Saturday, April 18, 2009

Nobody Flashes Jump Rope

Nobody Flashes: Okay, this was by far my most very favorite e-mail this week. Remember as you are watching this, that the girls are 4th, 5th, and Sixth graders from Cincinnati..and then wonder, who in the world taught them how to do this?

The crowd of our fine soldiers also knows the best when they see, I don't want to spoil it except to say...Enjoy!



Friday, April 17, 2009

Nobody Wins on a Bad News Friday

Nobody Wins:

(This is a long one guys…sorry, I had to get it out of my system.)
Today, I got to turn to my husband and say, “I told you so, didn’t I? Wasn’t I the only one saying it all these years?”

China was going to take over the city of St. Louis.

I heard today, on the radio, that St. Louis is going to be the main “airport” hub for the Chinese to bring all their goodies into the country. Joe Biden was here today meeting with the Chinese.

Oh…and by the way, the REAL reason he was here was to give a talk at a small college.


Don’t think you will hear about this on the news. You won’t even hear about it on Savage. But, I’ve been waiting for this to happen for years. I’m considered the town nut of course.

And if you think that my great Adams intuition was thrilled about being right…think again. When I heard it announced, so very casually on our local news station, I actually wished I could move to back to Florida, thank you very much, JQA.

Because to me, we have no country under Obama Hussein.

They announced the news on the radio as if was wonderful. Just think. China will be able to fly its huge cargo planes, right smack dab into the middle of our country. And all you unemployed white prejudice people, who lost your jobs to China, will now lift boxes for China, or you will starve.

You see, I don’t live too far away from Lambert Field, St. Louis’s main airport. I’ve lived and worked around the airport for over thirty years.

Lambert was once a thieving, busy airport. Every single night of the week you could see the planes just lined up, at least fifteen in a row, waiting to land. TWA had a major hub here. Watching the planes land was a cheap Friday night date for the whole city. It was truly grand. This activity was true for most of my life…

Then one day…and this is VERY important, TWA just picked up and left…gone. The whole airport died….it became a tombstone of silence.

This was about a year before 9.11.

And yet…and yet…every day in the Post Dispatch, the airport expansion was a major issue. St. Louis just HAD to have an airport expansion according to all our politicians. There were legal fights over property, and eminent domain to make way for it.

Hundreds of people lost their homes. No, I take that back…hundreds of people were, just like in China, kicked out of their homes. Oh sure, they gave them a little money. But, they had no choice but to move.

Many of us couldn’t understand the necessity of this insanity. The planes were gone. And all the businesses were dying. We did NOT need to keep building this huge, humongous ghost of an airport. Our property taxes were killing us all.

In fact, this airport was going to be sooooo big, you could have at least twenty planes land at once on it.

And it’s been finished for quite some time---miles and miles of empty runways…sitting there--- waiting for planes that would never come.

But now it’s ready. And you can’t see the runways from any road. They built the hills around it so high; you could literally land an army and never know it was there. It takes over 30 minutes just to drive around one part of it, and that’s with no traffic.

Before, you could see the whole airport, runways and all, while sipping Margaritas from you’re favorite restaurant.

They’re all gone too. (The restaurants, I’m going to get a Margarita right now.)

Air Force One has a very special hanger right near a brand new underground bunker. (I guess it has a special bunker in every airport by now…right?) I’ve watched them stock it.

Then 9/11 came. Our major industries started closing down. If you had told me, even during the Clinton years that the Ford and Chrysler Plants would both close down, I wouldn’t have believed it. Then Busch Brewery was, horrors of all horrors, sold to an international company, but somehow…Monsanto was left standing.


You can’t see that building from the road either.

And the politicians weren’t happy with just the airport, we needed new highways!

So for over three years, they’ve been expanding all the highways around St. Louis, despite the fact that we are losing population.

Now we are told, wouldn’t a special truck lane be just wonderful to have, for all the traffic going around the city?

And Obama wants a high-speed train from Chicago to St. Louis. Why? The average guy can’t even afford a Cubs/Cardinal game anymore.

I’m not making this up. A city with no jobs, is building a huge network of infrastructure… as if millions are coming.

So, go ahead…don’t believe me when I tell you that St. Louis is going to be a major hub for the Chinese to deliver their products.

And just a few miles north of the airport, Latin festivals are being held for Mexicans who aren’t even here yet!

All those giant planes will be landing here, and unloading their stuff as quickly as the blacks and the newly hired Mexicans can get them off the tracks. China will have a cheap slave labor, courtesy of our past traitor globalization Presidents---the New World Order Bushes, Clinton, Carters, and now…the Obama’s.

They have already torn the old Ford Plant down in record time (You can see the Airport terminal from the Plant.) and are making miles and miles of…storage places and bins.

I bet old Joe was out there today getting a look around with his Chinese master.

And as if the news today wasn’t bad enough, I also saw an ad on our local TV station:
Wanted…boys ages 14 to 20 to sign up to train to be policemen.

I can’t wait to get arrested by a fourteen- year-old Obama Green Shirt, for refusing to turn over my guns.

And here’s what aches my heart tonight. This whole “globalization” of relocating and socially engineering the vast populations of millions of people has been in the planning since Daddy Bush, or maybe before.

I never did like that man.

From sea to shining sea, the restructuring of our very cities and lives is being put slowly into place. Universal Health Care alone will kill millions of baby boomers before their time.

Is it any wonder they are scared of the veterans?

Many of you think I’m off my rocker for saying I saw a drone over the tea party of St. Louis. Many of you think I’m crazy for thinking that anything was planned years ago. Why the government is so incompetent Joyanna, they can’t do anything right!

That’s exactly what they want you to think. Look around you…how many cameras are taking your picture? Was there a vote, or a debate? Even by your Senators?
I'd say they did that very well.

They’ve taken a once free nation of proud patriotic and creative, kind people, and sold them out to the nearest international corporations…for money and power. The politicians go from office to sitting on the boards of all the biggest companies.

There should be a law against that.

We have new EPA regulations coming at us, and if we fight our government we might just get hit with an electromagnetic pulse, to wipe out the “grid” so that we will have no choice but to serve the new green masters of the universe. And since Obama and all the communists of the world are such good buddies---that might just well be the plan.

Who made these deals? Bill Clinton? Nancy Pelosi? Hillary? Daddy Busch? George Bush? All of the above? As far as I’m concerned, they are all guilty.

By the time Arnold is President, half of us will be terminated.

But, there is a good side to my story. I have two Chinese friends who have a restaurant up the street. They are proud Americans, and I know, that there is at least one place I will be able to go to eat without getting poisoned.

There---how’s THAT for optimism!(Okay...I know...I'll shut up.)

Update: Okay, so I was a bit too blunt tonight.

So…tomorrow, if I can figure out how to put it up, you will get to see of the most inspirational video’s I’ve ever seen in my life. I got it in an e-mail.

And no, it’s not the lady from Scotland singing…its better!

It’s all American, and it will make you proud.


Thursday, April 16, 2009

A7's, in the Tucson AFB Sun

Nobody Cares: The last time we lined up a bunch of didn't turn out so well.

I'm just saying.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Nobody Flashes: More Tea Party Pictures! I especially like the Geico one...that young girl held up that sign for over two hours, bless her heart.

And much thanks to the kind woman behind us for taking our picture! She was the best!

By the way...John Galt...please come and get us will ya?


Big Turnout In St. Louis Tea Party...Drones On

Nobody Reports: Above are some pictures taken very early of the gathering tea party in St. Louis. As you can see, I got bits and pieces of the crowd, before it got REALLY big..the crowd was actually split in half, with the people on the stage having to speak to two, I just got pictures from one side.

The other side had twice as many people, who were all standing, quietly like troopers.

The gathering was over by around 8:00 p.m. and our local FOX news channel, believe it or not, did NOT report the over 8,000 people that showed up tonight in downtown St. Louis, for OUR second tea party protest. I know, because right after the event, we raced home to watch the news.


Another local station mentioned it, but like most, acted as if it was just a little gathering of old people with nothing to do.

It wasn't. As you can see from my pictures...they had all ages. St. Louis didn't have any Glenn Becks, or Hannity speakers, but the ones we did have were full of patriotic heart, and that's all that mattered to any of us.

They also did NOT report the drone that went over all us good and kind citizens, just sitting calmly around with our signs...protesting.

Yes, now, the Americans citizens I guess really are considered the terrorists of our country. Why else spy on them with a military drone? The Czars of Homeland Security now see the tea parties as a threat.

We truly have lost America to a most dangerous President.

My husband and I couldn't believe our eyes! There we were, thrilled that so many people showed up...the working class. Tired, worn out... but there because they are proud Americans, and love their country. My husband and I were just sitting there enjoying all the signs...and suddenly, there it was...a drone. Overhead. Spying on us all as if we were all considered criminals.

Waiting for what? If this isn't a dire sign of things to come folks, I don't know what is.

The problem was, both my husband and I were to see a military drone spying on it's own citizens that we didn't think to get a picture of it. You'll just have to take my eye-witness account, backed by my x-navy seal husband, and about three military guys sitting close, that it was a definite...drone.

And why? As it is reported everywhere, the people that attend these things are decent, law-abiding, good, kind, and most of all...patriotic to their very bones, Americans.

And's come to this. Good God. I would have never believed it. And I bet you will only read about it here.

I wonder...did they have more drones in other cities? Is this our future? According to the Miami Herald, it is. are some more pictures ..because we all know the problems all too well....

On the whole, St. Louis, continues to turn out big crowds... and on the Fourth of July, you will see not thousands, but millions, I predict...just wait.
They're gonna need more drones.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Nobody Knows: It's About Tea Time!

Nobody Knows Just How Long They Will Be Able to Ignore…The People.

Let us awaken the, and evince a different spirit, a spirit that shall inspire the people with confidence in themselves and in us, ---a spirit that will encourage them to persevere in the glorious struggle, until their rights and liberties shall be established on a rock.”

Samuel Adams---1777

Tomorrow, thousands across the United States will gather peacefully, in over 500 cities to voice their protests, as once their founders did so long ago in Boston.

Funny…in the last comments in Obama’s speech today, he basically said that all the changes he was proposing was what our founders wanted…

And for those of us who know our founders well…that lie couldn’t be further from the truth.
By now, many people who were hypnotized by the man’s talent for making marvelous and grandiose dreams pop out every speech, have found out that his promises of ending the War in Iraq, and bringing economic prosperity for all have been complete lies. He has done just the opposite.

In fact: I’d say Obama has been practicing the 48 laws of power since he was just a kid.

What are the 48 laws of power you might ask?

Here’s a few of the very obvious…

Law 3: Conceal your intentions. (Obama is for making himself world leader, and rebuilding the United States as a country pretty much on equal footing with Cuba.)

Law 4: Always say less than necessary. (Oh sure, he talks a lot, but what does he say? Nothing. If Obama doesn’t want to answer something he just says, he won’t talk about it, but can say more about less than most men alive.)

Law 6: Court attention at all costs: (Right, he even had to have his picture taking running around the White House with his new dog today. He has been on television, giving speeches every single day since he was elected. In fact, this morning he very rudely broke into all stations with his hour long speech…like a dictator trying to convince the tea party people that what he is going to do needs to be done.

Law 7: Get others to do the work for you, but always take credit. (The seals made the great rescue on Easter, but Obama took the credit. Bill Clinton was a master of this one.)

Well, I could go on, but really, you should just get the book. It’s called “The 48 Laws of Power” by Robert Greene and Joost Elffers.

Tomorrow I’m going to look up into the sky a lot. I don’t want them to miss me.

Tomorrow, you can believe, and Homeland security has made it very clear, that any and all who attend tea parties tomorrow will be considered…radicals and dangerous to the state. (Unless you happen to be smoking a joint.)
I suggest we all look up to the sky alot and wave at them so they can see how dangerous we are!

In fact, I’m sure everyone’s facial picture will be recorded by NSA satellites in order to form a “radical” database. Many of us will have our phones conversation listened to.

I’m ALWAYS saying “Hi NSA!” every time I hear that click and echo, when I’m on the phone. Sometimes I just sing… “Oh say can you see…that you’re really an idiot….by the dawns’ early watch, you will have nothing worth hearing…”

They will also, somehow, try to make the tea parties into a white hating blacks again issue. Don’t let them.

Our liberties are in danger. And coming very soon in the future are “environmental” taxes that will break us all. Our gas, and our food---every single thing will be tax at a much higher rate…in order to fund GE, and Obama’s new progressive, fascist country.
(Already my Happy Meal has gone up from $2.10 to $2.99!)

And the boomers (white AND black) have the most to lose of all. If Obama gets the universal heath care he wants, and you are so unlucky to get sick at 68, and need cancer treatment…the state could, and probably will, refuse it.
You must make way for the future.

It’s all cost effective. Not only that, but along with the strings of all the money he is going to give out to “students” will be the fact that they can never, ever protest against the government. And neither can union members.

He plans to build his own little army…yeah… so just who’s the Nazi here Madame Secretary?

This is as sure as tyranny as any that the good Sam Adams led the sons of Liberty on…

I know the few who read me will be at a tea party tomorrow. And I know that we will talk to people that feel like us, and we well be recharged…and sooner or later, they will be happening all over the world.

GOOD, that’s what we want.

Expect the reporting of the truth to be slim. But, meet people, trade numbers…talk,

They know we are mad. And that is why they are tying to scare us into submission...and if they can’t do that, they will pretend that the tea parties never happened.

Let them. It won't matter...becuase WE know that THEY know...that...

The “tea parties” have just begun.
Well, I agree with Obama---America should take the lead! Let the other nations join us and have thier own tea parties, and like Sam Adams said...awaken the spirits of liberty!
It's about tea time for a new revolution.


Monday, April 13, 2009

Nobody's Perfect: Phil Spector...No Longer in the Control Booth

Nobody’s Perfect: I was only eighteen when I met Phil Spector. I must admit, I haven’t been following the news on his case too closely…just another famous man with too much money, with his life falling apart…gone mad.

In fact, to me it seems, that if you look at this picture and think back on O.J. Simpson and Robert Blake…they all that that same look on their faces at their trials. That, “I have NO idea how this could be happening to me--- I’m too important.” look.

To me, they all look as if they have had just one too many snorts of cocaine, but then…that’s just an opinion.

As I read the headlines tonight--“Phil Spector: Convicted of Second Degree Murder,” I remember back on that week that I spent with the man. I’m sure he doesn’t remember me at all. In fact, I was in the same room with him for hours at a time…deep into the night…panting…

Wait. No… got cha! (just kidding!)

How did I meet Phil Spector? That’s a good question. You see, right out of high school I had more than the usual case of “I VANT TO SEE THE WORLD! LET ME OUT OF HERE!” disease that as far as I know, the last two people that had had this urgent desire to see the world and all that was in it, were Columbus and Magellan

Too bad I couldn’t have texted them first and got some advise.

But they were men, and I was just a young girl, feeling like I had just got out of prison….and I wanted desperately to go somewhere.

So I hitched a ride with a band, up to New York.

The band was Phil Drisco’s band…a trumpet player who later went on to a bit of fame as a religious guy, but that’s all just trivial. I won’t go into my experiences in New York because it would take a few chapters, just my memories of Phil.

Phil Drisco was recording his first major album with Phil Spector late at night in a studio right off of Broadway. He had to do it at night because Phil was also working with Paul McCartney who was recording RAM with him during the day.

So, I got to go and sit in the controlling booth with Phil Specter, late at night and watch the band record.

I’ll tell you one thing…I was scared of the man. I knew he had “founded” the Supremes sound, and now was working with the great Paul McCartney, and even though I was NOT a musician yet, I knew music. I was in total awe of this...GOD…

But still---he was just plain spooky. Call it woman’s intuition.

Now, it was always dark in the control room, and I sat as far away in the corner away from him as I could. But after a half hour…Mr. Phil Spector would inevitably insist that I come over, sit next to him, and watch him do his thing. Why read my boring books?

Well…what could I say?

So, there I sat. Every night for a week. He would make very small talk. And basically was very, very sweet, he treated me almost as a daughter.

But still, I thought it very odd that I had to sit next to him while he turned knobs.

He was thoughtful and kind, but…I don’t know…there was just something I couldn’t put my finger on.

You might find this sad…but I thought he looked on me as a “child.” How could he possibly have any sexual interest in me at all because well, he was so much older and famous?

Today I read that the girl that he picked up(Lana Clarkson) and took home, was reportedly dead just a few hours later…

And when he said, “I think I shot somebody.” Well, I can see it---like I said…spooky.

Life is funny like that. What if you had met Ted Bundy, had a drink with him for a week, and thought he was nice…but spooky…you know? What makes these people “snap?”

I guess looking back, I was lucky that I was so innocent. If he would have even made a tiny suggestion of indiscretion, I would have…run. I KNOW he knew I was that innocent. I also didn’t consider myself desirable…after all, he had known the most beautiful women in the world, once again..why would he desire me?

So, there I sat, scared to death, night after night…feeling pretty stupid. Somehow, I think that that man was scared to death of being alone. He just had to have a girl…there. Being alone in that control room was just too much for him to bear.

It might be just that simple.

Years ago, I read that he kept another woman locked up in his “mansion” for years…much like a prisoner.

So, he lost it. Did he murder that woman? Who knows? Probably, because he basically admitted it.

We see famous movie stars freaking out all the time.

Some just cut their hair.

Well there you go. I bet there is more than one woman in the world tonight thinking…whoa, that could have been me.

Phil Spector…a musical genius…but…not perfect.


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Nothing Like A Good Ending

Nobody's Opinion:

"No man can be brave who thinks pain the greatest evil; nor temporate who considers pleasure the highest good." ....Cicero

God Bless those Navy Seal Snipers! (Okay, I admit, I have a weakness for the Seals: personal reasons.)

I don't know about you, but if America had NOT saved that brave captain at sea from those horrible pirates...many of us would have wondered just WHAT good are all these trillions that we spend on our military?

And frankly, I'm tired of hearing how these pirates have no choice but to capture boats for ranson, due to the fact that they are so poor. Today, I actually heard some military man on FOX news say that to the Somalians, it was just thier way of doing business.

Please...with men like that around, I'm surprised that anything gets done.

Let the brave men, be brave, for God's sake...After all, if Thomas Jefferson can go and defeat them, there is NO reason that our forces today cannot do it. Our weapons systems are much more adanced than Jefferson's Navy. And why these companies don't have advanced weapons onboard and hire personal guards is beyond me. All of us are going "How does this happen in the FIRST place?"

Anyway, we needed some good, let's go get the rest of them!