Friday, November 02, 2007

The Expendable American Paper Cup Patent System

Nobody’s Opinion: While everyone is talking about Hillary and the ever boring contest of multiple billionaires running for the office of “President of Multinational Billionaires” in order to represent all their fellow billionaires friends of the New World Multinational Corporations---everyone in the press but a brave few are ignoring the two final nails of the great plan to destroy the United States to make way for the New World Multinational Billionaire club of “Where’s our next market?”

After these two last nails are driven into the coffin, the expendable corpse of the United States will rot pretty quickly. One of the deadly nails is the Sea Treaty, which is bad enough. The other nail is The Patent Reform Act.

The good news is that the The Bilderberg meetings will no longer have to be held in complete secret. Reporters will be invited in so those attending can brag about how they made a “world level playing field” with gusto! As progressive Hillary would say…it will be real “got cha!” moment for the American people.

The bad news is Nostradamus is being resurrected for judgment day, and he’s pretty gloomy.

Basically this Patent Reform Act means “the elites” will allow only so many billionaires on the planet. The rest of you will just have to be happy working for Home Depot.

No more creative thinking and getting rich for you little guys…only on their multinational turf will you be allowed to think up new inventions. And maybe, if you’re lucky---they will give you a bigger office and a patent plaque for your ingenuity. With the new patent reform the “if you invent it here, it’s ours” rule will expand to everyone outside the companies.

No wonder it’s so easy for the liberals to sell communism.

I know a little bit about the patent process. I have three patents of my own because one day, like many of the suffering masses, I decided I had a good idea that would maybe make me enough money so that I could actually afford a lawyer.

You guessed it---I got them myself because I couldn’t afford the patent lawyers. I could barely afford driving to their offices.

I did learn that a patent means very little. It only gives you license to “sue.” Since it takes at least a million dollars to sue the big companies now, the little man has no chance.

No, the little man’s best chances were to get to market before the big companies, and our old system helped him do that by keeping his ideas ‘secret.’
Up untill 1999, the Patent Office would keep all ideas submitted secret, and if your idea did not get patented, they still didn’t tell anyone. You could come back and try again!

The Patent Reform Act will allow everyone in the whole world to see your patent idea and just copy it…so that the big companies can just steal it from you. It saves them time and having to pay a salary to some creative guy in engineering. It’s more complicated than that, but that’s the end game.

Unfair you say? Hey---that’s why the CEO’s get the big bucks.

What are you going to do about that? Sue them? I think not. They want to take the patent litigation out of the hands of the Patent Office and put it into the hands of judges and juries, no doubt appointed by the new “President.”

The patent system that we inherited from our founders is one of the main reasons why America rose above all other nations to become the leader of the world. America’s creativity gave the world such wonders as the electric light bulb, airplanes, and my personal favorite…Spell Check.

No other country competed with us in creativity. Our inventors were protected.

But now our government wants to just hand over “your” next great idea to the corporations.

Why? Because they all own big stock, and they are in the billionaire club.

Now added to all the products kept off the market by big corporations, will be all the product ideas that will never come to fruition.

We will become like China. Communism has a system where one man cannot succeed therefore they have to steal ideas.

The Patent Reform Act will provide the “level playing international patent system.”America will be the new expendable empty paper cup.

And as any CEO looking out for the big bottom line would say…might as well throw it away.


Thursday, November 01, 2007

Heather McCartney: Poster Woman for MND

Nobody Flashes Anymore: If there ever was a woman who walked the earth just begging to be the poster child for MND (Who should consider putting her "Wanted" poster up for crimes against mankind) it should be Heather McCartney.

Matt Laurer could barely get in his words today on his morning show because she just couldn't stop talking about how everything that mean ol' Paul had done to her just had to stop...because she was getting death threats and had thoughts about suicide.

(I wonder how many death threats Paul has gotten over the years from stealing woman's hearts?)

Why, if he had just come out and admitted that the whole reason their marriage fell apart was HIS fault, not hers, she would have never asked for a dime.

All these nasty comments about her in the press...(never mind she started it all by saying nasty things about Paul first...) just have to stop. And to do this, she is going to lobby for a law to be passed in the EU stopping all the nasty comments just for her.

Before you know it, we will have her over here lobbying for the "fairness" doctrine.

Why...all her hard work for "charities" are being hurt. Thousands of people depend upon her for money!

After all, that's what she and Paul argued about the most...he just needed to give more of his money to charities...charities that she could control and get her picture taken for!

Well hey there Heather...go find Bill Clinton! He's all for people "giving"!

This lady is priming herself up for the UN. She needs to adopt some African babies and find herself another rock star....quick. Brad and Angelina shouldn't get all the UN money.

What, the UN doesn't pay them?

How do you know?

Yes people, by siding with Paul McCartney and calling her what she evidently seems to be, we are hurting the planet which she is trying to save.

Here's one nobody who hopes Paul never gives into this...psycho.

Oh-0h...I may have just killed a polar bear.


Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Want Some Candy, Little Boy?

Nobody’s Opinion; I don’t get it.
For the last ten years I have been wearing my favorite mask, I like to call the it the “Old Hag,” and none of the kids in the neighborhood come to my house for candy…not one.

I can’t figure it out.

And every year I buy candy, only to have to eat it myself the rest of the year. I’ve got Sweet Tarts and suckers left over from 1988.

You cannot not make a pie out of old sweet tarts---I’ve tried. My lonely Halloweens are getting pretty ridiculous.

I’ve decided it’s really due to a conspiracy. A really vindictive conspiracy made up by those monsters that control our food industry. The companies who also own all the diet-pill products. They are getting us all fat on purpose by filling our food with toxins and growth hormones, just so they can make billions on diet pills, depression prescriptions, and exercise machines.

And now, they have gone and ruined Halloween, those…those …Vampires!
They have scared all the little kids and parents so thoroughly well, that now, instead of the neighborhoods crawling with all the older brothers taking their little sisters and baby brothers dressed up in all sorts of cute costumes, so that the old people can look forward to something besides reruns of “Halloween, H50 ”---Mom and Dad take their cute little goblins and pirates to the local “mall” or “community center,” where for an admission fee, they can participate in silly things like “costume parties” and “bobbing for apples” and “face painting” booths…all promoted as “safe” and “fun” for one and all.

It’s enough to make you scream.

How did they take a perfectly wonderful holiday and ruin it? A holiday where every older brother and his conniving Eddie Haskill school chum could think of wonderful ways to sneak out with mom’s toilet paper and dad’s shaving cream, and destroy their favorite people’s houses, while at the same time thinking of really gruesome stories to scare their sissy little sisters with---stories of the hook man, who would kill girls in the backseat of cars, and wild animals who lurked behind bushes?

My brother’s personal favorite was the wild cougars waiting at the end of the street. Or better yet, the alligator that we had to pass on our way around the block. Never mind that they were actually there. (We lived at the edge of the Everglades.) It was the unbelievably frightening thought in a naïve six-year-old’s mind, that on a dark moonless night I would be eaten alive by some wild animal while my brother watched, only to go home and tell our parents that he didn’t see a thing, but he would mention that the last time he saw his sister she said he could have her candy.

Oh, the good old days. (sigh)

How did they do it?

Well, how else do they scare us every single day of the week…on the news.

They did it with the famous “Child dies from a razor in Candy” story.
Who remembers that story? The story of some kids candy being tainted with poison? And razors. Razors, that were somehow sneaked into a Milky Way; and because the parents did not carefully examine every single piece of candy, (which is exactly what they wanted the parents to do) their kid might actually DIE! From a wicked person in the neighborhood who put the candy in, just to kill the kid.
Neigborhoods were no longer safe.

At first…the parents were shocked. Had it come to this? We do not dare let our little ones out alone at night? Were there really monsters who would put razors in candy to hurt little children? Best not to take chances…best to go in groups to the local mall…where all the candy is inspected by caring and loving mall candy givers.

And thus the great migration to the “safe” and “fun” Halloween happenings. Into the malls, where mom and dad could spend even more money and out of those scary and wicked neighborhoods, where the children might get run over by an SUV, a drunk teenager, or even worse…get really scared by an old woman.

Ever since that year, the reports of tainted candy have all but disappeared. Instead we have the real monsters: the serial baby killers and they are out every night of the year.

Still, I have hope.
Some day some little boy or girl is actually going to come to my house and say “Trick or Treat!” And then I will open the door---I will get to watch him run very fast down my driveway…

Hey…somebody has to keep up the old traditions!

Have a Happy Halloween!


Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Parents To Be Monitored.

Nobody Flashes Anymore: Many parents today all over America are suffering anxiety attacks, due to the new policies being implemented in all our public schools.

Because our Federal Government, does not trust the American parent to properly raise their own child, they are now giving out condoms, and birth control to eleven-year-olds. Planned Parenthood is now at the end of the nurses' office.

And that's not all! Parents are now being "graded" and watched by the public school system as to just how good they are at parenting, because the teachers of course have no idea why the kid can't learn.

After all, it's not their fault.

Why is this happening?

This picture may explain it all. This is a lost picture just found of Hillary Clinton when she was a young girl. This fateful day, Hillary's parents obviously did not do a good job teaching little Hillary that this kind of stunt would end up in a major head trauma.

Despite the head injury, as we all know, she did survive.

But, she learned that important lesson that day...which she can't remember ...oh yeah...that you cannot trust your parents, and so to prevent this kind of trajedy from happening to anyone else in our country, she is going to make sure that parent monitoring programs are going to be set up all over the United States in all public schools.

What---you thought the camera's were just for speeding tickets? They are to make sure the children have complete freedom and protection from YOU!

Fortunately, Hillary was not pregnant when this picture was taken. Planned Parenthood was not in her public school yet.

Hillary never rode a bike again.

But George W. Bush rides his all the time...which should tell you something.


Monday, October 29, 2007

Nobody's Absurdities, No. 56--Nobody Thinks in ADD

Nobody's Opinion; Last week, my brain was mottled in a motley mess of what many would call—ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) misrule. When I tried to focus on one news story, I would turn the page, or just sit down, and there would be another observation in my mounting collection of ADD absurdities. In fact, they were coming so fast I felt like I was in a hailstorm of mortifying prophesies of the most monumental misfeasances.

Okay, I’ll get off the m’s.

So, here in much the same order that my ADD ears heard them are some absurdities that even you, dear reader, might not have thought about.

After you read them, you might agree like me that actually, maybe most of the world should be on drugs after all.

And speaking of drugs, Arnold Schwarzenegger has declared that marijuana is not a drug because he used to smoke it and he should know.

Unfortunately, he did not say what it is. Therefore, the patents are pending.


It’s one thing to have to press one or two for English, but when I went to my local Home Depot the other day, I was shocked to see that all the great, big aisle signs are now in English AND Spanish, so that the Spanish people would not get lost in the plumbing aisle. Never mind that this store is surrounded by a city population of seventy-percent black people, half of whom do not speak proper English, let alone Spanish. So, where’s the bus?

In the meantime, a governor of New York has decided that illegal aliens should have the right to a driver’s license. The governor evidently wants to give them the opportunity to drive legally to Boston next year and root for the Red Sox, where they can feel right at home, turning over cars.
(By the way, congradulations Red Sox Fans!)

Well, not much was said when George W. Bush decided to let all the truck drivers in from Mexico.

I say, who cares if they have a drivers license? If our government doesn’t care if they are here at all…and the cops are not allowed to ask them if they are citizens, what’s the point?

Today it’s some kind of “celebrate” death day for the Spanish, so all us Americans at home had to listen to our local morning shows trying to say cute little things in Spanish and praise the “culture” of Mexicans celebrating dead love ones.

Okay---lets all bake a cake, pig out, and watch that societal propaganda film known as Happy Feet, where the Black penguins get along with the Spanish penguins, and go to the White Scientists and convince them to save all penguins from starving by not fishing in any oceans.

And they do this by tap dancing.

All you have to do is tap dance, get along…and the government will feed you home-grown fish from China. Sounds easy.


Halloween is coming, and once again this year we have the “slasher” films all over the cable. The holiday was coming along fine, until there was a big promotion for the news on the History channel that a “lost book of Nostradamus” has been found! Oh my---and it says we’re all going to die!

Nostradamus also predicated that the New Madrid Fault is going to have an earthquake! At this very moment they are planting strategic TNT at the right points in the fault to help Nostradamus and the history channel out.

Anything for the truth. Let’s face it, the History channel is on a mission.

Who would have thought, after all these years, that old Nostradamus found out that he finally could just draw pictures to foretell the future, instead of writing all his usual nebulous quatrains? Took him long enough to figure that out.

The history channel, reported this as “fact.”

Has anyone else noticed but me, that it seems we are being bombarded with maybe just a few too many “Superstitions” programs…almost like some Hollywood producers want to take us all back to the dark ages with Ipods? They want our kids to look like warmed over ghouls who think of typing casting spells, instead of learning math?

And why in the world did J.K. Rowlings have to announce that Dumbledore was gay? Shouldn’t she have left that up to the fellow himself? What about all those office visits Harry Potter had alone with Dumbledore? Will that be her next book?

The Scandals at Hogwarts! Harry and Dumbledore confess!

On the TV sitcom “Supernatural” last week, an evil (very sexy blond) Demon Witch was standing inside a pentagram waiting to be sent to hell, and then out of the clear blue sky she shouted that “Dick Cheney” was going to be go to hell with her! If she hadn’t have been so serious about it, it might even have been funny.

In fact, I think Dick's wife better go along.


And while some woman was doing a well rehearsed advertisment for the Clintons on Sunday while talking to Tim Russert about the magical and mystical quality the Clintons have, how they really are one …there was reported a “just in time” for Halloween moment from Bill Clinton. Some student stood up in a lecture he was giving and said basically that 9/11 was an inside job, whereas Bill Clinton stood up and said “How Dare You!”

This is pretty much an admission that Bill Clinton was one of the main causes of 9/11, because that answer was as good as an admission of guilt. In fact, maybe since Bin Laden and he both went to Oxford---they could have had one of Clintons famous coffee breaks chats.

Let’s check Nostradamus's new pictures.

Remember he gave another famous “how dare you” answer when someone accused him of having an affair with Monica Lewinsky?

How dare we ask? “I did not have sex…”

No, Bill is covering his butt for Hillary’s election, and any future attacks, which Nostradamus predicts will happen right before the election if it looks like Hillary is not going to win the Presidency.

Nostradamus says there will be no time for a recount. He sees a woman saving the world…Nostradamus also says that Vincente Fox, that ex-CEO of Coca Cola, has already got plans to be the President of the new North American Republic. The White House will be redone to reflex the new Spanish Culture, and the only place that English will be spoken in 2012, the date predicted for the world to end, is in Oxford.

Personally, I think Nostradamus may have suffered from ADD.

Someone needs to send him to his local grocery store, where he can now get free drugs.

So, when is Hillary going to promise free sex?