Sunday, December 19, 2010

Nobody Sends a Holiday Message

I'm going to be taking some time off, due to having to go into surgery pretty I thought I'd post some Merry Christmas cheer to everyone who has been so kind to surgery pictures!
The good news: it's not cancer, and it's NOT any kind of female thing. I believe it's an alien inside me somewhere, and it's best to get it out. (I promise a future alien in the body story soon)
The bad news: there WILL be knives involve.
That's me in a silly hat by my tree, with my two very best friends..
Zippy (My space cadet American Eskimo) and Koko, (not the monkey) are there being stubborn because I was TRYING to get them to pose.
Zippy, as you can see, was shocked to be caught unawares and captured for the big hug, while Koko has the "It's about time she got captured" has the more intelligent look.
And as you can see, I do not have Photoshop, or I could have spruced these up.
My tree really is that gaudy.
Anyway, everyone have a great Christmas with their family and friends, and I shall be back as soon as someone in politics does something really stupid...which will be in about five seconds...
No, I'm kidding. Make that...six.
God bless us all. See you soon...god willing.