Saturday, July 29, 2006

Head-Butting For Dollars

Nobody’s Opinion: How many of you have gotten a head-butt? I was thinking about this today while trying to avoid filling up my gas tank. Notice, I said I’m avoiding it. I’ve decided to put off filling up my tank because I just know I’m going to get a major head-ache when I take out the nozzle and look at the pump.

Like most Americans I’ll be going “I can’t believe it, I can’t believe it.” While punching my head with my fist.

They are stealing from us! They are making super ka-trillion dollars! These oil men will be able to buy more property on the moon, and even build gas stations up there for Tom Cruise to fill up his moon-buggy, while I snack on pretzels.

I get this major feeling of “not again,” and it doesn’t only happen when I find out that the price of gas rose fifty cents on a Friday afternoon or right before a major holiday.

There seems to be a new (but old) game that going on in more ways than one, and it’s being played by the big boys.

Much like that French guy who head-butted the Italian guy at the end of the World Soccer Match, I’ve decided we are getting head-butted by the government and CEO’s on a daily basis.

And it’s being done mostly for dollars…ours. The game of Head-butt for dollars goes like this;

For instance: We all remember when gas was around $1.60 a gallon, right? Then it went up to $1.75. Okay we thought. We didn’t like it, but alright. THEN it went up to $1.95 a gallon.

Whoooh, wait a minute….that’s not fair we thought, that’s almost two bucks a gallon. Then they made it $1.98….

And just when we were complaining the loudest, it came down, back to $1.90 a gallon.

Head-butt! You have just been head-butted for dollars. You feel so glad that the price came down, that you accepted paying the price as even reasonable. Whew! It finally came down, you think.

Forgetting that not too long ago it was $1.60 a gallon---you have been knocked senseless.

Fast-forward to the Iraq war, where we were lead to believe we were not only going to get bin Laden in pieces, but cheaper oil prices. We cruised along for a while.

But 2006 is an election year. So, while Al Gore is going around pontificating the end of the world, the price of gas goes up to $2.06…then $2.26…then $2.66….then…oh-my-God…it’s $2.96! And that’s In Missouri. In California, where there is no reason for any sanity, it was already $3.00 a gallon. Now it’s over $3.00 here and it will go higher than…

Head-butt! It will come down to maybe $2.99 or $3.02 and we will all feel very happy.

Then a bit of time will go by, and it will start all over again.

This head-butting for dollars is a favorite game of the big guys. They basically screw you on something, and then come back with a little “favor” making you think that you are getting a real deal.

Here’s another favorite: The eminent domain head-butt.

The whole nation was shocked when the Supreme Court passed a law that said anybody could come in and take your property. Our constitutional right to property was banished with the flick of a pen.

The silence in the White House and the Congress was defeating. Silence. Complete. Only a few of the news outlets like Hannity & Colmes really made a big deal of it. The big guys in Washington were all holding their breathe, hoping we were too busy being head-butted by Iraq and gas prices that we would be too dazed to think about it what had just happened.

And then, slowly, here and there, people were losing their homes, to developers. Some, who have very hard heads, were very mad… not good in an election year.

So, here in Missouri, the Republicans wanted us to know the good news that they are going to do something about this.

They passed a bill that says WHEN that developer comes in to takes our land; they have to pay an additional 50 percent of the lands value.

Head-butt! You will still lose your land, sucker. And the taxpayer is going to have to fork out more money! But don’t you feel better?

And another favorite; our schools are lousy. Our children are all growing up to be recyclers that know how to fit condoms on bananas that they can’t count.

This has been going on for so long, it can only be intentional. Affirmative action helped keep the mop calm, but now the Mexicans, who have even less education than us, are taking over many of the jobs of the working classes, and they will soon outnumber us.

We found out, we’ve been had.

So what do they do? Instead of getting rid of the teachers unions and revising and improving the whole mess…they give us--- vouchers!

Head-butt! Too much money goes into political campaign coffers from the teachers unions. The vouchers somehow have cost more money to be poured into the worthless system, but they did convince many that it would work…(even though maybe only 3 kids have actually used them)

Hey, this head-butt thing works pretty good, they think. People were really upset on MayDay, watching the invasion….

Head-butt! They are seriously discussing it in the Senate, they will secure the borders, the house is going into action, the Senate will find a solution---next year, after the election.

We have to wait for our obligatory head-butt for quite sometime right before 2008.

Yeah, I know, I’m getting a headache just writing this.

So, I’d advise you to go get a helmet, because otherwise you are going to have one big head-butt headache.

Actually, I think before we get any more head-butts we should go for the good old Congress body-slam.

Where’s my pads?

Nobody’s Perfect; Let’s face it. Head-butting is not cool. Slamming your delicate brain, which can be dislodged with not too much force, is really stupid. Most of us are having enough trouble trying to make it through life’s pitfalls. Which may be the reason the Americans don’t take to the game of soccer, we get head-butted enough by having to put up with politicians who take our money, our rights, and don’t think twice about playing sucker games.

Nobody Knows: There is a website that will tell you how to correctly butt a head. Go for it, especially if you hate all conservatives, Jews, and Ann Coutler.

Nobody Cares; A jockey in London head-butted his horse after the horse threw him. Some courage that took. He is now a Member of Parliament. (Just kidding)

Friday, July 28, 2006

Stem-Cell Explosion

Nobody’s Opinion; There are two subjects that are being thrown around, like the bombs of the Hezbollah lately. One is the stem-cell research debate; the other is how ineffective the war in Iraq is going.

The liberals are attacking President Bush with guns full blown on these two subjects. Somehow tonight, they are connecting in my little nobody mind…

First; we can’t fight wars like we use to. Before political correctness, when a country attacked another, as Japan and Germany did in WWII, we went back and bombed them into oblivion. We destroyed whole towns…which were full of woman, children, and all the sweet little animals like rabbits and pets….not to mention any tree that happened to be standing.

As in the bombing of Dresden, nothing was spared.

Somehow, nature survived. There are squirrels, rabbits, and people guzzling beer in Germany as we speak. Japan came back so well, they have taken over our automobile industry, and made us into three generations of couch potatoes playing video games.

But killing “innocents” was so horrible that the world decided it was not right.

“Innocents” were meant to mean, anyone who wasn’t a soldier. Now, I happen to think a soldier’s life is just as important as an innocent’s life, but I’m just a nobody.

But if we could fight like before, the war in Iraq would be over. We would have just gone in and demolished Iraq, and Iran, if not with an atomic weapon, than with heavy bombing. Our soldiers would not be in North Korea now. That country would probably be making electronics like the rest of Asia.

It’s a moral dilemma facing wars now, at least by the West.. Let me note that the Islamists have no qualms about killing woman and children as we have seen in how they sacrifice their own.

But they have “God” on their side. We are told on our side he doesn’t exist anymore.

This puts us at a very grave disadvantage psychologically. Whether you think “scientifically” or not that he exists, when it comes to war, if you don’t believe in God, and the goodness about your mission, you will be an easy target.

Faith gives you that extra shield, that extra helmet, the extra weapon.

The baby boomers grew up completely ignorant of the horrors of WWII. Oh sure, we experience Vietnam…but there was no real cause in that war, God was taking out of it altogether. We still have no clue, but it was fought as much as possible, without hurting innocents, and that put us at the disadvantage.

Our fathers refused to talk about WWII because it was the last thing they wanted to remember. Like the death of a child, the only thing you could do to survive was forget it and move on with your life.

Then our school system really cleaned it up. As if to protect us from our meager little minds…we were basically brainwashed into thinking it was just an “event.”

Oh, they showed us a few pictures, but no bodies.

This has a catch 22 of course because now you have millions all over the globe that have not seen horror and don’t expect it to happen to us.

Then Science came in and ended it all. The development at Los Alamos and the dropping of the bombs at Nagasaki and Hiroshima, threw the world into a whole new way of war.

Other nations got the knowledge, and now every nation wants its own atomic bombs.

On the one hand…the sheer invention of the bomb was a breakthrough. But, on the other hand, no country now is safe. All the people of the earth live in nuclear fear, forever….until they unleash virus warfare, nano-technology, and weather weapons. .

We paid a very high price for this invention.

The new globalists at Yalta then divided up the remains of Europe. FDR, Churchill, and Stalin…got a map out and drew lines, like they were cutting up a pie.

Truman and Wilson formed the League of Nations and we were down the road of the New World Government. They were going to control the masses. Nothing has changed.

Second: And now we have the stem-cell research debate. The facts seem to be that so far, the adult stem-cells along with the umbilical cord have produced around 76 new medicines; the stem-cells from the aborted fetus has not produced anything. Remember, President Bush let them go ahead and research on the ones already harvested.

But, it’s the stem-cells research, much like the invention of the atom bomb that could put us on the road of a world event as destructible as the atom. All the governments want the people to pay for this, so the government can own the patents.

That would be nice if the people would see the royalties, wouldn’t it? Ha!

We can go there, but should we? Should we do something just because we can?

The patents and money coming out of the human baby (which will be up for sale) will be too much to pass up. Designer babies will be the next step, and ONLY the rich will be able to afford the intelligence gene, the disease-free genes, the good-looking genes...etc.

Come on, you know this is going to happen. Most of the world doesn’t even have health care, what makes you think that this technology is going to cure the world?

You will have to pay for it. And it will be just another tax on us to pay for the poor all over the world who need it. And they are selling it to us as a cure for all diseases…you mean cruel people, don’t you see its science being held back by Neanderthals like Bush!

Now, having gotten three patents myself, I can tell you from experience that the internationals companies have been fighting for years to make the patent system one global network, which means that any little inventor out there with a good idea will not profit. Only the big Corporations will make the money from any invention of any person.

Oh, that is sure to make a country prosper! The state will own your idea, and give you a piece of paper saying you invented it. You’ll get your name on a plaque.

There are only a handful of people who are fighting these conglomerates in Congress right now, and unless the globalization of the world stops, it’s only a matter of time.
When the stem -cell research gives the green light to cloning, a can of worms just as big and destructive as the atom bombs will be released, because as we are seeing all around us, the power goes to the one with the most money.

And the globalists will develop a whole new race of humans.

So along with an arms race, we now have a cloning race.

I don’t know about you, but it’s hard enough for most of the people of the world to get along as it is.

What will actually happen is that there will be a whole new world with disease-free elite and powerful clones who will rule a planet of un-cloned with the same old diseases.

Maybe then “God” and faith will come back into fashion.

Nobody’s Perfect; Richard Feynman used to tell stories about how when he was working in Los Alamos, every night he would get into the safe where they keep all the secrets. All they did was put a simple little lock on the drawer. He thought this was utterly ridiculous, and every one else just got sick of him doing it. As we know by all the data that’s been stolen lately, they still don’t keep anything secure.

Nobody’s Knows; Okay, who are they going to clone first? You just know if the rich will pay 30 million to go up into space for all of 5 minutes, just think how much they would pay to be cloned? And would they be able to improve their own clone? Wow, you could order extras, just like on a car. Think of it.

Well, I’d like the never go bald gene, I’d like the never get fat gene, throw in the never get frustrated gene, and give me an IQ of 188. How much more will that be? O.K…leaves off the I.Q.”

Nobody Cares; Much like the invasion from Mexico that our Congress and President care so much about stopping, the stem-cell research is already a done deal. They talk a great game, but their actions are loud and clear. It was the very reason Fisk was made leader.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Nobody's Absurdities, No 7

Nobody’s Opinion: I went shopping today. Sounds simple, unless you hate to shop as I do and in this I realize I am not a normal female. In fact, because I hate it so much I make sure the last thing I do is go with another female to a mall. To me it’s like the last year of changing diapers, you can’t wait till it’s over. I’d have more fun if you told me to go count the grains of sand on a beach.

So, since I wasted four hours out of a perfectly good day, absurdities are in order…anything else would not be coherent due to the fact that my brain was damaged from looking at too many shoes. I am convinced that 50% of the slave labor in China just make shoes for Americans, and none of these shoes are made to last more than one year. If we are attacked someday by the Chinese, all we need to do is rush into our local malls, gather the shoes, and throw them at the enemy.

And my first pick will be those new ones just out for women, you know--- the tennis shoe high heels? Can you say the word…fugly? Please---a memory of tennis high heels in green paisley print that I saw today is coming into my mind. There is only so much one can take, so onto the absurdities.


Someone, high up, somewhere, has decided that NOW is the perfect moment to tell the world that UFO’s really do exist. While our nation is being invaded with our new welfare children (who love to reproduce), Armageddon is being programmed in the Middle East, and the whole world is melting in extreme heat waves of Al Gore’s global warming.

They figure no one will care.

Frankly, Al Gore should care about people filling up the earth with discarded shoes, but he has not said a word.


Buzz Aldrin just made a statement in England that all three of the astronauts on Apollo 11 saw a spacecraft which followed them when they were up there being famous, and of which they were all convinced was a UFO. They’ve just kept it quiet like they were told to.

And the government wonders why we don’t trust them.

Well, it’s either true, or they are making Buzz say this because then the politicians of the world will just blame the “aliens” if the world gets too messed up. When it comes to mistakes, it’s always the other guys fault, and they are running out of scapegoats.

Of course, all pictures that were taken of the craft from Apollo 11 have been removed and placed in the secret vault of government secrets, wherever that is.

Probably in China…


Kofi Annan today was really in a huff about a UN outpost being hit. He insisted it was “deliberate.” The real reason he was upset was that a Chinese observer was killed, and now the Chinese want an apology from the Israelis, although of course he didn’t mention that. I remember the last time the Chinese were hanging out in a country called Kosovo while it was being bombed, they got hit then too.

Bill Clinton who was President (by default) at the time said it was a mistake, the map was old he said.

What is it with these people? Everyone one else is scrambling to get out from beneath the bombs. Kofi Annan asking Israeli to please, just skip over our complex while your bombing is like asking a doctor to please, just make the vaccine skip my liver will you?

You’d think that the Chinese and the UN would get out of countries that are being bombed. What’s up with that? It’s their own fault for not leaving. I mean, how absurd is that?

This nobody thinks they learned this trick from the terrorists, who hide anywhere that will get press and sympathy (women, babies, and electrical grids hiding places)---so that when the structures are bombed they can go on the news and paint the other side as ruthless killers, therefore making themselves look like victims.


Hassan Nasrallah, the Hezbollah Sheik has said that they had no idea that the Israeli’s were going to start a war when they decided to kidnap a few guys. The story has changed from the Hezbollah wanting the release of 1500 prisoners to...oh no…we just wanted to exchange for three of our guys.

He has been listening to Howard Dean.

It was too much of a shock to the Sheik to understand that a country which is being threatened with nuclear annihilation from all sides, a country that has put up with suicidal bombings every other week--- to finally say, “We’ve had it.”

I bet Hassan even knows about the UFO’s and is not telling. I want to send him some shoes. Speaking of shoes----


I got a kick out of the Senate making it illegal for anyone to take a woman (the age was not mentioned) into another state for an abortion without her parents consent.

So what if the “woman” takes herself and goes alone? Is this a loophole? Do they think a 13- year-old couldn’t figure out how to take a bus? What will they do? Sue Greyhound?


Our wonderful “Senate, “ which might as well be run by aliens, voted to build a 750 mile fence on our border, only to come back and vote again not to fund it. Now they are going at everything that is not pertaining to the invasion, aren’t they? Flags...guns...

Hey, maybe they can put Martha Stewart back in jail.

This is also why I blame the Senate for my mentally disturbing trip to the mall. I realized for the first time that Spanish music was being piped instead of the usual fifties and sixties music.

Not a good sign.

I was dodging whole legions of Mexican dads and moms, and all their little ones, who were running around the mall and yelling at each other in Spanish.

I don’t know how they deal with it in Texas. Go ahead, this nobody could use some tips. It’s new to us here in Missouri. They obviously have heard about all the great shoes here.

The brave minutemen have said that 10,000 illegal aliens come into our country every day, and by 2050, the Americans will be in the minority.

I’m in trouble, because the only Spanish word I know is… Puta, which my first boyfriend (who was from Costa Rica) taught me, but refused to tell me what it meant. Of course he would laugh every time I said it…something tells me if I had said it in the mall, no one would have laughed.

The good news is that China will be able to dock in the new port of Mexico and put millions of more shoes onto the NAFTA superhighway to Kansas City, and put shoes on all the little Mexican feet in North America.

I plan to go start digging underground. I might make it to China…that is if I don’t run into too many shoes blocking my way.


Nobody’s Perfect; Hillary is at it again---not only is there now a marble bust of her, which makes her look like Caligula, she also suggests that we give free housing to firemen and policemen. Hillary has a horrible habit of wanting to redistribute all the hard working money from the middle classes to special ones she will give to. She is having a hard time not showing her proclivities to communism. This is going to piss an awful lot of people off.

Hillary knows that she is going to need lots of policemen and firemen, to guard her after she initiates her insane globalizations dictatorship plans, not to mention her statue.

Nobody Knows; If there is one remaining shoe manufacturing plant left in the United States. I doubt it.

Nobody Cares; The United States used to make shoes, and really good ones. You could go into a shoe store, and get your foot measured, and a clerk would help you find the perfect fit. Now, you walk into a warehouse as big as two football fields, and there is only one stool to sit down to try your shoe on, and it’s in the middle of the store. It takes you five minutes just to get there, and then you find that the shoe you picked out to try on---doesn’t fit.

But, despite all of this, most women just love to go shopping for shoes. I’m just not one of them.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Cruising With Ritalin, Speeding with Speilburg

Nobody’s Opinion; It seems Tom Cruise and Steven Speilburg are in the news again. Tom, if you remember, was on all the talk shows last year talking about two drugs: Ritalin and anti-depressants. It was Tom discussing Ritalin that Mr. Speilburg was angry about. It seems he knew some kids who did well on it. Tom was against it, he even spoke to Congress.

Actually, anyone that knows human nature feels that the “spat” is probably deeper than this thing about differences of opinion about drugs. After all, the divorce from Nicole Kidman was obviously painful. And if you go by her United Nations work, then Nicole would probably be the one who the Speilburgs agree with on a political level.

Speilburg’s “War of the Worlds” was not the blockbuster that Steven, I’m sure, thought it would be. Not many people went to see his last movie, "Munich" either. This has got to be upsetting to Steven, who for so long was so far above his peers in Hollywood that it was thought there would never be anyone to top him.

But they did, and they have. All the Harry Potter movies were great. Steven said he was offered to do them, but felt that it was pretty much beneath him, he would have been bored.

Thank goodness he refused.

Also, with the trilogy of Peter Jackson’s “Lord of the Rings” it was proven that the world was not only catching up with Mr. Speilburg, but passing him by.

Speilburg has made more successful movies than flops. And his flops were due to the changes in the country, politics, and economics. He made a BIG mistake by hanging around Bill Clinton too much. The politics started getting into his films.

His biggest flop was his own fault. Putting his best friend, Robin Williams as an overgrown Peter Pan, probably ruined a great many little minds forever to the beloved classic. I would have never thought that Speilburg would even dare to ruin such a classic.

But, he did.

Robin Williams, an admitted cocaine addict who has been in and out of de-tox, was his best friend.

Anyone who has known someone who was a coke head knows that very, very few ever get off it. Go ahead, ask any doctor. And Robin has always looked as if he was hooked up to an electrical grid about the size of Manhatten.

Which brings me to Ritalin. Ritalin is an upper, a form of speed. And Tom Cruise doesn’t like the fact that the schools are drugging our kids with Ritalin... and he is right.

I speak from experience. I was once put on Ritalin, when it first came out. My doctor decided that I had “a bad habit of thinking too much” and he said it would slow me down.

I was in my early twenties. The drug was the newest thing. Not much was known about it. I really think my doctor thought he would help my obvious energy, and my tendency to drive myself crazy with too many thoughts, to settle down. He read all the AMA propaganda.

I really never understood how a form of speed could slow you down. My doctor said it would speed up you mind so much, you would slow down. It was not addicting he said.


I was on the drug for five years, then I got pregnant. I asked my gynecologist if I should get off the drug. His answer was, “No studies have been done on the effects of Ritalin, so it’s up to you.”

My son was born two months premature due to a condition that I had called placenta previa.

Was this caused by Ritalin? No one would tell me.

But, I did see what the drug did to my son. Of course he was in an incubator on a respirator, struggling for each breath.

Then one day I saw him shaking--- his little arms, his legs. I couldn’t even hold him.

Oh my God, What’s wrong?” I asked the neonatal doctor

We’re not sure, but we think he is withdrawing from Ritalin.”

I went cold turkey the next day. To think that I caused that terrible pain to my son, without even knowing it, bothers me to this day.

Trust me. Ritalin is a powerful drug. And it does damage to children. Our school system has been giving a green light by the big guys to give it to the kids, to keep them quiet, and controlled.

Steven Speilburg married Kate Capshaw in 1991. She actually graduated from the same (horrible) high school as I did. She became a teacher after college. I’m sure she was “indoctrinated” at the teacher’s school of “Kids should be seen and controlled, and the newest, progressive way is with Ritalin.”

Tom Cruise, no matter what you think of his personal belief in Scientology is right on this. Our schools have no right whatsoever to pressure parents to put their children on Ritalin. If someone suggest this to you…find another doctor, another drug if you must, but don’t do it. Just tell them “no.”

Ritalin will be looked upon much someday much like we look on how they use to put leeches to suck blood out of patients to cure diseases. It should be outlawed. They won't believe that kids were actaully given this addiction.

Will Tom Cruise ever be in a Steven Speilburg film again? Will they make up? Will Steven Speilburg go back to making those fun movies he used to make? Will Tom Cruise run for office?
Will Ritalin be around ten years from now?

This nobody does not know—but for once, one of our movie stars is making sense, and that doesn’t happen too often.


Nobody’s Perfect; Even though I made that mistake unknowingly so long ago because I loved and trusted my doctor--- my son is now a fine young man of twenty-five and is a personal trainer. Now, everyone in my family just has to put up with my “thinking too much.” It’s learning how to not “talk too much” which I have trouble with. I’m working on it.

Nobody’s Knows; I wonder how many people who now have meth habits, were put on Ritalin when they were children?

Nobody’s Cares; The sixties bought a whole generation with a liberal attitude to drugs. They now seem to have grown up to find it “ok” to drug their own kids. How else can we explain why all these parents and teachers think that it’s okay to drug an active kid who is just being normal?

Monday, July 24, 2006

Nobody's Absurdities, No. 6

Nobody’s Opinion: Since life is basically made up of various degrees of impervious absurdities, (according to my favorite Dr. Who, Tom Baker) here again in no order of importance, are some absurdities that I really need to unload, because according to his lecture (which I was attending) when things get bad, it’s best to not take life seriously.
So, I’ll start with the most absurd first.


Okay, if you happened to be the only one visiting this site that did NOT read the article about scrotums, you might want to check it out. You will learn that the dartos muscle on a man is as important as the muscles inside women. ( I have no idea what the woman's muslce is called.) What I want to know is…which one is stronger? And does it matter? If you have seen the video’s made by pilots who go to the Philippines a lot, then your opinion may not be counted as unbiased.

Dartos would be a good logo for some new company, or a secret name for a chat room.
I’ll be looking for a Dartos “potato clock,” to make my day. This is not to be confused with Darvos, who was Dr. Who’s evil nemesis. Actually Darvos was a real dartos.


In the world news of course, we are seeing all kinds of maudlin pictures from the Middle East that you always see in war. You know, little Muslim baby gets hit in stomach--- mother is fine. (Which makes you wonder, was she out of the room when this happened?) When bombs are falling all around, how is it that the baby gets hit in the stomach and the mother doesn't? Just a thought.

What I find most interesting is this new interest in the news of keeping kill scores. So far, 381 have been killed in Lebanon, and 36 have been killed in Israel. I’d say the game goes to the Jews. In Philadelphia last year, 360 were killed, and in Somalia, 680. I think the Philly’s are losing.

In Iraq, they stopped keeping score because there are more Iraq’s being killed than Americans now. The press knows that it’s the American kills that count so …the Americans must be winning because we are not losing as many men---but the liberals don’t want that to get out, because that’s good news.

Still, William F. Buckley, the man who is the poster boy for how to talk about anything and sound superior even if wrong, said that President Bush has lost the war. He doesn’t mention that he might be losing his own mind…


Some guy (I’m assuming it was a man) just spent $225,000 for a bottle of Tequila. It was wrapped in gold and platinum. Today, I bought a bottle of Raspberry wine for eight dollars, and I am convinced I got the better deal.


You can now buy tickets to go into a live volcano in Washington State. Yes, you can go right up and get in the center of Mt. St. Helen, take your life in your own hands and go out in a big way. But, if you live in San Diego, the drive there might be just as dangerous.

I suggest all Hezbollah in our country hurry up there right away. At the top are many virgins which will help your dartos muscles and your faith. Go ahead, jump in.

John Kerry, the man who went around riding bikes in leotards to met rich woman, said today, “If I were President, this wouldn’t have happened.”--meaning the war. I’m laughing as I read this statement. For one man to have such an important opinion of himself… to actually think that he could stop thousands of years of hatred, makes you realize that we came really close to having to listen to that guy for four years. I think I’m going to write the CEO of Hunts Catsup, and thank him. (Hey, it’s not own by Teresa too…is it?)

Jan Egeland, a man who calls himself a humanitarian, wants the United Nations to rebuild Beirut. He says this will cost in the end, billions. Israel is being really mean for wreaking this beautiful nation according to Jan. The trouble is-- you know who ends up paying for everything…don’t you? Bend over.

Wait, we have muscles to protect…forget that last comment.

What I never understand is why is it that whenever any nation in the world gets trashed for whatever reason, Americans have to go and build it up again, and pay for it? Who in the world started this “humanitarian” concept?


Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez, the two new best communist friends, took a public trip to Che’s Guevara’s boyhood home in Cuba. What they did inside this little place, no one knows, and no one cares, but it was done to scare us I suppose.

Hugo is excided because Fidel is going to send doctors and medical help to Venezuela. Well, according to our news, we are in desperate need of Spanish speaking help in our hospitals here. Maybe Castro should send some medical doctors that speak Spanish to help us out here in the United States. After all, why should Hama’s and Hezbollah be the only ones sneaking into the country?


Nobody’s Perfect; Landis, the guy who just won that French bike race that seems to be all the rage, is from an American religious family. The French have just got to hate that. In fact, I was wondering the other day about President Bush taking up bike riding, and then I thought…well, if there is one place that you can have a private conversation away from body guards and spies, I suppose a bike would be a good place.

Nobody Knows; Speaking of President Bush, has anyone ever found out why his dad did not go into Iraq the FIRST time and get rid of Saddam? That’s a question that no reporter has ever really gone after. Everyone at the time was going…WHAT? We are at the border and…we leave him alone? Okay, who killed Kennedy? And what did Buddy the dog know?

Nobody Cares: I’m hoping nobody cares that I’m being really silly tonight, because if I hear WWIII is here one more time, I’m going to actually go on a starvation diet. (Just kidding) That’s after I eat the fig newtons I bought today.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Mother Nature's Inconvenient Truth

Nobody’s Opinion; I couldn’t blog for the last few days due to an unbelievable storm that came up in a matter of seconds last Wednesday and knock down the whole St. Louis City with one 15 minute punch. It was a first.

I am still dazed and confused, and that’s mostly from cutting up tree limbs, and raking tree limbs, and being thankful that none of the trees around my house actually fell on my house, although I did have a dream that I was in my next door neighbors house from which I witnessed my own house completely collapse with my husband in it. (Its o.k., I let him survive in my dream)

But, many did not survive so well.

Anyway, what are the chances that on the very hottest day of the year, (102) we get a super cell tornado that passes over the whole city with 80-mile-an-hour gusts…coming down from …Chicago?

Every storm I have ever witness here has come from the West, or Southwest…but North? The weathermen say it “formed” over us.

While I was standing in line at Wendy’s with the rest of the city, a man in back of me was talking on his cell-phone to his brother had just gone through the same storm in Chicago.

More likely it “formed” somewhere in Canada and was pushed down with electromagnetic pulses from Al Gore’s secret weather station at the North Pole, where he has fun playing a mad scientist, x-Vice President wannabe President. He probably has a special polar bear park where he has gathered as many as possible so that we all think they are going extinct, but they are actually being well-fed U.S. prime beef on our tax dollars. That’s why we can’t find any in our grocery stores.

NASA says the reason for the warm temperatures all over the earth is because the sun spot is in overdrive and has caused a radiation increase. I’ll buy that. Here in the mid-west we were doing just fine. Everything was normal. Trust me; tornado’s here are rare in July. Almost never happens.

I was just outside before the storm came up on Wednesday, and it was hot, but a clear day. I walked indoors, turned on the computer and within seconds Dorothy was flying over my house. It came up so fast that I had just barely pressed the “turn off” button on the computer before we lost all electric. I jumped up, looked outside, and decided Nostradamus had come to get me.

Over half a million people lost electric. A first here.

Storms in July do not appear that fast in Missouri. You go outside and say “Hey, looks like it might rain...yep…its coming---maybe.” Four hours later, you might get a sprinkle.

In fact, weather is going crazy everywhere, and I don’t think it’s because of our extra gas.
(Although I’d love to blame it on Ted Kennedy)

This was like nothing I’d ever witnessed. It was like a gigantic super cell, that sucked up the whole city of St. Louis-- a tornado of such incredible size that just passed over us, but didn’t touch down, just took some trucks, planes, billboard, roofs, guys on golf courses…little stuff.

That was last Wednesday. 530,000 people had to bear the heat, and spoiled food.

Why, they even bought in the National Guard…to get us used to them.

And just when you thought you’d seen it all, a day later it happened again.
Picture Katrina happening twice.

Everyone you met was complaining…no water, no air conditioner, and no lights. Lots of sweaty people were driving around looking for fast food.

We got by on candles…and actually I got a lot of work done OFF the computer by flashlight. My husband and I listened to the radio because everyone was calling up and saying “Three semi’s just overturned…on the bridge, don’t go that way.” or “A tree just fell on my house.” Or “There are four live wires in my back yard…what do I do?”

And the whole time I was thinking: if we are attacked, we are in serious trouble.

The stores were out of water within hours. You could NOT get money from the bank. They couldn’t take credit cards. You could not drink your water. People were miserable. Dogs were miserable. The guys who had to go out and try to fix the mess were miserable.

In fact, there are still over 400,000 people miserable in St. Louis right now…because they won’t get electric until next week. Like the New Yorkers, their only enjoyment in life is to enjoy being miserable, but thankful they are not in Beirut.

So what is going on? Why is it taking longer and longer to fix things? Are the grids so old and overworked with all the new immigrants that they just can’t handle it? Are there no Mexican electricians?

What’s worse is that we are the only block in our whole county that got the electric on. I would like to say this is due to my divine pretense, but we have a judge on the street.

Frankly, I’m glad it happened because the bottom line is you’ve got to get prepared for this. I am going to definitely buy more peanut butter.

So Al Gore has picked his moment.

Here’s a little secret that they don’t want the America people to know. Weather manipulation is very real. Secretary of Defense, William Cohen talked about how it would be used as a “weapon.” It was a major concern to him because of how other countries could use it in terrorism.

And even though the earth is going through some changes, it would be so easy to “enhance” those very changes for political purposes, whether as a “weapon” or to promote a political agenda.

The real “inconvenient truth” might be that some of these natural acts are being made more horrible with men that are experimenting with Mother Nature.

Do you hear a bell jar? Let’s hope this well guarded information doesn’t get out because a very real side of our own mother nature might come out and cause a few storms of our own. Al Gore might have to actually move to Russia.

I did learn one thing…you know what I missed the most? Writing my little rantings to you.

Nobody’s Perfect; The Lebanese’s people have lost 372 people in this war…the Israeli’s, 19 “troops” Why? Because the Jews have made it a law that every new building has to have a bomb shelter. I think we should get that very same law passed over here. Did you ever wonder why Russian and China have huge underground bunkers with plenty of supplies for their people, but the United States only has bunkers for our elite politicians?

Nobody Knows; There is also a blackout in Queens tonight. Burke, the guy who heads up the electrical grids said “it was something that I’ve never seen before” and “the damage was greater than imagined.” What they don’t say is what caused it.

Nobody Cares; Last year 43 Americans were kidnapped in Haiti. Hey, how come we haven’t gone to war with Haiti? What’s in Haiti that we don’t want?