Saturday, June 17, 2006

Ford...Found On the Road Dead

Nobody’s Opinion; Ford announced today, right after the UAW convention in Las Vegas, that it would be opening up a new manufacturing plant in Mexico. They would be spending $9.2 billion in Mexico over the next six years.

The reporter said it was “sensitive” of them to wait to announce this.

The strippers in Las Vegas should run out and buy a Ford just to thank them for perhaps saving a few of their lovely lives. Can you imagine what might have happened if they had announced this during the convention? The teamsters would have made the Muslims in France look like real amateurs. All Fords parked on the strip in Las Vegas would have been fair game, for road-raged union workers looking for a Mexican.

Found on the Road Dead would have taken on a whole new meaning.

This is a common saying around here, because some people were complaining that in the last few years, Fords were not exactly the engines of perfection that they used to be.

Well, I can’t complain because I have a 94 Cougar that still runs great. But my neighbor, who got laid off from the Ford Company here in our city of Hazelwood, has a beautiful red corvette sitting in his garage. Ford was Hazelwood’s biggest industry; everybody in the city either worked for Ford, or had a relative who did.

I caught him the other day staring at it. He told me how tough it had been to find another job; in fact he couldn’t, so he was working three part-time jobs to make ends met. It was getting so bad, that he was thinking about selling his prized possession…his red corvette. The most expensive car in our little nobody neighborhood. It was a hard decision because he was trying to put his two daughters through college…and all their savings were gone.

“No, not the corvette…no…don’t do it.” Of course, I had a selfish reason. I always liked to peek into his garage when going on my daily walk, natural voyeur that I am.

And that’s pretty much the story throughout the whole area. Houses all over going up for sale. Families with three or four kids moving back into grandma and grandpa’s house.
Thousands of men without jobs. Woman were going back to work after being out of the workforce for twenty years…and sometimes when people lose jobs, they fight a lot.

Most of these people had a hard time believing that these wonderful jobs, where they had great medical, vacation, and never a worry of being fired, would ever disappear. And the local politicians kept telling them in every election, they would die first, before they would let the Ford plant close up.

Then we found out that Ford was mad because they were overcharged in back taxes by a tune of 1.8 million. Oops…said our mayor. Gee, we don’t know where that money went…guess if you people want to keep the Ford plant here, your property taxes must go up to pay Ford what we owe them.

So when it shut down, everyone was shocked. Our biggest tax revenue was gone.

Sorry, folks, we’ve got to raise property taxes to make up for it…again.

What’s funny is that, after the Ford plant closed, the city decided to carve up some very prime farm land in the Mississippi basin, and bring in a huge mall. Some of these families’ farms had been handed down for three generations. It was a fight, but of course the city won. They just put a lot of propaganda into the papers about how great this mall would be. The families tried, but they didn’t have a chance.

Where was Al Gore? Where was Hannah?

To get the developers to come here the city mayor decided that this new mall would not have to pay city taxes for eight years, the citizens of Hazelwood would pay for it. So…property taxes go up AGAIN.

And then they went up again when 16 city schools in St. Louis, just closed down. Why, we needed to build schools to take them all in!

Did we have any say in this? Don’t kid yourself.

The politicians have upped the property taxes so high that some of the big guys in the Capitol, Jefferson City, (MO) were running on the idea that if elected, they would give money to the poor who couldn’t afford their property taxes’ paid for by the ones who supposedly could. It worked.

Now, 2 years later, because no one has a job, and all any money they have goes directly to taxes, the new great mall has gone bankrupt. They might as well give it to the Mexicans.

The main road now has lovely pawn shops.

Still--- our politicians remained determined. They raised our taxes AGAIN and put street lamps down Main Street to make it look like the city has actually prospered, when in fact, soon it will resemble Tombstone in Tijuana.

This “redeployment of high cost labour” doesn’t just affect the men who worked for Ford and their families, it kills whole American cities dead.

But Ford…Ford is ecstatic about all of this because it is now going to go to a country where there is no union, no medical, no liability, and Mexicans will work for practically nothing. AND to sweeten up the pot, Mexico’s superior trade agreements with Europe and South America means that Ford could ship form Mexico around the world more favorably than they could form the US.

Mr. William Clay Ford will be richer than Henry Ford could ever dream. He is on some company ship right now, leaning out in front saying…”I’m the King of the WORLD!”

So in the future the Mexicans, due to poverty wages paid in their own country by international American companies, will not want to starve, therefore they will be driving on the NAFTA interstate to America, in Fords, to take the higher paying jobs in America from the out-of-work x-union Americans.

After they get across the border, they will just leave their Fords on the side of the road, dead. Because…the new Fords will be built by cheap labor, and as my mother always said. “You get what you pay for.” (You’re mother said that too, go on…admit it.)

Maybe the old union guys can get a job hauling the old Fords that the Mexicans will abandon, and that they used to make…off the road.

And if my property taxes go up one more time…I’m gonna sell my Ford to the nearest Mexican.

Nobody’s Perfect; Tiger Woods didn’t even make the U.S. Open cut today. Well, if anyone is the perfect golfer, it’s Tiger Woods. The fact that he couldn’t muster the concentration shows that maybe Tiger’s secret to success was due to a love of a great dad. Yes, Tiger had talent, but it was the love between father and son that made him the champion he is today.

Nobody Knows: Just how many sons and daughters who have lost their fathers in Iraq, or on 9/11--- will have to face Fathers Day in memories and sadness. Hopefully, a higher power will be with them and help them get through the day. They are hero’s, all of them. And there are no words for strangers to say….only be proud, and be brave, and always remember their sacrifice and carry it in your hearts, as we carry you in ours.

Nobody Cares; Brittany Spears just announced that she thinks she will go to Nambia to have her baby since it got Angelina so much attention. I heard they have people over there that can actually carry babies. It could be a smart move.

Friday, June 16, 2006

The NAFTA of Global Crickets

Nobody’s Opinion; Sometimes things happen in your life that you just can’t ignore: like a root canal, a leaky faucet, or that nasty cricket who doesn’t stop chirping all night and is driving you crazy…you can’t find him…he’s stuck somewhere in your bedroom, in some dark corner---and just when you get close to him…he shuts up. You’re losing sleep. In three or four days, he finally dies. Thank God.

But today, the thing that I have been fearing the most, the very thing that I was hoping was just a chirping that wouldn’t go away, has become a final scream. Whenever I went to look for it, and got close enough, this gripping feeling in my gut would stop chirping before I could put my finger on it.

Yes, my deepest fear has arrived. The dead cricket has been found…. An omen…..the North American Territory will be a fact, unless we stop it.

What’s the North American Territory? It’s the planned merger of Canada, the United States, and Mexico. It’s already been agreed upon, the ink has dried. The new NAFTA superhighway to connect all the poor of Mexico with the poor of America will be implemented starting next year. This road runs from the southern tip of Mexico, through the United States up to Canada. The center Mexican drop off will be Kansas City.

How will they get you used to this merger? In all your movies of course, just like how they got you used to interracial marriage.

In the last episode of Dr. Who the other night, a young British girl was looking down on the earth from a spaceship of the future and she said, “Oh, I can see the North American Territory from here!”

See? They make it fun! It’s very easy.

A couple of days ago, 125 of the world’s richest elites---bankers and country leaders, a group now known not to be a conspiracy theory but a very ominous reality… the Synarchist Movement, know as the Bilderberg group, met in Ontario. Kissinger was there, as was the Queen of Denmark, (who later met with GWB)--- Hillary was there…

I don’t think they were getting together just to play bridge, more like global chess.

And a few days later, we have three major announcements: Bill Gates is going to retire and save the world from poverty and disease with his inoculations, George Bush is going to save the world from poverty with free trade, and Kofi Annan is going to keep the world at peace with a brand new United Nations Army. I guess poverty is not his thing, but his army will make sure that you are on the same game plan.

Bill Clinton, as we all know, just formed his own “Save the World” company called The Clinton Global Initiative, to solve global poverty.

Isn’t it nice to have all these rich people caring so much about poverty? Is this an historical first?

Bill Gates, during the Clinton Administration was being sued by Janet Reno. Then all of a sudden, he turns around and becomes fast buddies with Bill, donates $1 million to black scholarships, starts hanging out at all the big WTO and New World Order get- togethers…what happened?

I don’t know about you, but if I had been sued by someone, I wouldn’t want to join their clubs. But Bill, is repeating the same cricket mantra…he wants to save the world from poverty. (while getting microsoft into even more of the world) Cricket, cricket, come over and get your vaccination…cricket.

Then President (and for once, I’m having a hard time calling him that) Bush was out today, once again preaching against the “unconscionable disparity” between the rich countries and the poor countries, as if the average American is responsible for it. He is pontificating that we must not stay a “protectionist nation.” He wants the United States to cut all subsidies and tariffs, and all other barriers to promote free trade of goods and services. In other words…flood our markets even more. He wants us to go without, and with less, so that he can save the world. Cricket, cricket.

Reparations for being successful, how dare you middle class America!

You have been wondering why George Bush has been acting completely against all that we thought he stood for?

Well, he is part of the takeover. And he is shameless, just as shameless as Hillary Clinton who introduced the flag burning amendment. This global freak, power hungry, Marxist/ egomaniac does not give two cents about our flag. She and her husband have mocked our White House, and knocked our country and it’s citizens at every chance.(especially when in another country.)

They have been globalists from the start. They have just begun to rule.

Our schools, our health care system, and our representative government were taken over quite some time ago, we just didn’t want to believe it. It’s almost as horrible as when you find out your dearest friend has betrayed you…or your spouse. At first, you just can’t accept it. You just can’t, it breaks you heart.

Then Kofi Annan says today he wants a United Nations global army, for peace. Cricket, cricket, cricket.

Even Arnold, who ran as a Republican, morphed into a cricket right before our eyes.

All this talk about border guards is a lie, a farce, and we all know it. I’m not listening anymore to what the politicians say anymore, I’m going to watch what they do.

Camera’s are going up in every intersection, the animals are being tagged, our taxes go up every year, our boys are in another war protecting another country instead of their own,(which comes to think about it is very handy when there is no one to keep the invasion from happening.)--- the Mexicans are taking over the southern half of our country, our right to eminent domain have disappeared, our phone calls and our very privacy can be invaded without our ever knowing: while every day we are being scared with the bird flu, or terror attacks, and now we are being attacked by our Presidents, present and past, everyday in the paper.

Our own Presidents attack us…how dare they. We are uneducated vigilantes, lazy, and selfish….I didn’t like it when Clinton waved his finger at us, and I don’t like it when Bush puts us down, any of us.

I don’t care if they are our Presidents; we are the Americans who work everyday so that they can live in more luxury and safety than the richest sultans. How dare they dishonor the memories of our fathers who sacrificed their lives to protect not only freedom, but our very precious government, unique to the world.

I’m sick…I want to squash them all like a bug. How could they? And why?

No, if anyone should be reprimanded, it should be the top men and politicians that are destroying our country for their own power, their own greed.

America’s fate has already been decided, by men marauding as saviors.

The “lies” everyone was so upset about (WMD’s) are nothing compared to the treasonous and most horrible and unconceivable act of destroying America, without a thought to her people, or her history, and doing it in secret.

All that matters is power and money, and a handful of men who think by controlling the world they can save it.

This New World Government of tyrants is now coming in view. The change is going to come so fast it will make your head spin. They’ve been meeting for years…all the world’s leaders and big CEO’s in high class places, planning to takeover the world and “redistribute” money from the rich countries to the poor, while lining their own pockets with wealth unimaginable. They are so bold now, making their statements right in the light of day.

It’s a Marxist dream….and it’s not a joke---and it’s not a “conspiracy” and I wish it was just a bad nightmare and we could all wake up. But unlike the EU union, where the people got to vote on whether they wanted to merge into the European Union (and they voted NO) we Americans will not get a vote.

When that big NAFTA highway comes through the middle of the country, and the country becomes completely unrecognizable, there will be many of us longing to leave. We will be looking for a country that we can dream of going to ….

But there will be none, because America was the world’s last great hope.

Nobody’s Perfect; Like I said the day I started blogging, if I get really cranky, like today, blame it on my ancestors.

Nobody’s Knows; If we will have generals and leaders to help fight this takeover. Where they will come from? And how will we organize?

Nobody Cares; Is there anyone else thinking about this besides this nobody?

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Funky-Butt Fashion

Nobody’s Opinion; You know you’re getting old when you are in complete bewilderment about the fashions you see on the people that are under twenty-five. This enigma has been happening for quite a while, I don’t mean the girls fashion, of course that makes sense. As the picture above, as when I was a teenager, the shorter the skirt, the more skin shown, the more evocative the effect, which is what you want when your young. And ugly is a brand logo to sell clothes, clever.

But, something else was happening. Something that has a bigger meaning and it’s been bugging me, and almost nobody talks about it.

The other day, while walking out of my local fast food restaurant, I noticed two teenage boys walking across the parking lot. It was 95% outside, and these guys had on baggy jeans that were at least XXXXXL, or in other words, you could have put 3 cases of beer, two bottles of tequila, four bags of chips, and a small volts wagon inside.

The hems were dragging on the dirty concrete, which I suppose is why they were walking so slowly, in fact walking was a major effort.

And then, they had white tee-shirts on that were XXXXXXXXXXXXL. NO mother in the world, who wanted to secretly sabotage these monstrosities of bed sheets by putting it through the hot cycle ten times, would not have even get those shirts to shrink enough to get the shirt up above the knees.

On their heads, were the obligatory baseball caps.

The first I thought is; god, they have got to be hot! The second thought is…if they had to run, they would take about three steps, and fall down flat because if their pant cuffs didn’t trip them up, then their shirt would.

And we’ve all laughed at the funky- butt crack, when the pants just fall down.

So what’s up with these funky- butt street clothes? If the plan was to have enough room to steal half the store and not be noticed, if caught you wouldn’t get too far.

And here’s the catch, most of the kids feel really decked out in their funky clothes. I don’t know who started this, which is the half street rapper / half clown design, but from the perspective of comfort, they are off by a long shot.

It must be tough.

Last winter while walking around the local mall, I noticed that the stores were filled with jeans which all contained holes in the pants. Got to be cold. Was I the only one who thought it was stupid? Just what genius designer decided to sell jeans at $80 a pop that look like they were taken off the local homeless man? Do they want the kids sick? Now, I know…being cold doesn’t get you sick, but the kids also had a bizarre habit of not wearing coats. It could be -10 degrees outside and the most you would see…was a thin leather jacket. Oh yeah..., I remember the adds for jeans…most of the kids had no clothes on. It’s a shame they have to be told that it’s actually cool to not dress for the weather.

And we as parents are totally ashamed that our own kids, who we thought we taught to have a little common sense, fall prey to the fashion masters and peer pressure. Most of them refuse to shop at K-mart, or pay less than $120 for tennis shows.

We are a nation of advertising genius, if nothing else.

During the sixties, the sexual revolution got a nice kick start with the mini-skirt. Now those skirts are about as short as you can get, just about cheerleader length. And the tops look like lingerie. They sometimes show the dummies with jeans underneath. I guess so that all you have to do to go to bed at night is take off your jeans. Nice.

What conclusion did I come to? The woman’s clothing has been getting skimpier, and there is almost no difference in rich and poor.

In other words, it’s almost as if the rich teenagers are to look just the same as the poor teenagers, so that there is no jealousy, and the big gap that is spreading between the rich and the poor won’t be noticed by the masses. That’s why they keep showing “Cribs” on MTV…to show the poor blacks that there are actually blacks who are really rich. It’s another example of social engineering with the help of the fashion designers. And MTV is a social engineering dictator’s dream.

The only difference is that the rich will pay $75 dollars for those holy jeans, and the poor can get by with $40 dollars Both classes get robbed.

I went looking the other day for a nice white, well-tailored made woman’s suit. The kind that you would have seen on the old movie stars of the war years. You know, the jacket is actually lined…? Boy was I dreaming. I miss dressing up, but now it seems the only time you see beautiful clothes anymore is at a wedding, or the Oscars, which is the only reason anyone watches it.

I give that in a few years even the stars at the Oscars will be showing up in jeans, because it will politically incorrect to show off your wealth.

The one thing that won’t ever change is the limos and jets. That’s a fashion that will never be outdated, they will just be run on ethanol.

Nobody’s Perfect; Russia has given Chavez jets, helicopters, and lots of guns. Gee, and we had tried so hard to be their friend.

Nobody Knows; When Louis Armstrong, the famous American jazz trumpet player was young, his favorite honky-tonk in New Orleans was called the Funky-Butt, where the trousseau was much classier than anything you would see today.

Nobody Cares; I saw bell bottoms come in to style twice in my lifetime. As long as they don’t bring back the paisley print shirt with fruit loops, I think I will be able to handle it most any fashion.
Hey, if those two guys were so stupid to be winter clothes on a hot summer day, it's no sweat off my funky-butt.

And if you have worn these extra large sizes, please tell me what it’s like, and if you actually have a working job. I'm curious...I've even gotten used to funky tongues barbs. Just don't kiss me.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Supermassive Black Hole of the United States Treasury

Supermassive black holes are known to be the most destructive force known in the universe. But...there could be one more force that is gaining on it...the United States Federal Reserve.

If you were to vanish into a black hole, no one could tell you where you would end up. The same thing with our money that we trust our elected officials to use wisely, sometimes we wonder where it goes and they just shrug and say "Who knows? Some black hole. "

Nobody’s Opinion; President George W. Bush certainly did surprise us all today with his sudden appearance in Iraq. The look on his face seemed a desperate one, hard to read, but it was not a look of confidence, more like a look of “oh my God…they have no idea.”

As if his power cookies were crumbling all around him.

I know just how he feels. Even though the death of al-Zarqawi is one to rejoice, I ran into an article today in of all places, the Readers’ Digest, written by Michael Crowly called “The $9 Billion Heist,” explaining just why the reconstruction of Iraq is going so slowly and just one of the reasons our boys are still hanging around, and around, and around, like the rest of the world seems to be doing…falling into a supermassive black hole.

Oh, haven’t you heard about the Supermassive Black Holes? These suckers are not just ordinary black holes, they are 300 million times the mass of our sun, and can suck whole galaxies, and even nearby galaxies into their black vortex. They are at the center of every galaxy in the universe…we have one in the Milky Way (or maybe 10,000, not sure) and our next door neighbor Andromeda has one too.

The problem is…like the vast holes of our treasury and its unaccountable spending, black holes are invisible. And so too, is the amount of billions of tax-payers’ dollars that go down supermassive black holes---and no one seems to know just where they ended up.

That’s what seemed to have happened in Iraq. You see, someone put the reconstruction revenues in the hands of a convicted felon named Robert Stein, a graduate of the FRC Georgetown University…where the New World Order trains young minds like Bill Clinton.

Mr. Stein was supposed to hand out to contractors the money for the reconstruction of Iraq, but he took $2 million up front and bought a Porsche, a Lexus, a Cessna, diamond rings and sex. The sex must have been pretty good because it was provided by Phillip Bloom (in prostitutes) who got $8.6 million in contracts from Stein through a rigged bidding system. Another U.S. Army lieutenant, Colonel Debra Harrison, was charged with receiving cash bribes up to $100,000, a Cadillac Escalade, a trove of illegal weaponry, and a new hot tub for her home in New Jersey.

But this is the small stuff--- $9 billion was spent in the beginning and no one knows just where it went. No oversight, no auditing, no books kept. Like the United Nations, some of it went to corrupt Iraq guys, some to the military; it was just doled out to whomever.

Obviously, President Bush is not keeping a tight spaceship.

But here’s what upsets this nobody. This stuff goes on every single day…billions are siphoned off…and never reach the intended purpose. Remember Katrina? Billions…How about the Tsunami…where 230 million was pledged? Most of it didn’t get there. And during the Clinton years it was just as bad. Billions were given to Russia, Africa; most of it goes down some supermassive black hole, or the NSA.

Sometimes, it might make the news hour…or get a few minutes from Rush or Bill O’Reilly, but the next day it’s forgotten business. It seems a bit hypocritical to go on about the scandals in the United Nations, when our own government let’s it go on.

And it weakens President’s Bush’s “War on Terror” stance, if nobody is watching the bank.

Personally, I think the man is incredible depressed and has been for months.

But when the Federal Government is run by the corrupt Federal Reserve, the ultimate super-super- black hole of destruction, what can you expect? This little secret has been kept from the American people since Woodrow Wilson and the United Nations established this unconstitutional monopoly in 1913. Then FDR gathered up all the gold and some German Banker came in and ran it.

Congressman Louis T. McFadden, gave a speech on the floor in 1934, exposing the Federal Reserve for what it is. If you have time to read this important document of our history, you will see just how much we have lost all control over our elected officials who are now it seems, and even in some cases, abject servants to this massive black hole of corruption.

“As Agents of the foreign central banks, the Feds (Federal Reserve Bank) try by every means in their power to reduce our favorable balance of trade. They act for their foreign principal and they accept fees from foreigners for acting against the best interests of these United States. The truth is the Fed has usurped the Government. It controls everything here and it controls all of our foreign relations. It makes and breaks governments at will. No man and no body of men are more entrenched in power than the arrogant credit monopoly which operates the Fed.”

After reading this brave statement, written so long ago, and spoken in the light of day, even a nobody can understand why our ports are being sold off to foreign countries with the begging of our Presidents. You will understand why almost every tax dollar that is received by Washington…goes to the Federal Reserve, which is privately owned and to China. If you’re going to get rich, now the time to do it.

It’s a complex world. It is said that sooner or later, the earth will be caught up in the gravitational pull of the super massive black holes in the middle of our galaxy.

It’s just too bad this huge monstrosity of gas of private bankers couldn’t just get sucked up in its own vast black hole of corruption and disappear.

I’m glad President Bush went over to Iraq today, it was the least he could do. And I’m glad that Robert Stein and his buddies were caught…but it should have never happened in the first place.

Not when our beloved young men are dying, and that’s a disgrace upon both parties, who spin us in their black hole every day.

Nobody’s Perfect; Michael Savage, once again, shows his jealousy. Tonight he compared Al Coulter to Paris Hilton, saying her comment about the Jersey girls was stupid. I suggest you lay off the German Beer, Mr. Savage, and read the news before you come into your show.

Nobody Knows: President Bush is not to be outdone by Bill Clinton. His library is going to cost $200 million! Bill’s library we were told only cost $165 million. If the Congress wanted to cut some big pork…they would outlaw all future libraries. What’s the difference between these and the big monuments built for Stalin? Nothing.

Nobody Cares; President Bush is going to take the Japan PM to Graceland. This is one monument that can stay…it pays for itself, and it’s all American. Now, don’t you wonder if Elvis’s bedroom will be rented out for the night? mmmmm

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

DANGER! Put Down the Soda and Have a Twinkie!

Nobody’s Opinion; Today we find out that the American Medical Association, an unelected body of doctors turned dictators, have decided that our government should put a tax on all soda. They are going to save us from fat.

Also today a group of 14 nations have announced that they will impose a tax on airline passengers to help with HIV/AIDS, under the unelected United Nations vision of world taxation. (This will be coming to our neighborhood in the next elections, via the democrats.) Last week it was unelected Rob Reiner who was trying to get a tax passed for his mandatory pre-kindergarten brainwashing program. Here in Missouri, I just found out that many of our unelected local merchants can put a tax on my sales receipt to pay for their parking lot mantience.

Great, it’s good to know that you don’t have to be elected to get yourself some money by pushing for a tax. By this thinking, anyone anywhere should be able to tax anyone else for anything; you don’t have to be elected.

I could tax you for just drinking my soda, and donate the money to the cause of my own poverty level!

Now, we all know that we pay WAY too much in taxes. Our founders would be absolutely astonished at how much our government basically extorts from us for fear of jail-time. None of us talk about it much. Just the tax on gas alone would have been enough to piss off Sam Adams. He would have made Ann Coulter seem like a real pussy cat. So just what has happened to us?

Was it the pictures of all those nuclear tests in Nevada? Is it abject fear?

But the A.M.A (American Medical Association) doesn’t stop at taxes…oh no...They want to support a 50 percent reduction in salt in all processed food, fast foods and restaurant meals. If you want salt on the table, you might have to pay for it. They don’t mention the hormones that are being pumped into our chicken and cows to get them to grow fatter and faster, which we inherit innocently during our dinner. They don’t suggest that physical education be put back on our schools--- that would be too mean-- there is competition in sports, and under the new thinking, competition is very bad.

Sorry Richard Simmons, you are fighting a losing cause.

I’m waiting for President Bush to come out and say “We are a nation addicted to food.”

Here’s another thing they want to do; urge health insurance plans to cover stomach-stapling surgery for weight loss. Oh, that’s a great suggestion. I wonder just how much premiums would go up when this little nugget is put on? How much easier it would be for us all just get an operation to get rid of those 30 pounds, why eat less?

Instead of encouraging smaller farmers to go into the market again with decent pure prime beef and chicken that has not been processed, pumped up, and filled with who knows what chemicals besides just plain grass, and put some decent meat back into the grocery stores---they want us to pay more for the damage that the government has done. They do not want to lose the control of the big state conglomerates. It’s easier just to pay them not to produce. Control of the whole food market is the end game here it seems. So, we must keep paying those farmers NOT to produce.

Some even suggest that the bird flu scare is just a way to go and confiscate all the small farmers all over the world. To have the New World Order in control of all food production is the goal. Well, why not?

The A.M.A is on a roll…they made the suggestion that we oppose beer ads on college sports broadcasts. Be real. Since the first class of Yale, students are more likely to die at the frat parties where they put a hose down their throats and pour a keg down, just to see if they can still walk. Being fat is not the problem; actually surviving college frat parties without permanent brain damage is the real trick.

Oh…here’s another a good one. We the people should pay for a report summarizing video game research, including emotional and behavioral effects and addictive potential.

You would never know these people have degrees. Everyone knows that our kids have gotten fatter due to sitting endless hours in front of the TV playing videos. Drive by any baseball field on a weekend in America, and the field is empty. We do not need a 30 billions dollar research project to tell us this. Actually, this will probably pass the Congress as it is completely worthless waste of money, and they specialized in that field.

And last but not least, the A,M.A wants mandatory school instructions on the dangers of internet pornography. It will turn you blind. Why stick to obsecity?

What’s so funny about all of this is that soda is the least of the items that make people fat. Americans are eating more because they are working longer hours, they have more stress in their lives, they are sleeping less, and if you go through any grocery line, once you pass the lettuce section, you will have a hard time finding a product that does NOT contain sugar.

Taxing soda for the sugar is discrimination--- why just soda? How about Hostess Twinkies and Cupcakes, and all the products put out by General Sugar Mills?

Your whole morning breakfast isle alone has as much sugar as the next aisle devoted to candy. In fact, I bet the candy has more in it that is good for you than most cereals.

Americans don’t have time to cook anymore. Because both parents have to work and by the time they get home, they just eat fast food or something really quick to put together.

Why? Because it takes two parents to keep up even a middle class existence now. Due to all the money that we have to pay out in taxes!

And they want more…let’s not talk about emissions tests, and sales tax, and death tax, and double car taxes, and phone taxes, and property taxes…

No wonder they can give billions of dollars to other countries whenever they please.

Pretty soon, they will be taxing fat people. Or people with dogs. Or the downloads of movies and songs. What haven’t they taxed? Hurricanes?

The A.M.A has a lot of nerve even suggesting controlling the average American in any way, or the various companies who make products. Who elected them?

The government did. It’s just another way that the government has to get into your life, (via the A.M.A) and take away another freedom you have, in fact your very basic freedom…the right to eat what you want.

I just had a coke and a small bag of potato chips…300 whole calories. I’m feeling pretty free at the moment.

And you know what? Taxing food is not going to stop Americans from eating what they want. And kids will probably always drink beer in college; video games are here to stay, and not many people will want to get an operation to remove fat even if their insurance company pays for it.

And as far as pornography is concerned….well, that’s one thing I think they could really put a big tax on. In fact, if there was a 50 cent tax on every dollar spent on porn, we could get rid of all other taxes that exist, and have a surplus.

Oh…wait, the A.M.A said it was a DANGER.

I will be looking for A.M.A warning on my next soda can….DANGER…and I’ll drink it anyway, and if I get fat, I can always get my stomach stapled, and of course get my abdominal muscles flattened at the same time because the doctors will slip it in under the obesity insurance clause.

And when the law becomes final, the lawyers will be suing all food companies for killing Americans--- murder by a can of loaded sugar.

The defense; just like the cigarettes…some CEO will say, “We knew sugar was addicting, that’s why we put it in all the products.”

I can’t wait for the movie.

Nobody’s Perfect; Two candidates for this one today. Alec Baldwin needs to go to a psychologist to find out just why he can’t control his anger, especially his proclivity to want to kill all republicans. The other is the football player who decided he was invincible by crashing his motorcycle without a helmet on, thereby proving that he does not have much sense, what a dummy. I suggest they both get helmets and mental help.

Nobody Knows; James Otis, a lawyer, who was according to John Adams the very first spark of the American Revolution said, “The same law of nature and of reason is equally obligatory on a democracy, an aristocracy, and a monarch; whenever the administrators in any of those forms deviate from truth, justice, and equity, they verge toward tyranny, and are to be opposed; and if they prove incorrigible they will be deposed by the people, if they people are not rendered too abject.”

Nobody Cares; He also said “Taxes are not to be laid on the people but by their consent in person or by deputation.” This was a very basic thought of the people who started and fought for our country. When was the last time that we got to vote on a Federal tax?

Sunday, June 11, 2006

E-bay, O.J. and Cyber Parents

Nobody’s Opinion: Being the nobody that I am, I sometimes take the pleasure of buying those really trashy tabloids papers while standing in the grocery lines. It’s really not my fault. I don’t want to buy them, it’s just that until I can afford a speed reading class, I know I’m had. I get halfway through the “O.J. Cocaine Overdose” and I have to put my sixteen cans of dog food up…or be guilty of the “you’re holding up the line” crime. Which is a very serious offense…in fact, if you don’t put your wallet away and pick up your change fast enough and get out of the way for the next person, you end up feeling humiliated for not moving fast enough.

So there I am…if I want to find out if O.J. is dead yet, I have to buy the paper. I’m sure these tabloids are paying big bucks to get their magazines right up in your face, and they know all the nobody’s like me want to see just what scandal the very famous somebody’s are up to. And it’s especially enticing if it contains some smut on Bill Clinton. Those articles can sometimes make my day.

But, what I’ve noticed lately is that the articles about normal unknown people are much more interesting than the Paris Hilton news. I mean---there is nothing exciting about how many times Paris Hilton likes to poise and expose her various body bruises, except---is this her cry for help? Does she know this will get her picture in all the tabloids? And just who does she hang around with anyway that likes to beat her up? O.J. Simpson?

Enquiring minds do not want to know.

So, here I am reading cover to cover, at home at last while the milk goes sour on the counter, and I come to “Donor Mom Shuns Triplets,” where I found the perfect new liberal couple…Ian Mucklejohn and Melissa Valdovinos.

I really don’t know who was stranger…him or her.

Ian lives in England, has a lot of money… wanted children, but not a wife. He goes on the internet to a place called Fertile Ground and finds triplets eggs being donated for...well she was paid $3,000, who knows how much he paid for her eggs. O.k. more than a little strange. He wanted three boys, with no woman. Who knows…maybe he was married before. Maybe he was gay. The article didn’t say.

But the killer news was the mother who donated the eggs and just how smart and wonderful she thinks she is because she sold her seeds on e-bay…I mean the internet. Which makes you wonder--- why is alright to sell your eggs at a donor organization on the internet, but you can’t sell your eggs on e-bay?

There is a fine line here, and it won’t be long before you will be able to download pictures of mothers selling eggs on e-bay…pictures which you pull up on your I-Pod for a small fee if you happen to be at a bar and want some advice about the mother of your future children from the local drunk.

Melissa says she was struggling to pay her way through college, so why not sell her eggs? She pumped herself with hormones. She considers herself just an incubator, but she is also an environmental engineer with the San Diego Water Board.

Somehow I don’t think $6,000 was enough to pay for that degree.

Anyway, it was obvious how proud she was to be recognized. She had made it. She is the career feminist with only her own needs to worry about…why mess up your life with having to watch three little brats? Coming from her point of view, why mess up the environment with triple loads of diapers?

She and her husband do not want children, she said. Frankly, I think we should be glad the feminists do not care to reproduce---just imagine millions of Madeline Albrights being born? Scary. One is enough.

So, what does Ian do? This caring guy brings them to see their biological mother. She says upon meeting them, “I feel no maternal urge toward them. I may be their mother, but I did nothing except… sell them to give myself a little extra cash because I really wanted to go on a vacation in Cancun, but I just told you that I needed it for school because it sounded better.

No, what she really said was “I did nothing except incubate the eggs which gave them life. “ Spoken like a true feminist.

Yes, Ian brings three little boys all the way from England to San Diego to meet their real mum who could care less about them. The psychological damage done to these three little boys is not for me to discuss, but they did not look like happy campers in their picture.

This brings me to the point of just how far the left has screwed up our thinking about the “family.”

To a true liberal the human being is nothing more than a product, to be aborted or traded, or sold to the highest bidder. For all their rantings about how much they care about kids all over the world, when it comes to their own lives, they are the most important people in the universe and will only have a life which caters to their needs. Why share money or love with another human being when they might have to do with less? Kids get sick, and cost a lot of money and time, god forbid they should have to give up freedom. Yes, they are selfish, if you corner them about it, they usually admit it.

The universities are filled with childless couples.

They rationalize that they are leaving one less person on this earth to spoil the environment. The brainwashing of whole generations has succeeded in convincing too many women that anyone can be a “mother.” Or mothers can just give their kids away. Or mothers can be men. Or a single father or mother is good enough.

We’ve seen the results of the sixties attitude all around us in children whose sole purpose in life is to become a rich rapper. When they finally get a job, they go into shock.

Melissa is presented in as an angel of wonderful mercy, instead of what she really is…a very narcissistic feminist.

You see, we find out that her own mother left her when she was two, and she was raised by her dad. So hey, what does she care if she just bought three little boys in the world who will always wonder how their own real mother could be so uncaring and cruel to not even want to see them?They were only worth $6,000 to her?

Maybe the nannies will rescue them…maybe they will grow up to be in Parliament. I bet then, Melissa would come out of nowhere and claim her rightful place along their side as their true and loving mom. She was a cyber parent who loved from afar and did what was best for them.

The National Enquirer will surely report the update. And I will probably miss it.

Life can be cruel.

So, what happened to O.J.? Oh, he got high on coke, pot, and Ecstasy, and admitted to killing Nicole. Too bad he didn’t meet up with Melissa, she was just his type. She could have had his cyber babies and probably assured the world of another scandalous trail. We still have time.

Nobody’s Perfect; Our admirals are being sent to business school to learn how to run the Navy as entrepreneurs. These guys are either spending too much money on “hardware” or the new treasury secretary has plans to start another global international company, in which the admirals can sell nuclear submarines. After all, it’s about time we stop giving away all our technology and top secrets…instead of politicians getting all the cash, this will help some top admirals get some money….or maybe they will just be the front man. Who knows? This nobody hasn’t any idea why we should send them all to business school, but you can bet it’s not to make money for the American people.

Nobody Knows: Just how many times can they show the Katrina debacle on TV? A whole town was relocated to make way for the Mexicans it seems…they have got to put them somewhere. So far, 100,000 immigrants have already moved there. What I haven’t heard reported is, where did all the New Orleans' gays go…Massachusetts?

Nobody Cares; We were talking about this today--- nobody here in St. Louis seems to care about the Stanley Cup. Nobody is talking about it. I think the player’s strike really hurt hockey. Just like it hurt baseball back in 1994…it took a Mark McGuire home run streak and moving the outfields in to get people to come back to the game. Guess they are going to have to hire some feminists that can beat up men to get people excited about hockey again, I wonder if Madeline Albright can skate?