Friday, October 05, 2007

Playboy Baby

Nobody Flashes: Yes, while Brittany Spears is in Georgia, shopping and buying clothes, she should have no fear... she knows that her children are in good hands with their father.

Her father, knows, as Hillay Clinton does...that the sooner you get those little suckers minds to think, the better.

Like this dad. Here, a very concerned father is teaching his son what he considers to be, the finer things about women. And as you can see by the expression on his face, his son will be sure to grow up to either become:

A. A politician---B. A moutain climber---C. A door man in Las Vegas---D. Gay---E. A nuclear scientist, or ....F. Blind

Or maybe he'll be the the next Larry, Hugh, or Moe.

And if anyone knows what the man in the cubicle is looking at...I'd like to know.


Thursday, October 04, 2007

Nobody Reports: 10/5/07

Nobody’s Opinion: Heck,-it’s the first week in October, and the leaves still haven’t changed yet here in Missouri…which puts me in a pretty good mood, thankful for the little things in life—like the innocent’s of a puppy’s kiss. And even though the news always gets worse as the days go by it seems, sometimes an absolute brilliant burst of glory hits you smack in the eye and makes you happy and thankful just to be alive.

And that smack this week was the ninety minute interview of Justice Clarence Thomas on Rush Limbaugh’s radio program. Wow. What a great human being. Justice Thomas is the quintessence of human honesty, integrity, wisdom, and great insight. Not to mention a lover of regular American people.

After the interview all I could think of…was: If a man of that greatness could actually get on the Supreme Court after so many trying to keep him off, then there is still hope for us all.

It’s important to count your blessings…and Justice Thomas is a big one.

No wonder the liberals came out with such vicious attacks against Rush the next day. The Liberals can’t have a black man, one with such clarity of reason and truth, come out pontificating the same sensible virtues of the most hated conservative white man, next to the President (according to the democrats) in the country. What if there were actually black people admiring Justice Thomas instead of Jesse Jackson?

Can’t let that happen.

Therefore, the democrats came out with a vicious attack on Rush the next day…claiming Rush had attacked the military. (This by all accounts was a joke.)

Our Senate continues to amaze us. Senate Majority leader Harry Reid attacked Rush Limbaugh for his “unpatriotic and indefensible comments” on his broadcast. I would have loved it if Senator “soldiers are baby killers” Kerry would have delivered that little reprimand, but I suppose he was off checking out his ketchup supplies.

And that wasn’t the only highlight last week. An American veteran cut down the Mexican Flag above a Reno Restaurant, which had been placed above old Glory…In St. Louis, where I live, a Scottish festival was put on.

I don’t know why that tickled me so, but in this international diversified politically correct world, you don’t see too many English celebrating themselves anymore. And it was nice to see the thousands of men who have died for our freedom honored by a brave man who had I’m sure, had lost many of friend protecting America.

Nevertheless, the world is not perfect so on to….

Nobody’s Perfect: Brittany Spears headed up this category of, what not to do if you’re very rich and very troubled. A judge took her kids away from her, because she likes to drive around drunk, stoned, and half naked. Who could blame him?

Most of us normal mothers think maybe she’s just stupid. After all, if you’ve got the money for child care, and chauffeurs, why not use them? If you’re a drug addict, get help---you’ve got the money. Why do all these Hollywood stars go around driving while drunk all over the place? What’s up with that?

It seems the main thing they are addicted to is “attention”. Someone needs to start a detox clinic for that.

Nobody Knows: Hillary was in the news for two big items this week. First, it was announced that she beat Obama for the third quarter in raising money. No one asked her just how much of that was left around from Norman Hsu’s illegal contributions, since no one in the press would dare to suggest the Clintons of actually getting money that wasn’t Chinese laundered somehow. They are too busy admiring them.

Hillary also came up with the bribe of---Vote for me and I will give every single child $5,000 just for being born here, causing Mexicans to salivate over something besides free college tuition.

Our politicians have raided Social Security (no lock box) so much that Hillary felt the need to cleverly invent another big pile of money to pillage. By the time the kids are grown, it won’t be there.

After Hillary’s giveaway political move, Obama had to come up with something enticing the voters too, so he said he is going to elimate nuclear weapons.

I don’t have any clue how he thinks he is going to do this, when he can’t even get rid of Hillary Clinton’s war machine.

Nobody Wins: When a senator gets off a plane in Bagdad, sees cartons full of billions of American dollars being escorted to a Bagdad bank, and has no idea what its for---it’s not a good thing.

Democrat Jim Cooper (TN), on C-Span this week, complained about the billions of tax dollars our military pays out as “bribes,” because of the corrupt culture of “that’s how business is done” in other countries.

I wonder where they learned this from?

Speaking of cultures, there was much talk about how the Islamic parents who have their children in our schools now want their holidays also to be celebrated.

As Americans, we believe in the tolerance of other religions, but those other religions must also tolerate other religions---which the Islamic people do not want to do. They have a real problem tolerating Christians.
All this “winter celebration” crap should stop right now.

Getting rid of Christmas is just insane. Christians can tolerate Muslims. Muslims, as we have all seen, cannot tolerant any other religion besides their own. Therefore, they should not be allowed to become tyrants. It’s that simple, and it should start with our schools.

Good luck, because we obviously have a lot of morons who have not figured this out, running things everywhere.

Nobody Cares: Vladimir Putin loves power so much he has decided to make himself Prime Minister, and put a puppet as President so he can stay in power.

Now, why didn’t Bill Clinton think of that?

And on a last note, while the world has watched thousands of Buddhist monks this week being slaughtered in Burma due to the policy of the “peaceful” and non-violent protests, some of us with common sense think it’s a perfect example of how NOT to give in to tyranny.

You’re family might not be able to find your arm.

And that’s why there is war. Better to fight, and be alive to fight another day, then to give in to tyranny, just because psychologically, it makes you feel good.

Remember, you’ll be dead, and your family will be miserably living in slavery, while wondering if they will ever find your remains.

And on that happy note, I’m off to look for Justice Thomas’s book, “My Grandfather's Son.” You should join me…the leaves will be turning soon.


Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Tangled Up in India

Nobody Wins; If you think that Hillary Care Health Insurance is going to save your life, think again.

Like all other govenmental programs, (who got the idea from Microsoft) your emergency calls most likely will be taken care of in India, where answering your needs in broken English takes about 2 hours, and the lines, as you can see, aren't always up to par.


"Yes...I need an ambulance! My father is having a heart attack! Quick! Hurry, send someone over!"

"Ma ey hav gyor nummmbe plea?"

"What did you say?"

"Ceen ey hav gyor fhon nummmmbe plea?"

"My god...don't you have it on your computer? How long is this going to take?"

"It vil teek onlie a few I ey gyor nummbe please?"


"I vil wit".....


Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Nobody Flashes! Amfortas For President: Interview!

Nobody’s Opinion: There are very few people on MND that do not know this man…a man who has daily been our friend, in an ineffaceable way, and never fails to illustrate that fact that his brain at least, does not stop thinking.

Mine on the other hand, stopped after reading all the answers to my “nobody” questions on what he would do if he were President of the United States.

I almost wished I had asked him his thoughts about Mars. (Another time perhaps)

Besides hopefully supplying us all with free beer, amfortas has come up with the most remarkable thoughts, about everything under the Ozone...proving my theory that I try to establish every day.

Nobody's Theory: In this world of nobodies, there are men (and women) that would make MUCH better leaders than the elite powers that are controlling the world now. (How we get these nobodies into power is beyond me.)

Anyway Amfortas would be one of them…so here is Amfortas for President…

My first exclusive interview with anybody. (Much thanks to the man for his time, his thoughts, and his joy in just being alive)

A man’s man…a woman’s man…

A man with a great heart, and indubitable opinions.

ENJOY! And give him hell, because that’s what we do in American politics!


First Question: Mr. Amfortas, before we start, I must ask what “party” are you…a Democrat, a Republican, an Independent, or a greenie. In other words---how do you wish to run?

I will be running on the ‘Durn Furriner’ Ticket, Joy. This is a departure that takes us right back to the Founding Fathers who, as you know, weren’t Americans at all, until they invented the nationality. They were durn furriner Colonial Brits a couple of weeks before. Which is what we are. Full circle.

Second Question: As President, what would you do to save the utter hopeless educational system in America?

I have a policy worked out that I call ‘The New Orleans Strategy’. It involves a Policy Tsunami washing the lot away in a great cleansing flood and starting from scratch. I will have small lifeboats for the kiddies and the Uni students but with luck and a strong wind from all points most of all the teachers and professors will drown. Most of those that survive will be indicted for Agitprop crimes and child abuse. I have a list! Some will star in public trials and I will re-institute defenestration. Should be fun. All those ivory towers put to good use.

I also have heads on pikes in the back of my mind—I read about it in a book—see, you will have a literate President for a change—but we will see where we are after the first few month of year two. Year one will be a doozy, fully occupied. I strongly believe in the future of our children and the development of knowledge and skill, and we have to get back to basics to establish a firm foundation. Public education will beget public pillories and stocks for the intellectual and emotional abusers of our children.

Third Question: Do you think the war in Iraq was necessary, or do you think we should get out?

What is done is done. Necessity is usually followed by invention but as motherhood is held in such contempt these days (it will change) the only inventions we have seen so far are excuses rather than practical results. Lies have followed lies. Some incredibly inventive. Whole Departments of State appear to be in the invention game and it is going to STOP.

Our troops (well yours) have done a magnificent job of prosecuting war—the best in the world, some of them---damnably fast and efficient-but the current leadership in Washington have not a clue of how to prosecute a peace. I will be prosecuting a lot, I can promise you.

Iraq is a complete cock-up. I blame the Brits. If they had only listened to Colonel Lawrence we would not be in this god-awful mess. Had his head screwed on, that lad, even if he had a few strange personal habits. But in Iraq we are and we have to make the best of it.

Leave? Yes. Eventually. But there are many heads to bang together yet. Our Treasure is depleting and good men’s blood has been spilled. We need Victory. Nothing less is to be contemplated. Mark that.

Not that the Brit and American Politicians are the only stupid buggers. Those Arab Johnnies are damned thick too. We need to sit awhile and let them get on with wopping one another and wait until they are friggin’ exhausted and there are only four of them left. It should be a doodle after that. The usual under-manned, under equipped battalion should have little trouble. I am thinking ‘women.’ Great conflict managers, they tell me.

Fourth Question: Do you believe in marriage between a man and a woman? Would you let gays get married?

I am glad you asked that, Joy. Or should I call you Mistress Joyanna? I believe strongly in marriage. And fidelity. Men and women are a coupling made in heaven and I will cast into Hell-on-Alcatraz (I will be re-opening that place by the way) all those anti-Family Court scum that have done so much to destroy it. We may need a few more similar island prisons but I will make sure we don’t go down the old luxury apartment route.

The ‘old’ idea of marriage is what I have in mind. Vows, held to by adults. For better and for worse. No backsliding when the going inevitably gets a bit tough. In sickness and health. Marry a man, not a wallet. Marry a woman, not a mirage. Get some character and maturity before you even start.

None of this divorce at whim carnage. There is a lot to undo. Gays marrying? A pervert’s fantasy. No way. Not that I care a monkeys toss about this or that person’s sexual proclivities but Marriage is about love and male-female bonking and family, which means children. Children need a father and a mother; no ifs, not buts. No rampant single-motherhood nonsense either. Knickers up and knees together if you ain’t hitched.

My administration will get out of the Marriage business altogether. None of my damned business managing the process. Contract law is quite able to deal with it. Break your contract and you have to compensate your partner. There is nothing complicated about it. Equal dissolution by mutual agreement? Fine. No unilateralism. Take out what you put in and split the jointly developed assets as per input. No more of this corruption by lawyers and judges stripping family assets. No more massive payouts to crooked partners. Kids? You are both wholly, jointly, and severally totally responsible. Deal with it. Do it right or I will then step in and whack you. Poison their young minds against one or the other and its out a high friggin’ window, like a Professor.

My first 100 days will see a wholescale dismantling of the anti-Family Court, along with most other Courts too. There will be much gnashing of teeth, for those few legal carrion that retains their teeth. Corruption will be severely dealt with. I will be seeking out true men and women but expect to find only a few. There will be Appointments of ordinary sensible people to the Bench. Preferably heavy goods vehicle drivers and electrical linesmen. The words ‘Truth’ and ‘Justice’ will be brought out of retirement. All will be equal before the law and no particular group’s ‘interests’ will be put above another’s, even if they are only two foot tall or have genitals of a particular kind. Law will take its place as a subordinate of justice.

There will be much rejoicing by those on the Left, as, for a while, I will institute just the sort of Court processes they seem to love. Just for them. Secret Courts; guilty until they prove themselves innocent; the judicious use of accusation from all and sundry; no need for evidence; blind eye to perjury; lots of whimsical technicalities. Oh my. There will be fun for all. I might even televise some. They love that sort of thing. Reality TV.

Dispossession will be a normal base level punishment. Restitution and recompense for all that these parasites and thieves have abused, good people, mainly chaps as it happens, will take some time. The rest of some Judges and lawyers’ lives I imagine. Their families and friends are going to be thoroughly pissed off with them.

For the rest of ‘We the People’ it is back to the Magna Carta and Habeus Corpus. Justice, Truth. Equality.

And, er, you. Joy? Married?

Fifth Question: Did you have sex with that woman?

Joyanna! I may have done. I might not have. Either way it is ‘that woman’s’ business and mine. I am an honorable chap. I don’t kiss and tell and I don’t frig about. I don’t get into lying or prevaricating. If an interviewer was incautious enough to ask me about a lady, he/she should duck. Fast.

Sixth Question: Do you believe in term limits?

Yes. I need only one term. My Presidency will be a 4 year Tyranny. I will change the Nature of America; drag it, kicking and wailing if necessary, out of its adolescence and into Adulthood so that it can properly exercise the mature leadership that the world requires. It may be our turn to be the superpower de jour but so far we have acted like a spoiled child in a lolly shop. This will STOP.

I will focus almost entirely on internal matters of national Character. Of course there will be International matters to deal with but we will be restructuring the Home front and the world will just have to manage with our overview and note-taking for a year or two. By year three we will be in the position to kick arse with élan and acclaim. Lead like a leader.

At the end of my 4 year term of Office I will put it to the People that I be given a modest pension and exile to Tasmania, as my reward for good service; or shot. I don’t really mind which. Of course, a large pension just might enthuse me for a few years relaxation before cancer cuts me down. The bullet—or sword thrust—is a good warrior way to go.

Come to think of it, being shot while in Office is a bit of a Tradition in the USA, isn’t it?

Seventh Question: What are you reading at the moment?

The Fifth Miracle by Paul Davis. It’s my third read. He’s a smart lad who knows how to ask questions. If only that Parzival had been as bright I wouldn’t be sitting here with my friggin’ thigh leaking. And I have just enjoyed Bill Bryson’s Short History of nearly Everything. Again, again. He’s one of America’s really splendid examples to the world and a lovely chap to boot.

Eighth Question: As a former soldier, how do you feel about women in the armed forces?

Oh my goodness, Joy, you do know how to ask ‘em. It is time women took their proper place as adults just as men have for generations. It may mean a better, more fashionable range of body bags, but hey, its time we had a bit of good design. I might get Versace to submit some sketches. Wanna job?

I have served with and commanded women, Joy, (American women too) and I can assure you that they are just as vicious and nasty as men. And tough. And in need of control and direction. They will need the reins on just as men do. I will double the size of the Armed Forces, not just to reverse the decline of recent years and take the load off our dedicated young men, but to give the demanded equality and empowerment to women. Women will have the same Selective Service obligations as the men. No careers, no professional licenses, no driving licenses, no college without being signed up. I will have plenty of work for them to do. Plenty of opportunity for multi-tasking.

They will not, as they fear, have opportunity for sexual harassment. No outrageous claims permitted. They will be in all-female battle formations, trained and commanded by women. Touch ups or just ‘looking’ will be dealt with in-house around the back of the hangar, like the chaps do it. They will not have to rely on men risking their lives to protect them. There will be no more Jessicas hiding behind trucks while blokes around her take the bullets. Cry, and another woman will slap them around. Women are good at communicating. So they tell me.

American women are splendid, brave, intelligent. They can bleed as well as any man. They are courageous and can take the same wounds and maiming loss of limbs as any young boy can. Women should be encouraged to die for their country just as our boys have been encouraged for God knows how long. Women have a lot of catching up to do.

Hail to the Chief, ‘cause the Chief’s a nasty bastard.

He likes Eekwallitee and now it is your turn.

Ninth Question: As President, what kind of ruler would you in your opinion be?

I have no mumbo-jumbo Chrystal Ball. I cannot see the future. I resist impromptu opinion. But I have been on the mountain and I have seen the day when America will judge its President, not by his diminutive stature, his short, hairy legs, his flowing white beard which Lincoln would have kept a few slaves for, not by his nationality, or his double-barreled real name, not his pointy hat, not even by his Royal Rank, but by the Content of his Character.

I don’t pretend, even to myself, that most people are going to be happy with my rule, at first, so it will have to be by Presidential Fiat. Heads will roll and one or two might squeak a protest or two before the vocal chords get the chop. But think teenagers being grounded. It’s for their own good. You know it makes sense.

I shall have to ‘ground’ Congress for a few months and there may well be some promotions and pay rises in the Police forces. There will be a few recruitment opportunities there too. They will be given some latitude in dealing with crims that have previously untouchable, due to their ‘knowing’ people in high places, and there might be a bit of biffo internally too. But I have confidence that our boys in blue in our cities and hamlets will take to the job of being real American men at last with some gusto and happily do what is needed with the Judges and lawyers-their natural enemy. The crims will not have the luxury of spending their stolen and ill-gotten gains paying for lawyers to get them off. They won’t reach Court. There will be few Courts to reach anyway, most being very, very busy with internal matters. And lawyers will be thin on the ground. There might be some on television. Not real ones.

I will be friggin’ brill.

You’ll love me.

Look into my eyes, not to the side, in my eyes, here, look, deep, in my eyes, big, brown eyes, gorgeous eyes, deeper, don’t blink, relax, you are feeling sleepy……..

Tenth Question: Who are your favorite readers (not writers) on MND, and if you have any complaints, what would they be?

You are trying to see if I play favorites, you naughty woman. Hmmmmm. I appreciate the wit and vocabulary of Conservativation, even if I do not share his predisposition toward religious observance modes and can barely spell his name. I might even offer him some Cabinet cuff-links. Him and Bill Bryson. (I bet you didn’t know that Bill is an MND reader. I ain’t going to reveal his username though) There are several others that I learn a huge amount from and some who are first class researchers and debaters in their own right. Teri and TBQ, when they aren’t busy, are always good value and the Capt (DMO) is a grand fellow. Haven’t seen him around much.

I miss some who used to post a lot. Like the Gozman. His creative expressions are gems. His descriptive nomenclature should be taught at Uni. The readers who comment are the backbone of MND. Pity so many seem to have gone walkabout. At your insistence I won’t favour any particular writers but only say that many of them serve a great purpose and provide the stimulus that has made MND what it is. They are fine people, even if some of their ideas and positions are continually questioned. Even the looney ones.

I no complain. (Said in a Spanish accent)

11th Question: What is your opinion on globalization?

I know this is a sensitive issue with you, my dear. It is inevitable. Maybe a few hundred years away but nevertheless it has been a’coming, slowly, inexorably for ten thousand years.

Globalization is a buzz-word, an easy distraction word to dislike and be scared of, which prevents us thinking too deeply about what is happening in terms of Planetary maturity. The growth of trade is the obvious point of connection between nations and it is everyone’s own best interest to keep a finger on the pulse. That means monitoring and regulation. We are moving down that track. We have to get it right and trial and error has been going on since Bretton Woods. Again, corruption is a stumbling block.

The development of trading blocks, ‘free’ trade arrangements, the dissolution of bordors, the movements of peoples, is a reflection of that maturing process, moving the world from dependency on emotional reactivity by individual ‘leaders’, to independence from outrage, based on agreed protocol.

But it goes a lot, lot deeper, to a much more fundamental level than mere trade and international relations. We are moving beyond tribe and state and country and continental blocks, races, ‘people’, toward ‘Humanity’.

Almost accidentally we stumbled upon the protocols, the ‘information’ needed to build a brain. The Planet’s own destiny is at hand and the noosphere is laying down the ability for a single, united Planet to think. And while the basic building blocks are being put in place, the nodal interconnection, the internet, instant communication—between individuals and nations, you and me over 10,000 miles for instance—the developing Character of Humanity is being established by default. It is stuck in smut at the moment but maybe that’s reflective of biology. It is our task, this generation and the next, to set moral and intellectual and political and commercial—and dare I say it—Spiritual Characteristics in place.

That is the real challenge of Globalization. The Character of Humanity.

Now the Big question. Do you want that Character to be so easily definable as Republican or Democrat, or Feminist, or Communist, or Conservative, or Whatever? How about American, Chinese. Arab? Buddhist? Christian? Muslim?

Or would you be more comfortable and everyone at home with Honesty, Truthfulness, Integrity, Equality, Trust, Freedom, Love, Respect, the commonalities of good Character regardless of the National or political or religious leanings of individuals?

America is in the Grid position to set the standard it may take a while. But we have to eradicate our own corruption first. Painful.

12th Question: What do you think of the United Nations? A future World Government?

Another old hat organization well past its use-by date. At the time it was probably a good idea, but conditions have changed considerably and it has become one of the most corrupt organizations in the world. Criminals International. It has visions of itself as the World Guvmunt but fortunately it cannot organize a piss up in a brewery.

It is populated by the most appalling people who are totally committed to lining their own pockets. Dictators, tyrants, murderous scum, the worst of men and woman find their way to its halls and committees, where they sit on fat arses and the faces of the poor and oppressed. There is no threat of the UN ever governing a minor moon of Uranus.

I have a plan—it is revisable as it isn’t a huge priority. I would invite most of these awful people, Heads of State, Ambassadors, whatever to a huge UN Party / talkfest, the sort of thing they like, with a promise to give them all the money we have been withholding. We being the biggest financial contributor to their protection racket. Then I would tell the lot of them to fuck off again, empty handed, but with a warning that ‘We the People’ have their number and their game is up. I would have it televised world-wide. I have a great speech all prepared.

As for all the thousands of ‘Administrators’, Bureaucrats, Secretaries of this and that, I would stop housing them in NY, close down Geneva, and move the friggin’ lot to Zimbabwe. The Mugabe Sea Food Cocktail Bar and Gorilla Deli will get a bit of custom I dare say. But that is for the day after my Inauguration.

13th: What would you do about China?

Do? Oh deary me. This is so often the problem. ‘Do about’. It’s the ‘Durn Furriner’ problem isn’t it? The Chinese are human beings like you and me. Hey, some are even prettier than me. (You are lookin’ pretty fine yourself, if I might be bold momentarily). Notwithstanding the heretofore mentioned head-wacking and exodus of the UN, what I will do is try to live in peace with them, influencing them, as they will influence us, but with as much reason, understanding, firm principle and ‘our’ way as possible. It may be difficult if they prove nasty, as they have done in the past and sometimes present. It’s a bloody big place with four of them for every one of us (us being Americans, of course) but they are a fair old distance away. Buying up the place is worth a try. Get it while it’s cheap.

Rather than constantly interfering with them and meddling in this and that (same with many others) I will be restructuring our big stick and recharging our treasuries for when we are in a position to do something—if there is something we have to do that is, rather than adventuring off to do random violence for fun and profit.

But you have to remember that they are durn furriners and everyone who isn’t English is a durn furriner, even you. We are getting practice. We will need a big stick. The UN closing down should show what we mean.

Most countries we deal with, like China, are made up of people of differential Character. Some, most, are very corrupt. Morally, Intellectually, Politically, Commercially. So are we. While we deal with all these others from a base of similar corruption, we are unable to take leadership or set an example of excellence. We are unable to take the world forward. And that is America’s current destiny. It is our job.

It used to be boasted that the business of America is Business. This is very soul-limiting. That was when America was No three or four in the world. No 1 has different priorities and responsibilities. One’s needing Character.

America has to clean its own act up before we can preach to others. They are not going to listen otherwise. And the Chinese have big sticks too.

14th Question: How do you feel about universal health care?

The population of Sirius Major is against it and I listen to what they say. I get messages. (I am very well connected, Galactically, and they won’t speak to that Hillary woman). They don’t think we can cope, what with their digestive system and all. I think we have to just stick to ourselves for the moment and get it right. There is a lot to do.

To my mind it’s the corruption issue again rather than a political one. I have seen ‘National’ health care systems and ‘Private’ systems. Much of a muchness, frankly. Things get better technologically and skills-wise as time moves forward and minds work on medical issues, and money gets siphoned off by pencil-neck, rent-seeking bureaucrats, rapacious professionals and middle-ages Guilds of Mafioso in white coats. America has the best and worse of health care. It’s basically super-crap. More people go to Thailand for hospital treatment than come to the USA. We have top get rid of the corruption and provide care; provide good, effective (which may mean less financially efficient) service to ‘We the People’; organize the best effect.

Argue with me if you will but a nation has certain responsibilities to its People. Defense isn’t contracted out to Tony Soprano and Co (hah! Part of the Iraq problem again.) and there is a case for not contracting out health to Dr. Soprano et al either. Or Dr, Phan Fat Thurmaturanguwallah. When the mafia scum, rent-seeking, parasites are cleared out of public life the particular organizing principles will work. Whatever you choose. It’s the Character of the People that count.

15th Question: What is your biggest wish for mankind?

I have no specific wishes for mankind beyond ‘be nice’ and don’t poke that sharp stick in my friggin eye. We are here for a short time, individually. I am pretty sure that mankind has a Purpose and that Big G knows what it is. But I don’t. But were I to be so bold I would say that doing and being somewhat approximating to what Big G has in mind would be the best bet. Best ask what is on His mind rather than trying to invent the answer and fight over it...

Ask the question. Bloody Parzival again. He coulda been a contender.

16th Question: What will your campaign slogan be?

I am a ruler. I don’t do slogans. I hire folk for that. Still, I suppose we have to accommodate thickos with attention spans of milliseconds. What do you suggest to keep them happy?

What do ‘We the MND People’ think would be a good slogan?

The Holy Grail can be yours, by asking the right question.

(Look into my eyes, not to the side, in my eyes, here, look, deep, in my eyes, don’t blink, relax, you are feeling sleep……Say, ‘Would you please be our President, Amfortas?)


Monday, October 01, 2007

The Rules of Breast Engagement

Nobody Flashes; Isn't she sweet? Isn't she just a bundle of delectable eye candy? Shouldn't this obviously empowered woman be down at the "Breasts Not Bombs" rally to show her feminist devotion to her belief that we can all just get together and live peacefully if we just take off our clothes and have wild passionate orgies, allowing every sexual preference to join in? Homosexuals, transvestites, and goat lovers...all embracing in one democratic, liberal, release of emotional, bent-up, euphoria?

And doesn't Hillary Clinton wish she looked this good? Because after all, that is her final goal...rule by pussy.

So guys, you see, Bill Clinton's true legacy is the damage he has done to the world by marrying the one woman in the world who will take over and destroy all men. think I'm picking on the Clintons? You bet your sweet pussy I am...

Or, if you don't have one of those... Ahhh....then accordingly, you cannot make any rules.

Remember that the next time you see the sign, "Breasts not Bombs" and vote like your very sexual life depended on it.

Oh, and thanks to the ever vigilant reporting of Doug Powers for keeping us abreast (sorry, couldn't help myself) of this issue.


Sunday, September 30, 2007

Tim Russert's Denials

Nobody’s Opinion: Tim Russert has been interviewing the Clintons a lot lately, have you noticed?

You have to hand it to the Clintons---they know a sucker when they see one.

Here’s what I find really tough about watching Tim Russert interviewing either one of the Clintons: He puts the word obsequiousness into outer-orbit when he gets around them. It doesn’t matter what he is asking them---his emotional, orgasmic facial expressions, seemingly from just the sheer joy of being in their presence, is enough to make any nobody, like me, gag.

As far as Tim Russert’s daily financial and historical place in the world of reporting is concerned, he is in “reporting” heaven. But to the rest of us nobodies who make up the country and will have to suffer for the Clinton’s grand scheme of global-fascist takeover…

Well, let’s just say, we do not have the option of returning the lemon.

During the democratic debate last week, Tim posed probably the biggest reason Hillary should not be running for President to her: Doesn’t the fact that she is married to Bill Clinton, set up some kind of dynasty?

A dynasty that smacks of despotism, kings, monarchies, and the inevitable global rule of the two Clintons controlling the world? Talk about anti-American…this is more like a third world countries dictator’s wife’s dream---stepping in for her husband.

Well, of course it does. Tim Russert knows it, the Clintons know it, democrats know it, republicans know it, independents know it, all the bloggers and serious journalists know it, and most other tyranical dictators of the world want it so badly they can hardly contain themselves.

But, because Clinton is such a lovable liar and undeniable genius at manipulating whoever he is in the room with, Russert presents the whole remarkable concept as a wonderful thing! A man being President and then his wife…well, it’s never been done before!

Think of the ratings! Who cares about what’s good for the country!

America loves to be entertained. We now have a forever running Presidential Contest to go along with Survivor, and American Idol.

Unfortunately, like most contests, sometimes you feel like the winners are already picked.

No one seemed to bring up the fact of how shocking it was for Alan Greenspan, to retire, write a book, and then come out campaigning for that “republican” Bill Clinton.

What propitious timing.

Bill Clinton, on Meet the Press today was talking to Moynihan’s old chief of staff, Russert, about how CGI was going to go in and “help” set up mining operations in Africa---help them get those diamonds and oil and stuff out of the ground.

Only Bill Clinton could make the plundering of another country for profit sound like benevolent “help,” and come out looking like Saint Bill.

Tim’s eyes grew huge---as if he was thinking, “What a guy!”

Then Bill said, “Oh, I never touch the money.” He said it several times. Well, he doesn’t have to. It’s all moved in cyberspace. He’s not technically lying. Remember, Bill Clinton the lawyer, can write a perfect word to get out of everything. Yes, he even redefined the word “is.”

A word now associated with oral sex.

Everyone admits the control they have is astounding. Already a President…Hillary has her own studio in New York where she will push out her propaganda. The media will come to her.

She went from “Lets Chat” to “Come Pick My Song” to “We’re Just as Lovable and Misunderstood as the Sopranos” to “It will be shown on 24 (since nobody watched Geena Davis) that a woman President can be tough.”

Bill made it sound like Jack Bauer was a personal friend of his on the show.

Bill not only coaches Hillary it seems, but Ahmadinejad, because in his UN speech, he was saying all the things that Bill has been going on about for years…How the little countries are bullied by the big countries, and it’s only fair that they have a nuclear weapon, and that the UN must make a new fair playing field.

The Clintons want the US to give up it’s sovereignty to the global world of one rule government, a fact they will deny.

Ask yourself this; How many times have you heard Bill Clinton say that Hillary did not decide to run for President until just a few months back, and how many times did you believe him?

Tim Russet might believe their denials---but don’t you dare.