Saturday, November 06, 2010

Nobody Reports: Where is John Galt?

Nobody Flashes Update: According to my good friend Doug Powers, the video I posted last night, where Obama starts out admitting he was not born here might be's a good chance that it's edited very cleverly.

Go to this site for a detailed explanation of several video's that are being sent to me, and therefore passed around.

It does look like at the end, where Obama was going to say something... it was cut short.

And think what that would mean for the country if it really were true.

Nevertheless, when he goofs up and says he is a Muslim to George Stephanopoulos, I see no reason to believe that, that film is edited in any way.

Having said that, I don't know about you, but Obama has lied so much, and so have all the rest of the politicians...(including George W. Bush, and Bill Clinton.) and because we have been witnessed to the biggest ripoff in American history with Wall Street working right along with our "Parliament of whores" in Congress and Presidential office, if the American people even SUSPECT conspiracies, of any kind, notices are quickly put out to the effect that well "no, Obama is good, Congress is good, you people are stupid, and here's why..."

And we sit watching America being killed off..while politicians and CEO become richer than some countries.

It's all about globalization.

Think of this: If Obama is not a citizen...then without much of a doubt, President George W. Bush knew, Rupert Murdoch knew, the Congress knew...they all knew. John McCain was run to lose. Everything we are now seeing and hearing is being staged.

Disinformation has always been a part of "takeovers" of any kind.

So, what do we believe? Frankly, I think we are being psychologically manipulated at every turn of the dial. And that INCLUDES misinformation meant to confuse, on the Internet.

And it should make us all angry.

Lies. Deception. Greed.

Which reminds me of a story:

Once, I paid a surprise visit to a steady boyfriend. His younger brother let me in the house...and when I got to his bedroom, there he was lying in bed, with his old girlfriend.

And of course he said the old line.."it's not what you think. I was just helping her."

All I said was: "I want my mandolin back."

He wouldn't tell me where it was. It was a big old house, and I just stared looking everywhere for it. In closets, under furniture...I was walking fast becasue I wanted to get out of there. I certainly didn't feel like talking. I actaully believed my own eyes, and was not about to be stupid enough to beleive anything HE said.

His little brother told me where it was, much to his credit. I was thankful for his honesty, and I told him so.

The point is: all circumstantial evidence points to the very real possibility that Obama is NOT a citizen, and was handpicked by the elite power rulers who no longer go to jail for crimes committed...and are untouched. The oligarchs that rules us all. For whatever reason, the Saudi Kings and our government are best buddies. Rupert Murdoch as you remember, supported Obama in the beginning much to everyone's shock. And it's no secret now just how stock the Kings have in FOX.

Our Presidents are much too cuddly with them all.

As Reagen said: trust but verify.

As for me: I'm siding with a rich guy...Sylvester Stallone. He called Obama the Manchurian candidate.

And I ask...Who is John Galt?

Where oh where can he be?

(Thanks to Doug Powers for taking time out of his busy day to send me the link.)



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