Sunday, November 07, 2010

Golfing With the Rich and Spooky

Nobody Opinion: Remember that song that made Modonna famous?
Holiday!, it will be so fine....
Okay. You're not as old as me.
Yes, Obama takes a lot of holidays. He was dancing with the kids in India, going to Museums, eating at the best restaurants in the world.. and I bet he went right from there to the nearest golf course.
Why do I say that?
Because...take it from me, a golf brat. (child of a addicted golfing parent) Many a big business deal takes place on the golf course. And in case you haven't noticed, Bill Clinton, George W Bush, AND Barack, seemed to play a LOT of golf while in office.
And as I sit watching Obama on Sixty Minutes tonight, trying to salvage the damage of the recent election...we all heard him talk the same blame game...everyone is to blame but himself.
He destroyed the country because we were in an "emergency" and the Republicans won't work with him, and that's not his fault. Completely not willing to give up any of his ideology. America is arrogant, he is not.
That's his story and he's sticking to it.
I don't know about you, but seeing him give so much attention to the deaths at the luxury hotel in Mumbai, and showing such little empathty and sorrow at the loss of life at 9/11, or the Ft. Hood tragedy,. makes me wonder if he isn't running for King of the World---the Presidency is just a stepping stone to his 'ideological' ambitions.
Anyway, that's old hat news. He is, what he is.
BUT...I came upon this little bit today by chance: This picture is of Obama playing golf at Martha's Vineyard with the President of the USB bank, Robert Wolf, last year. Obama met this guy at a meeting in Manhattan, giving by "spooky dude" Soros.
UBS is not a computer's a bank in Switzerland (Union Bank of Switzerland) notorious for how it handles our wealthy big guys. It is the world's biggest manager of private assets and hides the elite's vast fortunes away in offshore accounts, to escape US taxes.

It provides them with untraceable pay phones, encrypted computers, fake trusts, document-shredding and even counter-surveillance training.
That's right. while we keep hearing about how Obama wants the rich to pay...remember, its' a con. The real rich don't pay taxes...they play golf with Presidents of UBS Investment Banks, and then they put them (Robert Wolf in this case) on their White House Economic Advisory Board, even though they were the worst performing foreign bank in the world.
Bankers and Presidents...golfing buddies. And the banks play both sides. Here is an excerpt from the article I read at
Though not a household name in the United States, UBS is a major player in the Beltway game. During the 2008 campaign, while Robert Wolf was courting Democratic hopeful Obama, his UBS cohort, former Senator Phil Gramm, was working the other side of the street. As chairman of the Senate Banking Committee in the 1990s, Gramm, a corporate-friendly Texas Republican, played a key role in the deregulation of the banking industry, an act so central to the nation’s financial collapse. Since 2002, Gramm has been UBS Americas’ vice chairman. In 2008, he was the leading economics adviser for Obama’s opponent, John McCain—and even touted as a possible treasury secretary in a McCain administration.
Before this golf game was over, UBS gave the Treasury 780 million dollars. I call that a really good bet. Knowing Obama, he lied about his handicap.
So, what exactly do our Presidents do when they go on vacation?
They are brokers. For GE, Boeing, McDonalds---brokers of the big international companies.
We are 80% service here...the little guys trying to cope. sure the planet is set up for electric cars. And he will be sure to build an electrical grid here so we can plug in those cars. He will push this through...
And then, he go play golf, with Robert Wolf.
He did something right I guess, because for the first time in my life, while I was outside raking leaves, I saw a big military helicopter flying over my house. On its way no doubt to Boeing.
Either that or it was taking pictures of my superb method of leaf raking.
In the meantime, expect a lot more holidays for the Obama family.
Obama has had no problem spending us trillions into dept, and no problem spending billions on his vacations and trips to everywhere in the world
And I have a suggestion: Obama says that he will have to borrow the $700 billion dollars to give tax breaks to the rich.
Hey, Obama...stop the Holidays. That should cover it.
You want to play golf? Build yourself a course right next to Arlington. Stay home. It would save us all, billions in tax dollars. And maybe...just maybe, you will catch a glimpse of the thousand of white crosses of me who have given their lives for the America you so want to change.

GE..they bring future golf courses to life!



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