Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bill O'Reilly, Punts Palin Out of the Bear Den

Nobody Wins: I was a bit shocked today to hear Bill O'Reilly say that in his opinion, Sarah Palin should not run for the Presidency. According to the polls, she would lose.

His reasons were: She's a mother: she doesn't have the experience: Mitt Romney, (Rhino that he is) has more money: and, last but not least, she should not put her children through the trauma of the many attacks.

To this nobody says: Huh?

She shouldn't be President because...she's a mother? She needs to stay home and take care of the kids?

Uh....what's wrong with Dad taking over for a while? I'm sure the kids will be very well protected from the public once she is President. All the White House kids are. And how could it get any worse?

And who does these polls? Where are they done? Some rich neighborhood where the big boys all get together and say, "We need a big billionaire to watch out for US!" in the White House.

If I had to choose between Mitt Romney and Donald contest. Donald would win. Mitt is another wishy-washy insider. He would NOT appeal Health Care. We know that.

Romney would represented the big multinational corporations, that's pretty much a fact.

So why the polls have him top is beyond reason, (okay, coming from the established corporate world of the media and makes perfect sense) but most of us still feel like there are two America's, and these polls are being held by some pollster who got off the boat in Cuba.

Hopefully, the "I'm looking out for you " Bill O'Reilly has a reason for this sudden attack on Sarah Palin, because at this early state of the game, it looks rather "unprofessional" for him to come out and put down the hopes of any candidate for 2012.

Putting a mark on her so early, makes HIM look like he has already chosen his man, and he is using his power to get rid of the competition.

And if it's Mitt Romney or Jeb Bush, then I'm going to take a truck to Alaska, pick up Palin myself, and hire a blimp to float all over the country to advertise VOTE PALIN, and send electronic messages to all mobile cell phones as it passes over each city.

Okay...I won't do that. BUT, I might just send out "Carl Rove is a Global Gooby Bear "cell-phone messages.

I got this video off some body's site (some liberal blog) and everyone was raving after this video about how stupid Sarah Palin was.

You listen to it, and you tell me.

O"Reilly is taking the Bush road. "We have jobs that no one will do"

Sarah says...give those jobs to the citizens.

Hey, I'll pick oranges!

Sarah Palin might be able to beat Obama easily, but Bill O'Reilly is a formidable foe.

Maybe he has a game plan. Maybe FOX is doing this to look "fair and balanced." Maybe Rockefeller really can get FOX off the air.

Hopefully, it's not for the corporates elites. Or maybe he just doesn't want us to get off government welfare and god forbid, pick cabbages under the hot California sun.

Or maybe... it's because all those rich people just could not LIVE without their Mexican nannies.Deporting all those house workers would due tremendous damage to the elites who count on them for just about everything.

Having said that: Bill is still number one. Maybe he is trying to get the tea party people all hussified so that they go out to protect her...

You....never...know...the plans of men for mice.

Sarah could get in the White House and fall apart and PMS every month, and start saying "Muslims are part of the American Heritage" and pass amnesty.

And if that happened, I'd deflate the blimp right over the White House (by remote of course)

I can STILL PMS with the best of em!

(Nobody makes this stuff up NSA, FBI, CIA, and FEMA ! Do not think I'm serious about blowing up a blimp over the WHITE HOUSE...get a grip guys. I couldn't blow up a balloon over my hot tub.)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas says:

First let me say that I prefer the free movement of people. We can live where ever we damned well want to. We are born onto a Planet, not just into a country.

That said, I understand that countries are 'built' on the sweat and toil and even blood of our predecessors (apart from America which was built on the sweat toil and blood of the British predecessors from whom they stole it. Hahahaha).

Illegal immigration could be solved relatively easily. If a 'national' of country A wants to live in country B, then the Government of country B should be paid a million bucks by country A's government.

Half would go to establishing the person's daily wellbeing for a twenty years while they find a job, and the other half pay for the infrastructure they share which the indiginous predecessors all built.

This would be an incentive to all those country A regimes whose people do not want to live there, to lift their game and make their nations properly respondant to the wishes of their people.

America should immediately invoice Mexico for all the 12 million illegals.

Britain should also get several hundred years 'rent' arrears from America.

2:36 PM  

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