Thursday, November 11, 2010

Nobody's Fool: Protecting the "Office"

Nobody's Fool: So, here's what I think.
I was watching the end of Bill O'Reilly's interview with George W. tonight, and at the end, Bill had come to the conclusion that George W. Bush really didn't know about the collapse that was coming to Wall Street.
Uh...doesn't he have a business degree from Harvard?
And to that I say: anyone that believes that George W. Bush could not have foreseen it coming is either 1. Not very bright or 2. Protecting the reputation of the President for some reason unknown to us.
I like to think Bill falls into the number 2. category.
But what was really interesting was the display of the jets and the stage of the interview. It was held In an Air Force Museum in Ohio of all places...and George Bush made the comment that we were the mightiest army on the planet or something to that effect. With great bravado.
That was a blatant show of force to our enemies.
Something tells me they put a lot of thought into this stage, and for a reason. Not just to show how Republicans make better war leaders...there was much more to it.
Most people by now, think the missile that was launched from the shores of California was a missile to show force, or perhaps sent to shoot another enemies missile down.
Remember, we didn't really know how close we came to destruction in the Kennedy Cuban/missile crisis until years afterwards. Who knows what's going on?
And the day after that missile sighting, right about 5pm here in St. Louis, a jet took off from Boeing (I live about 10 minutes from the airport, where Boeing has a headquarters.) and I don't know what it was, but in all my lifetime I've never heard such a roar. I actually thought either a plane had crashed, or we were being attacked. We hear Boeing testing jets all the time, but this...this jet noise was a whole other dimension.
I ran outside to witness the end. But..all I heard was a blast as big as the twin towers falling.
(Maybe my good friend amfortas has a clue.)
Nobody reported anything about it, and that really bothers me.
Also , Glenn Beck had shows on all week going, "GET FOOD NOW...GET MONEY NOW!
I've stopped eating my peanut butter.
Point number 534...Obama took half the Navel fleet with him, and for what?
No group G-20 pictures? We see no pictures coming out of the meetings, or the 60,000 police who were hired to protect them. Evidently, it isn't going to well.
But we did get...a group picture of the first G-20 Business summit meetings. You know, some of these companies make more money than countries...and they want to be represented in the United Nations as equal to countries.
I guess George didn't know about that either.
George W. is such a likeable guy. Obama, also, is a likeable guy. That's their game face. Entertainers have it. You're stage act is a whole other you.
So, don't let them fool ya. Once you ride on Air Force One, and hold the key to the globe...and control whole armies at your command, you are no longer, nor can you pretend to be, the most innocent man on the block.
You are higher than any King. While some may admire the high road of silence George has
taken to preserve the office..all it does is make the office more powerful and more ominous.
George Bush mentioned AGAIN, that he is really sad that his brother isn't going to run for President.
But...if we didn't have a constitution, I swear...George Bush, despite what he says, he wants back in that office.
Don't they all.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas says:

We in Oz have been treated to many photos from the G20 meeting. All of Gloriana Julia.

The trouble for Gloriana is that they have all been of the 'toy' figures that represent the participants in their 'National' costumes.

Gloriana's was dressed in an AUSTRIAN outfit like some sort of milk-maid.


Spot on !

There has been a lot of commentary and a lot of back-pedalling by the Koreans and a change of costume (as befits a woman changing her clothes three times a day) and we fully expec her figurine to be dressed as a Dominatrix in black leather knickers and with a knife in her hand any day now.

5:30 PM  
Blogger Joyanna Adams said...

I would LOVE to see that picture!

1:05 PM  

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