Sunday, April 24, 2011

Can I Have a Vowel Please?

Nobody's Opinion: At Easter dinner tonight, I got the "kick" under the table by my husband. You know....the "kick" that means...shut up, you fool. I was talking about the latest video going around the net, where two black women kick the holy bejebies out of this poor white girl.

On the way home from the Easter empty restaruant, I asked him why he did that and he said that my son's girlfriend's father was half-black, and she might get upset.

"Well, I'm tired of this." I said. "The fact is, the two girls WERE black. What? Am I suppose to say "Two unknowns" kicked the hell out of a white girl?"

Because of political correctness we are not allowed to report the facts. In....sane.

What I found so very appalling about the whole thing is that the other "black" men employees just stood around and watched, laughing and videotaping.

Any man, black OR white, who was decent, would have gone over and stopped these women from practically killing that girl. Allen West would have stopped them cold.

But no...when that women went into convulsions from being kicked in the head so many times, they told the girls to "you better go, the police will be here soon" thereby helping these two criminals from being arrested.

From the news: It was reported that: An elderly woman tried to break up the fight and she gets hit in the face. As a manager tries to throw the girls out of the restaurant other employees, in their red McDonald's uniforms, can be seen standing by watching.

At first glance it was found out they had attacked her because one of their boyfriends had made a pass at her. Then they found out "she" was a transsexual and that gave them even more glee.

Tell me. How many times have we been lectured on attacking "gays?" And are we not indoctrinating our very children that gays are normal human beings. And if these were white girls or boys doing this, Obama himself would have been on the homosexual podium talking about the atrocity of the crime.

"They just sat there and watched. And there was at least 6 employees there watching it, rooting for the girls to hurt me," Chrissy Polis says.

Too bad they can't send the lot of them down, employees included, to Sheriff Arpaio

As for me...I am really getting tired of the fact that the blacks can now attack white people, for the obvious reason of prejudice of their whiteness, and if anyone speaks up about the "hatred" of blacks for whites, well, we are suppose to shut up because our ancestors once had slaves.

The blacks know, that the system has their backs. Eric Holder, refused to prosecute the black panthers who stood with bats in front of voting places.

They keep us divided, and our leaders fuel the fight to game for votes, while they are the very people that are keeping the fires burning, and the blacks on welfare. We had years of whites hating blacks, and now we have to have future years of blacks hating whites...what? To make up for it?

What was funny is that, neither my son or his girlfriend took offense, because I reported the scene just as it happened. Two black women beat up a white woman.

The "N" word did not enter my mind...but the word..."mean, vicious, and cowardly" certainly did.

I remember a once free country, where you could even tell a polish joke, or an call someone a spic and even the spic would laugh. Now they have us all nicely put into little groups, and use our language to control us.

I hope they put these girls away for a loooooog time. But..don't count on it.

Anyway, the video is here...if you can stomach it.

Sorry, once was enough for me.