Sunday, September 12, 2010

Nobody Remembers the Week of 9/11

Nobody Remembers the Week of 9/11

With so much happening in the world, I just thought I'd give myself and my THREE? readers a break, and just write (I'm thinking) on Sunday nights...various thoughts that may or may not be prevalent to anything whatsoever--- the purpose being to have some fun, and REALLY clear out all the meaningless 'junk' floating around in this usually stressed brain, so as to clear it to "focus" on other stuff.

And WHY you may ask, pray tell, must you do this to us?

Because my husband, has no concern with much of anything besides his new video games. And being the typical woman I can't help myself. I simply MUST get this crap out of my head. I actually stopped a movie we were watching tonight on TV just to tell him that for the first time in history...I heard a radio announcement that said that everyone who is thinking of using his gun should first, BEFORE they use it...think about what they will do to their family when they go to jail. Not IF they go to jail...WHEN.

This message, in my neighborhood means: We know you might get robbed...but you might want to think first before shooting that person who breaks into your house, because you will be sent to jail if you use your gun---which is exactly what happened lately to some guy who was just protecting himself on his own property.

What good is your gun if the government is going to send you to jail for using it to protect yourself?

Me...and my neighbors...have all been officially warned.

My husband...did not say a word. Of course, I might have said that I was thinking of a sex change, and he probably wouldn't have said a word either....meaning..he has one side of his brain...the one facing my mouth...always turned off.

Thank goodness.

Okay, our land can be taken over by rich guys according to the Supreme Court, we can't protest too fact, Glenn Beck was so afraid about getting a mob to Washington to protest...he made the whole talk about religion...mostly. (I'll talk about Glenn tomorrow in my NOBODY'S PERFECT piece.)

Government threatening us now in radio commercials---holy cow. Makes me long for the good old days of that Viagra guy playing golf.

And speaking of commercials...I kept seeing the same one over and over between the History Channel's 9/11 marathon of "let's watch the buildings drop about 900 times more, shall we?"
This commercial was as offensive to me as anyone burning the American Flag.

The scene opens up, and a rather hefty black brushing her young daughter's hair. Her teenage son is sitting watching TV and he tells the mom he wants to join the army.

And you instantly think, "Hey..a single mom...son wants to become a man...this is good."

But, while you think this is a commercial for recruiting black kids into the's no such thing. In fact, it's a commercial to discourage them. The mother says," Well, I know, but I really want you to think about that decision son."

Mother knows best!

Then in big bold letters a warning: "Before you think about it first."

How are 'white" people suppose to take that? Exactly as I did. Obama wants the young black men HERE, not over in the real army. Let the white boys die. You go to school.

So, in the land where a "black" man can make over $105 million a year, get a divorce and owe his ex -wife $100 million, then go out and pay $50 million for a new house with its own golf's hard to keep swallowing just how BAD blacks have it.

It certainly didn't stop Tiger did it? And by the way, Tiger claims NOT to be black, as Obama claims not to be if his mother was a freak of nature. I'm going to start calling him Shamu.

And tonight, I'm ending it on a good note. I see that MTV (Music Video Awards) took some excellent lighting and stage production tips from the Canadians Olympics. Everyone looked spectacular...even the rappers, who really sucked.

AND....Cher came out and stood on stage with Lady GAGA...and no one was looking at Lady GAGA but the twelve year old girls.

Good to know the old gal still has it.

And now...I bet your wondering what that other picture is. That's the shell of a huge Famous-Barr store on the end of a fabulous mall that went out of business in my neighborhood. The good news, is that they actually cut down the huge weeds that were in the parking lot last week. The bad news is: no matter how many times Obama says the words "middle class" it's been disappearing for y ears.

My giant mall is not coming back. I have some fabulous ideas for it. Really.

What...turn the TV back on? You didn't hear what I was saying?
What? ...Oh...okay.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas is reminded.....

...of Rowan Atkinson (British 'comic') who did a sketch on TV. A Church of England Vicar leading his congregations in prayer (in a very plummy English accent), " Oh God, you are soooooo BIG......"

I too am larger than the average (my height is simply slow to catch up) so I must qualify as at least two readers.

Not that I am huge - "....indeed Lord, you are HUUUUUGE, and we are so small....." - I prefer to think that inside me is a man seeking perfection and as Plato discussed, the most perfect form in the Universe is the sphere.

I may achieve that state one day. It is far more likely than me either turning black or having a 50 million dollar house.

How is the better half, Joy? I am glad to see he can still attend to computer games. I have just installed Flight Sim X (that's 10). It should keep me busy for several years. It has the same level of complexity as real world aircraft including having to do 30 hours servicing the damned thing for every hour of flying.

Now if I were rich or even if I had the ear of His Bigness above, I would have a team of mechanics to service my planes so I could just sit and fly. But..... I would also have a little time to spare to listen to you have a rant about this and that.


5:45 AM  
Blogger Joyanna Adams said...

You are ALWAYS the Biggest in my book of awards there amfortas...

And so glad to hear the flying courses are paying off!

Pilot hearts...we do share..:)

1:05 PM  
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