Saturday, August 29, 2009

Nobody Reports What Nobody Reports

Nobody Cares:

This is me...this is the look I had on my face all day while watching Ted Kennedy's funeral:

"God, Hillary's hair looks terrible! She going back to her old, "I'm in college and defending the Black Panther, no makeup, Wesley College prep school look! She wants to go back to the beginning and start over. Poor darling, she's losing it."

"And Bill! Look how cocky that guy is! Always gets in the DOES he do that? Makes everyone in the room stand around him like puppy dogs, waiting for a small treat. Really. When I saw him I wanted to run and hide...what is WRONG with those people?"


"Jimmy Carter sits soooo far away from everyone else. The Saudis are watching him...he has to play this JUST right. They both look like zombies. I think they should settle down, I really do. "

"Wow...the Kennedy looks like...dare I say it? A tribe! It's the Irish Mafia! It looks like they all got back from the red-headed yacht club. Every man has a blue double breasted blazer. I'm in Caddy Shack Gone to Hell.

There are NO black people in the audience anywhere! Didn't they have any black friends? I mean, civil rights leaders and all---I don't blame Michelle Obama for looking like she wanted to smash everyone face in...sitting with all those white people!..Whooo. They could have at least invited Denzel."

"Did you SEE that? Vicki Kennedy completely snubbed John Kerry! And look at George W. Bush---he is all alone---nobody wants to talk to him. He looks like he is the lone duck sitting in the middle of a cement pond."

"Oh, look at all the polite fake smiles. Laura Bush has it down great. The other woman can't hide what their feeling...they ALWAYS have fake smiles...but Laura's fake smile--and she has just one, is perfect...I really like her."

"Look...Obama is doing his "Cesar's profile" pose. That has GOT to hurt his neck, how long can he keep that up? He puts his nose up any higher and the Bishops will think he wants a wafer. "

"What? They put it up to the children to talk about how everyone should have health care, and free homes, and free educations, Teddy loved to sail!"

"How...tasteless! Can you believe that?" (sure you can)

(I just saw little Teddy sobbing at his grandpa's grave, on C-Span. Didn't that happen at Micheal Jackson's funeral? Will that be on my vaccine box?)

"Hold on...who are THOSE two guys with the bald heads and big shaggy beards! they look mean. No WAY are they Catholic priests. Those are Obama's boys. Those guys work for Hamas...I guess that's the price you pay if you want the President to speak at your funeral...he gets to bring his own puppies."

"Ted Kennedy Jr. gets a rousing standing Ovation for his testimony? Wow, I thought this was a funeral? But no...he IS the new HOPE! Not one "ya know" in the whole thing. The whole Kennedy crowds now sees that the great fortunes will continue...all they needed was ONE good speaker. Whew..thank GOD."

"The other speaking...wait, HE's the elected official? And Ted let him this kid on his boat!?"

"The President is now gracing us with his "talent"--the only black man at the funeral besides the military pall bearers and X-President Bush's body guard. Great speech. Just WHO is his speech writer? He's leaving the,"I had no food, and you fed me, I was thirty and you gave me drink" soppy stuff for the priests, who talked about health care even before they finally made it to the grave site. Ted made sure that everyone knew health care was HIS legacy...not Hermine, not Ron's...Harry Kennedy."

"Oh no...Maria Shriver is falling apart. Her eyelashes are falling on her cheek. First her mother dies, then Teddy---poor woman. Or has that fire in California gotten too close for comfort?..Wow, she needs Valium."

"Somebody help us. Which pearls are REAL and which are fake?"

"Ava Maria...sung...about as perfect as you can. Well, why ELSE would I watch this stuff?"

"My god, everyone is escorting the casket out singing "God Bless America" well, that's not too it?"

"Oh no...I just thought...what if Jimmy Carter dies soon? Or daddy Bush? Could I go through this AGAIN?"

"Why do I do this to myself?...WHY?"

Okay...HBO resurrected Ted Kennedy as the most god fearing, wonderful and generous man that ever walked the earth. They played the Nixon tapes to show how they were out to get poor Ted. (Oh, the democrats NEVER look for scandals to report...never.)

Republicans look like they are the meanest people that walked the planet, and the TED KENNEDY was the best President.

What----he was never President, you say?

You could have fooled me.


Friday, August 28, 2009

Nobody Reports Favortie E-Mail

Nobody Reports Favorite E-Mail of Week!
Have you noticed that I have been using a lot of gravestones, lately in my blogs? Could it be that it's because I have a feeling that if I should get sick...a few more years will NOT be an option?
It's best to be prepared, as we all know, and like most Americans, I'm more worried about just plain surviving in Obama's New Communist World Order than thinking about my upcoming death or my these are giving me some ideas.
These people were definitely prepared.
First off...I prefer the first for myself, because I remember a very great picture of President Bush giving that exact same gesture to someone...who he meant it for I have no clue, but I saw his daughter do it to, so its a favorite of the family.
The second grave shows you proof, that the Japanese, have been, and will always be...humans with DNA not of this planet. I don't know whose coming to this office meeting, but he wants to make sure they feel at home.
And the third? You have to wonder. Is this a woman's grave, and is that her? Or is this a man's grave and that's his favorite "model?"
If Presidents can build huge multi-million dollar libraries for immortality, maybe we should demand our stimulus tax dollars be given back to us in order for all so that we can at least have more creative tombstones.
So many people cannot even afford to bury their dead relatives. Bodies are starting to pile up in the National Parks, and some of them are even legal!
Yes, since our government refuses to let any of us take any money with us, or leave anything for our family, I say it's the least they can do.
Wait---I've changed my mind. I pick the last one. I want everyone to think I was some hot chick. A little silver glitter would look nice too, don't you think?


Nobody Flashes: 5-Year-Old Wins the Cuddly Swine Flu Teddy Bear!

Nobody Flashes: Yesterday, little Miley Mooney, won first prize in the "Draw Senator Ted Kennedy's Funeral Route to the Kennedy Library" contest.
Little Miley won the cuddly Swine Flu dolls, a doll inspired by the Ted Kennedy's "Universal Heath Care" for all the people on the dying planet called Gaia, because she was the only child who remembered that Ted Kennedy always feed the her "Feed the Children" sticker.
The Boston Kindergarten often holds these contests to celebrate the lives of local politicians...and to get little minds thinking about how someday, they too, could do good things, and visit a lot of pubs while doing them.
Congratulations little Miley! Keep up the good work!
(Nobody makes this stuff up.)


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

You Want KennedySCARE? Okay.

Nobody Wins: I wish I could express sadness at the "news" today that this man has passed.

I felt great sadness when I heard about the young JFK Jr's death..but not today.

The fact is, his death only reminded me of my own father, who died of a brain tumor much the same as Mr. Kennedy's.

My father also lost a brother, in the War with Japan so he joined the Sea bees when he was only seventeen...and fought on beaches all over the Pacific.

And I'm hoping that while in the next few weeks we are going to hear over and over how much the Kennedy's have "sacrificed" for us all, don't forget, there are thousands of Americans families that have lost more than one son or daughter who died on battlefields in other countries...and their lives are worth JUST as much as any Kennedy...god...please don't forget that.

A "public servant" is no more noble than the soldier, despite the endless coverage of the "loss." And nowadays, I'd say the soldiers life is worth more.

While Teddy Kennedy's suffering came with great shock, he also had the comfort of millions with the whole country comforting him... most Americans parents, kids, or wives, only got a flag. Sometimes they didn't get that.

My father was a simple man. A good husband, a good father, and loved his country.

And even though, my father did not have the connections and great opportunites that Ted Kennedy was born thing is certain.

My father would NEVER had let that poor girl drown at Chappaquiddick ...he would have given his own life for her. And he would have done it, even if he was from a very rich family and knew it would have cost his family embarrassment. If his father had tried to fix it, he would have stood up to him.

And that alone, makes my father the better man.

We will watch the re-branding of Obamascare into Kennedycare over the next month. We will probably even see his wife take his place.

However you name's still scary.

Ted Kennedy...was all about...preserving Ted Kennedy and his fortunes and family legacy. For that, his family loves him I'm sure.

But as for the rest of us? Well, I don't know about you, but I think it's about time "Camelot" and all its lies go quietly into the Massachusetts sunset.

Right dad? Right.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Nobody Knows Why Nobody Gets It

Nobody Knows: Ever since my dad took me to see Thomas Edison’s home when I was a kid in Ft. Meyers, Florida…I got it.

Here was one man, who wanted to “help” the world…and so, he proceeded with one experiment after another, finding out what worked, what didn’t work: what chemical was JUST right to make the filament inside the vacuum burn longer. He got trees and plants from all over the world, and planted them in his wonderful garden, to use in his experiments, and kept meticulous records of all his findings.

Google Earth and you will see all his hard work.

Tom figured out how to amplify the human voice on the telephone…then invented the light bulb. Then he promised to light up a section of New York, so he invented the generators and delivered on that promised.

He went on to give us the phonograph, the science of recorded sound, and then mixed the sound with motion pictures.

Even though Edison got the very best minds to help him out…the concepts were his.

One man. One Individual. Just one.

All it took was…imagination, and the freedom from government to pursue his dreams.

That’s a concept known as individualism, and it is now being put to the graveyard as fast as a CEO, Union Thug, and Congressmen can do it.

In the Obama administration---it’s a dirty word.

Look around you. Everything you depend on most each day (besides food and water of course) started with that one guy. Without the laying of electrical lines, no lights, no computer…no TV…no movies…no I-Pods…no electric frig…not to mention, we will never know just how much Edison helped out his neighbor, who lived less than a minute away, Henry Ford.

So, why do we not have a “Thomas Edison Day?”

Yeah, I don’t get it, but it’s starting to become clearer. It’s called “collectivism.”

And the truth is: “collectivism” is not very good soil for the individual to create in.

The evidence is mounting that our global leaders now believe that world’s individuals and their hopes of becoming rich off their own ideas…well, they just need to give up all those individual dreams in order for the rest to survive. Call it Marxism, Communism, or the New Third Way---it’s all the same old garbage.

Years ago, the great American historian Henry Adams, who was living in the hour of that bulldog of a politician, Teddy Roosevelt, had the “idea” that if one could find a “scientific method” guideline to history, leaders would have a blueprint to go by…finding the “perfect” government. Inventions and progress would flourish.

Poor Henry Adams---born before Bill Gates.

In 1962, a man named Dean Babst used a computer, put in historical data, and figured out that democracies did not go to war with each other, paving the way for the “President George W. Bush will start building democracies all over the world, and jumpstart the peace” philosophy.

It’s officially called by Oxford: The Democratic Peace Theory.

By all accounts, it’s not working too well. Many of the ‘Democracies and Republics’ all over the world are anything but free, including ours, and war looms around every Islamic cell-phone dream of heaven.

You have to be careful when a politician says the word “democracy,” because in a real democracy, (even with elections) you end up with mob rule, which is a bad thing, and which leads almost inevitably to a dictatorship. But, they know this. The more "democracies," the more chaos.

Never waste a good "chaos."

That’s why the founders invented a “republic.” It was a grand idea, and it worked. The American experiment, up until the recent “globalization” and monopolies of vast empirical international banks and companies, pretty much grew in its own vacuum.

While the rest of the world stayed with “collectivism” of communism and Islamic Tyrannical rules, we gave freedoms to the individual. Each man was responsible for his own welfare…and that’s why only America surpassed the rest of the world.

And now, America is leading not only its citizens, but joining the rest of the world in “collectivism” where the oligarchy of global CEO’s, Presidents, and dictators will rule the rest, in the name of…democracy.

All patents will be owned by a few companies. No individual will get much in the way of reward for inventing.

Imagine a future Thomas Edison if you will… maybe he (or she) has an idea to make cold fusion, at a fraction of a penny…but he is working for Jeffery Immelt, so he will not benefit off that patent if he gets it. Only GE will make the trillions if his idea is used, but more than likely, it will be filed and not used because of the bottom line.

Then the “inventor” is told that if he wants to keep his job, he has to move to China, and invent a light bulb filled with even more mercury.

That’s a big loss for Google Earth.

In “collectivism” the individual invents for the big boss. He reaps; you get…recognition…if you’re lucky.

So, do you think that saving the planet is going to come in a “collective” computer program, run by elite snobs at Harvard? Or will solitary men, left alone to create and reap the profits off their creations, be the ones to save us?

Where’s the light switch?


Monday, August 24, 2009

Nobody's Perfect When It Comes to Releasing Murderers

The Nobody's Perfect award this week goes to that lovable "New World Order"chap that somehow became head of Britain, probably because everyone feared his mother...Gordon Brown.
Somehow, when he met Moammar (OR Muammor depending on whose site you're on) Gaddafi at the last G8 meeting in Italy...he was so impressed by Gaddafi's outfit that he told him that, "Sure, I'll release that guy that killed all those Americans...whatever you want Mummie... LOVE the outfit...
"And hey, want to go camping?"
Really, I don't know about you, but any man who would wear a karate outfit, with an emblem of Africa and that badge of 'whatever' on his chest that looks like it was made at Wal-Mart, and THEN he puts a satin robe over the top, making it look like he just came out from a session with Paris Hilton...
Is NOT someone I would do business with.
Scotland is taking the blame for this, but it seems...ALL the Western leaders had say in it, despite the many "Oh, that's not right" rebuttals.
So---Will Obama take Gaddafi to the White House and show him the "new" terrorists interrogation room when he comes over for his UN visit? Or will he take him camping on Martha's Vineyard?
I guess it depends on if he wears that spiffy outfit again, the one that no western leader can resist!
Actually, Gaddafi had the gall to say that he wants to go camping in Central Park...I say...LET HIM.
I think it's a wonderful idea, don't you?


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Obamascare: Lottery For Fools

Nobody’s Opinion: When a politician says he wants to have an “honest debate,” you have to ask yourself: Did you check your lottery ticket today?

You have just about the same chances of hearing that “honesty” from any of our elected leaders right now, as you have of winning the Powerball.

The U.S. President, Mr. Obama, came out last week, before his Ramadan holiday with the rich and famous vacation, (Was the timing of his vacation, just a coincidence?) insinuating that only he was being honest about the proposed upcoming Universal Health Care bill---everything else you hear is distortion: including his own words prophesying just exactly how he is going to force his plans on everyone.

Vilifying the underreported Town Hall meetings wasn’t enough, so The White House put their vast propaganda machine into full manure spread. We haven’t seen so much BS OBAMASCARING since Hillary Clinton tried to convince the world that her husband was in fact, being falsely attacked by a vast right-winged conspiracy. Obama loves that “right-wing conspiracy line” so much; he used it just last week.

Good old Bill. Leaving all those ‘one liner—get out of jail free cards.”

But those were the good old days, compared to now. Clinton was at least a white guy, and as we all know, it’s okay to make fun of white guys.

Anyway, let’s review what Obama said, and what he REALLY means, shall we?

OBAMA: “This is an issue of vital concern to every American, and I’m glad that so many are engaged.”

In Obamascare speak ---this means,” Well, I expected you morons to be against what has to be done. But since I have to at least “act” like I am going to give you a voice, and my communistic policies are not very popular at this point, I have to say this to calm everybody down…I don’t want a bunch of old white people coming out on the street in wheelchairs, so you will get no wheelchairs. Don’t test me.”

OBAMA: “But it also should be an honest debate, not one dominated by willful misrepresentations and outright distortions, spread by the very folks who would benefit the most by keeping things exactly as they are.”

This is a favorite of Bill Clintons---the old “Whatever crime the democrats are knowingly committing, when caught, they always blame (and right away, this is important…like the first kid to the water fountain) the other side for the crime. You do this to put conservatives on the defense, because, you caused the problem IN THE FIRST PLACE!

It’s the old “It depends on what the word “is” means.”

Just because Obama is not going to pick out a bunch of old people to stand in a firing line, doesn’t mean he isn’t going to kill millions by denying them the care they should get because of their age. This is taking age and “disabled” discrimination to a whole new def-con red alert level.

Where’s the Czar for old people discrimination?

OBAMA also said illegal immigrants would not be part of the healthcare overhaul.

Why should they be? They get free care now, and we pay for it. The catch word here is…pay attention: “illegal” He plans to make all illegal’s “legal” and then, there you go. What he is saying now, is actually the truth because, by the time this all gets enacted ---there will no longer be illegal immigrants! He will grant them all amnesty!

OBAMA: “As every credible person has looked into it has said there are no so called death panels. An offensive notion to me and to the American people”

Ask yourself---how many “credible” people does Obama know?

Still got that ticket?

OBAMA: “Let me repeat, those who prefer their private insurer would be under no obligation to shift to a public plan.”

Who is going to take the ten dollars a month plan, as opposed to the health care plan where you pay $1100 dollars a month, and oh, by the way, we passed cap and trade and now you have to pay an extra 40 percent on every single thing you buy.

And oh, by the way….You lost your job because we destroyed America. Well, here-- get on our public option plan!

You know Hitler promised Universal Health Care…and boy, did millions get it!

Well, as far as I’m concerned, Obama is no better then the men who stood at the trains, and told the Jewish people they were going to get to take nice refreshing showers after their long trip.

Mr. Obama and those who are planning this totalitarian debacle---are despicable, and his plan is nothing more than a lottery for fools.

Sarah Palin was right to call a spade a spade.

Obamascare: He says if we leave it alone, the world will end. Same old fear.

The real truth is that if the whole vast government health care system we have today was gone tomorrow, and the American people were left to solve the problem, there would be no problems.

And that’s the winning ticket.