Sunday, September 19, 2010

'In YOUR Pants" Washington Voo-Doo

Nobody's Opinion:
Here's the good news: The tea party is making the elites in Washington very upset. Both the established Republicans and Democratic parties are absolutely beside themselves that the Tea Party movement, which both parties are trying to ignore in their own way...somehow, miraculously voted in a true "we the people" candidate, in Delaware. So upset in fact, that none other than George W. Bush's right hand man, Karl Rove, gave her the proverbial finger and said, "She's gonna lose. This is sad and sorry."
I don't know if any of you follow Craig Ferguson, the British turned American comedian late night talk -show host, but he has a favorite saying that I would like use as an answer to follow up to Karl Rove's statement:
In your pants, Karl.
Craig Ferguson must have a direct line to Karl's pants because he has devoted half of his opening monologue every night with viciously putting down Christine O'Donnell, who just won the Republican primary in Delaware. Christine, like Sarah Palin, wants to challenge the big corporate/governmental good old boy's "in your pants, wallet, children and homes" Republican ruling elites of Washington D.C.
In your gay pants! (Come just sounds funny.)
WE THE PEOPLE would like to see the elites of both parties gone...the ones which we see all the time by their actions: other elites.
Karl Rove, just made a huge mistake. Sarah Palin has been trying to guide the people back into the Republican fold, and now Karl Rove has basically said...We don't' care what you want...we wanted Castle, because he's our pick, even though he's basically a liberal Democrat.
He said the tea party has gotten...very demanding. Like Mayor Bloomberg of New York, he thinks the Tea Party is just a fad. Rove's Elephants have all turned into Rhino's. And Rove wants the power of elected officials to HIS power, not the people's.
Well, take your dirty pants and go back to Texas.
On the other side of the elite isle, "President "Obama's numbers are down so low, he had to go to shore up the black base at a meeting of the black caucus, by telling them ..."We had a changing of the guard, now we must guard the change."
To the blacks that means, keep the powerful blacks in power and the rest of the blacks on welfare, and put more blacks in positions of power. The trouble is, even the blacks are starting to figure out the game. Many blacks get it that welfare won't last forever, and the middle class they have been handed in some cases, by unfair redistribution, will be gone.
It won't matter in the future if pants are black or white.
The message from Obama's "trip" to church today was "You cannot serve God and wealth."
I'm surprised his pants didn't catch on fire.
Elections are right around the corner and Obama is very unpopular, so the Democratic Party has sent out Bill And Hillary Clinton on all the morning Sunday Shows to shore up the democratic white base. Bill is giving out the same old tired, "The rich got richer because of George Bush, I was the best President that ever lived, and democrats are the ones who really care." speech he has been giving for years.
Oh, and the tea party is funded by a vast right-wing conspiracy.
Right, and Lady Gaga is a virgin.
The truth is: the elites in Washington control so much of the media that when something goes when a tea party's representative gets elected without the Washington elites' throws them all off balance. Glenn Beck's blackboard went over just a little too well...Rove even bought out his own today during an interview.
Yes, there was Karl Rove again today, attacking the "unqualified" Christina on TV...and as Rush Limbaugh has noted--- where were Karl's ranting attacks for the Democrats when we needed him?
In the elite progressive's global pants, Rush...that's where he was.
And now, to destroy her before she has a chance to upset their agenda's...we will be seeing Christine portrayed as a "kook who was a witch. "with the running of Bill (love those prostitutes) Maher's video.
Let's see if we have this right: We have a President who spent MOST of his adult life on cocaine, a Congressmen who ran brothels out of his house, congress and cabinet members who never pay taxes or even read bills, an X-President who worked for the Arkansas Mafia, and a X- President who by his own admission was an alcoholic...and Christina O'Donnell dabbed in witchcraft for a few months when she was what...sixteen?
I say, let's all put on witches outfits and go burn a goat on the Capitol steps.
I'll take my chances with the lesser of the many evils. If there is anywhere in the world where deep and evil spells are being cast daily, it's in the halls of the vast dark halls of Mordor, called the United States Government.
Yes, the news is good: People are really tired of all the voo-doo nonsense coming out of Washington D.C. We want them all thrown out by the seat of their very rich pants.
Voo-doo out!
The witches are coming.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas says:

In all this political turmoil and uncertaintly, there is one small thing we can be sure of: Christine will not go blind !


9:15 AM  
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