Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Fashion of Wal-Mart VS the Fashion of the Rich

Nobody Flashes Favorite E-Mails--
I got these pictures in my mailbox this week...all of them were taken at Wal-Mart...but one, (can you guess which one?) That one was taken at a very rich Paris fashion show, with lots of really rich people around, who as we all know, would not be caught dead in a Wal-Mart, unless of course Al Gore was making an appearance in Aisle Nine as the Jolly Green Giant, and passing out Green Electric Car Coupons.
Frankly, I think they have a lot of nerve making fun of Wal-Mart people, the "little people" that most of them can't stand and would sooner rather than later get rid of.
If you guessed that the women dressed up as Kermit's Heavenly Blind-Date, was the rich chick, then you would be correct.
So---do YOU see any difference in the "fashion" style of the rich and famous, and the poor and funkable?
Me neither.
If I had to choose an outfit, I'd go with the ACORN worker in her red boots, and her pimp.
Dying your hair to match your outfit is the new rage as we saw Drew Barrymore and Jay Leno do the other night on Jay's program.
The Model with Kermit's sperm hanging off her, has a pimp too, I'm sure.
And the lady with the nails? Obviously, she's never had to work...she is on disability, which makes her the smartest one in the group.
As for the guy in the Easter Eggs outfit---I want to see his Christmas outfit. I bet he lights up.
"ATTENTION...ATTENTION....Shoppers...all children stay away from aisle three.. DO NOT PICK THE PINK BUNNY....repeat...
DO NOT PICK THE PINK BUNNY...(But the green frog is free.)


Friday, September 18, 2009

Gagging the Partridges OR Hunting the Morons

Nobody's Fool:

“They hunt me like a Partridge upon the mountains. Well—be it so. I am aware that my severest trials are yet to come.”

Who said this?

Rep. Joe Wilson? Glenn Beck? Michael Savage? Rush Limbaugh? Joseph Farrah of WorldNetDaily? Mike LaSalle of MensNewsDaily? Willie Nelson?

No…this was a quote from House Representative, John Quincy Adams, who was serving in the House after serving as our Fifth President. He was talking about the vicious attacks coming from his fellow Congressmen, for trying to get the “gag” rule lifted. The “gag” was against any discussion of slavery and its abomination ever being held anywhere in the halls of Congress.

Rep. Joe Wilson’s little reprimand last week was nothing compared to what JQA went through, day after day, year after year, (from 1836-1844) as he relentlessly fought alone…the battle for free speech.

For those of you who went to our (I can’t say the word) public schools, JQA was the X-President (Son of John Adams, played by Anthony Hopkins) in the movie Amistad…who defended the slaves on the Amistad at the Supreme Court and got them freed.

BEFORE Martin Luther King, BEFORE Civil Rights…there was just one man alone who fought Congress to end slavery. And the fight began by forcing the Congress to discuss it. The people gave him petitions to lift the “gag,” and he would throw them on the House floor like Roger Clemens fast balls covered with spit.

Don’t ask me how many times HE was censored.
I stand alone in the House of Representatives, as I did in the last Congress…alone.” ---JQA
Trust me, they hated him.

Gee…are there any John Quincy Adams streets in Harlem? Just wondered.

You see, the Democratic Southerners loved their slave system. Adams accused them of suppressing not only the right of petition but freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom of religion, “for in the minds of many worthy, honest, and honorable men, this is a religious question.”

Slavery is wrong, but don’t tell Acorn that.

Yesterday, with tears budding up in her stretch-marked eyes, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was afraid of the violence that would come with “hate” speech. You know, like the “names” true patriotic citizens are calling their “elected” officials?

She also warned that those who dared speak their “opinions” would have to take responsibility for any reaction that they may cause.

Okay, then Czar Obama should take responsibility for casing black students to start beating up white kids all over the country on school buses because of continuously playing his “race" card at every opportunity. Another one happened in Hazelwood, MO yesterday, but the school won’t release the film, and I wondered just how many other incidents we are not hearing about.

Yes, it’s okay for them to be nasty as they like.
Because Glenn Beck has exposed the corruptors so nakedly, the only thing they could do was try to make fun of him by putting the most ridiculous picture of him on the front cover of Time Magazine, as if that won’t rile up his many fans…Time is now the new MAD magazine.

Alfred E. Newman had more maturity.

Who’s doing the “hate” crimes here? These despicable people are stirring up racial hatred and “redneck” hatred, and when the fights come, they will blame the “citizen” who dares object to the new Obama state, and picks on all those poor black people. That’s the plan.
And they will come in with the guns. It’s almost evil.

Glenn is not alone. Rush Limbaugh was blamed by Bill Clinton for the Oklahoma bombings. Michal Savage warns us against Jihadists and he gets banned from England. Joe Wilson dares to be the only good soul in the whole corrupt Congress to represent the people while an elected President blatantly lies, and for that he gets censored in the Congress.

WorldNetDaily is being attacked.

And how about this---

Here’s a letter that the editor, Mike LaSalle, posted on his website MensNewsDaily which was received from Google for the horrible sin of one of his writers just suggesting that if a gay man just gave up being gay, he might live free from HIV.

Upon recent review of your site, we found articles that do not meet our content guidelines. Please be aware that we currently don’t include sites that contain hateful comments in Google News. If we’re made award of articles that display this type of material, we’ll remover them, and repeated violations can result in the removal of you site from Google News,

Regards--The Google News Team

Gee…how many porn sites carry Goggle ads? How much “hate” is out there in all the left sites? Add a new word to that Google: Google Gag.

No doubt, they use this same nice letter in China. Google put special censorship software for the military to use in China. So they could spy on their people, and throw the ones in jail who were saying stuff they didn’t like.

We were told it was a great way to get “freedom” to China.
Nice work guys.

So, do we make like partridges to be hunted on the Mountain? Do we let our leaders “gag” our free speech, given to us by our founders?

Does Google, or Congress, or the President, have the authority to “gag” any of us?


I’m going to go buy that picture of Glenn Beck, frame it, and put it on my wall. And the next time someone tells me I have to be careful of what I say, I’m going to be a real turkey and stick my tongue out at them.

As John would say, “the cause is good and great."

We are not slaves, and we have the right to free speech, no matter what the lady who doth protest too much says--
Let’s go hunt some morons with it!


Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Obama Official Attornment

Nobody Flashes: The United States President/Czar/Sultan..Obama Hussein, today announced with official attornment to our new landlords, Russia, ---all the while flexing those wonderful biceps of intellectual axilla (armpits)--- said this dear nobodies...and I quote:
"Our new missile defense architecture in Europe will provide stronger, smarter, and swifter defenses American forces and American allies."
Which means: 'Okay, Putin, I'll dismantle our missiles.'
Somehow I think sending the ever swift, strong, and smarter Vice President Jimmy Carter over to talk to Putin, is not going to work this time.
Wait---Jimmy Carter is not our Vice President?
Could have fooled me.
Does this mean that if Iran launches nukes at Israel, Nancy Pelosi will go into the UN and say, "That wasn't very nice." ?
Soooooooooo--Unless all those recent shuttle trips put up Reagan's Star Wars Plans, ( and I'd say the chances of that are about as distant as Barney Frank becoming a heterosexual) I suggest that Hillary get a direct line to Sarah Palin...
And beg her fact...Hillary should make that call...NOW.
Otherwise...Obama will blame HER...for the upcoming crisis.
What---you don't think he'd blame her? There is some reason she got the job..everyone needs a scapegoat.
Will she use the "it's because I'm a woman" excuse?
Will he use the "it's because I'm the first Black President" excuse?
You bet.
As for the rest of us...we will have no excuse. I'm starting right now to think up mine..."I don't know...I don't remember...what? I have no guns! What do you think I am? A patriot?"
(Nobody Makes this stuff up.)


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Nobody Cares: What a Peanut Obomination Thinks

Nobody Cares:
So...what does a President do when his obvious lies get pointed out during his big propaganda speech in front of the whole nation, WHILE everyone is suppose to be listening obediently, like good boys and girls...and some man does the unthinkable...he calls Obama, exactly what he is...a..."liar?"

You call for backup. (Lunch?)

Rahm: 'Well, just say he hates you because your black. Get those blacks going man, get them all fighting...we need to use this opportunity.'

Bill: 'Hey, you can't say it! You have to get someone else to do it...but you have to get a white guy...I can't do it...but hey, call the peanut! always works for me! Hell, while I was giving away our nuclear secrets to China, everyone was talking about Monica! Diversion baby!'

So...The Revenant Peanut, better known as "can't shut up about how bad Americans are" x-President, Jimmy Carter,...came out yesterday and said that Joe Wilson's "liar" comment was raciest, and lots of people in the United States just couldn't accept that we had an "African-American" in the White House. (An African-American, whose white ancestors are protesting in heaven--- but that's another blog)
The truth is: Our racist President, and his surrounding racists in the White House, are fueling the fire for the blacks to go on rampage, and start beating up on whites.
Obama started it with his "white cops are beating up on black folks" story. And it has gotten so insane, that some poor white boy, just riding home on a Belleville, IL, school bus, got beat up by a band of black kids, while the whole bus of black kids cheered them on.
And the police said that it was not a "racist" act on the part of the blacks.
And if you think these high government criminals care about that white boy getting beat up...think again. Race riots will help put in their agenda's, take the country's mind off of health care, tax and energy, Afghanistan, the upcoming depression, and the money that all of them are making off of illegal prostitution and drugs.
Bill Clinton came out of the mafia of Arkansas---Obama came out of the Union Mafia thugs of Chicago, and the peanut farmer? Well, he's just a big troublemaker that should be silenced forever, because he works for dictators. In fact, Jimmy Carter has become an American abomination.
and NOBODY makes this stuff up.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Patrick Swayze: Singing This Song For You

Nobody Flashes: Sorry this is so just came out, and hey, he deserves it.

I’ve been so many places in my life and times
I’ve sung a lot of songs I’ve done some bad rhymes
I’ve acted out my love in stages, with ten thousand people watching
But we’re alone now, and I’m singing this song for you”

…Leon Russell

I heard this song by chance on the radio today, after hearing about the passing of Patrick Swayze, and I couldn’t help but picturing, in my mind’s eye, not Demi Moore, but Swayze slow dancing and holding his grieving wife Liza, her head on his shoulder and he was softly singing her this song.

Don’t ask me why, but it was a calming moment.

That was the funny thing about Swayze…millions of women of every age had a crush on the man, even though everyone knew that he had mated for life. That certainly didn’t stop women of every age falling under his spell, and enjoying every celluloid minute of his masculine grace.

I personally owe Patrick Swayze quite a bit.

The first time my dear 74-year old mother saw “Dirty Dancing” she finally had a reason to live. Her husband had passed, her company was gone, her body ached, but she always had her imaginary lover to look forward to. She must have watched that movie at least 250 times before her end.

She would pass me in the kitchen, grab her bowl of popcorn, and smile at me, and I’d say, “Don’t tell me…Dirty Dancing is on again?” And she would have the cutest little girl smile on her face and say, “Yep!” And off she would go…she was sixteen again and going dancing with her Johnny Castle.

Her second reason for living was watching “Ghost.” She saw that abut 3,985 times.

Some days I used to think she had a direct line to God…”Okay, I’ll play them again--- just for you dear.”

And I can’t blame her. Try as I can, I can’t remember any man alive, before or after, who looked better dancing than Patrick Swayze, and for that we can thank his mother.

Fred Astaire was a genius, but…sometimes he looked like a broomstick walking. I saw Rudolf Nureyev (with Margo Fonteyn) He was graceful, but looked stiff. Mikhail Baryshnikov …was a brilliant dancer, but...sorry. Michael Jackson, fun to watch…but he danced alone. Not Patrick. His very posture poured out confidence and passion for the music, for the girl he was dancing with, for the moment, and for just the sheer joy of moving in time.

There were technically, many other dancers that were and are better. But it’s not just being able to do the technical leaps and bounds, or to show that you can twirl on your head. To dance is to celebrate life, to actually celebrate your soul. And Patrick expressed the his soul's concept of “life" more than any dancer I’ve ever seen. You see, Patrick learned to move his hips…not a very easy thing for a man. He was limber, lose. It makes all the difference in the world to a dancer. You think it WOULD be easy for a man wouldn’t you? But... no.

And then ….ooooooooo, he would wag that finger…and any girl would follow.
Got that guys? If he would have asked me to jump down into a rat-infested sewer with him, just to dance, I would have gladly dove into the muck and said…let’s do it!

Do ya love me…Now that I can daaannnccceee, watch me now oo…!”
Move over rat! (Sorry, I lost control for a moment.)

I met his mother once. I was the lounge act at a Doubletree Hotel where she had come from Texas to judge a children’s dance expedition. I was getting ready to start work, and she was getting a drink at the bar. Since there was no one else in the bar, I went up to her to tell her that over the years, I had sang, “She’s like the Wind” and that it was one of my most requested songs. I also told her, I understood that she had more than one child and how proud she must be of all of them. Needless to say, she was having a hard time being polite, and it was obvious to me that Patrick Swayze did not get his demeanor from his mother. I quickly shut myself up, and left her alone. This was one tough, American, no-nonsense woman, but thank god for her.

He must have gotten all that passion and emotion from his dad, or so I told myself.

That day at the Doubletree, I wanted to tell his mom that I actually knew quite a bit about dancing. My brother and I started “ballroom” dancing professionally when I was five, at the Fontainebleau Hotel on Miami Beach. Later when I was a teenager I taught at Arthur Murray’s. I was probably one of the few people in the world who actually knew not only how to Pechanga, but didn’t think it was an Italian side dish.

Remember that famous scene when he takes ‘Baby’s’ hand and holds it over his heart and tells her the music beat is like a heartbeat? “Con-con…con-con…con-con”

I just about died when I saw that scene.

Because, when I was five, my first dancing teacher, Diego…did that very same thing to me…. (Diego and his wife DaVita were the ballroom teachers at the Fontainebleau Hotel back in the 60’s) Diego took his hand and placed it over his heart and said exactly the same words…con-con…con-con...

“You seeee..yo heat beats…here, then he took my hand and put it on his heart, and sure enough, I could hear the beat to the music, con-con.”

Talk about freaky. Did the chirographer of “Dirty Dancing” take lessons from Diego and DaVita too? Or was this the way everyone in Latin America was taught?

NO matter.

It wasn’t as a dancer that I first got hooked on Patrick Swayze. It was his stupendous performance in the TV miniseries North and South. I still have that on tape. (And no, my sister-in-law cannot have it.)

In his later years, we all missed him…men missed his action films, women wanted to see him dance again---it was not to be.

When he did come back in the TV series The Beast, we all saw that Swayze magical light flickering, and were amazed at his sheer will and strength.

This morning, they replayed an old interview. He got mad and told Barbara Walters that they (the media) had no right to take hope from his love ones.

They should plaster that philosophy on all hospital walls. Hell--they should plaster that all over Congress and the White House.

Patrick Swayze did NOT go gentle into that good night. He not only bared the pain…no Obama pill for him, he dove straightforward into life…and that’s what we all loved about him. He was a Texan, a lover, a fighter for justice, he was a moral man. By sheer example he showed us all how to live, and how to die.

And, “yep” when I’m 78, I will be just like my mom. I won’t have a daughter to tease me to share a movie with…but it won’t matter. I’ll be sixteen again, and I will be ‘Dirty Dancing’ with Swayze.

Patrick Swayze…I’d be singing this song for you:

Do ya Love Me? (I’m In the Groove), Do Ya Love Me? Now that I can daaannnnnce?


Monday, September 14, 2009

Pick Your Favorite Imperfect Diva

Nobody's Perfect:
My goodness! We had two really ugly outbursts of bad manners and just downright nastiness this week, from two black "divas"...and it's hard to pick just which "diva" outburst should get the award for slipping off the "perfection" ladder and into the "Nobody's Perfect" Zone.
Okay, I won't keep you in suspense. I say that Kanye West wins. It's one thing to see an Amazon tennis player pumped up, (come on..please) threaten to stuff a tennis ball down a referee's throat for handing out a call that the "DIVA" did not like...
She only hurts herself.
But, for a guy to jump up on stage and grab the mike from the official winner of an award, and then claim some other girl blew her away...
Let's just say, I wouldn't have mind seeing that guy in the new 3-D movie Final Destination which I saw least I could pretend that his head was hit by a flying tire and smashed! (Okay, only in Hollywood.)
As for all the Americans who went to the tea parties this week...
They were all --- PER--FEC--TION!


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Nobody Reports on First Reports

Nobody’s Opinion: Last week, while watching the 9/11 ceremonies on TV, suddenly there was breaking news: CNN reported first, that near the Potomac River, not far from the 9/11 ceremonies at the Pentagon, the coast guard were chasing a boat that would not comply to their order to stop. A few minutes later, FOX News got their cameramen on the scene, reporting the same.

Both networks reported that shots had been fired, and were still being fired. On the screen, you could see about three boats playing chase in a series of circles.

It was also reported that, this chase scene was taking place very close to the bridge that the President’s motorcade would use on the way to the ceremonies at that Pentagon.

Okay. How did THAT happen?

It wasn’t twenty minutes later when a second report came in; “Oh wait folks, we’re now being told that was just an exercise, no bullets were fired. It was just a missed communication…Homeland Security should have known. The Coast Guard has now reported that what you just witnessed is just a normal everyday event of a “practice” run …on 9/11, with the President going by, and oh, someone forgot about it.”

I was not at all surprised at the second report because, there is ALWAYS a second report. Reporters all over the world it seems always get things wrong on that first report, according to history.

Or do they?

I remember the first reports on Flight 800. First reports were that a plane crashed off the New York Coast, into the water right after takeoff. The first reports of eye witnesses at the scene were that there was a streak of light from the ground that hit the plane. Before it was over, not only was there were over fifteen eye witnesses from the ground, but two pilots also saw what looked like a “missile” from the ground. Many believed it was shot down.

But it wasn’t long before we were told that that first report was just wrong. President Clinton ordered those plane pieces to be put them into a hanger, and the official report from the government: it exploded in midair.

You conspiracy nuts you---stop it.

The first report of Princess Dianna’s accident in France was very upsetting. I was up that night, and never left my TV. My mother and I watched for over 4 hours while it was reported that eyewitness on the scene saw a car speed away from the scene of the accident. We sat in utter horror at the pathetic “rescue” efforts. It was obvious to anyone watching the first reports that Princess Diana’s life wasn’t worth much, because no one came to her rescue for the longest time…it took four hours to get her to the emergency room.

Second report: well, there was no conspiracy…everything was done to save her. Even if you don’t believe there was a conspiracy to kill her, you have to wonder why it took so long to get anyone on the scene.

Then there was the night that young JFK Jr’s plane went down. The first reporters on the scene interviewed eyewitness on the ground. Three separate people who lived on that island, heard several cannon fire, and some saw something being shot into the air.

Second reports: that JFK was a lousy pilot. President Bill Clinton bought out the whole Navy to get those bodies out of the water--- investigated and shut away so fast, the bodies barely had time to dry out.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but, JFK Jr. was a magazine editor…so... the Navy? What am I missing here? Would they have done the same if it had been Amy Carter flying that plane?

And just days ago…on 9/11, I heard Ari Fleischer, President Bush's Press Secretary on 9/11, tell a reporter that the moment when then President George Bush heard the that the twin towers were hit, that day in the classroom---Ari said they all just thought, like us, that a plane just got off course. And so, when he told the President that a second plane had hit, that’s when the president had sat there for 7 minutes. And then, he told them all, “We’re going to war:”


I don’t know about you, but if a President has no more knowledge than the average citizen…what good is he? Are we really supposed to believe that? Really?
And trust me, I’m not the “Bush destroyed the World Trade Towers” on purpose crowd, but that doesn’t mean that as citizens, we shouldn’t have the right to question every single event, politician, and decisions made, and make educated opinions, and point out what we might see as BS spin, without being called crazy conspiracy mongers.

(Watch Ben Stein’s, “Expelled” to see how questioning should be done.)

Ari also said President Bush was heading to Washington D.C. after the attack BUT, was advised against it because there were at least eight planes still in the air with missiles, coming after Air Force One.

This explains away why we all thought he acted like a coward that day.

And this was the first time I’d ever heard this---a first report of eight other planes in the air searching for President Bush being reported nine years after the event?

Or was that the second report? Did I miss the first?

So, the question is: are all first reports just plain wrong, done by eager reporters searching for a “scare” to get ratings? Or are the first reports, by actual eyewitnesses erased immediate to put out the state’s official spin?

Do you think our media, like me, has been controlled for much too long by the “state?”

And then ask yourself…maybe it's what we don't know that is going to doom us. That’s why the Internet is such a threat…there are bills being presented at this moment to gain even more control over the Internet...and I’m waiting for the first report on why they had to “control” it.

You can wait for the second.