Friday, October 29, 2010

The Lady's Take Over

Nobody Reports that, IF we live through the next few days, we will all have something to look forward to...aging rich women from the entertainment businesses, buying up franchises.

Madonna is starting her own chain of fitness centers around the world, called HARD CANDY. I guess her Cabala Churches aren't making enough money. She is planning one in Russia, Brazil, and Argentina...and I'm sure a membership will be only for the millionaire club.
As you can see from this picture, she is getting older but proving that she can still put a foot behind her head, and therefore, admitting while she can no longer compete with her spawned clone...that chippy Lady Gaga, she, is going in another direction. Madonna is slowly getting out of the singing business and into other ventures.

Actually, I think it's about time.
Lady Gaga, who is basically Madonna reincarnated with funny hats, will someday also find dancing around naked a bit tiring, and so I expect to see her branch out into many businesses, probably a fitness chain called "Soft Candy"... and by the time she is Madonna's age, she will no doubt buy the New York Yankees, since they kicked her out of their locker room.

Think of it...women owners of major sports teams.

And having said that, when will Condoleezza Rice buy the Oakland Raiders?

Anyway, that's if we all live another day, you can bet, you will see more ladies owning multinational companies.

Are you ready? And if you go by historical P.C.that we have been witnessing everywhere, then Sarah Palin will be America's next President.
I'm just saying.



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