieves who enriched their own lives and fortunes and scared honor with sucking us dry. And they have gotten off Scott free...and NONE of this, was our fault.
But Glenn...blames us.

Glenn abandoned the tea party once before. Then he gathered them in Washington and tried to get them all on an save the country by becoming better people.

Say what? A bunch of unconscionable "rulers" steal our future, destroy our country, and you blame...

Who again Glenn? (Do I sound mad? I am.)

Glenn, knows what's coming. And he is trying to get us all to save each other. But he would be better off, sticking to his teaching of history, then trying to tell us how to live our lives. Good lord, we get enough of that crap.

Glenn, believes he is destined to 'save the world,' a dangerous platform for any man but Jesus. I certainly don't want to sound like a liberal, but he is giving them major ammunition, and we desperately need this great talent called Glenn Beck. He is a wonder of nature, and that makes him all the formidable when he starts blaming the American people.

He plays right into the politicians hands.

Glenn Beck, is right in one thing. Time is money. And listening to Glenn Beck is getting to be a waste of time to me lately. I turn him on...and if he is on one of his preaching rants, I go to other things.

Because you know what I hear? "We the People are not perfect...but Glenn Beck is. Follow him."
And may I remind Glenn...hey...nobody's perfect Glenn...go back to the blackboard. Teach history, expose the bad guys..but don't demand us to pay anything. We will wonder who you are working for.

We get enough of that from our government. If our government was out of our hair, everyone would be giving money to everyone...because we'd actually have some.

Come back to us, Glenn Beck...leave the flock in God's hands. Unless you see a burning bush...or get a staff that turns into a snake...realize you are here to lead knowledge.

Leave the preaching to the preachers.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas says....:

Hmmmm. A Beck and Call, eh?

I take it as a reminder. It is September and the Amfortas Rest and Recuperation Fund for Orphan Knights and Gentlemen fallen on Hard Times is open for contributions. Christmas is a comin' in. A ten percent tithe on half a suburb would put matters in fine shape, expecially the ledger matters.

Giving will do the soul no end of good. You know that must be true. And that's not all. Not a penny will go to Guvmunt coffers.

4:26 AM  
Blogger Joyanna Adams said...

Now that's a worthy cause, tell me where to send my little check dear Knight...

Remember...the dollar is falling, I suspect you'd like that contribution in gold?

1:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas says:

Gold is Good. The Oz dollar is worth just about as much as the USd. Must be something in our dirt.

But, kind lady, keep your contribution to my fund as I would probably have sent some of my hard scrounged wealth to you anyway.


7:27 PM  

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