Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Betting on the Future of Past Presidents?

Nobody Knows what's going to happen just before the 2012 Presidential elections: so---Why don't we make some real Las Vegas/Chicago like bets?

Will any of these Presidents live to see President No. 45? And if not, which one is likely to go first?

Politicians are such an easy bunch of coral dust. If they hold one position one year...just give them a few months, and they will hold the very opposite the next time re-election comes up. Lying is just so darn easy for all of them. Nothing is more important than saying what the people want to hear.

John McCain...the man who stood tall with Ted Kennedy on amnesty, turned full circle on the subject, to get reelected in Arizona...which he did. He just put up Sarah Palin again, and he in.

That jackass Reid (thanks to Rush Limbaugh, I can finally use my free speech!) in Las Vegas did the same turn on his stand on immigration.

I say this to show the very real FUBBS (f%*$ up beyond belief) that they are...but then, you knew that.

President Obama, knows that his party is not going to get the white "hopeful" vote of those uneducated white working folks, who voted for him before, even though they were uneducated then too.

So, he is doing backyard barbecues, pining metals on white war hero's, and sending his beloved fans and cabinet members onto FOX...the most hated place in the world to Obama...because, it's the only place he can reach these religious, gun-toting people.

Add Bill Clinton and Michelle on the campaign trail, and you have lots of airplane and limo gas fumes going up and cutting the earth's chances of survival down to just a few more minutes with all the toxic gas they are sending up to the atmosphere.

Let's make another video!

But what happens if all this sucking up to the white guy doesn't work? Just think: How politically propitious it would be if a Jimmy Carter or a Bill Clinton should pass away RIGHT before the next Presidential election? Especially the beloved Bill Clinton, who is by all the latest polls more popular than Obama.

Bill Clinton's funeral would make Ronald Reagan's funeral look like a small town affair. I wouldn't be surprised if he laid in wake in the U.N. and be pulled by a whole slew of Arabian horses, all the way back to D.C., complete with all the Irish, the Russians, the Chinese, and the Muslims walking behind the coffin throwing flowers. Hillary and Chelsea would follow in black limo's.

Take that back to the circus and smoke it!

According to their health...Bill Clinton is in the worst shape. Four major heart surgeries and a diet of kelp is not likely to keep him up for the chase much longer. Jimmy, on the other hand, just stopped a plane because he threw up...a power that lots of us would love to have.

"Yes, stewardess...Would you land the plane please? I'm going to be sick."

Daddy Bush, looks fine, but how do we know? He could be on his last breathe for all we know, he never comes out in public. But, Daddy wouldn't DARE die during this reelection because Obama would do just about anything to prevent a big funeral for him. We'd be lucky to catch the news on CNN.

So now, you might be thinking I'm hoping for Mr. Clinton to die...well think again.

Obama, would make the biggest show for the Democratic/Socialist party that the world has ever seen. Only the Queen could surpass the pomp. The sight alone would kill millions in grief, and the other half of us would have heart attacks and strokes at just having to witness the hypocrisy of it all.

But, having said that...I would have NO guilt whatsoever if when the NEXT heart attack comes to Clinton, the doctors would say to him..."Sorry, due to the passage of the recent health care law, we will not operate any's your time Bill. We need to save the Latino children. Thank goodness Hillary worked so hard on getting that past...Thanks Bill, shall I call in your family now?"

We must wait and see. Personally, I think these guys are going to live to be 100 years old, does make you wonder.

Is one election so important, that they would use the "sadness" of a President dying to promote their agenda's ?

How often have such "coincidences" occur in the history and politics of men?

It something to think about...want to make a bet? Mmmmm--- what are the odds?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas says:

Hilarious !!

9:51 PM  
Blogger Joyanna Adams said...

Come to think of it...why hasn't anyone made a movie of all the idiot politicans all over the world, standing in a room, and have a few representitive citizens press a red button, and have them all explode?

I mean, how could they complain?

There a blog there amfortas.

12:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas says:

There was a movie some years ago with Jack Lemmon and James Garner as ex Presidents rubbishing the (film's) current President.

Very funny.

7:09 PM  

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