Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Nobody Flashes Other's Opinions

Nobody Flashes: A while back, amfortas, sent me an interesting piece on some of the politicians in England. A man named Sudig Kahn, has become a shadow Justice in the U.K., put in charge by the RED ED, to take care of constitutional reform.

Over here in America...many people get upset whenever you suggest that Obama, seems to favor the Muslims over his own citizens....the media protects him with a sword like vision.

But...the facts are there. You can't deny he has more than gone out of his way to promote the Muslims here and overseas.

We'd be idiots not to question his motives... he continues to deliberately destroy the United States...with his endless spending policies...every single day. The elections of 2012 cannot come soon enough.

Sudig Khan, has friends in low places, friends like Babar Ahmad... as we see from this article:

If you’ve never heard of Babar Ahmad a quick glance at why he is being detained while awaiting extradition to the US gives you a pretty good idea about the sort of man the Americans think he is:

“BABAR AHMAD, a resident of the United Kingdom, provided, and conspired to provide, material support and resources to persons engaged in acts of terrorism in Afghanistan, Chechnya and elsewhere. Specifically, AHMAD provided, through the creation and use of various internet websites, email communication, and other means, expert advice and assistance, communications equipment, military items, currency, monetary instruments, financial services and personnel designed to recruit and assist the Chechen Mujahideen and the Taliban, and raise funds for violent jihad in Afghanistan, Chechnya and other places.”

Ahmad came to prominence when it was revealed his meetings with his old friend Sadiq Khan were bugged by the spooks. The first time the new Shadow Justice Secretary went to visit Ahmad was as a friend in 2004 and he went again in 2005 “as his MP”. As one fellow MP commented at the time “I’ve never gone to visit a constituent in prison for whatever reason, ever.”

Anyway...the ONLY way to destroy the two greatest countries, England and the United States, is by stealth from the inside.

Beware of wolves in sheeps clothing...just because it's an old saying, doesn't mean we should ingore it.

(Thanks to amfortas)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas adds:

Another 'indication' of western political lunacy, close to US Home.

8:21 PM  
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