Saturday, March 03, 2007

Nobody Likes Money For Nothing

Nobody’s Opinion: “Let us be happy and live within our means, even if we have to borrer the money to do it with.” …Science and Natural History

I’ve been thinking a lot about money lately. Maybe it was because of the “scare” in the middle of the week, when the market fell. I love it when the market falls. All these pundits on half of the TV cable stations start freaking out, and it’s the only time I feel better for not being rich. I didn’t lose a penny.

Or maybe it was the back operation my husband just went through: wondering just how much it was going to cost us despite what Blue/Cross Blue/Shield said was covered.

Nowadays you have to also have supplemental insurance just to pay for what your main insurance company ends up refusing to pay.

Or maybe it was how simply fascinating it was to watch just how far some people will go to get their hands on millions of dollars they didn’t even earn. Howard Stern took out, not one, not two, but six life insurance policies on Anna Nicole Smith. He has tried to sell her stuff on e-bay, and is using her own baby to broker a deal for lifetime control of all her assets with the father.

But his greed is small compared to our government.

I was watching Forbes on Fox today, and I might as well of been watching a French Foreign film…all these experts on stocks, and none of them agreed on anything.

Steve Forbes is one of my favorite people. In fact, he certainly would seem to be a good bet for a President, but because he looks like a star-guest on the Andy Griffith show, he doesn’t have a chance.

Which is the reason McCain doesn’t have a chance.

We are a culture of movie stars. All our newscasters are good-looking people, and we expect our President to look the part of Harrison Ford.

But back to the Fox show.

They all talked about free trade, which basically has ruined the country, but they LOVE free trade…and why? Their own portfolios are clicking through their heads.

NAFTA sunk us. I thought it was funny seeing clips of Hillary walking around a manufacturing plant. I would like to know just how many American men and woman have lost their jobs due to their company outsourcing.

The dirty little secret that our politicians have sold our sovereignty to the stock dividends of the international world market is out, and Hillary is taking advantage of that.

But don’t forget, even if she criticizes Wal-Mart, she was on its board for years. She is a globalist/socialist/fascist/ and big business is her game…especially with China.

They rattle off statistics on Forbes like Bible quotes. And every time I heard the statement that unemployment is down, I couldn’t help but wonder just how many people are taking side jobs on top of their low paying “service” job which they had to get when they lost their good paying job, (which went overseas) in order to try and make up for the money they will never make again after being laid off.

No wonder the statistics are up.

We have been hearing about the layoffs every single day…for YEARS. Hundreds of mergers: 10,000 people here, 30,000 there, 5,000…everyday, some major American manufacturing company have folded. After 9/11 half the airline industry went.

Here in St. Louis, all our car manufacturing plants have closed. Our once thriving airport looks like a ghost town. All we have left is the Busch Brewery, and who knows when that will move.

Middle America is almost gone.

And yet, our economy, according to all the experts is booming. Tax cuts have made somebody rich. That’s what they keep saying.

Actually, I have been having a problem with just how the experts can keep going on and on about how wonderful the country is doing. The experts say, don’t pay attention to the deficit, we have growth!

I’m waiting, like most middle class Americans for my growth. And the reality is: the growth is only for those people who have major investments in the right stocks. I’m sure all those guys and ladies on Forbes and Fox trade and deal with their own stocks every single day. And they are surrounded by others like them.

Sure---there are more millionaires and billionaires being made, but the standard of living for the rest of us, has been due to mostly people working two to three jobs to keep up.

There was a whole generation of people who could not afford a college education, and the manufacturing base that gave those people hope, is now gone.

But the pundits that are on our TV’s go to nice malls, and probably never have to work another day in their lives. There are wonderful neighborhoods all over the United States filled with 300,000 dollar houses, with no furniture inside.

But, they don’t get out to the millions that don’t have a lot of money in stocks, simply because they barely have enough money to pay for their credit card debt.

And why do they have debt?

Is it REALLY because of their crazy and uncontrollable spending habits? Or is it because the price of everyday necessities like food, gas, water, clothes, and even four bucks for a cup of coffee for god’s sake…have gone into satellite orbit?

Add an additional outlandish tax on every single item, and it’s no wonder the government is so huge.

All you hear is…get out of debt you selfish American’s and start saving…but don’t you DARE stop spending, or the whole economy will collapse!

You can’t win.

In fact, the cost of everything is so ridiculous the people think…well, if I have to pay for the whole world, I might as well charge it. Why should I have to do without, so some illegal Mexican worker can have free heath care, a house, and a free education on me?

The Bank of America certainly doesn’t care; they are counting on your debt.

But, that’s not the real scare here…the thing that bothers this nobody the most, are the things you DON’T see.

Remember how most Americans didn’t notice our country was being taken over by an invasion of Mexicans? How did that happen?

We STILL do not see many Mexicans on TV. I remember Desi Arnes husband, and Freddie Prince.

There’s two.

Well, there is Bill Richardson, and a few others politically picked to be in high cabinet positions. But don’t you find it just a little too strange that the majority of Americans DID NOT see this coming?

Unlike the blacks, who are over-represented in our media, in accordance with their numbers in the population---the Mexicans were silent.

Washington knew of the invasion, they made it a point to underplay it.

Just the other day, I saw a commercial for some credit card that drove me crazy. People were going fast as keystone cops through a fast food line, and one guy pulled out some cash.

He stopped the whole picture. He upset the whole apple cart. It was a horror! How dare he hold up the line of efficiently card payments!

He was made to look like a real idiot for taking out his wallet and pulling out CASH.

The implications of this were like a 1984 update by Stephen King.

It is the start of the end for us all. The plans for a cashless society is being done, step by step, little by little…to force us to give up control of the one thing that gives us our final freedom.

Cash---Cash to buy our own food, our own stuff.

Did you know that only 10 percent of every transaction in America daily are done in cash? Think about it.

Everything else is basically done in thin air.

The debit cards came, and they made it so easy to just swipe, and the money comes right out of your account.

Then, all the credit cards every month with your statement, try to get you to pay online.

Just let us take your utilizes bills right our of your account sweetheart! You won’t have to worry about that late fee at all. Just send us your account number.”

The goal is, one day--- all your bills will be automatically taken out of your bank account. You will not be able to pay with cash. Why that silly outdated thing called a “dollar” will be only found in the Smithsonian.

This way, when you walk up to the counter and want to buy that new coat…you might get a big surprise…there will be bells and whistles saying, “Sorry, you can’t afford this! Not allowed!”

They are already marketing this as a real cool idea to help all us “over spenders” when in fact, it is the ultimate fascists move by our government to take control over the most important part of our lives.

The control of our money.

Like the invasion of Mexicans…by the time everyone realizes that IF something happens, (like an electrical outage or terrorist attack) you will not only sit in the cold or heat waiting on the utility company, but you will not be able to get to your money to get food, because cash will not be accepted anywhere.

You will have NO choice but to do everything the government says.

Everyone will be depended on the government for food, and shelter, basically everything, because the government will hold the strings, controlling YOUR money.

After all, they reach right in and take it out of your paycheck now, what’s the next logical step?

By that time, they will be able to take whatever taxes they want out of your account

Don’t think so?

The plan is already being “suggested” in every single thing we do.

Ten percent is not much. The end is not far.

Maybe the National ID card will be just the first big step.

Big brother is now coming, and it will be done in the name of Homeland Security. Jefferson is the perfect leader for this.

And something tells me, it will be Arnold who will be telling us all someday when he becomes President, “I have bieeeg ideas! And now, the world will be safer…and healthier, and no one will starve! You won’t have to worry about carrying around those silly pennies and quarters ever again!”

The good news is since Hillary wants her face on a coin so badly, we at least we have a few years.

I’m tuning in my pennies now.

Nobody’s Perfect; Bill Clinton should have become Anna Nicole Smith’s lawyer, since it seems according to Dick Morris, whoever has the most money becomes President. Anna’s millions would have made up for Hillary’s Hollywood losses.

Nobody Knows; Alan Greenspan said there would be a recession: then a few days later he changed his mind. Does that make sense? What---did his spreadsheets have caviar stains?

Warren Buffet is betting against the dollar, but he still uses cash when he plays poker. Which means, cash is now becoming monopoly money according to the guru of trades.

Just where DID all the gold in the world go? FDR took all he could from the American people, and what did HE do with it?

Nobody Cares: Just in case you are wondering, the phrase “Money is the root of all evil.” Is a quote from the bible: Timothy One, 6:10

Which is a saying that both the Vatican and the Muslims have always ignored.


Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Nobody Insults a Harvard Man

Nobody’s Opinion: Last night, god knows why, I insulted a man of a great many degrees, many distinctions, and the son of a father, who as serving as a doctor in Dresden in WWII, was a man of great courage.

This man is an author of great renown, a great lawyer, and a fighter for truth and the International way of Harvard and Time.

No, it’s not John Grisham…

I didn’t mean to insult the man, honest. It was just a simple question. I just couldn’t help myself. I mean after all, I’m just a nobody with no degrees or honors to my name. And unless the moon turns plaid, or I win the Powerball lottery, I will die that way.

What’s worse is I embarrassed my friend Ramonda, (named after a flower) who I actually drove to the event.

It’s hard to describe Ramonda: you almost have to experience her. She is what in most people would call a “real pip.” She used to be a groupie of Elvis. Now, she is in love with authors. She would probably swoon and die at the feet of Stephen King if she ever got to see him live, and when she found out that Scott Turow was going to be speaking at our local library, she went out and died her hair, painted her nails, bought an expensive black velvet jump suit, and laid on the floor to put on her makeup so that her face would looked “relaxed.”

This trick, she informed me, was one she learned from Julia Roberts, the “Pretty Woman.” Who was I to tell her that, after the age of sixty, your face needs no help in that endeavor?

When we got there, there was a rope dividing the room into two groups. Of course, we weren’t allowed on the side reserved for his friends and family. What I did notice is that when the room filled up, most of the people looked rich, even the ones on our side. The only person who I could identify with was Ridley Pearson, (another author) who is rich, but has the soul of an angel.

He was there to introduce Mr. Turow, and to inform us that Mr. Turow actually plays with the Rockbottom Remainders…a band which consists of Stephen King, Dave Berry, Ridley Pearson, Amy Tan, and some others. The band is actually a very good band, and they put on a great night of entertainment. Evidently Mr. Turow does a mean imitation of a transvestite singing, “Wild Thing,” something that almost every nobody in the world can do….and lawyers are especially good at it. Trust me, I ran a karaoke bar once.

Actually, by the looks of him, I was having a hard time imagining it.

Most of you would know this man by the hit movie, which was based on his book, “Presumed Innocent.” It stared Harrison Ford. I had to admit, I had never read a book by him, but do remember liking the movie.

I use to see all of Harrison Ford’s before he started saying nasty things about President Bush.
(You know, if movies stars would just be a little less nasty about their opinions, we might be able to go back to their movies.)

Anyway, Ramonda was so aghast that I had not even read one of his books, that I went into her bag at her feet, which weighed about 70 pounds, and grabbed one. I started feeling sorry for the poor famous author, because I carried the sucker in.

This is another reason to love Ramonda. She is a collector. She has enough first editions of books, and enough rare photos’s of Elvis, that she and her husband could be living in Hawaii right now, instead of the poor, small, run-down house she lives in now.

But, she just holds onto it all…it’s for her daughter she says---to sell.

“Do you have a will, Ramonda?”


See, I told you…a real pip

But…I’m off the story. Ridley Pearson got up to introduce the man, and he is getting so good at speaking, that it’s a real joy just to go to his book signings. Ridley is a first-rate author…certainly better than John Grisham. And a great bass player.

So, while we were sitting there, I opened a few of Scott’s books. I was looking for some paragraph, a moving or original sentence, something profound to give me some insight.

I couldn’t find anything.

I was thinking “Well, I guess you have to read the whole thing.”

And then, Scott started talking. He talked for over an hour about…appellate courts.

Not exactly a riveting subject. He really needed to drag out the boa. His idea was that appellate courts are where the REAL laws are made, places that excite him. Although I had no reason whatsoever to doubt him, not falling asleep was getting hard. In fact, I counted three men who actually didn’t care if anyone saw them sleeping.

And then came the questions from the crowd. The questions were very simple, but it seemed this is where Scott finally woke up.

He took one question and talked about how the generation that fought WWII did not want to talk about all the gruesome things that had happened to them and what they had witnessed during the war. This bothered him because his own father had given him no such conversation. It also bothered him, that there was so much jingoism going on at the time.

Another thing that bothered him, is that while he was trapped in an airport for over 27 hours, he ended up talking to a soldier who believed in what he was doing in Iraq, where as Scott has always been against the war. Although he admitted that men in war had to believe in fighting for the country.

It was as if he was confused and talking to himself in his own mind, and we were just listening. I could now lean back in my chair.

Then out of the blue, he said. “The Supreme Court voted in the 2000 election, and they voted the same way they would have voted in the booth.”


That’s the sentenced that floored me.

Well, I thought…Of COURSE THEY DID! Isn’t that what they all do now? What kind of absurd statement, coming from a Harvard lawyer, is that?

Yes, Scott Torow was still upset that George Bush won the election by Supreme Court.

He went on and talked about other things…how so many innocent men are on death row: how blacks are mistreated in the courtrooms by whites.

He talked about how he wrote for Time Magazine and how they wouldn’t let him use the word “ass.” He talked about Harvard. He was very proud to be a part of them both, despite the fact that he was deprived of great words and more words because of advertising space.

Actually, he had some good points.

Still, while he rambled on, I couldn’t get that statement out of my head. It seemed blatantly absurd.

As I remember, the Florida recount came down to Al Gore NOT accepting the results, and all the recounting got SO ridiculous, not even mentioning how the soldiers votes from overseas were not counted, (putting more for Bush) and Florida prisoners were allowed to count,(putting more to Gore) and all the districts were actually manned by Democrats NOT Republicans… and finally the Florida Supreme Court which voted down strictly party democratic lines did some illegal maneuvers, and it was actually Katherine Harris that came in and saved the day by actually following the LAW…which she was later screwed by the very BUSHES that she helped put into office. (go figure)

The Supreme Court just voted to stop the recounting.

And this nobody remembers thinking at the time, that---HEY…the whole idea of checks and balances really does works…it was a proud moment and a moment of nobody awe that EVEN after all the corruption and fighting that went on in Florida, the Supreme Court decided to end it all, and it just so happened at that moment in time, there was one more conservative vote to give it to George Bush.

That’s how a Republic is supposed to work. Those founders, even though they couldn’t even have foreseen anything like this, had put enough checks and balances into a system that sooner or later, justice can sometimes win.

That was going through my head.

So, while Scott was signing all of Ramonda’s books, (all twenty-five of them) I told Mr. Turow that I didn’t understand what he meant about voting party lines.

“Isn’t that exactly what the Florida Supreme Court did, also?” I asked him.

“Isn’t that what they all do?” I threw in for good measure.

Oh boy. This guy’s face turned to utter disgust. The frown went so deep, that I could have planted a potato head into it. He looked like he wanted to spit.


Then he said. “I don’t think the founders wanted the Supreme Court to decide a President.”

Well, of course they didn’t. But that does not mean that his statement was still not absurd.

To which I SHOULD have replied, “The founders did not intend for the Supreme Court to actually establish laws, like roe VS wade, or affirmative action…judges were meant to only rule and interprete existining laws. The founders did not want the Supreme Court to use international laws as opinions for argument, or make any laws at all for that matter, that’s for Congress.”

But I didn’t. The man was so obviously infuriated that when I asked him another question, he would not even look at me, or answer me, but very rudely ignored me.

Gosh, I felt bad…I had insulted one of Ramonda’s favorite authors. Who by all accounts, was a nice man, just raised in the echelons of the elite Harvard babies and rulers of the world. In his world, he is probably a god.

And when a god has to mingle with the nobody’s of the world, it’s rough.

When I told Ramonda about my blunder, she wasn’t even mad. She was thinking about her next authors meeting.

On the way home, to try to rationalize my remorseful guilty conscience, I remembered this man has probably spent many a night in some hotel bar with Harrison Ford complaining about the Bush Presidency and all the red-neck ignorant populous nobody’s that the world would be better off without.

And that my little nobody remark, probably upset him more than all the elite critics in the Washington Post.

He has probably never had a bad review in his life.

So okay, he was due.

So, I came to the conclusion that if you have to insult someone, it might as well be a Harvard man. If he had been a professor at the local community college, I might have felt a lot worse. And after all, they rule the world…no harm done.

Nobody’s Perfect: Okay, I should have kept my mouth shut. I should have actually bought one of his books. I went to McDonalds instead.

Nobody Knows: The puzzle here, to many conservatives is, why in the world do liberals get so emotionally upset at any contradictions to their beliefs? Why can’t they see that all people are different, all people have different experiences in life which form their opinions, and unless you are talking to a child molester, tyrant, or murderer, getting full of hatred for the people who you think are stupid, is stupid in itself.

It actually puts you on a lower level to them, well, that’s my nobody opinion.

Nobody Cares: Ridley says Scott wrote a marvelous book. Unfortunately, I can’t remember which one he said it was which means I might have to read them all.


Monday, February 26, 2007

Oscar, The Hermaphrodite

Nobody’s Opinion: After watching the 79th Oscar presentation last night, I’ve come to five conclusions;

Oscar is a hermaphrodite, along with Ellen Degeneres, Melissa Etheridge, and possibly, Al Gore.

Movies are now made for propaganda reasons, not art.

Leonardo DiCaprrio is going to look the age of 12 when he is fifty, much like Michael J. Fox, and have about as much sense.

The Oscars are now globalized, and “green.”

My reasons for seeing just one movie last year, was well founded.

Having said this: If you missed the show, here is a nobody’s observation coming from my nobody’s bedroom.

8:30---The show stated out as a huge ego fest of the most boring clips of various movie people ever committed to celluloid. Within seconds I was missing Billy Crystal.
8:36---Ellen Degneres, comes out in a black tux, but with full makeup, and ladies earrings, thereby trying to make us all guess, is she a man or a woman? She insults Americans by insinuated we are all fat, and says the great Al Gore really won the Presidency, to which the biggest standing ovations and applause of the night is heard.

Nothing like a couple of hermaphrodites to warm up the crowd.

Ellen picks up a tambourine and does her daily TV routine, where she dances. Gee, you would have thought she could have come up with something a bit more original, but no. Gays are entertaining just being gay. A gospel choir comes out to try to keep religious Americans from turning off the show.
8:45---Art Direction Oscar goes to the Italians for what looks like a Fellini rip-off.
called Pan’s Labyrinth.
8:53---Two comedians are dancing and singing and I could care less. I think I was reading something. I did look up and see the guy from King Kong sliding across the floor, with a Top Hat. He can’t sing either.

So far, three pretty bad comedians, one hermaphrodite.

---The Danes win an award. The Danes can now go jump in the warm water of the Artic Sea and celebrate. Keeping up the diversity.
9:00---Clint Eastwood said something about Iwo Jima. I didn’t hear it, but from what I’ve been reading lately, the movies he has made about the war are not exactly flattering to the United States. Clint is still sharp, but getting up there.
9:11---And as if we could care, a sound effects demonstration is put on, which is about as exciting as watching Clint Eastwood talk. No, I take that back. Even Peter O’Tool snoring in his chair is more exciting. But Clint’s film Iwo Jima wins for sound. Clint is a big liberal promoter. He must get something.
9:20--- Alan Arkin gets best supporting actor, which is presented as a surprise. But everyone knows who is going to win despite what the disclaimers says at the end of the show because all the great camera shots are lined up ahead of time, therefore what seat you are assigned tips you off.

Life is full of this BS stuff…isn’t it?

9:25---It has now been an hour, and Ellen picks up the excitement as she gives Martin Scorsese a script for a movie she wants to be in. Actually, I didn’t think it was a joke.

Maybe it was called, “Raging Hermaphrodite.”

One hour down. My god, have I really given into this?

9:29---Randy Newman and James Taylor sing a song. James Taylor, who had maybe two hits his whole life, is always on the Oscars. He sings like a hermaphrodite. The animated cars in the seats are cute, in fact, the best thing up to this point.
9:33---Melissa Etheridge sings the song “I Need to Wake Up.” Not only is this an understatement on her part, but it is what every person in the TV audience is thinking when they see the screen in back of her telling us all to start riding bicycles to work. Melissa is looking very feminine also, with makeup and earrings. The song is from Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth and the the inconvenient truth is: I really can’t tell what sex she is…she could be a turtle. She looks like Hillary’s little sister.
9:35---This is Al Gore’s big cue. Leonardo DiCarpprio is so obsequiously sucking up in front of the whole world to his hero the hermaphroditic green man, that he wants to get him to run for President again.
9:43---Ellen comes out with three of the worst jokes ever told in the history of mankind, which she says are recycled in honor of Al Gore. Was this comment on Al Gore?.....nah.

Then Cameron Diaz comes out and gives the environment propaganda cartoon of the year, “Happy Feet” an Oscar. Why Ice Age Two was not nominated was beyond me, because the whole world was destroyed in that little money maker too. The kids are having nightmares about their beds going under water. They go to bed with life preservers.
9:45---The great American historian, Ben Affleck, introduces a film montage about writers, which probably took all of one afternoon to put together. Ben has had so many flops lately, that he is trying to remind the powerful of Hollywood…maybe he should write.
9:49--- Some guy who won an Oscar for best screenplay told everyone that:

“Valium does work.”

As if Hollywood didn’t know.

9:59---France wins an Oscar for costume. Some French people come out and talk in that French way we all admire. Okay, we are making the world happy.

10:00---FINALLY. Tom Cruse presents Sherry Lansing a Humanitarian award making sure that everyone knows she is working with Jimmy Carter. Sherry has left the powerful of Hollywood, only to go to the very top of the world. The bottom of Sherry’s face doesn’t seem to be attached to the top.
10:10---Ellen goes down and has Spielberg take a picture of her and Clint. She worked very hard coming up with this.

Gwyneth Paltrow takes about the wonder of cellphones, and says thanks to them we are all cinematographers---Bit of a stretch I’d say.

10:23 Since France hates us so, they bring out Catherine Deneuve, who is probably about 90 by now and besides Bridget Bardot, was the only thing that the French gave the world besides the Statue of Liberty. She is there to praise Foreign Films. We see another montage promoting films we could never understand, but will be coming to our neighborhoods soon. Pretty bad stuff.

10:32--- It’s gotten down to this: Ellen is doing hand shadow puppets.
10:33 Girl from American Idol gets Oscar, all fans are happy, including God.
10:41---China wins Oscar for documentary on aids in China. Can’t leave them out.
10:44--- Al Gore again? He finally gets his Oscar and push for climate control and your money, and revenge on Bill Clinton.
10:50--- Clint Eastwood presents Oscar to Ennio Marricone and even translates his Italian which takes about twenty minutes. Who knew Clint could actually understand Italian? My husbands translations were much better.
10:55--- Celine Dion sings a very lovely song by him, which is NOT included to run for the song of the year, because it would have won over Al Gore’s theme song, which they want us all to learn.

Okay…this was the worst of the worst. Someone could have at least bashed the President again, or Iraq.

11:06--- It’s getting hard to keep up the torture. Some guy named Gustavo Santaolalla wins for best score for a film “that helped us understand better who we are and why and what are we here for.”
I’m glad to hear someone has finally figured this out. I think he works for La Raza, but I’m not sure. The Mexicans are watching this for the first time.

They will be talking about it on all the truck stops all over America.

11:20--- Jennifer Lopez introduces The Dream Girls, who sing songs that makes no sense whatsoever, but they themselves are happy, so, who am I to say anything.
11:27--- Melissa Etherege wins for her song to save herself. She kisses her wife, and thanks her four kids, and announces that Al Gore has saved the world.
11:35---Will Smith shows a montage of American movies. Most every scene trashes America, but the very last clip shows James Browns, with the American flag waving behind him.

I think I’m going to be sick. I’m reaching for the Advil. Jodie Foster announced all the dead people. I go to the bathroom.

11:52--- Best Actress goes to…no kidding…THE QUEEN, which is a film explaining to the whole world just why the Queen was such a snob when Princess Dianna died.

I can’t wait to see this one.

If you don’t think this film was made just to try to brighten up the tarnished QUEEN’s image, you would have no doubt when Helen Mirren holds the Oscar up high and says “Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you…the QUEEN!”

Proving my point. Oscar is a hermaphrodite.

12:00: Ellen is vacuuming down in the front isle. She is finally working. The rich are not amused.

Forest Whitaker wins for best actor, gives best speech of the night. AFRICA is pleased.

In the end, Spielberg, George Lucas and Francis Ford Coppola present an Oscar to Martin Scorsese. Because they all felt he needed one.

After all, it’s only fair that no one feel slighted---not any country, not any race or gay person.

The great Oscar promotion for diversity, Al Gore, and gender confusion throughout the world, was finally over.

The entertainers, now only entertain themselves.

I have always wondered why the Oscar had no gender…and now I know.

Also noted, Oscar has no brain either.

And that’s why someday, Oscar will have to get some boobs.


Sunday, February 25, 2007

Nobody Can Picks a Father

Nobody’s Opinion: Okay…how did you guys miss this?

I’ve been reading all the comments for quite a while now, how men are screwed by the courts, how the women are just using the men.

Their children are stolen away.

SO…how did you guys miss this?

Was it the trees? Was it the forest? Was it the big boobs of Anna Nicole being taking off the earth such a loss? Was it the fact that the man stealing another man’s baby is …ooops…wait…there is no villainous woman here.

I guess since Howard K. Stern is a man…it just didn’t compute. (WE DARE NOT TRASH A MAN.)

Did the point that a man was basically depriving another man of his own child, never to have any say or control, or even hope of seeing his child again in his lifetime….even come into your mind?

What, a man named Larry Birkhead…doesn’t count for some reason?

Isn’t Larry, Anna’s longtime boyfriend, a lot like many men?

Something tells me, if Howard K. Stern was the one who had died, and Anna had moved to the Bahamas to keep the baby from Larry Birkhead, who claims to be the natural father, there might be a few grunts of disapproval, but not much, because…

She was such a beauty.

You guys have to get your mind on the real story here.

Your missing a great opportunity to promote just how outrageously screwed up the courts are against men.


Here’s your chance. What is holding you back? The silence is overwhelming.

I know you’re not all out hunting deer.

What’s that you say? Why, this is ONLY one of the biggest opportunities in decades to promote the rights of men vs. the courts waving it’s SOS sign right in front of YOUR FACES, and yet…no where did I hear an outcry.

No seething articles against fathers being deprived of their child.

Someone tell me where they are.

No where are there battalions of men on the march for the injustices being done to a father…a father we watched all week saying with sincere heartfelt exclamations…

“I missed her birth, I have missed SO much. I not even allowed to watch her grow up.”

“I am the father. I want my child.”

“I WANT the paternity test.”

Okay, guys---(sigh).I guess it’s going to take a woman to help you out…you’re all lost at the moment in your lamentations of how screwed up women are. I know…life is hard.

What was done to this young man is nothing short of outrageous. He has a long time affair with a sex starlet. Great sex, big lust, then…love.

Most of the time, that’s how it all starts off.

Then, Anna has a miscarriage of their “first child.” The loss was hard on him too, and yet all the time, the focus is on her. Poor drugged up Anna.

He goes to the hospital, where she is pregnant with their second child. All the time, in the background, even sleeping on the couch downstairs, on the floor, under the bed, it’s Howard the pusherman.

Howard keeps her drugged up so much, that she can’t live without drugs. She finally chooses drugs over Larry.

In fact, she is so drugged up that her own son dies in her hospital room right before her own eyes, and she has no clue what happened.

Can you even imagine what Larry is going through? (Well, of course you can.)

The mom is dead, her son is dead…and the lawyer takes Larry’s daughter to the Bahamas so that Larry can’t touch her.

Remember, Howard K. Stern has pretty much admitted he’s not the biological dad.

BUT he has the audacity to put his name on the birth certificate as the biological father because he knows the laws in the Bahamas make him the dad, and he gets the money.

If there was no money with this child, she would have been in her real father’s care by now. Come on.

The motive for Howard, the upstanding man who gets no criticisms from any man on the earth…. (Or on this site) is the fact that he wants continue to live on welfare all his life, yes---on Anna’s money.

Just like all those millions of women who feel it’s their god-given right to be supported.

She may not have worked hard for that money, but something tells me, she worked harder than Howard did.

This nobody thinks, that being this is such a national issue, if all the men would get together and start talking about this poor guy Larry Birkhead and start giving him some moral support: if men would start talking about how Larry is being deprived of his child (never mind it’s a man doing it) maybe some of the court rulings would start changing more in favor of the men.

That’s how my friend Lee Salk did it. He used the press.

Lee Salk stood up to the courts. He had a long and nasty battle in New York for his own kids, and he won. His actions in the courts and his battles in the press got the advancements for the few men who do get custody of their children.

You’ve got to battle….

If Lee Salk were alive today, Lee would have spoken out vehemently on the actions of this courts ruling, and the fact that the real father was being deprived of his child.

The fact that Anna Nicole Smith and her lawyer were not only drug addicts, but almost everything that Howard K Stern has done…shows that he probably had a hand in two deaths, should be the issue here.

For all of Larry Seidlin the compassion judge crying about the child, he did nothing to protect her.

My god, this poor child. This poor man.

So, here I am, a nobody woman, trying to wake you guys up.

THIS is when you fight. What are you waiting for?

A man who’s life is about to be changed forever very soon, needs you. Let him be a voice for all men getting the shaft.

You can blast me later.

Nobody’s Perfect: Okay, I know many of you probably haven’t been following the trial, due to the nature of the press…but still, there is a big story here that is being underplayed.

Nobody Knows; I think Larry Birkhead’s lawyer, who happens to be a woman, is one of the best I’ve seen anywhere. She put most of the men to shame. She is going to file for kidnapping and good for her. I give her credit, and Larry was a very wise man to choose her.

Nobody Cares; Really…there doesn’t seem to be any outrage at all about the most interesting facts of the case, which is not that Anna Nicole Smith died like her idol Marilyn Monroe, but that her child is being kidnapped illegally just for the money, and getting away with it, because…well…you tell me why.

Nobody Wins: The paternity case in the Bahamas for Anna’s Nicole Child will be held in closed doors this week. If Howard Stern wins the child under the Bahamas Courts, and if there is not an outrage here in the United States, then once again, not much will change.