Saturday, March 28, 2009

Nobody Flashes on a Saturday Night

Nobody Is Flashing YOU on a Saturday Night...put your drink down for a minute.


It's Saturday Night...and I'm very lazy. So, here's another favorite e-mail I received this week from my friend ANT, who is at this very moment, teaching drunken students somewhere in South Korea!

I think I'm just going to post my favorite e-mail message from the week on Saturday night.
Why not? By Saturday night, I'm brain dead. is short, just ask Kenny.

It's all about the economy, Jews, and Margarita Machines, which I must admit, someone in my close personal family actually bought one, right in front of my eyes. It's one of their better ones.

Anway, nobody hopes that everyone has a really great Margarita Sunday!


Friday, March 27, 2009

Tonight...Be a Friend to a Liberal...

Nobody's Fool: Here we see the response we all knew (at least those of us that pay attention) was bound to happen.

A first democratic reaction due to Obama's biggest betrayal.

Upon hearing that the savior of the world, Obama---the man that was going to end all violence in the world, by using his wit, charm, talking ability, and swagger...the man that was voted in with breathless anticipation...causing leg palpitations, and salivating press agents...

Had a press conference of his own today where he sounded just like...dare I say it?

President George W. Bush.

Millions of Democrats across the nation are at home tonight, and not feeling all too well. Pepto's stock will go sky high on Monday.

Yes, Obama lied to his many fans. He actually said the same exact words that were said after 9.11! About how dangerous our enemy is! How the most important job he has is protecting the American we must continue fighting them...over there.

He is sending more troops and more money!

Oh MY GOD...what happened?

President Obama, was telling the whole world this morning that he was not only going to send more troops into Afghanistan, but Pakistan as well, along with billions of more taxpayer's money! And what the heck...we need to built all their hospitals, schools and roads too, he said, otherwise...what's the point?

It's the only way to remain safe from another attack.

For one brief moment...Obama was George W. Bush. It was pretty scary.

Meanwhile, in the town of Belleville, Illinois, the school is sinking, but the kids CAN have a great time jumping over all the cracks. And they will need new schools in Fargo, North Dakota, but they can wait. The kids in Pakistan need schools...NOW.

Well, at least that's the good liberal news.

But....hey! Didn't Obama promise to bring all the soldiers home? Will there be one liberal in the press that will even have the tenacity to get their head up out of the toilet and point out that Obama is actually beefing up Bush's war?

Will Rosie O'Donnell be able to stand herself?

Tonight is the night, that I would advise anyone who has a liberal Obama supporter friend...not to let them drive. Make them give you the keys. Give them a shoulder to cry on.

As we can see by the picture...this poor Democrat just couldn't handle the news any longer.

Nevertheless, this nobody suggest that on Monday morning, when you talk to your liberal sure to say..

"I told you so."

Maybe next time, they will think before they drink and vote.


Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Smoke Is In Your Obama Bong Eyes

Nobody Wins: He made a joke about it…Obama. He joked about it at his “fake” town hall meeting. It was the perfect set-up…so he could deny what he really wants to do…what he plans to do…and very shortly. George Soros be proud.

The joke is not a joke…legalizing marijuana is not a joke. Not to me. Not to the millions of people who have lost children, husbands, and dear friends to the horrible habit of smoking “grass.”

Ask my neighbor down the street whose son was shot in the head in downtown St. Louis, last year because he wanted a bag.

Ask my neighbor across the street, whose son who smokes every single day and can’t keep a job.
Grass is not a joke.

Of course, Hillary set the stage…perfectly. Americans have an “insatiable demand for drugs.” said the woman who, if witnesses are to believed, shared many a joint with her future ruler and partner in crime, Bill Clinton. while they were in college.

Once again, it’s OUR fault that the drug lords are killing and cutting off heads.


Our great unionized public schools let the kids sell drugs in the hallway. The teachers all watch. They look away. How do I know this? Because the teachers have told me.

Obama’s town hall set up the discussion, so that he could laugh and deny… so that the rest of the day, on CNN, on all the news networks we could “talk” about how we really should legalize drugs. it's the only way...
I’m really getting sick of this “media” brainwashing…done to make you think…that it’s the people that want this, it’s a clever ploy.

They have the whole day planned out, who will say what, and when, and how. Obama will say this, Hillary will go to Mexico… it will come out on the same day. And the night before a very special program on M-13 will be shown to scare us all.

Not a coincidence. Hollywood be proud. My goodness, another crisis to be used to further the programs, how timely. How wonderfully convenient.

Once again, Hillary set the stage…”neither interdiction of drugs nor reducing demand has been successful”

What else is there? Legalization!

Well, according to my local mayor, marijuana is not as bad as alcohol.

Tell that to Michael, my first love. My first boyfriend. We were engaged. His family said he should grow up first and go serve in Vietnam before we got married.

So…off he went. He joined. He came back, barely able to speak a decent sentence. A young man who loved to read, who loved to think, had smoked so much grass over there that his brain was literally damaged beyond repair.

Grass is a despicable drug. I know---I was a musician who worked with too many stoned musicians for years. It makes you really, really, stupid.

Alcohol, can be addicting, that’s true. But it doesn’t destroy as many frontal lobe cells as grass.

Did legalizing alcohol get rid of alcoholics? No…do the numbers.

But most people aren’t alcoholics; they can drink on the weekends, and still get up and function on Monday.

But with grass….no. The people I know who started smoking never got off the stuff. They do it every day of their lives; they say it “relaxes” them. And because grass relaxes, they went on to coke, or crack.
Well, what about drunk drivers? there a test for stoners driving? Nope.

Anyway...if I were a government trying to introduce a corporate/fascist/state to the most successful democracy in history, I’d want them “relaxed” too.

So, will legalizing drugs stop the violence? Will M-13 stop killing people? Why do these people sell drugs? Legalize grass…they will just sell heroin and cocaine...

No, there will be just a lot more people so stoned they won’t know what’s going on. Not to mention the tax revenue they will get off of it.

Obama laughed.

The laughing messenger…of a slow and painful George Soros planned socialistic death.

Close the border. Expel the kids who sell drugs in the hallways. Ban cell phones from all prisons and schools. Put some Vietnam Vets on TV and let them tell how drugs ruined their lives. Bring men back into being married and fathers. Stop this “single mothers” promotion…put the kids in state-controlled schools where the state can control their every thought, crap.

I broke up with Michael. It broke my heart to see his brain destroyed. He tried to get me into his drug world…I walked into a room where Michael and his friends were all shooting up one day, just by chance, and knew he was lost.

I’m lucky those guys were too stoned to catch me.

I have no idea what happened to that gentle good soul.

And Obama laughed.

Well, Obama smokes cigarettes, and by his low weight, I’d say he smokes a good two packs a day.

I wonder what else he’s smoking?
Go ahead and legalize it Obama. It might finally wake people up to what you are doing.
(Sorry, somethings just don't make me laugh, and this is one of them.)


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

England's GOOD Men...

Nobody Cares: Here we go: two good stories coming out of England about two amazing men...

One man made some remarkable comments being seen all over the world on Youtube... made to the, at the time, laughing Gordon Brown, by this guy...Daniel Hannon.

A man who not only would make a wonderful future leader for Britain, but also one that shows just how easy it is to speak eloquently without having to use a TelePrompter..something that our President, has failed to figure out. His speech could be given to our Congress and President and fit perfectly.

So...I suggest we put Daniel's speech on TWO giant flat-screen videos, one facing the White House and one facing the Capital. Yes, play Daniel's message 24/7 at the volume of a small rock concert.

Just let it play over and over and over and over...tell they get it.

After all, Janet Reno tortured with blasted music at Waco. I don't see why we can't give them all a reminder that they are really messing up our you? They would consider it torture, but if they snapped and left the government, then it might save some lives.

(Okay, I's a nice Wesnesday thought, isn't it?) If they can suggest that men and their families should be attacked at AIG...they deserve it.

And this other man who works at a zoo in the another uplifting moment.

His name is Tim Rowland, and he has taken over the most important job of nursing this little darling of a girl named Margaret...

Margaret was so tiny at birth, she was having trouble reaching "mum" and as we can see from Margaret's beautiful brown eyes, she is in excellent hands.

This nobody thinks it may be silly and trite, but this is exactly the thing we should do right now..find the good men and women and Praise them with our loudest voices all over the world...

And finding two men in England made my little nobody day... to me!


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Nobody Knows: What's Going On?

David Icke Website - Home

Nobody Knows: What's going on?

We go from one bailout, to a TARP, to another bailout, to billions of dollars worth of pork, to bailing out car companies, to bailing out their suppliers, to bailing out newspapers, to bailing out bonuses for big CEO's, to deficits of trillions that if stretched out in one-hundred dollar bills would stretch outside the Milky Way, to suggested Obama brown-shirts , to instigation of class warfare, to everyone losing their pensions, to major retail stores shutting down, to drug wars on our borders, to a possible WWIII starting in the middle East, and our boys right in the middle of it, to China threatening to toss out the dollar, with the help of Great Britain and France, to Sweden becoming a Muslim nation, to a made-up green revolution to control our every habit, to a President grabbing control of all private industry and banks, to sweet words to ruthless dictators with dreams of Holocaust, to snotty remarks about the disabled, to millions being laid off, to vacant homes, to a new plane for the down and out Nancy Pelosi....and the "green" revolution tells us that England must reduce it's population to just 30 million...

And NOBODY goes after the guy who says it?


Is it because they want ALL people to die off, not just the Jews?

Is it because it's an equal opportunity extermination that makes it all so...respectable?

And tonight, the President of the "free" country of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama, came out and "permitted" the people on his picked list to ask him very staged questions, while he looked at a big screen, like the puppet he is, and delivered the same old, reassuring messages that he has been saying over and over for weeks.

If you listened to him, everything in the world was going to be just fine...children.

" are just going into the's a shower after you're long trip. Men and boys to the right...women and girls to the left, leave all your jewelry and luggage outside the door, they will be giving back to you when you come out of the line quiet then will be served lunch. "

They played a program about the ten biggest crimes in history tonight on the cable channels, but they left off the biggest one ever committed. The trillions of dollars stolen from the American People, right out from under their nose. But don't worry if you have to work till you will be paid a decent "volunteer" salary and never lack for food stamps.

I was watching this David Icke post tonight...and as crazy as it seems, the fact that so many of our leaders have been telling us for years what they are going to do, and we have just thought that the "New World Order" was just a nice phrase like "Shower the people with love" because we just can't believe how a small amount of elite men and women could take control of billions of lives...or even want to for that matter.

After the Holocaust, who would do such a thing?

And will they insist on chipping us? Well, not too long ago I would have been shocked to see camera's go up everywhere. Not too long ago I was shocked to learn that I could no longer deposit my own husband's paycheck, a bank who had known me for over thirty years.. without him near.

So, if even a little of this new "chipped" society comes about there IS only one thing to do...

Don't riot, but unit, and simply, do not comply.

The President of Princeton recently said that the intelligent design theory had no proof whatsoever. I suggest she pray on that. This time, it will be more than Americans at the tea parties...

They might be having them all over the world.

They want globalization? Well...they might get it, and that's when billions of people on the earth might say...

What have we got to fear, but fear itself?



Nobody Flashes: I posted a piece last night, as is my usual folly, and this morning, I found it, burried deep in my arhives, but it won't publish..
So in order to try again, here I am...playing solitare, which is what I have to do every day because it takes that long for my computer to warm up...otherwise it crashes.
As you know...crashing is not good. Soo


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Beam Me Up and Don't Pee On My Leg

Nobody’s Opinion: Two of my favorite “hero’s" fell from my nobody grace today. One was William Shatner---the actor who entertained us all for so many great years as Captain Kirk, and the other was Judge Judy.

I hate it when that happens.

William Shatner and Judge Judy---if you compare them side by side they have a lot in common. Both rebels with a cause; both famous from shooting in-your-face zingers from the hips: both big stars with bigger than life ego’s, and in that I mean, I’ve never witnessed either one of them out of their own dominating character.

They say what they think, and damn the torpedo’s with attitudes as refreshing and American as mom’s meat loaf.

Until now---the torpedo’s which were once dead on the mark are now veering left---big time.

Let’s start with Judge Judy. I’ve read several of her books. The lady rules a lot of common sense, and she has the experience to back it up. The little feisty lady came on the scene like a red-headed pit-bull--- BOOM! Don’t talk over her! It’s her courtroom!


But this weekend I saw that Judge Judy was being interviewed on Larry King, and she was just about to go off when she said, what I considered to be a big “kiss-up” to the liberal media, and that's when she blew it…with me.

Larry was asking her about “gays” with that puppy-dog look of how horribly Larry thought they are all mistreated… and Judge Judy said, that she thought that the younger generation was really fine with “gay” marriages, and all things gay, because they were used to “gays.” It was the older generation that was having a hard time with it.

Well, duh. I wonder why?

Technically, it was an innocent and very well-worded remark…if you didn’t count the way she said it. As if the older generation was all wrong for being against gay marriages: and teaching children that “gay” sex is normal and that every gay is a good person.

Of course, she, the wise and OZ-like Judge Judy, was very hip and with the younger generation. She might as well said to Larry, “Don’t worry, as soon as the baby boomers die off, there will be no more problems…gays will be half the population, and everyone will think it’s very normal--and you know I believe that’s the right thing for our population.”

And as your daddy would say Judy, Don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining.”

Being an “older” entertainer, I’ve counted many gay people as my friends. BUT--- this saying that the whole population of America is after gays, and out to destroy them as a sort of “rare and dangerous” species, is just a big, fat, lie.

It’s the old government coming into our lives and taking one group of people and giving them special status over another group of people…or ELSE. They are telling our children about the “gay” sexual life in our public schools before they’ve even learned to tie their shoe laces.

That’s tyranny. Actually, it’s child abuse.

Nevertheless, Judge Judy accepts gay marriage as normal, so either she has not thought out all the ramifications of this social engineering of whole populations with relentless gay propaganda, or she figured she’d better get with the Obama program before she lost her job to a Lesbian judge.

Either way…I don’t like pee on my leg, so she won’t miss me.

Now, in regards to William Shatner: I watched Boston Legal for the first time today, and found out that William plays a gay lawyer, who by all accounts is the still lovable character that we all knew and loved, but nevertheless a gay man, who, is rich and snobby, and that’s why his gay lawyer lover friend adores him so.

Please…beat me…bring out the whips.

Okay…just how many homosexuals are there in our population? Last time I checked it was about…one or two percent? So tell me again WHY they think we want to hear about gay lovers and all the excitement in their “bedroom” in our few hours of relaxation?
The last comment on Boston Legal between Shatner and his gay lover was "Oh, who's bedroom shall we go tonight?"
Like we should care?

But Bill doesn’t just stop with being gay, oh no… he goes on to explore galaxies quite unknown to his usual very masculine, testosterone driven persona.

The story line of Boston Legal this afternoon covered all the necessary talking points: rich vs. poor, (Rich are horrible, poor are wonderful and mistreated) the immigration problem because a Spanish Lady had her son kidnapped (so we all felt great sympathy to the poor Spanish mother of course) and a rich woman lawyer puts her whole career on the line to help her: a corrupt priest who was hiding a child molester, and then…a final vision of William Shatner hitting pictures of Jane Fonda with a paint gun.

The little “catch” to make us all adore him…the gay Archie Bunker of Boston.

And that’s the problem I’m having with all this. Too many of our movies, and television programs are putting social and communistic themes onto our favorite stars, and some of these stars have been mostly conservative.

Just the other day: on Supernatural…out of nowhere…one of the 'demon’ hunters (they hunt “demons”) said that Joe the Plumber was a douche bag.


Here’s a fantasy about two guys that go around and kill devils and witches with salt and silver bullets, and they have to bash poor Joe the Plumber?

What? Are the writers running out of vampires?

Maybe Judge Judy and Williams Shatner feel they have no choice. If entertainers want to work at all, and keep up their expensive lifestyles, they are going to have to say what the producers want them too…and the producers are mostly Obama lovers…and every sitcom is filled with all the program messages of the Obama communistic administration.

They have, after all, big bills to pay, but still…

I’m tired of losing hero’s, because every American hero we lose, even if they are just fictional, is just another one we have to find, and we saw what they did to Sarah Palin.

So... Judge Judy can go pee on Larry King’s leg as much as she wants…and as for William Shatner? Well, I don’t’ think Boston Legal is going to miss me…The enterprise of watching Captain Kirk explore his gay legal partner sexually is just not very exciting to this nobody, no matter how much he shoots his paint gun.

Too bad Scottie can’t beam us all another galaxy...far away...
Wait...George Lucas is gay too...when is Harry Potter coming out of the closet?
Spider-man? Superman?
I've had enough.