Friday, February 08, 2008

The ONE American Party!

Nobody Flashes Anymore!

EXTRA! EXTRA! The final merger of the American two-party system was finalized today with the elimination of all candidates that did not support the new great one-party line.

This new party, according to Hillary Clinton, will no longer be Democrats and comrades! It will be called the AMERICAN party!

After years of hard work and planning, the new "global" one party-system, has some exciting changes for it's citizens. Free health care! Free college! Free food! Free money!

And hard work it has been. All the Ex-Presidents--Bill Clinton, George Bush Senior, George W. Bush, Jimmy Carter, and a whole slew of political leaders like Ted Kennedy, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Newt Ginrich, Colin Powell, Madaline Alright, John McCain, Barack Osama, Al Gore, and that new country favorite, Mr. Hambone Huckabee, will be highly rewarded when the final merger goes through in 2008.

The people are listening to their polls! They are told who is winning! They will see the light!

This merging has been necessary to save our planet, and none too soon! Too many poor people roam the earth and multiply.

This has got to stop.

Newt Ginrich insists we start teaching the kids about the "green" environment early, with our government choosing all the best books and courses! Mr. Gingrich has come out with his plans to help in "Contract with the Earth."

Bill Clinton has written how all the citizens here in the United States must now learn to "Give" instead of selfishly take, as they have always done. He will lead the way in this new global enterprise.

And President Hillary, McCain, or Obama...whichever...okay, Hillary....will bring in mandatory citizens service, where not only will she send soldiers, but citizens all over the world to serve mankind as they see fit.

The North American Merger will go through as planned.

Everyone will be paid minimum wage for their services, which they promise to raise! No one will need money because everything will be provided for everyone! Houses, food, education! And most importantly, medical care!

They will even help you die in your old age. You will no longer have to make that awful decision.

Finally! A heaven on earth! Think of more poverty! Smaller cars! Vegetables in every pot!

New lightbulbs! Solar panels on your house!

And your children will start school much earlier, thank goodness. Hillary has admired the French for they even take the babies at one! Yes, it takes a village!

Our children now need so many hours of mandatory "service" to their commuities before they graduate from high school. This program has worked well and will be expanded soon.

Good citizenship schools are being set up now, says Hillary. The Party of America will must have good citizens to continue this important global governement work.

Yes, the big companies have been merging for at last, and none too soon, will the new AMERICA PARTY, unite in spirit and deeds, if not words and save us all.

The New American Party of One is already hard at work with all the multinational companies to expand this new global vision of harmony and peace.

Wal-Mart will soon be in every town and city on the planet, providing everything a human could ever need, in one place.

It has been an amazing exhibiton of "captalism" and more millionaires than ever before are buying islands, and houses on Dubai.

Someday you too, might have that island!

In the meantime, by the time Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, and Laura Ingram figure out what has happend--- they will join up too!

After all...once you see how good this is for the Earth...we will all be as joyous as our President!

Long live the PARTY! The new Party of America!

Where we will save the world!


Thursday, February 07, 2008

So Here We Are: The Bus Boy

Nobody’s Opinion: Sometimes in life, when you’re just sitting there not bothering even your own mind, your own mind decides to bothers you, with a memory…a memory that is so strange and unfathomable that it sits in your banks of “weird” experiences of “What the hell just happened?” in hopes that someday you will get an answer to an unanswerable question, that you know will never be answered.

Therefore the problem.

It’s like a pesky fly that just won’t buzz–off. It keeps coming back and popping up, until finally, you’ve had enough. You cannot swat away a brain-fly, especially with most medical plans at the moment.

So, I’ve decided to dump it here. Well, why not? The political arena is pretty predictable at the moment.

It’s a memory about a girl drummer, a sick bass player, and a bus boy.


I think I was about 21, (or nineteen, I’m not sure) and it was the early 1970’s. Okay, I may not remember the year, but the day this “strange” event happened was July 9th...I’m sure of that. Don’t ask me how.

It happened in the middle of a hot blistering day in Missouri---the kind of day when the hot air sucks the oxygen right out of your lungs.

By the way, if you’ve never had the pleasure of experiencing summer days in Missouri, then you will never know why you see more people in Missouri walking around with dark tans in the summer than on the southern beaches of Florida.

It’s true.

Well, unless of course, you’re Jewish, over 86 years old, and got money to burn on Miami Beach.
Actually, I don’t know if there still are a lot of Jewish people in Miami, it’s been so long since I’ve been there…but in the 1960’s, Miami Beach was covered with old Jewish people everywhere…sitting around looking like alligator purse commercials, they were all so dark. They would smoke and play canasta; on every corner you’d see them. The Jewish men had their cigars, their flowered shirts, with their skinny legs sticking out… and the old Jewish ladies would wear their big sunbonnets while they walked around the sidewalks, hunched over walking with canes, smelling of thousand-dollar perfume.

And all the hotels, for miles and miles down the beach, were just one color---white.

Sometimes I used to think that the white hotels were some sort of poetic justice for the Jewish people's suffering and horrible memories. Each hotel was like a huge marked white tombstone, all built as future graves of the Jewish families that had survived the holocaust. They could just die in their luxury hotel rooms, with huge diamond rings on, entombed till their last breathe in their air conditioned splendor.

Why else were all the hotels white? At least that what I thought when I was a kid.

Now, I hear it’s much more diversified…but I’m off the story…

That summer I was the leader of my own band, mainly because whoever owned a “PA” system was always the leader of the band. The band could not function without a “PA” to sing through, because, well, you try singing over an electric guitar, bass, keyboards, and drums, playing “Summertime Blues.” (You have to be “old” to remember that song-- my mother told me about it.)

Back then, PA systems were not cheap. My PA had four 4560 JBL speaker cabinets, which took two big guys who were willing, to carry them. I say willing because when it came time to carry them, all the guys in the band would disappear and it was usually me and some bus boy barely getting them off the U-Haul.
But they were worth it.

Those old JBL’s cabinet’s had so much power they could launch a jet takeoff, or a Ted Nugent football party, or break a few Donald Trump luxury windows, if turned up to ten.

Unfortunately, you had to keep the volume on one or two, so that the people in the restaurant could at least talk. That’s because bands back then, worked in what was called “lounges.” People could “lounge” around and pick up other “loungers” and get drunk and dance.

It was good money for a girl with no college education, and no “government” handout to get one. I was the drummer, and there weren’t too many girl drummers at that time, so I had the market covered on ‘strange and weird phenomenon’ in the local area.

So—freaky being an advantage---I got the gigs, I handled the money, the paychecks, I controlled the song lists---and in this group of misfits, appropriately named “Coconuts” in honor of the Marx Brother movies (which no one else in the band had seen but me) I was also officially…the “mom.”

And mom had to handle the “boy” fights---especially when it came to hotel rooms.

Coconuts was on the road for six months at a time. We played Ramada Inns in the Midwest, and I can tell you first hand that at that time, all the Ramada’s look the same. They had red carpets….with white country fringe…everywhere. Every room, every lobby, every state, every hotel, was exactly the same. And this Ramada was just off the highway, in a little town of nowhere called Marion, Illinois.

Not much happening there at the time. We were pretty much it.

As my brain-fly is buzzing me, the night before the “event,” the lead singer in the band (Who was a black guy named Charlie) pleaded with me for at least an hour, to take his roommate of the band (who was the bass player named Rick) into my room, so that he and his pretty hot looking girlfriend could spend the night alone.

If I had said no….the following would not have happened.

Now, before you all go into…”Did you guys have wild and crazy sex? Bass player and drummer, oooooo...what rhythm!” Well of course! Go ahead and imagine it!

I must tell you, that first of all, I did not mess around with my co-workers. Second of all, Rick was sick. Really, really sick in fact. (Yeah, he even looks sick in the picture.)

He had some kind of fever that just wouldn’t go away. So, being the “mom” that I am, I nursed him all night, feeding him soup, wiping his forehead down with cold rags.

When his fever got up to 103, going on 104, and he seemed to be going into some kind of lethargic state of stupor…I ordered us room service.

Well yeah, I was hungry. I had been on a diet of M&M’s for about a month, and taking care of sick bass players can drain you.

Besides, I knew Rick didn’t have any money, so I would have to pay for a doctor. I didn’t have any money either, but when you’re sick, you’re sick.

I placed the order to the kitchen at about nine o’clock. And I remember that it seemed to take forever for our breakfast eggs and bacon to arrive. I wanted to get Rick to the hospital, and I wanted to get some food in us before we went, and I kept looking out of the pulled curtains…there was not one cloud in the sky, and even at that time in the morning, it was already around 98 degrees outside.

I remember thinking “Man, it is HOT, maybe we should just stay here, Rick might melt.”

And then, it happened…

Like an unexpected tax increase…Death walked right into that room.

Of course, I did not recognize him right away. He was a tall boy, about nineteen, at the prime of his male life…handsome in every way. And when he entered the room, holding a tray of food, the most frightening thing happened.

The whole room turned solid black. I’m not kidding, solid black.…especially around him. From head to foot he was covered in some sort of thick, black, fog that radiated out filling up the whole room.

The first thing I said to him was, “Doesn’t it seem really dark in here? Weird.”

No answer.

I went and opened the curtains, it was the brightest day I had ever seen… but it was still dark.

That’s when I got really spooked. Off the scale. attention girl.

“Well, just set it over there,” I said. “I have to get my purse.”

The boy didn’t say a word. He just stood there, in a vapor of black.

Now, by this time I could tell by the look on his face the kid was in the ozone somewhere. I wondered at the time if he was just stoned. He didn’t smile. He refused to talk or answer anything I said. And I asked him about ten questions…like “How long have you worked here?” and “Do you live around here?” and “Do you go to school?” etc.

Not… one…word.

And he had the most fearful look that I have ever seen then or since, on his face. It was as if he knew something terribly was going to happen, any minute. And he didn’t believe it, didn’t want it. He was paralyzed by this unknown black force that was in that room.

It had a powerful grip on him, and it scared him to death. Hey, it was scaring me to death and I was just standing next to it.

Any other time I would have considered the boy’s silence as just being rude, and would not have tipped him. But I remember giving him a big tip, because I felt so sorry for him…I just couldn’t explain it. Something was really wrong…something was in that room with us both…and it was worse than any boogey man.

The boy finally left after his tip. The room very slowly became normal again. The spookiness was gone.

I told Rick about it, but he was out of it. I took his temperature one more time---104 degrees…time to go. My “mom” instincts kicked in and I told Rick I was taking him to the local emergency room. So we ate, got in the car, and I drove him there.

The hospital was only five minutes away, and the emergency room looked like a small doctor’s office. It was empty…and Rick was slumped over feeling pretty shitty, and I was bored. So bored, that I was counting water stains in the ceiling tiles. I kept looking at my watch wondering why we were sitting there so long, and why they couldn’t get better chairs than the metal ones we were sitting on. And then I heard that horrible, sound---a sound that I still hear to this day…a sound from hell itself.

The sound of a mother’s screams.

It was a scream that I have never heard before or since. A voice from a body I couldn’t see was saying, “No, No, No, No…She was screaming her boy’s name at the top of her lungs. …Jimmy is NOT dead…Jimmy is NOT dead…no, no, no, no, no, no, NO, NO…OH NO God, NOOOOO!!

Rick and I looked at each other. Now his fever seemed like a little finger cut.

Out of nowhere we saw about five burly men in white scramble up stairways to retrain her. I saw a glimpse of her…a heavyset woman collapsing, arms flaying, swinging at everyone even near…the men couldn’t hold her, her body was uncontrollable. It flung up towards the ceiling, fists hitting at the arms of the men trying to contain her.

They wouldn’t let her see him….his body.

They tried to hold her. She continued to scream.

A nurse came down the stairs. The woman’s son had just died she told us, it was her only child.

Nobody could tell us much more at the hospital. But, it was obvious “death” had touched a mother. And to this day, I still sometimes hear her screaming deep in my soul. In the winter, when it’s cold…when the clouds are dark, before the snow.

Everything good that had happen to me up until that point in time, seemed irrelevant compared to this woman’s pain. Depressed is not the word I felt for this poor lady. I was never so glad to get out of there. Rick got some antibiotics, and we were gone.

When we pulled into the parking lot of the hotel, around about eleven-thirty, lots of the service people were running all over the parking lot. Young girls, busboys, desk clerks, and maids were all walking around in a daze outside the hotel. The parking lot was full of zombies, as if they didn’t know where to go.

I thought maybe there was a fire in the hotel, and that’s why everyone was outside.

I rolled down my window as I pulled into the hotel parking lot, and asked a young girl what had happened--”Was there a fire?”

“Didn’t you hear?” she said. “Jimmy’s car just got hit by a huge truck on the freeway. He was killed instantly. He was just mangled. There’s nothing left of his car. And he had just left his shift.”

“What does he look like?” I asked.

Well, he’s tall…blond…he just delivered some room service and left.”

“Does he talk, I mean---he wasn’t mute was he?”

“Jimmy, oh no, yeah, sure he could talk. He talked a lot. Oh God, we can’t believe this. He was such a sweet guy.”

I couldn’t either. I realized at that moment that I was the last person to see that boy alive. I also realized that the mother at the hospital was his mother.
And I swear to this day, that my busboy knew he was going to die, or something terrible was going to happen to him.

This “dark event,” this unexplained black presence I felt on that hot summer day full of light…has bothered me to this day. If I had only recognized death, could I have warned him?

Would anything I could have said made any difference? Was it just his time?
Does Death have a cloak? Does it have some sort of physical presence?

And why? Why the young, the innocent, the deeply loved?

Well, it’s a nasty brain fly…but I do know one thing. I know that I did not hallucinate that whole “event.” I really did see and feel death come through that hotel door. I saw a vibrant human being at the peak of his young life, who knew something terrible was going to happen to him. And even his tremendous life force was no match for this dark creature. It scared him so much that he didn’t even talk.
He took him to his death.

There are things in this world that cannot be explained, damn it.

But some things can. Rick found out he had Mono from his doctors at home, and so that pretty much ended The Coconuts. He was bedridden for six months and he told me his mother wondered where he had gotten it. She was mad.

Frankly, I did too, but I was also very glad to have his own mother take over as nurse.

All these years later, I don’t think about the guys in that band much. I do know Charlie is still singing around the area, and I’m proud that I helped give him his “start.” Everyone loved Charlie, and I imagine they still do.

But I do still think about that boy, and his poor mother, and the questions we all think about when some people do not survive unexplained “accidents”--- whether by tornados, disease, gunshot wounds, or car accidents.
What can you do?

J.K. Rowling sums it up nicely in one of her books. A man is speaking to Harry Potter, and remarks how sad it was that his parents died.

“And yet, here we are.” He says, and looks around at the trees in amazement. And that’s the point here.

Yes, that’s the point. Here we are. Amazingly…here we are.


Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Great Timing of Stupid Tuesday

Nobody Flashes: Wow...what are the odds? Yesterday, was Super Tuesday, a day in early February--(Or Stupid Tuesday as was reported by many) the day when all of America was suppose to go to their local voting booth and vote on all the brand new electronic voting machine--- but we got some bad luck.

What timing.

All throughout the midwest, all the die-hard, Nascar, let's go have a beer, red state patriots---right at the hour when most voters got off work and were heading toward their voting machines...tornadoes, hail, rain, and just altogether nasty weather put probably the majority of the voters who really thought it was a waste of time, into the "Why bother?" mood.

At exactly 6 pm...when traffic was at a standstill, my husband and I got our of our car in front of our local school, and were amazed that the parking lot was empty. Only a matter of yards away, we watched as hundreds of cars, all going about 1mph were passing the "voting" right by.

Well, it was raining---but really. I can't say I blamed them. In fact, I felt rather stupid falling for it all. I must admit, I also thought to myself..."What's the point?"

The great surprise today, of course, was how well Huckabee did.

Well...I might have an answer to that.

For over a year, in my spam, I've been getting stuff from this "conservative" blog. I wish I could tell you the name of the place, but I always glance at it and delete it.

But yesterday there was an urgent warning from these "protectors" of America. They were telling all the people in Missouri to go out quick, and vote for Huckabee because Romeny did not at the moment, according to the polls, stand a chance, so in order to stop McCain, we must do our patriotic duty and vote for Huckabee. I didn't fall for it, but I wonder how many did?

Of course, Huckabee did better than Romney here, and McCain won.

I wondered just how many other people in how many other states got this same advise? And now, I wonder just who is behind that website?

On the ballot of course, even though they were no longer in the race, were all the candidates on both sides....what's up with that?

I voted for Romney, in honor of Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh...but it's the last time I do something so stupid.

I mean really...the choices might as well be Paris Hilton and Ron Stewart.

Well, we need a "change" alright. The whole system is corrupt. None of it works. It should all be thrown out and revamped into some kind of binding agreement that keeps corruption out of the hands of a few elite career politicians, bankers, and corporations.

I'm sure our loving "founders" would be in complete agreement.

Until the majority of the people just can't take it anymore....that's not likely to happen. We're bascially good people, but as history reports...that's our problem.

We won't get really angry until it's too late.

So...I voted for the memory of all the men who fought for our right to vote, whether it means anything or not...they gave their lives...right? It's the rationalization I'm telling myself to make myself feel better.

So far, it's working...a little.

Now, as far as this lady is concerned, she MUST be a liberal. Who else would be standing right dead center in the track of a moving storm and act like nothing is happening? She looks as if she thinks she is standing in front of the Leaning Tower of Piza, what a dutz.

And as if that weather coincidence was not enough....Coast to Coast am... had an expert on weather manipulation, and it sounded just like our downpour.

Okay----don't get upset...the weather is due to global warming. You win.

And John McCaim is a conservative...I got it. And Paris Hilton is not on drugs. And Brittany Spears is being drugged by her manager, and Ledger was made popular by "Brokeback Mountain"" NOT "The Patriot" and...I still can't cook.

Oh, and one more thing....what a coincidence that there is a writer's strike! How lucky can you get? We will all STILL be glued to the contest of the Captains of the Titanic, because, there is only so many times you can watch reruns of StarWars.

It's time to get out my old Dr. Who tapes. The man who served Jelly Babies to potential alien enemies before Ronald Reagan was born.


Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Bill Clinton's "Giving' Margin Writer

Nobody’s Opinion: It’s Super Tuesday, and I feel a cataclysmic, catharsis, of a good old-fashioned Adam’s ripping-devastation of margin writing coming forth.

The reason? I just read the first chapter of “Giving” by Bill Clinton. And since everyone is talking about Bill’s last political bullfrog burp of racial gumballs, I feel a need to remind the American citizens that they should instead be taking into account just what great “plans” Hillary and her husband have for the world.

Here we go…hang on because in true Adams form, I’m writing in the margins and I’m not holding back.

B. (Bill) C. (The New Christ Self-Resurrected Clinton): “Because we live in an independent world, we cannot escape each other’s problem. As long as more than 100 million children in poor countries are not enrolled in school, there will be political and social instability, with global implications. There is a growing backlash against the global economy in both rich and poor nations where the economic growth it has stimulated has not been broadly shared.” (not emphasized by me)

Margin Writer: Bill is not being shy here. He is basically telling you that he plans to save the world, with YOUR money. Never mind that our Congress and the benevolent democratically supported teachers union has made all our kids so stupid, that they can barely add or subtract a simple equation. If not for Harry Potter, they would probably not be able to read, no thanks to our great system of education. Still…Bill Clinton wants to put all children of the world, in the very same state-controlled school systems to make sure that all the children of the world, not only get free food, but free brain-washing to help them grow up to be communistic “green” givers. A new world where every citizen works for the “world” accepting whatever “payment” the “government” decides to dole out.

Who’s going to pay for this? Look in the mirror.

B.C.: “The modern world, for all its blessings, is unequal, unstable, and unsustainable. And so the great mission of the early twenty-first century is to move our neighborhoods, our nation, and the world toward integrated communities of shared opportunities, shared responsibilities, and a shared sense of genuine belonging, based on the essence of every successful community; that our common humanity is more important than our interesting differences.”

Margin Writer: And Ann Coulter wants to campaign for Hillary? If this isn’t a statement out of Communist World Government Takeover 101, I don’t know what is. Do you actually think that John McCain or even Obama has the connections, the money, and the long lists of corruptions of the Clintons? Snap out of it Ann. And what’s even scarier is that this “world global redistribution” of America’s money has been going on for years. Trillions of our hard earned dollars have been given to nations for decades---decades. And yet, the world has not got rid of disease, wars, genocide, or starvation. On the contrary, all this world distribution welfare has actually caused the death of millions. Flooding nations with free food only takes money out of the pockets of local farmers, causing mass starvations.

No, the only people that got rich off this great welfare giveaway have been our political leaders, bankers, and third world dictators. The only difference will be Bill and Hillary alone will get to redistribute it.

Talk about 666; add three 9’s and you got B.C..

And watch out. What this means is that you will soon be giving up your food, because you are too fat, to feed the masses of India. The great global father is going to make you share. Hillary today was already talking about “food” control. Water control is coming soon.

B.C.: “I have seen infants in Zanzibar, played with children from Yunnan Province in China, and held orphans in Cambodia who are receiving lifesaving medications through our AIDS initiative. Forty-four more nations are able to buy low-cost drugs and testing materials under our contracts.”

Margin Writer: Like the new “Messiah” that he wants you to think he is, Bill lets you know that because of him (BILL THE SAVIOR) children are not dying. Of course, remember: It’s his organization that will be redistributing this money for all these projects. He will have complete control of who gets what, and many corporate pharmaceuticals companies are making mega-mega trillions off all these “third world” diseases.

Does Bill get a cut? What do you think?

Remember our Aids scare here? How many people do you know right now dying of aids? More people die of cancer here. Yet, you don’t hear Bill going out for a cure to our problem, do you?

When you hear Bill talk about saving the world, look at the green frog of cash jumping out of his mouth at lighting, dictator-speed, and listen for the great sucking sound of pure Marxist New World Order coming to you packaged in a sweet home-town, Baptist Boy from Hope.

In all fairness to Ann Coulter, a true patriot and hero by anyone’s measure, John McCain would be dangerous, the thought of an angry man wanting a WWIII to get his revenge, is a Hieronymus Bosch nightmare, I agree.

But, don’t put it past the Clintons either. A World War would be just the perfect vehicle to establish their state Marxist Utopist for all time.

Then we will all be little margin dots to Bill and Hillary, Queen and King of the New World of “Giving”.


Monday, February 04, 2008

Do You Feel Super?

Nobody's Flashes: So, it's Super Tuesday!
Do YOU know where your candidate is?
Hey---are you going out to vote today?
Have you got the feeling that the next President of the United States will actually be decided tomorrow?
Has the fact that this is NOT the real election, but is being treated as such, crossed your mind?
Doesn't all this heavy political pandering seem just a bit---premature?
Did your mother ever get on your nerves?
And do you realize that whomever is picked from the choices they have given you, the process of the transformation of America will carry on relentlessly into the Globalization of the new world; To form a bi-lingual country where burrito's will soon outnumber hamburger?
Will we get to vote on THAT?
Will Ted Kennedy lose another secretary? Will Yahoo merge with Google?
Will Bill Gates ever age?
Wait for it....if you wait for it, it will come.


Sunday, February 03, 2008

Nobody Reports on a Monday: Football Clement

Nobody's Opinion: Just say the word: Football.

There you go. If your a man, you're already excited. Your testosterome is are having visions of being the Giant's quarterback, throwing perfect spirals 4 miles over the heads of 499-pound terminators-- to be caught by the usual skinny black guy who wants to dance and talk alot, even when no one can hear a word he is saying.

The women are looking at the butts in tight pants, and thinking how much nicer men look all hidden away under a bunch of stuff.

I was NOT going to watch the SuperBowl game tonight, but I was forced to by the fact that the last thing I wanted to watch was Hillary Clinton's ranting on her new communistic health care system, coming our way soon.

You know, the one where she leaves out that very important point about the fact that once it's here, all doctors and the state, will have control over whether you live...or you die.

She doesn't mention that little piece of wonderful state control. Anyway, we are ALL sick to death of the politicians.

So, football made me feel at LEAST American, instead of a Russian comrade anticipating the future of the new global dark ages coming soon.

Even half time was fun. Tom Petty was as clean as he has ever been in his life, and he even said "God Bless You!'

The men might have missed all the cheerleaders, but not me.

Okay, the first half was boring. But the second half made up for it.

The underdogs won, becuase like true underdogs they really looked like a bunch of goons...and Manning, the underdog quarterback, looked like a goon too, so of course the goon should beat the good-looking NIKE Brady gives us all hope. Most of us are goons.

In fact, the way things are going, I might have to become a football fan, which brings me to the point that...

Nobody's Perfect: Okay, I had to ask my husband to refresh my memory on just what did that big orange line mean. He had to tell me about his days as the football running lineman or something or other, which put in my mind all the girls he must have had running after him in high school, which made me jealous because I did not have any boyfriends at I hid in the Library. But my imperfections aside--- I thought the losing coach was a real bad loser. (Patriots) His comments made it seemed like it was his team who were the losers, not him. So, if he was involved in all that cheating, he deserves the loss...Mr Coach, you were the biggest loser tonight in my nobody book, so there.

Nobody Knows: All through the game I was wondering, how come Brady (the Patriots quarterback), kept getting hit? I mean...where were his big guys? It's pretty much like all the conservatives out here in the country being ASTOUNDED that John McCain is the frontrunner, when he is a die hard liberal in just about everything but the war.

Do we not all feel like a quarterback getting pummeled to death? Wow, the Patriots lost tonight...I just thought about that.

Nobody Cares: Brittany is still in the hospital. China had a snow storm and Chenzhow lost electric for over a week. This has happened three times in St. Louis, two years ago, and yet, I bet you any money--- China did not hear about our blackout.

But I bet they watched our Superbowl.

Nobody Wins: When Bill Clinton has been found making over $131 million setting up a deal for a Canadian business friend, who set up a company--- which pretty much owns all the uranium in the world in some little Muslim country called Kazakhstan---and when the media pretty much ignores his criminal actions better start saving your quarters.

Nobody's Fool; The big news was the Kennedys all coming out and falling all over Obama as the new JFK last week. Besides Teddy's lifelong career as a BIG weapon of mass destruction, the only way the other thirty or so family members can keep up the great Kennedy fortunes is to promote a politician who will remind the people of their meal ticket forever more.

That's all we need, more magazine and television shows about JFK.

And on a happier note; the Superbowl commercials were pretty lame...but I did like the baby talking about E-Trade...and the Budweiser Clysdales. Very original thinking.

As for football? My son's first word was "ball." That pretty much explains it I think.

You don't fight mother nature.