Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Clooney and Sudanese Potato Heads

Nobody Knows exactly when George Clooney was elected to office. It seems he is making another trip to the Sudan to try to hold off civil war, and he just went to the White House to visit Obama, to get some money and marching orders. The southern tip of Sudan, is mighty close to Kenya...a place where Obama has many relatives....some can even slap him if they want to.

I...envy them.

And the black Muslims of Africa, the slicers and dicers, are at it again: first Darfur and now Sudan. If you are Christian you are on the menu.

What is it with Africa? I was thinking about this today when I was reading how they make McDonald's French fries. A big truck pulls up and dumps the Russet potatoes into a spinning rod, which separates the big potatoes and lets the little ones fall with rocks. Then the potatoes are floated in a big stream, gently guiding them into different sizes, cleaned, then hit with a blast of steam which blows the skin off. After that they are shot through a water gun knife...out comes shoestring fries. A camera then spots the potatoes with blemishes, pushes them aside to be carved with tiny automated knives, and then returned to the main line. Water blanches them, hot air dries them, and 25,000 pounds of boiling oil fries them to a crisp. Then they are frozen by compressed air, computer sorted, and aligned to all point the same way, sealed in brown bags, and loaded by robots into wooden pallets. THEN the human comes in with forklifts and puts them in the freezer, all 20 million pounds of them.

Can you imagine the engineering it took to make this whole amazing process?

And yet, in the middle of Africa, you have over 400 tribes who can't seem to get past the point of starvation, and killing each other. Thomas Sowell says that it's because Africa was so isolated from the rest of the world, that they did not develop inventions, or ways to modernized themselves. Well, that theory sounds feasible, but still...with the trillions that have been given to Africa...what's up?

Just what is holding up these people from having decent French fries? Or even from developing their own resources? Maybe the people are in the stone age, but rich mineral resources are available in Sudan including: petroleum, natural gas, gold, silver, chromite, asbestos, manganese, gypsum, mica, zinc, iron, lead, uranium, copper, kaolin, cobalt, granite, nickel, tin, and aluminum.

Do I hear...Wall Street salivating? Is China there yet?

And George Clooney, who by the way, is an Irishman who lives in Italy, just made a movie here in St. Louis that really threw me off. It's was called , UP IN THE AIR...written by an anonymous writer.

Whoever wrote it doesn't want to claim it.

It was about the devastation of thousands of Americans losing their jobs. A real reality check. Not your usual liberal movie, but one that many a "tea-party" people would like, and even think, "Hey Clooney's a decent guy! He feels our pain!" It was so out of his bleeding heart character that it could only be put out for one reason: Clooney wants to get future votes.

Hiding that vicious attack he made years ago on Charles Heston is going to be hard to hide though.

Can he stop the Muslims from butchering the Christians?

Will George Clooney ever be short, fat , or bald?

These are questions: we need answers. Clooney for President?

Will he run? You can bet your bin Laden French fry on that. He'll run for something--- but right now, nobody knows what.



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