Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Principle: to Not Attack the Rats in the Swamp

Nobody's Opinion: The Republicans are back!

We are seeing a vast propaganda movement on all fronts to convince the tea party people (IE the last of the Americans) that, "Hey, we know you left the Republican party because you felt President Bush sold you all down the global river...but come back, trust us again."

And in order to do that, they have to polish that Bush family star. It's been a Bush tsunami.

X-President George Bush was EVERYWHERE last week, on every channel, and on every show that would have him. And let's give him credit. He answered the same questions and gave the exact same answers... over and over and over and over again, without the help of a teleprompter.

He sits himself on a lofty pillow of honor and integrity, where perforce, not even a comet from the heavens above, could knock him off his historical place in his own mind in history.

Move over Bill Clinton, George W. is a 'coming.

The only one who could knock him off would be his mother.

She said in an interview that she thought the American people were "Bushed" out, and she's right.

While he talked about his dad, his mom, and his brother, and then his dad, his mom, and his brother, I was starting to think...well that's nice, but what about the country? What ARE your opinions Mr. Bush?

Frankly, I would have liked to heard a little more about his feelings for America, but it was the same big bunch of PR..promoting his legacy. On every channel, on every station, repeating them over and over...and by the way...

Does this mean Jeb and Palin are running in 2012? Are you setting us up there Mr. Pres.?

You know George, maybe your brother Jeb really doesn't want to be President? What is this?

Have you got Putinitis?

Our 43rd President put the final nail in many a patriots heart, with his stance on amnesty, his mistakes in the aftermath of Iraq, and his relentless silence of right, and wrong.

Everything is seen from his own personal legacy perspective.

Both O'Reilly and Rush Limbaugh know the damage he has done by not speaking out with each bullet of sinking Marxist despair slammed down upon America, and asked him about it.

He has principles, he said.

A whole country needed to be uplifted by his "principles" but I guess his 'principles' only come out when they make HIM look good.

Come on..Americans are being groped and sexually handled at airports, and fined if they refused and all you care about is your reputation?

"When good men do nothing."

Remember that principle?

In my principle book, a man who is very principled would stand up to injustice. Sure, he cares about the injustices to the Afghanistanis, but what about US!

Okay, we all know that he's human...he is just thinking of his family's historical future and record. It's what politicians do. They come...first.

But really, people are dying here...while he contemplates how historians will picture him.

I don't know. I'm still in the swamp.

His main concern, while the United States was melting all around him, was protecting the precious office called "The Presidency." Never mind the people, it's the office we should be concerned about.

Globalization just might take that office away. It's something I don't think they expected to think about.

On Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory , it was shown that they have built vast detentions centers all over the U.S....just in case of...what?

Old people coming out with guns when they enforce the death panels? The deadly virus George Bush kept talking about will finally be released?

Look, right now, we can't even complain about being treated like the Jews going onto the our airports...what's next?

It's beyond insanity.

There was one moment when George W. was trying to emphasize with the nobodies. Yeah, I know how they would feel, me taking all their money and giving it to the bankers, but HEY, we could have gone into a depression!

Lawyer's and bankers told him that. Lawyers and Bankers told him a lot.

If they release a deadly virus and they round us up all into FEMA camps, what is he going to say?" Yeah, I know how I would feel if I was rounded up and taken to a camp, but hey..we had to protect the office of the Presidency!"

And he says he never ever cared about what anyone ever thought of him. Never. And he doesn't want to go back into the "swamp."

Mmmmmmmm. So why are you on TV again?

I truly hope Mr. Bush, that neither you, nor any one in your family, ever has to go back into the swamp ever again.

The swamp, is full of rats, as you know Mr. President. And if you have your way, they will stay there.

It's the principle, and the honor, of the office.



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