Thursday, October 28, 2010

Meg Whitman: The New Global Green Goddess

Nobody Wins: If you happened to have have watched the debates between Meg Whitman and Jerry Brown on C-Span last week, (Both running for Governor of CA) you couldn't help but see how much smarter and intelligent Meg was than Jerry. Meg not only articulated Jerry under the orange grove carpet, she made him look way out of touch with the common sense people of America.

Nevertheless, for as smart as she is, the commercials against her have been done by the best that Hollywood can produce, and just a few of them, make you think she is just another big corporate woman trying to make herself richer.

Two commercial in particular were especially damning. One has her as a Bobble-head with a clever sing-a-long, singing the fact that E-Bay, the company of which she is CEO, employs only one out of 5 workers here in America. The rest of the employees are overseas.

And so you say: Okay, so she has to play in the new global what?

Well, you can forgive her for being a big global busineess woman, but it's hard to forgive her for the next mistake she made. And in that commercial she is shown saying and parroting word for very word, about twenty of the same things that Schwarzenegger said when he was running for Governor. It was as if she called him up and said, "Hey, Arnold, send me all your campaign talking points, they got you elected...probably will work for me."

For a woman that smart to repeat the very same talking points of the unpopular governor in power, is just plain stupid...which makes you wonder how stupid does she thinks people are?

You see Arnold saying a phrase, and Meg repeating the very same phrase...meaning, she couldn't even put her own ideas into getting elected, which means, she wants to be elected for her own monetary fortunes. That's the message of the video, and it very damning.

Arnold ran as a Republican, but he is now on the global-green "I'm going to make a lot of money off this green energy stuff" wagon.

And Meg, by her own words, wants a piece of the global cap and trade green-action too.

If you don't believe that: check out this video where she says she is in love with Van Jones. The man that Glenn Beck has shown to be a dangerous communist. Her adoration of Van Jones is disturbing, and gets us all back to the point..are we all just big suckers?

It's a shame. You're only alternative is Jerry Brown.

Let's all get stoned.

As we head into the November elections, we will have to bail out California no matter who gets in it seems, and we can only hope and pray enough honest people get elected and help to stop the total destruction of our country.

California, is not much different than Missouri. We have an Obama disciple in Robin Carnahan, who is running against a Rhino named Roy Blunt.

America...sometimes there IS no choice.

I don't think Meg, has a chance, but then again...maybe the race has already been decided, and that's why she just repeated Arnold's statments. She knew she would win, so it didn't matter, it was all just a show.

And to me, that would actaully make sense.

Van Jones will be happy.

We'll see.



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