Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Nobody's Sick Day

Nobody's Sick Day

What I am about to do, can be blamed on blueberries.

It's 10:22 pm and I am eating chicken noodle soup, and my brain is having trouble focusing on just one main thought...due to the fact, my thoughts have been all over the map today. You see, I had blueberries mixed with walnuts for breakfast.

Unlike all the latest movies, where at least in one scene, someone is smoking, or puking...I will spare you the details except to say...they LOOKED okay when I took them out of the ice box...(sorry, that's what my mother always called the refrigerator) but breakfast was 9am, and here it is almost 14 hours later, and my second food of the day is: chicken noodle soup.

Wish me luck.

So...if you wonder why I am all over the map tonight: blame the blueberries, which are by now somewhere floating in the basin of the Louisianan Delta, mixing with BP oil.

Nobody's Opinion: Let's start out with Obama's big speech today.

First: Always pay attention to details... like the fact that Lincoln's bust was just over Obama's right shoulder...very subliminally suggesting that he is a great President of a country divided and at war.

Second: Check out the ears. After listening to the speech twice, I noticed that after every question, Obama looked down, as if he was listening to somebody in his head. Well, Of COURSE he is. Obama obviously now has teleprompter ears. That's why he seemed so together today.
Sly was right. Manchurian.

Who's on the other side of that ear signal?

He also had to remind us, again, of his awesome power: "I am the President."

Really? We had no idea.

Third: He isn't going to change a thing in any of his plans, and between the boring platitudes... he said so.. Why should he? In fact, he promises all the bickering will stifle "progress," and so he will just let the EPA put all his programs through. The lame duck session is going to give him more time to read letters from dying children, and spend every hour of every day, just like he has, working day and night and night and day on getting this country jobs. China leads us in everything, so we need to spend more money. It's a hard job, but he has to do it.

Nobody Perfect: Newt Gingrich came out tonight on FOX and said that Obama should now take off until Christmas and go think, and that Reagan took off a whole year from the job and he got away from Washington and it did him a lot of good.

I'm not sure that most of the American people, some of whom have not taken a vacation since they went to Woodstock, want their Presidents to get paid to work for four years, and then only work...three.

Don't get me started on this one, there are noodles to consider.

Newt, if you want Obama to go away...just say so. Leave Ronald out of it.

Nobody Cares: Here's a danger: the utter sorrow that entrenched politicians feel when "'public servants" lose their jobs. I don't care...we need to demand term limits. Term limits.

We don't WANT career politicians. It's only human nature to become ravenous pigs when flashed a couple of billions dollars of other's people money to spend. Both parties are guilty of this. Clinton, and Bush BOTH have "public service schools" where they are grooming future "leaders" and public servants to rule in the future. They are hand picking our candidates.

God bless Thomas Jefferson, but we don't need public servant schools. It would be like paying for your own executioner.

WAIT...I need crackers. The original club crackers, not the diet kind.. And speaking of food:

Nobody Wins when Politicians can tell you what to do with your product. San Francisco is banning toys from Happy Meals.

See that picture? That's Nancy Pelosi, at her home in San Francisco, making a toast to...keeping children from having too much fun. Their reasoning is the kids are fat because of the toys Happy Meals.

No, the kids are fat because they sit around every afternoon and play video games inside. The Video game businesses makes more than the movie businesses, but less than the porn businesses, .but, if you have seen the video games lately they are getting the kids ready to spend their money on porn AND videos till they die. It's a win/win situation for them both!

Give them a happy meal I say..distract those buggers.

It's not the Happy Meal that make kids fat. In fact, it has been said that the hamburgers have an addictive chemical in the meat, to get you addicted, and if that is true...STILL not the toys.

Hey, I play with those toys.

Take recycling classes out of school, and put back P.E, Nancy.

And to this may I add: "Are those really your children and grandchildren, Nancy, and are you planning on poison apples in those Happy Meals?"

Nobody Flashes: Obama said in his speech today, he was just like the people in Ohio. He made it by hard work, and honesty. Obama grew up in paradise, was a community organizer, went to Harvard, was a Senator, and then President. The last time he was honest was when he talked to Joe Plumber.

John Boehner, the new House Speaker, said he really has worked the middle class life. He worked his way through college, it wasn't funded by Saudi Kings.

But now, he has the tan of a daily golfer...we'll see.

Nobody Remembers...some good news. Oklahoma passed a law forbidding judges to site international law, and that includes Sharia. California did not fall for Soros's dreams of drugging the masses, and Missouri rejected politicians from being able to raise our property taxes without our permission.

Nobody's Fool: I'm making a mess with the crackers, time to end this.

The good news is, the American people are not fools: we came out in full fighting force and really hit home the message that we are mad. What we must not forget is that, like a well played chess game, the elite power that is trying to force this New World Order of big corporate/governmental monopoly where all the people in the US are merely socially engineered "servants"(We are now 80% service jobs.) are not really worried.

For too many years they have rigged the system so that they stay on their cushy elite power perches forever. Perches where they all just rotate between the government, to the media, to the corporate boards. Great for them. REALLY bad for us.

in 1994, the Republicans took back the Congress. Not many people know that Newt Gingrich took the newcomers and held them back at the last minute from promoting most of what was in the contract to America. Yes, his contract. The term limits were dropped.

Many of those newcomers, just tea- party like people with no political experience, quit and went home.

We have more newcomers this time. And the corruption is deep.

Really Rangel, Frank and Reid, loved and adored after all they've done?

I don't buy it.

We will have to drag the power out of their old political hands.

Nobody Says: And having said that: I'm feeling much better. Tomorrow: I'm ready for my Happy Meal.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas says:

Amfortas says:

Bring back fighting for the Presidency. Let the one with the flashing sword win.

And where has the American assassination tradition gone? No other western country could hold a candle to America's record for assassinating Presidents.

Or how about a blueberry eating test?

11:39 PM  
Blogger Joyanna Adams said...

Yes, sword fighting...a noble idea.

And I don't know...they didn't let Hinkley on his review...idoits.

As for a blueberry?

You win.

9:45 AM  

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