Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Carrying signs...Can you say...FREEDOM OF SPEECH?

Nobody Flashes:
Glenn Beck announced today that the American people should not carry signs anymore, or wear the Statue of Liberty costumes anywhere in public because you see...
The media will take your picture and post all Americans as being stupid. Glenn Beck knows this because the "media" manages to post pictures of Glenn Beck crying just about every time he makes a speech, making HIM look like a mental case. Still, to Glenn, crying is allowed in the republic...but not carrying signs.
You know what? The American people don't like being told what they can eat, or drink, or what car they can buy...and they certainly don't like being told that they can't do whatever they want to with their free speech.
I suggest, to honor Glenn Beck, we just don't buy his tee-shirts with FAITH, HOPE, and CHARITY on them. How hypocritical can you get?
What's the difference if the Statue of Liberty is on your shirt, or you are dressed as the great Lady? I like to see those people who get dressed up. Who are they offending?
Obama? Muslims? China? ---Who?
Here Glenn...have a handkerchief...and hand it back. Frankly, any man trying to curtail our freedom of speech, no matter who or how great that man is...makes me want to cry.



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