Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Nobody Cares About How They Do It

Nobody Cares: What do you do if you have been in Congress longer than the life span of a carp, and you want to pass your really great job to your children, but you have this problem with the people who really want your @#$ political body and all of your corrupt body of connections, out of there?
You make sure the biggest idiots on the planet get on the ballot, just to scare the American people into thinking that THESE people might get in your seat of power and REALLY mess things up!
Always use fear. It works every time.
We have a prostitute, (Kristin Davis) a "my rent's too high party" candidate, (Jimmy McMillan) and Alvin Green.
Alvin is in a class all by himself. He has memorized a whole sentence for his campaign. "Jim Demitt is responsible for the recession." he says. Fortunately for us, he has no clue to what a recession is. He still lives in his parents basement. He thinks a recession is the hole in his basement floor.
He should figure it out sometime before Christmas.
Yes, and then the powers that are trying to manipulate us all...have to really go after the serious candidates that COULD take their cushy jobs away from them.
How do you trash them? Guide all attacks and conversations to the tabloid toilet talk. Stay completely away from every single issue. Make up things like "Why, he tied up a girl and made her beg for cookies!"
After the New York Debate last night, all the liberals could talk about was that Carl Paladino, the most sensible guy on the ballot for New York, couldn't hold his bladder.
But Andrew (You got a problem wit dat?) Cuomo, will let gays marry, and he will always have complete control over his bladder.
Right, if you can't hold your bladder, how in the world are you going to govern?
Paladino left the stage for a couple of minutes.Gee...one time Bill Clinton lost the nuclear suitcase, and couldn't even remember where he left it, but he COULD hold his bladder....so long in fact, most people watching his long soliloquies couldn't. Adult diapers were handed out in the lobby.
Then Christine O'Donnell, a tea party candidate, has been attacked for hanging out with Wickens when she was sixteen. The liberals just love the fact that she bought up masturbation in her youth...which gives them an excuse to talk about their favorite subject. Obama hung out with drug addicts, but that's MUCH more mature. And we won't go into who the Kennedy family hung out with. Some of them didn't live to vote.
That's their strategy. Load the ballots full of idiots to make their democratic incumbents look good. Then attack all the good people running with slanderous BS. Like Sarah Palin not given birth to her own baby.
I'm expecting Kali to be on the Presidential ticket for 2010....or...maybe we should just scrifice a goat.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas says:

A bit of variety in the elections cannot be such a bad thing, considering the quality of the mob that usually stand up atop a HUGE pile of money.

Of course, Italy has had a prostitute member of Whateverpassesfora Parliamenta, for decades. She gets attention from the floor by opening her front clasp. Frequently. And their Prime Minister, or is he the Presidente, Berliscoffee has a penchant for rude, libidinous girls with ample boosums too.

The 'Rent's too Damned High' guy has a beard style that makes a change from while retaining a link to Lincoln. I wonder if someone will shoot him?

He has a looooong way to go until he has a beard like mine, but the Lady of the late Night Vote seems better endowed in at least one department than I am.

America seems to go in for electing virtually everyone who holds a club over the populus, local or national. It is a system of course. Mexico seems to do that too. I see a place in Mexico has just elected a 20 y/o girl Law Student as Chief of Police - as no-one else would put their hand up. The previous Police Chiefs, all chaps of course, were murdered. If she gets murdered there will be an almightly outcry (her being one of the Sacred Gender) and something just might be done about it.

Watch the sign on her back.

6:15 AM  
Blogger Joyanna Adams said...

Yeah, I read about that...she is one brave, or desperate lady.

Politics has become an entertainment form...the guy with the beard, so far, is keeping us all laughing while we go down the sinkhole!

8:17 PM  
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