Saturday, July 05, 2008

Ms Missouri International Gets Dopey

Nobody Flashes: This was taken at the 4th of July parade downtown St. Louis, by me. The black car holds, I know, it's hard to see, but the sign says..."Ms. International Missouri."

What this means I have no idea. Does this mean Ms Missouri will do international? Does she go all over the world promoting all our floods? What?

If you have a Ms. Iowa International or Ms. Montana International in YOUR hometown parade, feel free to enlighten me.

At the end of the patriotic parade, we had whole carloads full of girls from various South American Countries. As you can see, the cars were not holding tomatoes!

Well, every other float was a car....lots of police cars. What can you expect, it's downtown St. Louis? It's good to know, Cuba is protected.


Thursday, July 03, 2008

Oh Say Can You See?

Nobody’s Opinion: I was watching the last Harry Potter movie the other night, “The Order of the Phoenix.” In the story, Harry Potter and all his friends had to meet in a secret room and practice on defending themselves against the evil they knew was coming, but the “ministry” refused to admit.

And yes, the evil did come. (I’m a big fan of the Harry Potter stories.)

At the end of the movie, Harry Potter gives encouragement to his school friends: “We’ve got something that Voldemort doesn’t. We have something worth fighting for.”

He could have been talking about Western Civilization.

What does this have to do with anything you say?

By the time I post this, it will be my favorite holiday of the year. We are expecting rain here in St. Louis, but that’s nothing new. It almost always rains on the 4th of July, but by some miracles, clears up by nighttime.

For the last three years I have posted maudlin emotional rants on the 4th, but this year, instead of my words…I thought I’d put up the words of someone you might not expect.

His name is Naguib Sawiris. He is an Egyptian multi-billionaire. He is Christian. He believes in God, and God guides him in all endeavors he says. He is the CEO of a telecom company called Orascom Group. And he is one of the most intelligent men I’ve ever heard talk.

It’s refreshing to hear a man with such candor, and integrity. He talks about world issues, and you could tell, he knew the world and all its problems very well. He looks at the world through right and wrong---simply---clearly.

He is hopeful for North Korea (he was going to start selling his cell phones there) but not hopeful about the Middle East. He had business in Iraq but got out because 12 people from his company were kidnapped. He supported Bush’s invasion of Iraq, but said rebuilding has been a failure. Taking away the police force was a big mistake, he said. And by the way…everyone over in the Middle East is just sick to death of the conflicts.

He thinks all the religions need to talk more about religion, and get rid of the fanatics. All Jews, Christians, and Muslims, should deal with them.

Anyway, I saw him on Charlie Rose earlier this week, and Charlie asked him: “What do you think of the United States?”

I quote him word for word here:

Mr. Sawiris: "It is the greatest country on Earth."

Mr. Rose: You say that because?

Mr. Sawiris: "Because it’s a country where there is a rule of law and order. Because it’s a country where a President cannot jail anybody. Because it’s a country if you change your religion, you don’t get lynched. Because it’s a country that fought always for the rights of others. When the Muslims were being slaughtered in Yugoslavia, they were the ones who moved, not the Islamic world.

It’s a country that always stood up for what is right and against what is wrong. It’s a great country. It offered opportunities for everybody, every immigrant, and the world.

It’s a country that is extremely unbiased, and fair. There is no discrimination based on race. It’s a great country. The problem is, in our part of the world, is all of the good side of your country doesn’t get spread. I was lucky. I can know exactly how people are here. They are charitable, they are helpful; they are kind, they are easygoing. They are less restrictive than the Europeans."

Now, if all CEO’s of our own American international companies felt like Mr. Sawiris, maybe America would be in better shape in the world. I’ve heard too many American CEO’s cut America down. It’s refreshing to listen to a man tell the truth.

An Egyptian.

Mr. Sawiris wants to get into China, because that’s where the growth market is. But the Chinese have been totally unfair to everyone, and the United States shouldn’t put up with it, according to him.

Mr. Sawiris reminded me that we have always been the best country in the world. Our Christian foundation has served us well and as he said…you can do anything when God is on your side.

Harry Potter reminded me that we certainly do have something worth fighting for.

Inspirations from unexpected place…but great ones nevertheless.

America---land of the free…home of all the brave. It’s time we started shouting it everywhere, and fighting for what it’s always stood for. There’s right, and there’s wrong---like Mr. Sawiris reflects, it’s pretty simple.

Oh say can you see…..?

Have a great holiday everyone!


Wednesday, July 02, 2008

NOBODY Cares About Denmark---

Nobody Cares: So, now that you have been told for five straight days that Denmark is the happiest place on the earth---do you want to move there?

Of course you do! Don't you want to be happy, you miserable Americans? Don't you want to be attacked by Muslim taxi cab drivers?

Denmark--- Where the Nordic welfare state is in full glorious bloom, and the prostitutes in Copenhagen get free medical care...where very few people own real homes, but instead live in tiny apartments with not much in them.

Where Saturday Night Live got some of it's best comedy skits.

Where some of the best child porn is launched from innovative, creative web-sites!

Where a man drew a cartoon of a Muslim "father" and set millions of Muslims on the attack!

In Denmark, you will make a really decent salary, so that the government, who takes most of that salary, can continue to support the large number of bureaucrats that work inside tiny offices and crunch numbers, drink coffee, and talk about just how very happy they are.

They also have a huge base of unemployed people who never have to work, due to welfare, just like us! So why aren't we happier!

Because we don't pay nearly as much taxes as they do, that's why!

Now---if you think that this "survey" which will continue to be placed on all national station breaks on radio and televisions for years to come---is not a "hint" (okay, it's propaganda) that the United States of America will soon, with Obama's help, become the second Denmark---then I suggest you go ahead and move there.

Because we are not the happiest nation in the world, so said the survey. There are sixteen nations ahead of us, and I suggest all our politicians pick one of those happy countries and move there! Go ahead, we'll even pay for it! It's the least we can do for all their hard service!

Go ahead---leave us...please...find yourself a nice blond in Denmark and get happy.

Somehow we'll manage.


Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Obama is Patriotic? Nobody Knew!

Nobody Knows: Today, the usual mass confusion of mankind remains forever embedded in so many unanswerable mysteries, that someone should brand us forever…”The Duh Species.” Here are some obvious questions from this week that are on, I’m sure, lots of ‘duh’ minds who have more than a few questions of their own to add.

Nobody knows: Just exactly when Obama decided that he actually needed votes besides African-Americans so badly that he put a flag on his lapel and made a beeline for every American historical monument that he could think of --- in order to try to convince us all that he truly is proud to be an American, not a Muslim as his name suggests. The fact that millions of Muslims all over the world are jumping up and down and crying his name for joy with guns held high is not suppose to be noticed.

Nobody Knows: Who is writing Obama’s speeches? And just how many favorite Presidents can you name in one speech? In Independence he mentioned John Adams, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Harry Truman, and Mark Twain. Wait… Mark Twain was the President of Missouri. No matter. Obama’s on his way to Mt. Rushmore where he can find some more past Presidents to compare himself too.

Nobody Knows: If Obama really sat on his (white) grandfather's shoulders and watched astronauts: if his white grandmother really sat him on her knee and told him about the Declaration of Independence: if that e-mail he sent to that pretty blond white actress was just about “friendship:” or if he really was dogging bullets in Bosnia. Nobody knows if somewhere a black dress has been sent to the cleaners.

Nobody Knows: In all the local papers, there is a new fad going around, where black college-educated women are being encouraged to send in a sample of their DNA, only to find out their ancestors are NOT from Africa, but from the Polynesian islands! Even though it’s puts a real shock to their plans for further governmental educational grants, they can now claim a genetic relationship to Barack Obama. And since Obama is related to George W. Bush, DNA argues, if elected, there will be no change.

Nobody Knows: Why the press didn’t make a very big deal out of Obama’s glorious and well delivered patriotic speech yesterday? When he made the speech on “race” everyone claimed he was descended from the Divinci Code! Another question: Why did Obama decide not to wear the American flag pin AFTER we were attacked on 9/11, when just about everyone in the United States was flying one? The fact that he sees no problem keeping his name Obama Hussein, when he used to being called Barry, is a question we can’t figure out either.

Nobody Knows: Obama was making it clear he did not want to be questioned anymore about being a patriot. He said he would not question McCain’s patriotism, even though it’s fair game to let any one else he knows to go ahead and blast the man for sitting around for years just being tortured. Obama was helping the poor, which makes him more qualified to help Africa. As we are being reminded every day, Zimbabwe is very important.

Nobody Knows: Just where do they find all these retired generals whose constant motif is to attack the country they served, while being generously compensated with their inflation-proof pensions? They must get life-time gas fill-ups for their “testimonies.”

Nobody Knows: Why Madonna wants to move back to New York and have wild sex with New York Yankee, Alex Rodriguez. After all, he might be on steroids. It’s also unknown just when she will admit she is gay and marry Christie Brinkley.

Nobody Knows: Nobody can figure out just how all those thunderbolts managed to jump the Northern California border and light the whole state of Arizona on fire.

Nobody Knows: That China and United States really have a lot in common: neither country can find their own oil.

Nobody Knows: Why the United States went into Iraq, protected and developed the oil fields, help put a “democracy” in place, and now that democracy has decided to give the oil out to the highest bidder, which will not be the United States since we have no money left over from fighting the war.

Nobody Knows: Why we continue to go by the motto: “If you build it, they will take it over, and screw you.”

Nobody Knows: Why the only smart thing said this week came from the King Saudi’s lips. “If your people are suffering from high gas prices, reduce the taxes on gas. Don’t blame me.”


Monday, June 30, 2008

Japanese Viagra

Nobody's Perfect: If you think this lady wanted everyone to see her exquisite taste in cotton underwear, think again.

This is the latest rage in Japan. The skirts are "painted" to look like you are seeing through the skirts, when you really aren't. In fact, what is really underneath that skirt could very well be a guy.

(Oh, San Francisco is already ordering!)

The Japanese might have finally found something original that America can copy! I can't wait to see thousands of teenagers here running around in fake see-through thongs, can you?

Personally, I think the Japanese government is behind this. What better way to boost the population. They need future robot makers, and fast.

Now, an American would have also designed fake see-through pants for the men---and also special skirts for the pregant man, and skirts that make fat people look thin.

Come to think of it, that might work.

Now, they need to have shoes that give the illusion that your feet are smaller.

The only thing that is missing from this skirt are the words: "Made in Japan---insert here."


Sunday, June 29, 2008

Smashing the Statue of Liberty, Davos Style

Nobody’s Opinion: I was thinking about the only time I really won anything tonight. It happened when I was running through a K-Mart to get something quickly because I was late for work. There on a table at the entrance was a five-foot-tall Statue of Liberty made out of Legos.
It was pretty cool. Even I had to stop running and admire.

According to the rules--you would be the winner of the contest if you could guess how many Lego’s were in the Statue of Liberty. I took my best educated guess, slip my paper into the slot, and ran out the door.

I was one Lego off.

I don’t remember the exact winning number right now, something like 14,342. You can imagine my surprise when I got a call a week later saying that I won three sets of Legos, which was fine because my son was about eight. He spent hours upon hours destroying and rebuilding, destroying and rebuilding, destroying and rebuilding…

Bear with me here. My mind has been on this destroying and rebuilding theme for a while, but like a good trained “don’t you dare think that” gerbil, I, like many Americans have been refusing to admit what’s happening right before our eyes, because it’s way too insidious. I don’t want to sound like a stress puppy, but I simply don’t know how much longer we can refute the inevitable facts before us.

We are being downsized--- the real America is being exterminated, for a “reason.” A few more generations and it will be gone.

Don’t tell me all that all this global propaganda that we get hit with every day of our lives is not getting to you? You’d have to be complete “it will get better” denial to not notice it.

For instance, today, Comrade Post-Dispatch, has come out with a new special little section for their paper called, “Together We Will Rise Up.” It’s all about different “racial” issues and how we are all must love each other---as if we don’t now.

Come together all you workers! I swear, this stuff is right out of the communist manifesto, and yet, because our schools have been so controlled there are only a handful of people that know what communism is. And it’s coming to us fast in a new word:


America is being destroyed, in the name of globalization, purposely, in order to rebuild a “service” economy, designed by the powerbrokers of Davos, and Bilderberg.

If you have never heard of these organizations, it’s because they prefer you not to.

These people that attend these secret meetings now “brag” about their global plans. Oh, and they all love democracy.

Don’t you believe it.

While many of our great conservative leaders are starting to see this: I fear it will be too late before they wake up to the fact that there no longer is a republic run by Republicans and Democrats, but a truly entrenched--- New World Order.

President George W. Bush, John McCain, Obama, and the Clintons (who you notice NEVER talk about the Mexicans) are absolute proof that they don’t give a twit about whether the American people want to merge with Mexico. The treaty has been signed, the documents for all to see. They all know the plans, they all helped with them.

Did we get to vote on this?

You can’t fix a problem if you never admit you have one.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Our founders made a hell of system, and it stills stands like a brilliant diamond if used in the right hands. There just aren’t too many of those hands left.

Think back…how many times did daddy Bush talk about the New World Order? Or Bill Clinton? Or the many English Prime Ministers? They weren’t just filling up speeches here folks, they were telling you something.

Wake up. These people have big Lego plans.

First, destroy the America’s infrastructure and its middle class by merging the banks, creating vast monopolies, getting control of the great food basket of Middle America, the transportation, and monitoring us all like sheep.

We have just been told that over 1,000 fires were started in California in two days all by lighting? Do you buy that?

Also, most of the Midwest has been drowned this spring by over 27 levees all breaking like a well planned demolition. They even tell you when it’s going to “flood” like clockwork, and at what time. The whole state of Iowa, including all the crops, was flooded with more rain that has ever been recorded. Do you really think this is global warming?

You know, realistically speaking, they do have the technology to seed the clouds, to produce floods, to even control a Hurricane. What an easy way to gain control of the one of the greatest bread baskets of the world. The government can’t buy up those farms fast enough.

Why did Bush insist on ethanol, which caused our food prices to explode? Is he that stupid? Or is he that smart? The man who warned us that we should let Dubai buy our ports?

Oh, he can say clever stuff now---why not? Was he running around for eight years saying “We must drill!”

No, he mentioned it, what…once, twice? Gee, a little more effort would have been nice.

Listen: Alan Greenspan, according to Matt Whitmore of Newsmax, once complained that it was a big job to deal with over 22,000 banks. This was in 1987. Within a decade the small town bank disappeared. Now we have only about 15 super banks….how nice.

In fact, in all business, just during the last few decades, the big guys have gobbled up all the little guys. Who are these guys that sit on this Federal Reserve and suck us dry? Do you know their names?

Well, I don’t.

But I have an American Dream. I’d like to build perfect little model Lego’s of all those Gods of Davos who want to destroy America. I’d put them on display, in the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, hold a contest for someone to guess how many Legos are in the display, and the winner would get to smash them, right under the Statue of Liberty.

And I would stand around, just in case the winner needed some help.