Saturday, October 11, 2008

Nobody Plans Military Coup

Nobody's Fool: It's Saturday night...and I always try to think of the soldiers or at least give a shout out to them once a week...god love em'....
It's good to see they are keeping thier sense of humor! Maybe we should put some of our boys posted on all roads into Washington D.C., with signs saying, "Greedy and Power Hungry megalomaniac politicians must exit here..---->>>>>>>"
Works for me.


Friday, October 10, 2008

Nobody Flashes About Motorcycles

Nobody Flashes: Yes, that's 007 in that suit and he's coming to pick me up any moment now, and then we will step into his Airbus, (putting the bike in the back) and fly to Richard Branson's island retreat, where I will be able to see what it's like to take a shower naked in front of an ocean.

Pity the ocean.

Okay, wake up.

I want you all to pay attention, and start counting all the big bankers, politicians, wall street goonies, CEO's....anyone who moans about the crash of 2008 and how it is the American people's fault for "consuming" too many things. So far, I'm up to ten people and I'm expecting to make it to twenty by Monday.

Okay, I'll admit--I'm guilty. I chewed too many packs of gum in 2008--- it just about killed me.

And speaking of consuming, this Christmas, 45 limited Editions of the 31 BMW 7 Series Model, 2009 Confederate Fighter motorcycles will be on sale at Neimain Marcus...for about $110,000.

And they say there's no inflation....that's a steal. The helmet alone is worth $10,000.

This pretty thing, with the titanium body, can get up to 190mph...

Which reminds me of a story--

The fastest I've ever gone on a motorcycle was 110 mph...and I wasn't even driving. Actually, my first husband was driving some bike he borrowed on a back country road with LOTS of BIG holes, and I was on the back, without a helmet...screaming, "STOP!STOP! STOP! PLEASE! LET ME OFF!"

Of course, he was hoping I would just pop off on one of the many holes he hit at 90.

I was saved by a brave police man who finally stopped us as we were approaching 120.

Poor guy, I got off and actually kissed him---and thanked him for saving my life. I was SO thankful to the cop that he didn't even give my "husband" a ticket, even though I sort of begged the point.

Yes, men stick together...even if it's obvious one man is trying to commit motorcycle homicide.

This is a true story guys, so...please don't let this get back to MND...

Well, after our "divorce" I heard my husband went out and bought himself a brand new, very expensive Harley. So, of course, when I heard about it, being a normal human being...I said, "I hope he crashes it, not gets hurt mind you , but crashes it." as I was eating my daily happy meal.

And sure enough...about a month later...I heard he did. He did not have insurance, and had just made the first payment, and he completely demolished it. Somehow ran it into a bush.

After that, I never wished anything like that again on anyone...still...I must admit:

It was GREAT karma.


Thursday, October 09, 2008

Banks Fail, Everyone Wails...Nobody Offers Help.!

Nobody Wins: When the United States Government takes over all the banks...

When the British also take over all THEIR banks...

When Nancy Pelosi calls for a meeting of all the world leaders to discuss the crash of all the banks in the world...and the G8 are gathering in D.C. in order to form a one world bank to save us all...

THIS is the time you will know that very soon you will find out why Bill Clinton had so many of those government buses made in Arkansas for Katrina.

You know, the ones they forgot to use?

Many might lose their homes, but when they start getting paid back from the investments that our great government is going to make( they are assuring us the trillions will be paid back!) ---all people of the world will receive a bus for free to live in.

Until, one day...we'll go through this all again

Yes, the bus values will go down, and our government will take over our children's lives for collateral loans..

What? They are already doing that at school?


Okay, this calls for action.

I have a new dictionary...called Slang and Euphemisms by Richard A. Spears..and tonight, I'd really like to use this wonderful new tool of the English language and say a few choice words...unfortunately, most of these words will be rejected by my blog I have to settle for the more nebulous ones...

Ahem: All Global leaders, all politicians, all CEO's, all corporate Federal bank officials, and Barney Frank, should be dehorned, sandbagged, covered in scharn, sabued, sand-boxed, scalded, scammered, scaunched, segged, served-up, dumped in Sir Henry, while being covered in snog, and molded and stuffed into the closest napkin ring.

Hey---in 1775 Boston they use to tar and feather, I'm being pretty lame.

If you want to know what these words really mean, and ALSO if you want to know about a trillion different words for the love organs of men and women, then pick up a copy at your local Barnes and Noble! You will find out that NO, you do not know every word ever invented to express your thoughts on that subject!

I can't wait to tell someone to go felch themselves!

My husband and I were taking a walk tonight, and saw about ten Obama signs up in yards. He suggested we train our dog to tear down the signs so we wouldn't be arrested, BECAUSE, here in Missouri if you knock down your neighbor's sign for Obama for President, it's a $2500 fine, and a year in jail.

But--- you can burn the American flag, no problem. Maybe I'll stand in front of a Obama sign and burn the American flag, because if he gets elected, we won't need that flag anymore.

He'll have an big O, a new design...and will probably use his own new design. It's CHANGE, remember? one will mind if you get a copy of this book and practice your free speech looking out your front window---where you will be safe from arrest, and worry...

Oh, remember to put your cell phone in another room when you do this, because they CAN turn it on and listen to you...

You do know that don't you? (Oh, what fun we could have!)

Now, if I could only find a dictionary that will teach me to cuss in Russian!

Also, I apologize about this blog. Sam Adams is whispering to me....he does that you know.


Wednesday, October 08, 2008

David Icke: Truthspeaker

Nobody's Knows: We just witnessed today, the biggest scam and power grab ever commited in history, with all the world banks "coordinating" each other...

Many thought nothing of it...which is how it was intented to be thought of.

We now have one man controlling our treasury, and all world banks coming together into one system.

AND I know many of you get sick of me writing about this globalization stuff...but I've been concerned in my life at all the horrible injustices happening just in my own little community...and the day I saw "Internationally Accredited" logo on my local cop cars, I knew I wasn't in Kansas anymore.

There is a plan for a one world government...and our leaders (both parties) all admit it, and are working hard to install it. Hard to believe I know, even for such an idiot as myself, but the proof is overwhelming. And sad.

Today, on Oprah, I heard the first big spin put on this financial mess by some good friend of hers who was a financial expert. Yes, he said it was OUR fault, (you, me)...for this whole collapse of the world (not our politicians or the Wall Street boys sipping Mai-Tai's) NO00000...

It was America's fault for living beyond our means. We destroyed the world with our selfishness. We bought too much stuff....

I could hardly believe my ears. Oprah, the woman who has more stuff than most women who walk the earth, has a lot of nerve telling me that I have "overspent."

This propaganda is getting pretty hard to swallow.

Anyway...(sigh)...I just got finished watching this video...Big Brother, a three hour lecture by David Icke. If you can find the time, it's worth the effort. If nothing else, it will make you see things in a whole different light. He recorded this video before the whole Fannie Mae stuff and he explains just how the "elite" manage the banking systems in the last hour. He also goes into global warming, and the connections of the families's worth watching...really.

I would not kid you...not on this.


Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Nobody Sums Up the Debate

Nobody Cares: This is pretty much how I felt while listening to the Obama and McCain debate, while watching some squiggly line representing men (green) and women (red) run up and down across the bottom of the screen (CNN) in order to tell us how they felt about what was being said. As if 24-hour up to the minute polls aren't enough.

Of course I was wondering..did everyone have some kind of computer Geiger counter under their butts? How did they do this?

Anyway, as if anybody's my nobody best summation of the debate;

If you catch a Chinchilla in Chile

And cut off its beard, willy nilly

You can honestly say

That you have just made

A Chilean Chinchilla's chin chilly.

Yep...that about sums it up.


Monday, October 06, 2008

Richard S. Fuld Jr...Striving for Perfection

Nobody's Perfect: This is a very good picture of Richard S. Fuld Jr.. the CEO of Lehman Brothers, the one company that was allowed to fail in the "Pearl Harbor" (as Warren Buffet likes to call it) of Wall Street... and so this man, knowing that his company was not going to be bailed out by the government, quickly made sure that all high executives got their million dollar bonuses.

He feels horrible about what happened, he says. Today before Congress, he tried hard to admit that he was not perfect...but just didn't quite pull it off.

Richard really needs to work on his humbleness, despite all his fine statements.

Yes, Richard feels a bit bad, because he went ahead and listened to the President's cousin, George H. Walker, a Lehman executive who assured the board that going under without giving everyone huge monetary bonuses was just plain Texas silly.

Of course all the executives should take whatever they could grasp! That's the Texas way boys!

We see Richard looking very dubiously evil in this picture. See Richard walking away with over 430 million and also whatever he secretly makes by serving on the Federal Reserve Board of Directors of Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

See Richard getting investigated by his homeboys, the Congress, which is suppose to make us all feel better.

And I, personally can't wait, to see just where he goes next....U.S. Treasury?

That would be PERFECT!


Sunday, October 05, 2008

Nobody Reports on a Monday: Torture

Nobody Reports on a Monday: I learned something this weekend...and that's always something to celebrate:

I leaned that Chinese water torture and water boarding are actually, very different tortures!

Who knew? Okay, you knew, but for some reason they skipped that in my high school water torturing classes.

So who cares? Well the History Channel for one, because they had a whole program on the way in ancient times, people were tortured in order to confess a crime.

And I must admit, I thought the Chinese water torture was superb. It was the "leaky faucet, shut up you $#%^# cricket!" sort of thing. Unlike water boarding, it seems much more..effective with less physical damage.

I TRIED to find a picture of it, but evidently Google doesn't want to show you, because too many people would be trying it at home...especially at frat parties. In fact, I wouldn't doubt if Skull and Bones, has used it on all their members. I suspect it leaves permanent brain damage from the actions of some of the politicians we've seen from that group...but that's just me.

Anyway: Here's the Chinese water torture, they simply strap you lying down in a chair so that you can't move. Of course to make it a bit more humane, the person being tortured should at least get bathroom breaks.

Next, they set up a sort of funnel over your forehead, and a small drop of water just drips on your forehead slowly...just tiny drops. So, really, physically speaking, your adrenaline can get too wired up and you try to get out of the restraints..and you go nuts. It's like a fly landing on your forehead and you can't swat him off...we've all been there.

The guy who volunteered to have it done to him on the show, says he would have confessed to anything after a few hours! I certainly would have appreciated it in the FIRST O.J. trial, wouldn't you?

Compared to someone pouring water down your throat, for a few minutes, I think it's a much more benign torture.

So...maybe we should reintroduce this mild mental torture to get some confessions out of some of these daily criminals we have to put up with everyday..instead of a lie detector test, Chinese water torture.

Especially people running for elections. Get them under the Chinese water torture for just one day, and make them confess to their real crimes and us all some pain.

Okay, I'm kidding. It's really too outdated. We have real torture now, and it comes to us daily in the form of Katie Couric.

I myself, would prefer Chinese water torture to listening to Katie talk for a hour.. but that's me.