Monday, November 22, 2010

Monsanto: Lord of the Seeds

Nobody's Opinion:

St. Louis was just promoted to the most dangerous city in the United States. And if you had read this book, you might want to agree...not because of the crime rate, but because it is the home of a company that plans to control the entire food chain of the planet: Monsanto.

Monsanto: the company that brought you PCBs, Dioxin, aspartame, Roundup, Bovine Growth Hormone, Saccharin, and genetically altered.. soybean, potatoes, corn, and cotton.

It has a near monopoly on the seed market of the world. It owns 90% of all seeds made. Here in the United States, 70% of our food is genetically altered. And the reason you don't know that is that if you put milk on the market that doesn't contain growth hormones, or your tomato is has been tampered with... Monsanto can sue you.

Thank the big boys in Washington for that one.

And don't let anyone tell you that scientists fooling with genetics is just like the farmers of old, experimenting with different crops. That's bull. It's complicated, but we have lost some pretty precious things with Monsanto's playing god. Monarch butterflies are disappearing, along with bees, and frogs. Due to the genetically engineered products to "feed the world."

The book explains it. You must have a stout heart to get through it.

Second thought, get drunk first.

Monopolies, are like communists, they want complete control. They want to play God.

If this book wasn't' so meticulously researched with fact after fact, I wouldn't be sitting here wondering if this isn't the next atomic bomb.

Let me give you a sliver of the Monsanto apple. Here's some of their products;

Saccharin. ( not good for you) Monsanto started in 1901 by John Francis Queeny, and manufactured Saccharin to be sold only to Coke. We now causes cancer. And they knew it too. Sort of like how the cigarette company knew.

PCB's Coolants and lubricants; Another one of Monsanto's big hits. It's factory was in Anniston Alabama. Sixty thousand pounds were emitted into the atmosphere, 1.8 million were dumped in streams and 68 million pounds of contaminated wastes were deposit in an open pit located in the heart of the city's black population. Hundreds died from cancer and tumors. They knew since 1937 that it was dangerous, but hey! So what?

Everyone was using PCB, and the Navy stopped. Then one day a scientist found PCBs in salmon and the hair of his family. Studies found PCB's everywhere. We all have them in our bodies because they cannot be destroyed. It's in our food change. It cause all kinds of illness, you name it.

Europe banned it. To escape all the lawsuits Monsanto sold its division, Pfizer owned it.

They divided up the millions in damages for the lawsuits.

Dioxin: Just say NOT GOOD: Times Beach (which is about 40 miles from my house) was sprayed with the stuff. Cats, dogs, birds, all died along with about 50 horses. They just destroyed the whole town. The government did not prosecute. (Reagan was President ) but ordered Monsanto to clean up 27 cities. Just a few grams can poison a whole city.

Monsanto dumped 40 pounds a day of dioxin into the Mississippi from its Krummrich Plant. Lysol is filled with dioxin.

They also sold the stuff to the Pentagon to make Agent Orange. These herbicides were developed to kill the plants and starve the enemy. Twenty million gallons of it were dumped on Vietnam. And if you go to the Tu DU Hospital in Hot Chi Minh City you will see horrors of the babies born from mothers exposed to the stuff. Veterans took them to court and won a pittance.
And now they know that Dioxin gets into your fatty cells and stays there. I can see mine already.

Roundup: All I can say is: Tiger Woods might not make it to be sixty.

If you use this stuff, be sure to wear protective not get this stuff on you anywhere, it has killed thousands all over the earth.

They have found that Roundup triggers the first stage of the development of Cancer.

I won't even go into this stuff except to say they developed it to go with their genetically altered seed programs. If you are a farmer and you buy the Monsanto genetically altering soybeans you HAVE to buy the Roundup too, as it is the only herbicide that will work.

And here's a special gift from Roundup: It may be the elites way of controlling the population. It can reduce men's production of sex hormones by 94 percent. It kills embryos

Bovine Growth Hormone: Oh, this is a good one. It makes cows produce milk constantly which makes their utters produce pus, so that they have to give the poor things antibiotics. All of this is passed on to us. It makes us more susceptible to diseases and colds and flu's. Increase our risk for breast cancer.

On the good side, if you drink a lot of milk, you could have twins.

GMO's" I could go on and on, but here's the most dangerous fact.. Monsanto has the monopoly worldwide on the seeds to soybeans and cotton, which are genetically engineered to not reproduce after one seeding.

And it has the patents on all the seeds. Therefore, if you grow food, you owe Monsanto a royalty.

It's main object is to put all the small farmers out of the game, or make them slaves.

If a farmer gets a bigger crop, and takes any seeds, he will be sued. All over the world, Monsanto is putting its genetic seeds and wiping out all the small farmers in India, and South America...everywhere.

And after reading this you have to wonder if our ethanol gas boondoggle promoted by both Gore and Bush wasn't just a favor for Monsanto.

If you read one book in your busy life next year: read this one.

It really is a conspiracy. And we...are the guinea pigs.

When you have patents on all the food in the world, and nobody can grow food without your seeds, you ARE god.

"What you are seeing is not just a consolidation of seed companies, it's really a consolidation of the entire food chain."
Robert Fraley, co president, Monsanto's Agriculture Sector...Farm Journal; 1996.

"Monsanto wants to seize control of the seeds and thence the food of the world."

And it is succeeding.

No wonder their headquarters are so well hidden. I would hide too.



Blogger John said...

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1:35 PM  
Blogger Joyanna Adams said...

Hey...thanks John!

Good to know people are watching this stuff!

4:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, I know for sure that this is all true I grew up next to Monsanto in NJ . Now I am a cancer survivor. I have researched this company myself for years along with the EPA information...Scarey try searching into other companies such as Medication companies who owns them but MONSANTO so YES they do think they are god and worse yet they have succeeded

9:38 AM  
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