Friday, October 01, 2010

Rahm Talks To Dead Fish

Nobody Reports that it was a sad, sad day for the White House. Rahm Emanuel, the man who pretty much told Obama everything to do and say and eat...the man who put the Presidential telepromter to bed every night...left.

Remember, we have been told that the right hand man of President Bush, Karl Rove, told Bush what to Rahm Emanuel...did the same.

It's their job. Then they go on to become Fox News or CNN Pundits and continue to tell the rest of us what to do.

It's their job.

If you witnessed the tearful scene, you would have witnessed one of the greatest love stories ever performed in history. We haven't seen this much love in the White House since Ronald and Nancy danced at the Queen's Ball.

I really don't know who looked sadder...Obama, Rahm...or the Fish.

Oh, didn't you hear? They gave him a fish wrapped up in newspaper as a token of their affection.

The fish, whose name was Harry, the one that was given to Rahm as a go away present, sent me this report:

Harry the FISH: Oh my god...I can't believe I had to be taken out for this! Look at that guy, he's standing next to the President with both hand on his hips as if HE thinks he's at a little league game...and he ran the whole country, and what an EGO! He has NO respect! You would have thought he just swam the whole Amazon in three minutes flat!

And who's he winking at? The President is almost on the floor with grief and he just keeps...

Hey...there he goes again. What..he think he's George Clooney? Wink again...go ahead sucker.

And the President...he looks so sad. I've never seen him look sadder.

Okay, what's up with these two guys? Ya know? I mean...look at him catching a "smell"...just look. I mean, so what if he has a family...he was one of them ballerina's...ya know? I mean, that just ain't natural. Not in my world.

Okay, Obama is talking about why Rahm lost his finger...when he was a kid? HAAAA! I love it.

Give it to em' boys...Okay, now he's gonna talk....

WHAT? Obama saved the world from disaster? Hey, I don't know if those two has looked out the window lately... or even at the gulf! What they did to my cousin Tony...they should pay!

Now Bally Boy is saying they did so much GOOD...and wait.. the tough guy's gonna cry.


What's with all these guys crying? For crying out loud...get a grip! Hey, kiss and get it over with will ya?

What did the President say? Rahm was the first person he saw in the morning and the last person he saw at night?

Oh boy. Put me back in the water. This guy doesn't deserve a fish.

What? He is gonna be Mayor of the BEST CITY in America? Their hometown Chicago?

Boy...those New Yorkers aren't gonna like that one bit. I mean, that was a REAL slap in the old hook, line, and sinker.

Yeah...go on...go back to Chicago, Just stay off and that fishy doctor brother of yours.

Yeah, you boys have been working on getting rid of the old people for way too long, and you got your way...sharks...all of ya.

Don't worry boys...the fish down at the docks got a big present for you both...they call it "votes," only, it might not be the ones you're expecting. These votes might just come at cha with smelly newspapers stuck on em. I'm talking to my cousin Vinny...he has connections in places you guys don't even know about.

Don't sound too good to me, but hey, what do I know? I'm having trouble with these teeth...

Hey, that ballerina guys really does have some pretty nice fingers!

Come here....come on...gimma a bite! Lean over here... I'm not dead yet!

(Nobody Makes This Stuff Up)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas says:

Funny how all these politos that we elect have advisors that we didn't elect. But matters could get worse.

We have a number of 'Independents' who, naturally, sided with the lefties to put Gloriana Julia - who is a tad too much like a Roman 'mother of the God' who takes over herself - into power as the Prime Minister in her almost-own right. Well one of these Independant chaps had an 'advisor' to tell him - and us - all about the Broadband network, which in Oz is a really big (future) thing with gold-plated multigigabytes pouring into every aboriginal's hut in the desert with things that go 'tweak' and 'stoppit or you'll go blind' but not a business plan in sight to scare the investors. This advisor was an out-of-work telephone linesman!

Julia, youi might recall, assassinated the previous Prime Minister on the steps of the Parliament building in Canberra. He had advisors too. At least Obama had a white-haired bloke. Our Chairman Mousey Kev had two chaps with the cradle marks still on their arses after graduating from a completely feminazi education. Neither of them warned The Great leader that feminazi Julia, their 'real' boss, was sneaking up on him to shove the knife in.

God alone knows who is 'advising' The "Stunningly Beautiful but let us not be sexist and mention it while we are Moving Forward with the Education Revolution and Putting the Past Behind Us in Consensus now that I have single-handedly solved the Global Financial Crisis" Julia, and I suspect that no-one dares.

12:21 AM  
Blogger Joyanna Adams said...

Brillinat! Sounds like the NEW WORLD ORDER of BS leaders who get jobs because they are black or female, or ANYTHING but male with common sense is the ticket.

Great stuff amfortas. If I had money, we'd start our own AUSSIE AND THE YANK TV show and join our efforts in having too much fun complaining!

12:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas says:

I am glad you mentioned the NWO.

Though I walk in the Valley of NWO, I will fear no evil, 'cuz they're all complete nig-nogs who could not get pissed in a brewery.

5:50 AM  

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