Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Nobody Knows The Missles I've Seen...

Nobody Knows: Today, a missile was launched right off the coast of San Diego, California. First time in U.S. history that this has happened in broad daylight.

Of course, our government denied it was a missile, they did NOT have sex with it.

All the daily reporters were really excited: Is it a plane? Is it a missile? Is it Nancy Pelosi celebrating her achievements at the 111th Congress at a special party with her family on a her own government issued nuclear submarine?"

Was Bill Clinton on that sub?

Was this a PR decoy to insure that no one would turn into Oprah interviewing George W.?

Or was this Obama's way of warning North Korea that since he will be just a few miles away from them at the G-20 summit being held in South Korea (Whose briany idea was that?), and since all the big heads of the world will be right near their borders...they'd better not think about hurting him.

No...Obama wouldn't waste a missile on that would he? Not after he complained so much about North Korea launching all those missiles at us!

Listen to what he said at Prague...(see video, and his cry for a strong global regime.)

So, just what was that lovely sight?

According to the very noble looking Admiral John Stufflebeem, X- Navy Commander of the Sixth fleet, who was talking to a bewildered Shepard Smith...(see interview here) it just could have been anything. A guy in his basement doing experiments, or some students wanting to become astronauts, or maybe it was just the weather. Our whole military complex had no clue what happened, nor did they care.

(Somewhere the military give "how to deny anything" classes...this guy was good.)

I'm waiting for tomorrow. Nobody Wonders if they are going to pull a weather balloon out of the ocean.

Gee...it took them a matter of minutes to arrest that inventor guy who flew the balloon he said his kid was up in...you'd THINK by now they would have arrested someone.

And they wonder why we don't trust them.

I'm sure if we are attacked, they won't tell us the real truth as to who did it.

"We really don't know what hit us, but we think, it could have been a ...comet, or maybe a rogue plane, or global warming, or that pesky old balloon that came down at Roswell...it's been up there too long and collected just too much pollutition and bad cow gas, and when it exploded, it took out all of Detroit, and part of Iowa. Global warming is REAL, folks, we've been trying to tell ya. "

Now, sing along with me...to the old tune of Nobody Knows the troubles I've seen...(If you remember THAT song, you're too old...go take a nap.)

"Nobody Knows the missiles I've seen..Nobody Knows but meeeee....."



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas says:

Ok, it is bound to come out sooner or later so I have a cover story.

It was NOT a test firing from the private fleet of Amfortas, the next Ruler of the World and sometimes mistakenly called the Anti-Christ by certain Pastors in the Southern Baptist Church of the Rapture.

In fact (hah!) it was the new naval forces of the Feminazi Republic of Tasmonia simply letting off a steam signal to Hilary who is down here somewhere (unless she has had my email and buggered off back to where she came from).

It is not widely known that the Treasurer of Tasmonia has declared he will not be standing for re-election in the next round of musical chairs that is confined wholly to the labor Party here, so a totally inexperienced and as far as we understand inumerate woman of tender and wet behind the ears years, but excellent Feminist credentials (borrowed from her girlfriend), will be taking the slot.

This is in accordance with the well known factoid that a woman can do anything a man can do, and better.

If she tries twice as hard.

Which all smart and savvy, intelligent, empowered, executive-type women do, of course.

In this instance she cannot but do better as the outgoing chap has buggered our finances totally, spending the next thirty years of taxes on steam powered missiles for our one million dollar Police boat (which is confined to port as it doesn't go).

10:08 PM  
Blogger Joyanna Adams said...

You have a boat that doesn't work?

Gee, it was reported last night on a late night radio report that the missile was shot by a Chinese sub off our shores as a warning to OBAMA! Boy, did I get it wrong!

Nevertheless, the press reamains silent.

It seems to not matter if the women or the men run the world,...

Until we have amfortas as leader, we are all, I'm afraid to say...

I'm going now to eat a fudge cookie.

1:03 PM  

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