Saturday, April 01, 2006

Adam Smith's Children

Adam Smith got so big he had three triplets; They are "hear no evil" George, "see no evil" Vicente Fox, and " speak no evil" Stephen Harper.

All three children see no harm in Daddy's theories, no harm being done to the world in the practice of free trade. Daddy told them it would work, but only if the trade was equal among nations, which it isn't.

Daddy is in Washington D.C., right now, and dining on trillion dollar tax deficits.

George "hear no evil" never seems to hear the cries of the American worker who will be starving soon. Vicente "see no evil" does not see the workers crawling across the border, And Stephen "speak no evil" just got the new job, so he keeping out of it.

But they are proud, because they are sure to be just as fat as their Daddy some day.

What they don't know is someday Daddy will die, and there will be no one to come to rescue them when they get stuck in the mud.

Daddy will have an heart attack, but be kept on life support by the next President

That's what happens when free trade becomes the bacon of the rich. the picture wasn't big enough...I had to fill space...give me a break.

Adam Smith Got Fat

Adam Smith Got Fat

Nobody’s Opinion; Have you ever noticed that something is on your mind, some subject in the news, or some job you might want, and magically something comes out of nowhere to coincide with exactly what you were thinking?

I had one of those propitious moments happen to me today. As I was watching President Bush, Vicente Fox , and Stephen Harper pose for the photo-op on the steps of an Aztec pyramid, I picked up a book by random called “Where Have All the Jobs Gone?” by George Vargish.

Mr. Vargish was the CEO of his own manufacturing firm; Vargish Knitwear, for fifty years. I’ve only read two chapters. Here is a quote;

A few years ago, the Ford Motor Company closed down an auto assembly plant in the town of Mahway, New Jersey. The workers that were laid up ended up with jobs paying half what they had earned at Ford.”

Now, in itself, this statement doesn’t seem too strange. The strange thing is this book was written in 1992.

He goes on to point that we have the most liberal immigration policy on the planet, and that the philosophy of Adams Smith’s FREE TRADE is a fantasy practiced by our leaders and it has basically ruined us. Our State Department has given other countries outlandish breaks on imports, while the other countries have not let us sell our goods in a fair market. We therefore are flooded with their products. Whole industries have been whiped out.

Basically, all our manufacturing, the gross product that made us so great, no longer exists. Not only have the politicians not protected our borders, they took our very lives and played canasta.

This did NOT have to happen. But the men in Washington of both parties signed up to it and slowly over the years, all the blue collar jobs, and the management jobs have been eliminated.

A country without a manufacturing base eventually is owned by other countries that do. Sorry folks---a country based on “service” just does not cut it.

It doesn’t matter HOW much the kids study, or how many degrees they get, the jobs will be slim when they graduate. That’s why they keep raising the tuition. When the students come back to riot, the teachers will all be in France.

Now, we nobodies know this. We’ve seen it for years. What is amazing to me is that the media, from the left to the right, and all politicians every day talk about our great economy, and how well we are doing. When the truth is; there seems to be little hope for the middle class which is disappearing as fast as the muscles on our bodies.

That is why the Latinos will put the final hole in the coffin so to speak, because they will rise up from being waiters, to higher paying construction workers, then to the better jobs. And with affirmative action, they won’t have to pay for college or houses. They are the new blacks in town.

Most of the white middle class will down to the poverty level, and there will be NO affirmative actions for them. Vacations in Disneyworld will be a once in a lifetime thing.
Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches will be served for dinner instead of lunch.

How do the rich and powerful justify doing this to us? They figure even though we will be poorer, there are people in India eating dirt. We will have it much better then them.

And that is why I hate it when our Presidents (We seem to have so many running around acting like they are still President.) are so happy about the Chinese poor coming into the middle class. Because every Chinese that becomes middle class, is one less American who loses hope for his future.

God, I’m depressing myself.

I’ve got to get a GRIP! Is it all that bad! There are people actually making a good living still…Paris Hilton for one. And because I could see no way out of the damage that has been done for years from the dismantling of the America manufacturing base, which was done by our own government favoring other nations over her own---I put down the book and turned the news back on, where I got the happy fantasy of President Bush telling us that it is all going to work out---as soon as we get steroids out of baseball.

On a note here, I happen to like President Bush. It wasn’t on his watch, or his father’s watch that the system turned around. We were sold off by greed a long time ago. What I do blame them all for is this free trade global world America will just have to swallow and become a third world so the big boys and CEO’s can keep power crap.

Anyway, if you get a chance, pick up the book. You can read it taking a bath, or listening to the ball game. You will know very clearly, why when the Presidents of three countries now get together in a room they have to have CEO’s with them.

Adam Smith is getting much too fat.

Nobody Cares; A black senator was “touched” today by a guard, who insulted her beyond all measure by not recognizing her as the great black senator she thinks she is. For this horrible crime, she called a news conference in a matter of a few hours and had Danny Glover and Harry Bellefonte at her side in minutes.

How they got there so fast was beyond this blogger. Must have been by banana boat. I think the blacks are actually jealous that the Mexicans are taking away the limelight.

She was a senator from Georgia and I’m very happy to tell you I have no idea what her name is, I was doing the dishes at the time, but I could match her face in a lineup. Just call me.


Howard Stern called his fans cheap bastards today for not signing up for his new satellite program. Howard, you need to sit ON the satellite and spread em.

Nobody Knows: Although it was reported that some students at the Ronald Reagan High School in Texas actually burned a Mexican flag in protest today, and were promptly punished for that terrible, outrageous, and malicious action, what was not reported is that IF they had burned the America flag, nothing would have happened to them.

Evidently the Principal must have some good drugs, because the article did not mention that he was punish for putting the Mexican flag up in the first place.

Nobody’s Perfect; Secretary of State Rice said that they committed thousands of errors in the Iraq War. Good thing no one noticed.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Red Moons, Progressive Property, and Real Women

I would like to thank god for the moon, where soon all progressive Democratic Citizens will be going to due to the fact that they already own property. Spielberg, Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks, Diane Feinstein, and Madeline Albright, paid billions to get the first prime cuts. The Bush family already has a compound, but as Doug Powers said on his blog today, only REAL woman will be able to get up there without their boobs exploding. That means that they will all have to leave their wives here.

Doug is doing his best to save the woman of the earth from a most painful experience. Doug is also a very accomplished spaceman, because he comes and deletes all my empty spaces.

Take that last statement however you like in the context of your own imagination. Everyone on earth does. Just be glad you still have property here on earth, because you will NOT want to live on the red moon of the future, even IF all the movie stars are there.

I suggest they take possession of this property right away, or at least start paying property taxes.

Or donate their shares to the Katrina victims.

Even the Moon is Red Tonight

Even the Moon is Red Tonight

Nobody’s Opinion; Wow, you would think it was Friday. All the insane and absurd news of the day was enough to make you feel that the situation of the United States was hopeless. Some of the more perceptive talk show hosts like George Noory and Michael Savage have figured out the grand plans of the One World Order being put slowly in place. The other voices like Rush and O’Reilly feel it, they just won’t commit to it yet.

No one would dare admit to the fact that the communists have been planning the downfall of America for years. You will hear very few connecting the dots on this one.

I think it was Mao himself that said he would down America by using the very weapon of capitalism. They planed the takeover as a long-term thing, using our power and money as our own downfall.

I can honestly say, my generation of baby boomers has produced the very leaders who are leading us right down the communist yellow brick road. They got us early. Our educational system was appalling. So right away, when drugs, feminism, and abortion were introduced into our baby boomer minds on purpose, we were lead along like little five year olds, because our education had been so bad, we didn’t think about it.

They saw the opportunity and took it.

I remember when I first went to college; it was Friedrich Nietzsche's “Anti-Christ” that was the hot book to read. My boyfriend was handing me “Three Who Made a Revolution” like it was the Holy Grail. The communists infiltrated our universities, and that’s where they found young minds, like the Clintons, to choose and place in high places. (Well, actually they got Bill in the drug crib of Arkansas) They now control most of them. Fahrenheit 451 is not far away.

The baby boomers hated America, and the Democrats made sure you thought the evil man of the century was Nixon. Nixon---who actually opened up our trade to China. In fact it was two Democrats called Kennedy and Johnson that committed and entrenched us in that war. But the media keep us looking the other way, with an impeachment.

Who knows, maybe another recent President’s impeachment was meant to distract us while all our nuclear secrets and technology was being sold to the communists.

Every night, on all the news stations, we get endless stories on a daughter missing, a wife killing her husband, or a husband killing his wife and baby. It keeps our mind off what is being implemented right before our very eyes... the final curtain.

And while we are looking the other way, at Iraq and the Middle East, the New World Order is being implemented. Like a chess-game, the strategy of the takeover was perfectly timed, the pieces falling in place.

Russia and China have been working on the downfall of America for decades. They knew they had to get us from within. Now they have two x-Presidents, helping them out. In fact, most of the Democratic Party is now becoming a “progressive” party.

Yeah, I said progressive. THEY call themselves progressive. They know the exact words to use to push the buttons on a population, because these same words came right out of the propaganda book of overturning the freedom of free people. They used these same words in Cuba and in Stalin’s Russia. Another word button pusher is “citizen.”

In the revolution in Russia, “citizen” was used long before “comrade.”
During the sixties it was “brother” and “sister.” Communism 101.

Why don’t you believe me? Because our own schools have failed us: in history, in geography, in math, in science and in just plain thinking for ourselves. The teacher’s Union has been controlled by socialists. They have tenure and can’t be fired after three years.

Is that free trade? Is that the free market? It is the dreams of the progressive Democratic Party, which is now on the Senate floor telling you that, guess what? You’ve been screwed. They want you to support all those poor people coming into your yard to pee, and then take your job.

Ha, ha…we let them in…now what are you going to do? If you don’t pay taxes, we will come and get your house. So you will say nothing.

The systems of control have been set up so brilliantly and successfully that the middle disappearing class of America, does nothing. And they WANT you to do nothing. They are counting on it.

On the floor of the Senate they will be granting the Latinos precious “citizenship.” They will all long to have “citizenship” of America, the New Republic of Progressive Citizens.

I’m crazy you say? Well, the communists who have gotten all these protests together (as they did in the Vietnam days, most of the baby boomers were too stoned to know they were being manipulated) are now going to plan the biggest gathering on May the first of this year. To most people here, that date doesn’t mean a thing. We do know May the 5th, because all the bars have twilight at the cantina specials.

May the lst is the celebration of “workers unit” in all communists’ countries. Russia brings out the missiles on that day.

The Mexicans will bring out their flag, to celebrate the “workers” of the New Progressive Mexico. Trust me. This is no coincidence.

Yeah, I sound like Ronald Reagan.

The communists came in under FDR. The news was released that many of FDR’s top cabinet members were actually Russian agents. They helped him guide America to the big socialist’s state it has grown into today. And somewhere during the forming of the United Nations, the New World Order was established. They have undermined our schools, infiltrated our country with liberalism during the 1960’s, and now the time has come for them to take over the world.

Mao was trained in the Moscow University of Communism, in Moscow.. As was Lenin and Stalin. Bill Clinton has spent more than enough time there.

Now, if you make more than $100,000 you might not buy this. You think that communism is like the Boogy Man…you were scared when you were little, but it’s just not here. Not yet.

Those of us that have lived in the recession that has gone on through four Presidencies have seen no improvements at all. You’re time will come. Even a rich man can get his house taken away by eminent domain.

Remember the scene in Dr. Zivago where the poor came into the Doctor’s house and took it over? You don’t think it could happen here?

Do you not see camera’s on your street? Do you not see “internationally accredited” on the back of your police cars?” Do you not see Mexico coming to take over your country? Do you not see the “create the chaos then come in with the solution” being planned?

Hope you like refried beans.

I’m praying on a God that still exists, and for our men to actually start getting mad. The woman should go and give the men some old fashioned confidence.

Go ahead and bribe them girls. Dig out the Federicks of Hollywood. Your very future of your children calls for it.

Nobody Cares; Charlie Rose had a heart valve replacement done in Paris. Guess we no longer have the best doctors here. Beware of liberals leaving the country all at once.


Two more mergers today; JP Morgan will buy out the Banks of New York. Whirlpool and Maytag have been given the go ahead. Wal-Mart and K-Mart are coming soon. Look for the mergers to speed up in the coming months. Communists don’t like competition.


Madonna is going to go on tour and relive studio 54. She’ll snort cocaine on stage and tell everyone how “incompetent George Bush is.” Then she’ll take off her clothes. And here we thought she had become a good mother…Ha.

Look for Barbara Streisand to go on tour to elect Hillary, because, even though she hates Hillary, it’s really Bill who’s going to be President again, and it’s Bill she loves.

Nobody’s Perfect; Harrison Ford says he hates the internet. “Any kind of rubbish goes on the internet.” Harrison is really having a problem getting old. All those bloggers, I’m sure we are driving him crazy.

I wonder---does Harrison Ford employ illegal aliens on his ranch? Can he speak Spanish? Is he seeing dancing babies too?

Nobody Knows: Osama Bin Laden’s former bodyguard gave Bill Clinton a good plug today by saying the closest anyone has ever come to killing Osama was Bill, when he bombed and missed the camp. Good to know Bill has a fan. The Arabs love him, the Chinese love him...
dogs, on the other hand know better. They howl at the moon when he comes near.

Mercury Is A Senatorial God

Mercury on the Senate Floor

If you happen to see this guy on the Senate floor on judgment day..

Leave him alone. He has a serious job to do there. He is a messenger from God...

Yes, he might be gay, and the snakes around his staff get along better then the Republican and the Democrats...But they still have time...To redeem themselves.

But, if not...

They should all just take off their clothes and follow him.

The Left and Right of Mercury

The Left and Right of Mercury

Nobody’s Opinion; Mercury, in case no one remembers, was an old Roman deity, a messenger of the gods--- carrier of the news. In Greece, he was the god of commerce, of tricks, of white lies. He was the patron of gamblers and thieves. In Greece he was called Hermes.

There is a famous story of his that reminds me of our present day Senators. In fact, when Armageddon comes, as many are claiming will happen soon, I will not be surprised if all of us will see Jesus---but the Congressmen of the United States will see a really gay looking naked guy with two snakes wrapped around a pole to which they will all be asked to follow. Being as clueless as they are by their speeches, they probably will all follow him instead of Jesus, because Mercury was known to be a jolly fellow. He will be telling a lot of off-colored jokes, most likely about Monica Lewinsky, or Hillary Clinton...they will feel right at home.

The story goes that when he was a kid, Mercury stole his older brother Apollo’s cattle. He had shoes made of bark and grass to disguise his footprints, and he drove the cattle very far away and tried to confuse everyone. When Apollo found out it was his little brother that stole his sheep he was furious!

I don’t know about you, but I wish the Congress had only stolen cattle. We could maybe give them some slack.

Of course Mercury (Hermes) denied he had stolen the cattle claiming he was only an innocent little brother. Apollo ended up forgiving him though because Mercury played the lyre so well that he gave in. The music was just too sweet. Mercury then gave him the lyre. What a guy.

This was before rap. If Mercury had been a rap artist, Apollo might have whipped him to death, as he did another guy for having played the lyre too well. The egos of the Gods have not changed.

Evidently though, Mercury’s lyre playing was not better than Apollo’s but just good enough to charm him into forgiving him for stealing the cattle. In fact, Apollo had pretty much got screwed, because he never got his cattle back. The guy was just stupid.

The Romans thought that this was the world’s first business deal. Not much different than the workers amnesty program being suggested on the floor of the Senate today.

And to get us to stop thinking about the border problems, they all started turing over a new leaf.
No more were lobbyists going to fly them to Cacun.

Seeing all those Senators going all around saying “No lunches, no dinners! Why, no lobbyists are going to bribe us with free meals ever again. Why…we’ll go Dutch!”

This means you an I will pick up the bill.

There was Congressman on all the news programs; Democrats and Republicans pandering shamelessly and obsequiously to both the illegal aliens and the American people. They actually had to work today.

Work hard at convincing the American people that amnesty for all the illegal aliens already here is only right---because they are 90% of the work force here! And we don’t want to put up walls, why…that would be mean, and all those people just work so hard.

Well, they know how hard they work.

What a bunch of Mercury!

Don’t tell that to the middle class guy who is working two jobs, just to support the illegal alien’s kids. Or the Ford worker who just got laid off and can’t get a job because he is not bi-lingual.

The owner of a big governmental subsidized conglomerate farm was saying no American has ever applied for a job to pick his strawberries. You could tell he was lying…he never goes off his property. Like the slave plantation owners of the old South use to do, he just sends a Gringo out to get everything he needs.

The right and the left of Mercury…they all play the same tricks. As Americans we’d better start getting concerned soon, because I’m not ready for American to go back to the boundary lines before 1812, when the Spanish had Texas and Florida, and most of the states that the Mexicans are taking over now.

The fact that they have let this go on for all this time, even after 9/11, is proof positive that they wanted this to happen.

And if our elected officials allow this amnesty to take place, and give up the territory to the Spanish, then they deserve to follow Hermes on judgment day.

Being lawyers, and ignorant of classical history, they will not know that Hermes had another job.

He conducted all deserving souls to their everlasting doom in the Underworld.

Too bad I won’t be there to see their faces.

Nobody Cares; I wish I could stop talking about Bill Clinton every day, but he just keeps putting his New World Order puss everywhere. Now, he wants all people in Africa, (and the rest of the world) to be mandated to be tested for aids.

Never mind that he is NOT the president of Africa. Oh wait…he is the first black President, I forgot.

I’m sure he is trying to set up a system for his own benefit, so everyone that has aids, will be tagged, and he will be able to know who is safe to come up to his room and examine his Walt Whitman books.

Walking with Cavemen

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Walking To Memphis Without a Sony

Nobody’s Opinion: In the March issue of National Geographic I was reading a propitiously timed article today on immigration. (The Greatest Journey Ever Told) I felt as if the article was saying; “See---100 million Spanish people are just doing what comes natural. They are walking! People have been walking for thousands of years---migrating! It’s only natural.”

It’s always good for the elite to back up their plans with science.

Let’s see if I’ve got this right. We started out as small cells, mutated to smelly fish, then smelly fish with legs, then some kind of rodent, then monkeys, then the monkey decided to stand up and start walking and get addicted to credit cards. Of course he had to get out of Africa first.

Who knows why the first people left the tip of Africa 120,000 years ago? Some of them stayed, and thank God for that, because Jack Nickelson would not have gotten to watch Michael Jordon, and Nike would have not gotten rich off $100.00 shoes.

But the ones that did start walking made it all the way up to Saudi Arabia. The walk alone must have been tough because the first mutation came (M168) about the time they got out of Africa. But by then, some of them were getting sick of each other so they split up. Some went northwest and became the Europeans and some went east and became the Arabs.

Now the ones that stayed in Saudi Arabia were pretty smart because they mutated AGAIN (M9) with a gene that could smell oil even if it was 50 miles underneath their feet, and developed a great proclivity to cut off heads.

Meanwhile, the Europeans walking north stopped off at some caves in France where they met another race that looked just liked them but with smaller heads, so they called them liberals (just kidding), they were called Neanderthals, because they tended to neander. They must have had a good time with them though because they stayed in the cave so long, they turned white. They did not have sex with them…those people in that cave.

The article does NOT explain how these Neanderthals got there in the first place. It also ignores the obvious screw-up of the evolutionary theory here. Why did the men in Africa evolved into the very color that absorbs the sun (black) and the poor people up in Iceland who really could have used some dark skin to keep them warm, evolved into white?

OK...then the people kept walking, and walking, and they got so tired of walking they couldn’t see for the boredom of it all and mutated again (M3) with little eyes.

Deciding it was getting a little cold; they crossed over to Alaska and followed the ocean all the way down to the tip of South America. Not all of them made it to the tip of South America. Some of them stayed north and became various tribes of Indians, who could weave, ride a horse, get drunk, gamble, and be the only people on the earth that could talk to an eagle or Al Gore.

By this time, the Spanish Europeans had developed the ability to build boats because they had walked enough thank you, so they traveled across the sea look for gold, and found it in South America, where they ran into more people like themselves!

The human race came full circle! Whew!

Did they finally stop walking? No…something stirred the people to start walking again.

They walked back up to Mexico, stopped for awhile and danced and cooked burritos, then came back up through North America where in the future they will pass Alaska, over to Russia, down to Saudi Arabia, to the top of Africa and then walk down to the southern tip, where the whole thing will start all over again.

By that time, WWV will have happened, killing all the billions everywhere, leaving the last remaining man and woman, and the whole thing will start over again.

Then one day, under an apple tree…Eve II will say to Adam II, “Wanna go for a walk?”

Nobody Cares; Sharon Stone has come out and endorsed that favorite pastime of Bill Clinton…oral sex. This statement is bound to have millions of men going to her new film, expecting a blow job in 3-D. I advise all women going to see this film to wear raincoats, and if someone asks you for sex, be sure to tell them you just cut your lip on the popcorn.

Nobody Knows; Bill Clinton was bashing President Bush again in England by saying how Britain is envied in the United States. By who? Sharon Stone? He was not specific. He is busy developing a world-wide Tsunami warning system. We will need this in Missouri.

Not many people know that with the suggestion of the ACLU, Bill took the National Guard off our borders when he was President. He could put his tsunami warning system on the borders now, but he hasn’t mentioned this. I think we should suggest it.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Walls, Heroes and Human Tails

Nobody’s Opinion: “In trying to perfect a thing, I sometimes run straight up against a granite wall a hundred feet high. If, after trying and trying and trying again, I can’t get over it, I turn to something else. Then someday, it may be months or it may be years later, something is discovered either by myself or someone else, or something happens in some part of the world, which I recognize may help me to scale at least part of that wall. “
---Thomas Edison.

OK…I have a big nobody confession. Thomas Edison is one of my heroes. Ever since my dad took me to his laboratory when I was nine, and I saw the world’s biggest light bulb, I was transformed. He was high on my ‘stupendous human pedestal.’ Not only did he have one of the most awesome trees in his front yard in Ft. Meyers, Florida, he single-handedly transformed the world.

Are you the kind of person who insists on sitting near the window seat on all plane rides just to see the lights below? I am.

If it was the last day of my life, and I had one request, it would be to go up and fly all day, and into the night up above the earth and look down on all the beautiful lights. (Thank you, Thomas Edison) I would listen to Ode to Joy, and all my favorite Beatle songs. (Thank you again, Thomas Edison) I might put up a movie in between cities, (Thank you again, Thomas Edison), and then I would have some angel food cake, and a Strawberry Daiquiri.

Well, three out of four ain’t bad. He might have invented the Daiquiri. Heck, he might have invented the car too for all we know, he was just too busy so he walked all of fifty feet to Henry’s house and suggested it.

My point is, seeing all the trouble that the country is in right now is hard to handle at the moment. We have terrorists attacks to worry about, boys dying in Iraq; a Democratic Party that is so far left it has the head of Castro, the feet of Stalin, and the heart of Cruella Deville. The Republican Party is installing all the policies of the left without a fight--- so they might as well just keep going out to lunch. China will “soon be the big dog on the block.” (As Bill Clinton predicts.) Russia is helping China, Iran, Saddam, and any country that they can get to buy their old stuff. America is getting it from all sides.

Now, the merger with Mexico is coming soon. Polygamy is being programmed to be accepted here so the Muslims who move here can have the four wives they are used to and populate the country fast. They have a lot of catching up to do with the Spanish.

They are not worried about the white race. We have been getting abortions.

Of course catching up with the Spanish (who have woman that can move better than a mixing bowl on high) may be hard. The Muslims might have to take more wives to catch up. Twenty might do it.

Meanwhile our melting pot is being stirred…to explode.

Those of us who believe in America, and do not want to see the attacks from all sides, are frozen it seems. We have hit a big wall. We have spineless leaders who want to impose the New World Order on us, without our consent. Our granite wall is the United States Congress, President, and x-Presidents, who have signed onto this deal and no matter how hard I think about it, the solution to the problems to saving America, are nowhere. This wall is very thick.

So, do we walk away as Edison suggested? Since a New World Order is being planned by the top leaders of the World (Be sure not to miss Bill’s Global Initiative in September.) shouldn’t WE the people of the world have a say? Will the world’s people start a revolution and fight those at the top, and get to vote on just who will be our world leaders? Will we even have a say in our own lives?

Does a roach squash when you step on it?

If you said yes to the former question, you are right. Something tells me these giant mergers going on all over the world were NOT just for the money. They want to squash many roaches, which is what I feel like right now. An American nobody roach. Someone is bound to step on me.

If there is only one game in town, you play it or die. They won’t need guns. They are implementing these things now, however they can. Everything’s going online and once it gets there, they will take control: a cashless society is being implemented. National ID cards and cameras will be everywhere.

The great stem-cell research will appear and then, only the rich will have the genes to rule. They won’t need to spend any money. They will rule by genetic right. Just like the Kings of old. Bill Clinton can be the next Henry the VIII. He can be Bill the twenty-second. He can have wives stationed all over the world. That will be one of his global initiatives. Lots of wives.

But my favorite idol, Thomas Edison also said another thing;

I never allow myself to become discouraged under any circumstances.”

It was just that attitude that lit up the world. Maybe…we can still save her…the light of America. We just need to shine a big, bright Thomas Edison light on the problems, so that solutions finders and new leaders will be sure and see it.

Then the roaches can come out of the dark.

Then again…they say that if the world got nuked, the only ones to survive would be rats
and roaches. See…there’s that wall again. I’m going to go get a drink.

Nobody knows; When Christopher Columbus reached the Bahamas in 1492, he wrote some really interesting things about the society he found there. For instance; everyone had one spouse except for the Kings and princes who could have twenty wives. (Saudi Arabia took that suggestion.) They would give tons of gold in exchange for a simple plate, (The concept of taxes.) Everyone was naked (Hugh Hefner used this one.) Of course this explains why Columbus’s men had no problem staying behind. Since they were thought of as gods, they each got twenty naked women a piece.

Oh, and woman worked more than the men. (Why is that not a surprise?)

Even though you did not hear all these details in school, the one amazing thing they left out was that there was a whole island of people who were all born with--- tails. I don’t know about you, but that seems to be pretty good proof those humans evolved from monkeys. This could go into the evolutionary cook book for all the little kids.

All I’ve got to say is; it’s a good thing God made the blueprint for evolution. He let us evolved without those pesky tails. Think of all the bikini problems we would have if the tails had evolved along with us. Not to mention, we would have to redesign commodes.

Nobody Cares; I caught Tucker on MSNBC lamenting the other day about how strippers make you think they are going to go home with you and it’s such a rip-off because they never do. Poor guy.

Why is this topic on a political show? Maybe someone should tell him to ditch the bowtie. It wouldn’t help him score a stripper, but it might make US feel better.

Nobody’s Perfect: Alec Baldwin wins the imperfection award today for calling Hannity a…what was it …an x-construction worker? Oooooooooooo

I wonder what Alec did before he became famous? Waiter? Bouncer? Wife Beater? Enquiring minds want to know. Hannity should find out, and set up a rematch.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Let's Invade Mexico!

Lets Invade Mexico!

Nobody's Opinion; After watching the 500,000 march of Latinos in Los Angeles, I have come up with a solution.

Let's invade Mexico. First, cut off all social service to all illegal immigrants. The money saved from that act alone would pay for the army. Since most of the Mexicans don't want to live in Mexico, I really don't think they would put up much of a fight.

Let's take over their government and put in new people. Since America is considered the most imperialistic tyrant to exist on the earth by the whole world and half it's rulers, then...Why worry about our reputation? Hey, they would probably welcome our army with open arms!

"Look Senora...The Americans are coming! Now we don't have to go through the desert no more! They have come to save us! Isn't it wonderful!"

Why not? It seems we are already doomed by the invasion of another country, who are moving in with no thought to really becoming Americans. They just want the free money and good jobs. And since no one has made them speak English, we are now a bi-lingual country. Like Canada.

Most bi-ligual countries fight all the time. They have no common ground. This is bad for the people simply because a country divided, is easier to rule.

Why the Mexicans are so proud of their own country is beyond me since it's such a bad place to live. The music is great, the woman are beautiful, the men are strong, but if they had such pride, they would stay and fix it instead of coming up here.

The arguments are many. Our politicians, as usual have created a great taco FUBAR. The laws have been overlooked for years for the benefit of the rich.

There is a big difference in the argument that we are a nation of immigrants. Throughout the 18th and 19th centuries, most immigrants came in orderly through Ellis Island. They were checked for diseases. If they got sick here, they did NOT get free medical care. They had to learn English. They had to become Americans. They kept their culture, but they became Americans. The systme worked well.

But the ones coming in from Mexico now, don't want to become Americans. They want the United States to pay for them to turn America into Mexico.

All you are hearing is about the 'poor Latino.' Very few are feeling sorry for the middle classes and the law abiding citizens are that are getting hit from all sides, having to sacrifice jobs and health care. They feel like a stranger in their own land.

The politicians WANT this to happen---This merger of the two countries. It's already been planned. And they saw the need for it quite a while back. They saw it coming, they know the numbers...They just don't tell us. The baby boomers will die off, and they need to be replaced.

That's why they say such insane things, like: "These people are needed to do jobs that no American will not do."

What crock.

Since when will an American not want to put on a roof? Or get a job cleaning a rich person's house? Or do construction work? Americans are not used to stuffing people into one room. This comment is a a psychological ploy to get us to accept the situation. You "bad" children of America. You "lazy, rich, selfish people."

Really, why do we put up with it?

They play on the goodness of all our hearts to control what they want...And what THEY want is not good for us at all. And in the end, it will not be good for the Mexican people either.

America will become another Mexico. Then where will they go? Where will their children go?
To England? To Saudi Arabia? To Russia?

The politicians have decided on this for many reasons, that's why it has been allowed to happen with hardly a whimper from either party, but the most important...Is so they can stay in power. The American elites at the top, need the money.

The baby boomers did not produce enough bodies to tax, and taxes need to be kept up in order to pay for all their big salaries, pensions and programs. They will also need young bodies to send to war. Facts are not pretty, but we are not a representative govenment anymore. There might be a few good men left, but not enough to fight for us it seems.

When was the last time you heard a President put down his own people as President Bush did when he called the patriots on the borders "vigilantes." The very people who put him in office and whom he swore to protect. How can he keep saying his job is to protect us, when we are being invaded from the South?

Aren't we paying for his protection? Running around on Air Force One is not cheap.

Shouldn't his own people come first? Why should the Mexicans' rights come before ours?

I wonder, if we invaded Mexico and demanded jobs, free schools, free medical care, and they put an army on their border, would their president call the men vigilantes?

So, let's get it over with. Let's invade Mexico and take it over. They want to put their flag on the land they say we stole. Let's go place the American flag on their capitol. See how they like it.

The people of Mexico... Feeling that they deserve all that America has to offer is like a sister showing up at her older brother's house and demanding that he give her free room and board and a job in his company, and take care of her kids during the day. And pay for all her medical bills while she sends whatever money she makes back to her boyfriend in prison. Meantime, his whole standard of living goes down because of the sacrifice he has to make to pay for her "visit."

We keep hearing about "how the economy would collapse" Really?

I think I could find someone else to repair my roof, even if I had to pay more money.

No, the price that hurts the Americans the most is NOT the price of maybe having to pay our own citizens a higher wage, it's the taxes taken out of our paychecks to pay for all the illegal aliens that we must support. Most Americans would rather pay less taxes, and a higher gardener bill.

It's not fair, it's not right. And unless some kind of law is imposed on this situation, Our future Presidents very soon will be Spanish, and English will no longer be the official language. That is the plan of Mexico.

The Latinos are good people, they are hard working, and their plight is hard. The people have a wonderful culture, it's very hard not to love the people, they are happy, and decent, and religious.

But so are Americans. And despite the feelings that "They built this country." I bet to differ. Many millions of past Americans gave their very lives in the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, WWI and WWII, Korean War, Vietnam, Gulf War, and now Iraq, just for us to continue our standard of living and sovereignty.

The American dream that these men died was a country based on laws, not men. And every man must obey the law, and the laws must be enforced--or the whole society will break down. The founders knew this, they insisted on one Union, one language. That's why America was a success.

So, we should go down South and free the good Mexican people from a government that is so unjust they can't even feed their own population. We are doing it in Iraq.

Ha! Wait, I forgot. Starving is not considered a crime by our elected officials. Remember, that was decided when they let Terri Shriavo starve to death.

So, just what is the plan of America?

Like the companies that own her...Merger.

Hasta la vista, baby.

Nobody's Wins; The Mexicans lose, the Americans Lose.

Nobody Knows: How long ago this merger was agreed upon.

Nobody Cares: Basically, both parties have deserted America.

Nobody's Fool; That's me.