Sunday, November 28, 2010

Blackwater, Babies, and Turkey Talk

Nobody's Opinion: The big news of the day is: Obama is playing a lot of basketball, as if he is just passing the time, waiting for something to happen.

I don't know about you, but if I were President, with a war developing in North Korea, a War in the Middle East, and an economy that makes Russia's economic fall seem like an unpaid parking ticket in comparison: and with a missile warning sent by China (most experts agree) to show that one EMP across the United States could be launched off a vessel right off the shore of California..I would NOT be playing a lot of basketball.

An EMP would cripple the United States and send us all back into a REALLY bad time. China would fly in to "help," and Obama would...still be playing basketball .

And on that thought: Here's some nobody opinions about various turkey happenings.

Nobody's Opinion --Monsanto, seed lord of the world, just bought Blackwater, the biggest private military operation in the world. I guess getting patents on their genetically engineered seeds wasn't enough. The plan: a platoon of big burly scary- looking dudes comes up to the farmer (Any farmer in the world.) and says.."Go ahead. Touch my seeds...make my day."

So, who controls who?

I don't know, you tell me. Why does the biggest seed company in the world need to buy the biggest private military in the world? (paid mostly by the taxpayers)

They were hated so much in Iraq they are now banned from the country. That new however, did not make the front page.

Neither will this.

Nobody's Perfect Speaking of the front page, this did: Obama got busted in the lips while playing his basketball. I'm waiting for the beer session in the garden.

This is another first by a President. No other President while in office, got stitches from playing basketball.

At least he didn't fall on a pretzel.

Nobody Knows why Wikileaks can release, with the help of the New York Times, thousands of military secrets and secret documents, putting hundreds of lives in danger, and making our position more vulnerable in the world (now that Obama is disarming all our nukes for Putin) and not one liberal really thinks it's a crime.

BUT...when just one women was "revealed" under Bush, they had to make a whole movie to express their outrage.

So, what's one life compared to thousands? Aren't they the "great equalizers?"

Where's the left's outrage?

On the basketball court.

Nobody Cares if John Kerry wants to throw a party for himself at the Boston Symphony Hall and charge everyone $4,800 just to come. What we do care about is the fact that you won't read anywhere just who or why anybody showed up, or what will become of the money raised.

Kerry, like his fellow members of Congress, owes us money.

Nobody Wonders how Robert Gates can be so concerned about Russia becoming an oligarchy, and not see that his own country, is going down the same "undemocratic" road.

Somehow he does not see the hypocrisy, and neither does Putin.

Nobody Wins: If I hear one more Clinton puppet on TV say, "Why, only one percent of travelers complained about the searches at thanksgiving! People know it's for their own good, and we can all just sit back and see that there was a lot of complaining about nothing." I'm writing my Congressmen.

Okay, I'm not writing my Congressman, I'm passing out from too much honey.

Nobody's Fool Prince Andrew and his lovely bride are already ordering baby this Moses baby basket, covered with Swarovski crystals--- a royal bargain at only $11, 370. And it's pink.

I'm planning of sending them this picture of this puppy, and tell them every little girl needs a pooh bear, and for only $500,000, it can be hers. I'll even throw in the stuffed toy.

Nobody also wonders at the audacity of the Royal family. In order to appear cognizant of the poor suffering of their people, they have announced with great fanfare that they are footing the bill for the wedding, the taxpayers are only paying for security,

And when you realize that their money comes from their poor people in the first place, you just have to wonder---Who is paying for this again?

So, nice of them to chip in, don't you think? An extra pot of honey for them all.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas says:

Two points, m'dear.

The Royal Family is self-financing. While the 'poor' people on benefits and all the handouts from the taxpaying minority are whining, the Royal Family has ALL their 'profits' confiscated by the State - not simply taxed - and get an 'Allowance' back which is piddling in comparison.

Research, m'dear, and find the truth of the matter and see just what phenomenal benefit in both money and reputation that the Royal Family bring to Britain.

Next - Hilary Clinton claims that if women were in power things would be done differently. Compassion, empathy, conflict resolution, respect and communication would replace the nasty things that wicked mens do. Then, in power, she prompty bugs her International friends and plots behind their backs.

'Things' in Politics WILL change as more and more Gumnut 'secrets' and shennanigans get exposed. The Governments of the World - America included - are being shown that they can no longer plot, lie, dissemble and cheat behind the backs of the people - their own or anyone elses. It is high time that the Wikis of the world exposed the whole lot of the corrupt and mailcious bastards for what they are.

Yes, it hurts. Truth and light do.

9:44 PM  
Blogger Joyanna Adams said...

Wow...I hid the nerve again did I?

My have a QUEEN..A WOMAN who through no effort of her own, OWNs what...seventeen casltes thereabout? And what does she do so much for England? Besides some work for charity...and basically is the symbol for the British monarchy all over the world, please tell me. We are in the dark in America as to her great achievements.

Does she get out much, has she helped get rid of that horrible social welfare system? Does she muffle that crazy son of her who wants the poor paupers (and I believe that includes you too) OFF the face of the planet to save it for him and his future spawn?

They are elitist to the core.

I realized the parliment now makes the "desicions" so what function does she have? Everyone still BOWS to her?

It's not the queen herself that "ruffles" my American feathers" but the whole concept of heriditary monarchy that offends me, and will to the day I die. It's not like she could help being born.

The Queen, has impeccable manners, and therefore does her royal duties making the country loyal to the beauty of her expensive lifestyle. So, for that, and the years of presenting herself at parties she is to be commended.

But you or I could have done the same.

I don't care if she never makes a single pound, she lives beyond anyone's wildest dreams...and once again, any money she gets has come from her people.

M, do know more about the wonderful woman that she's a short note you might get a kick out of.

John Adams believed that all people everywhere needed the pomp and circumstance, in church, in government...and when he came back from spending so much time in England as America's first ambassador, the American people made fun of him trying to set up George Washington with the title of "Your Magesty."

Thought you'd like that fact, m'dear.

And here's the question: tell me, how would you feel if every country in the world had a QUEEN?

She is, you may know, a woman. Is she the exception to the rule? Remember how NASTY your Queen appeared when Diana died?

We remember.

(Okay..whew!) We will Always disagree on this one, and I admire your manly inclination to defend the one you love. Chivalry is still alive, and that's good to know.

Now, on wikileaks. I agree, with you on the point that the more we know, the more we should drink...'

No< I mean that I think, that all the good stuff we will never find out will remain hidden.

It is being reported over here that this man was part of the "liberal" agendy (Soros, and Obama) and the plans for disrupting the masses...

They could have censored him.

THEY didn't want to.

The world is finding out more everyday, about the powers and gluttony of all the world's leaders...and that, as you would agree m'dear, is a good thing.

And now, I must go get my umbrella?

Or do I need a fallout shelter?

8:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas says:

Of course you can have a different opinion about Mrs Q, my dear Joy. Everyone is entitled to be wrong and it is very easy too.

The only way we can reach any resolution to our difference of view is if we wrestle in mud, in the nude, for 13 rounds of an hour each. With tead-breaks of course.

So do we slug it out or agree to continue harassing one another with insults and facts - such as the President costing the taxpayers fourteen times as much as the Queen does. Crikey, Michelle's hairdressing bill is twice the whole years wages for Prince Phil and michelle ain't even a friggin' Princess.

(By the way, Lizzy was really upset about Di getting her knickers over her head in a Frog Tunnel but the scandal of the 'mourning' was in the emotional blackmail by Tony Blair to have the Flag at Half-Mast at Buck House. It was he who lead the appalling and disgraceful calumny about the Queen not caring. It was a cheap political shot.

There has never been a tradition to fly it at half mast. It is only there to indicate that the Queen is at home. It is nothing to do with any other members of the family. When a monarch dies it isn't put to half mast because automatically there is a new Monarch. It is never lowered when any other member of the Royal Family dies.

Faux - celebrities weep in Public. The Queen expresses the British Tradition of a 'Stiff Upper Lip', and mourns privately like any adult ought to do.

As for her owning Castles, she doesn't. The State owns them all. The State took all the property of the Crown several centuries ago. We had a Civil War, remember.

Do keep up, my dear.

As I said, all the income and property of the Royal Family belongs to the State. She gets a 'salary' - a far smaller one than Obama gets.

3:16 AM  
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