Saturday, May 13, 2006

Twilight of Bones and Denials

Nobody’s Opinion; Mel Gibson made a statement today. He said that his new movie will draw a conscious parallel of the events happening now in the United States. He called President Bush “fear-mongering.” Why he limited this it to one person is beyond me. He should be smarter. I suspect he feels the same betrayal that many of us do.

But this fear feels like the twilight here in Middle America tonight, not too far from the zone. There is a horrible pending premonition of the rattling bones of a once vibrant nation. The generation that led the world is slowing dying. The last breathe of twilight is being cast. And the pundits are at a complete loss, and in denial with the rest of us.

We think we hear something…it’s behind us, it’s in front of us, and it’s all around us: we are anesthetized inside our concentrated fears that our fervent hopes of the America that we once knew---is still there. We go about our days and listen to the arguments thinking that our “elected” leaders, who are sworn to represent us, will listen to our pleas.

We are in denial, and our leaders have gone to great pains to get us there and keep us there. This work has gone on for years.

When your own government in its entirety, turns against you and takes away your rights, one by one…your right to free speech, your right to eminent domain, your right for privacy, your right for unlawful seizure---what can you do?

"He who is skilled in attack flashes forth from the topmost heights of heaven, (Our elected leaders in Washington have made themselves icons.)-- making it impossible for the enemy to guard against him.What are we going to do, throw coke cans between elections?) This being so, the places that he shall attack are precisely those that the enemy cannot defend." (They can call the police or the guard, you will be jailed, and you can’t sue or fight our government) ---Chang Yu

Do I feel like that shining Capitol on the Hill is attacking its own people? Have they made it impossible for us to fight against them? Have they put us in a place where we can’t even defend ourselves? And most importantly, are we in complete denial that our own government has abandoned the people of the United States for their own greed and Orwellian power?

If you are a Democrat you will blame the Republicans. If you are a Republican, you will blame the Democrats. But you are in complete denial if you do not see that they all intend to keep up the game, keeping themselves and their families in great wealth and power, even if it means you lose all your rights, and your American dreams. They are out to control the world, on our last hard working dime. And in order to do that, America can no longer dominate the world. All the evidence has shown, we are slowly being dismantled, and sold off to the highest bidder. It’s what the CEO’s do best.

Both parties are working with the international companies. Clinton and his new United Nations, and Bush with his democracy building. Sadly, it comes down to follow the money.

Can you deny that for years the news of Africa, India and other countries have dominated the front pages of the papers? Can you deny that almost all politicians talk about other countries and their problems before solving ours? Can you deny that our government practically begged for us to be attacked before 9/11? Can you deny that there was more concerned shown from our government to the tsunami victims in Asia than our own devastation in New Orleans?

Well… here are a few more denial bones to pick

Oil; You can say that our leaders have not put us in this position of being dependent on foreign oil. We are addicted to gas. But they’ve had decades to build refineries, and make America strong. Not one has been built in over twenty years. They blame it on the environment. Did you ever wonder how much stock Al Gore has in oil? Do you not realize now, how much money is to be made in alternative fuels? It’s the market alright, and the market is just right for those that get the profits.

Can you deny that if we had our own oil, the price would be much cheaper, and both our government and the oil companies would not have gotten as rich off cheap oil. So, better for the bottom line to not build those refineries. They are going all out now, and shamelessly telling you it’s the “market.”

Sometime long ago, that decision was made. The environment was used as an excuse.

Wiretapping; You can deny that the NSA programs that have been going on as far back as forever (through at least the last four Presidents and before) doesn’t bother you. You can say that you have nothing to hide, because we are at war and it’s to protect us. It’s a good thing.

But then you can’t deny that it doesn’t make any sense to monitor all phone calls, all e-mails, all faxes, all cell-phones…everyday…searching for key words. You must ask yourself why every citizen is feared by their own government. You can’t deny that if they really cared about us being attacked, they would have sent troops to our borders right after 9/11. So monitoring everything we do everyday will not mean a thing when our ports are sold to our enemies, and our borders are open, and will remain so even if attacked. Kind of like locking the back door and leaving the front door open.

And now, if you deposit any kind of money that is more than usual, it is reported to the government. The bank has orders to report it. Unless you are suspected of being a terrorist it should not be any business of the government what you have in an account.

This means they are monitoring us. (As they have been for some time) The war just gives them an excuse to set it all up and get us use to it. Sure, they might catch a few terrorists. Maybe President Bush is using it for the right reasons. And since Clinton was using this long before Bush, why doesn’t Bush say something?

Because Bush’s father used it…it’s a continuing game plan.

You can’t deny that it doesn’t bother you that the government can seize your computer, go into your house without you knowing it, go into your bank accounts, and you can’t say anything for a year. And you are not even notified. The 4th is broken. They do what they want. Guess what, you have no rights.

Does anyone say anything about all the camera’s going up all over the country? I’ve only heard Drudge talk about it. You can be tracked by your license plates and cell phones, and soon it will be mandatory that you have an ID card that you carry on your person at all times, which will have a chip. All animals are being ordered to be chipped. You can be monitored wherever you go. I bet even China doesn’t have this yet.

Jobs and Immigration; You can say that our government doesn’t really want the millions of illegal aliens here. You can repeat what they say, that it’s a good thing because these people are starving and they are doing the jobs that we won’t do.

But you can’t deny that since Ronald Reagan, our government has done everything to encourage cheap labor from Mexico to fill up our land, and ignored every immigration law on the books. They don’t care if you, the American people are supporting your very own replacements. These people will take your service jobs, because that’s all we have left…service jobs. They are the new slave class, and unless you manage to jump up there with the CEO”s …your salary will continue to decline.

President Bush’s National Guard on the border is probably to defend the illegal immigrants from you. They will make a few arrests to appease the crowd. But, you are in denial if you think it will last.

All the middle class jobs with decent wages are sent overseas. Too bad for you. You can’t deny it doesn’t upset you when some rich politician or movie star says that you are too greedy to want a big car, or you should turn off your air conditioner, while they have their five homes, fifteen cars, and two private jets running on full speed.

The big companies, which were allowed to create huge monopolies, no longer have their companies here, they built their factories overseas. The government allowed all other nations to flood our markets, while we were not allowed to sell our stuff anywhere. Mexico now refuses to buy America produce. Every country in the world protects their markets except us.

Wonder why shoes are so high? Because once another country takes over the market, they can charge whatever they want. And the big companies make the profits.

I wouldn’t feel too sorry for the CEOs of Ford. They already have manufacturing plants in China, and the rest of the world. Now the Chinese are working building a middle class, while the laid off worker here in America wonders how he is going to feed his family.

Education; You can say that all our teachers really do the best they can.

But you can’t deny that our government does nothing to fight the teachers union. The black inner city schools were worst than some third world countries, but for over fifty years the Congress did nothing.

Do you deny that it seems obvious by this inaction that they did not want the black people to get an education? And then to hide their intentions of keeping the blacks ignorant, they put them on welfare, by given them money for their children. It could have been fixed. If they had educated the blacks properly, affirmative action would not have been initiated.

The public schools were careful not to teach you rights, your history, or how to play the stock market. Now, history before the two world wars is getting just a few sentences. Clinton’s pictures are being put in all books, as will Hillary’s soon. Homosexuality, the breaking down of the family and the takeover of the state of your children is already happening…just like it did in Cuba. Uniforms will be mandatory soon.

Anyone who had dealt with the public school system knows what horrible shape it is in, and how the American who pays for that system have no say at all in it.

Yes, we seem to be down to the bare bones.

You can deny that there is a world oligarchy that has decided that the United States will be a bi-lingual system, and the Spanish population will eventually be from sea to shining sea. You can deny that the white race that founded and kept this country will within one hundred years be a small minority. You can deny that the Clintons and the Bushes have gone together with a plan to keep leadership of the United States and the world in the two families. You can deny that our country leaders are mainly interested in getting into every country in the world and spreading democracy…not for us…but for the big companies like GE and Microsoft who see vast expanding markets and huge unlimited profits

You can deny that for the last twenty years Hollywood, and television has been used as a social programming tool to get us to obey their every wish. You are being told how to think by handsome men and pretty woman with messages slipped into the weekly story. It’s much easier to digest diversity and the changes that are being put into place when it’s put in an entertaining format.

You can deny that when President Bush came out and suggested his brother Jeb would make a good President, you weren’t reminded of the hereditary kings of old.

But if the American People keep on denying that our laws and Constitution are not being trampled into dirt and dust by our elite rulers...

Then we deserve the graveyard that awaits us.

Nobody’s Perfect; Last night on Coast to Coast am, John Lear, the famous aviator said that there are about 660 million people on Mars who live underground. He also said that earth is just a place to keep souls, which go up to the moon when someone dies and gets into a machine, then sent back down to get into another body. John forgot to mention what he had been smoking.

Nobody Knows: Today in England a designer gene was successfully put into a newborn baby to keep her from ever having eye cancer.Why nobody seemed to understand the dangerous road this is going to take the world is beyond me. The whole new divide of the rulers and the slaves has taken a tiny first step.

Nobody Cares; Tom Hanks was on Jay Leno tonight and said obscenities. It was not bleeped. And it was a well thought out rehearsed word. Go figure. Actor memorizes nasty word, for attention. Guess he didn’t want to jump on the couch.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Reasons For NOT Cloning Humans: High-Heel Shoes

Nobody’s Opinion; There are many liberals at the moment salivating about cloning and stem-cell research. They are absolutely giddy about the first duplication of a human. The rich and powerful are hoping they will be the first. I’m sure DNA has been taken of every dictator, senator, King, Queen, and United States President--- and is being stored somewhere in Switzerland’s vaulted deposit boxes for when the time comes. Maybe Bill and Hillary have already got doubles.

The way they been turning into conservatives lately, I’m beginning to think so. The real Bill and Hillary are in the Bahamas, waiting for the takeover.

But, we should rethink this cloning issue precisely because humans are most of the time, so incredible dim-witted and stupid about the simplest no-brainer issues, (not protecting our border being a good example) that despite our proclivity for endless religious wars, I give you another sample of a very absurd invention, that will facilitate any reasoning for NOT cloning ourselves.

The high-heel shoe.

It should have never been invented. Why would generation after generation want to torture, twist, and mangle a perfectly good set of feet? Just the fact that women keep buying high-heel shoes is reason enough to doubt the evolution of the brain.

Oh sure, it looks great. It makes the woman feel very sexy, because even if she is twenty pounds overweight, she will look thinner, the higher the heel. You walk in heels-- your hips sway side to side about ten inches more. You are Lady and the Tramp. And if you can dance in them…you are considered a woman to be desired, especially by someone like Bill O’Reilly, who was a disco King he says.

Environmentally speaking, the genetic mutation of woman standing on their heels half their lives might cause some pretty funky looking feet in the distant future.

Still, like the breast implant that you can’t take into space, after a year of wearing high heals, when you need to start walking in your later years, you won’t get too far because, well…let me quote this foot doctor;

“High-heels cause a neuroma, also called interdigital neuritis, resulting from compression of a plantar nerve or a bursa between two metatarsals. The resulting inflammation and fibrosis can diminish both nerve and vascular flow, resulting in a burning sensation that extends into the toes.” says Kim Christensen, DC, DACRB, CCSP.

I’ll drink to that. In fact, every time I get that burning sensation in my left foot, I could drink a double shot of anything you want to offer me.

I can be just driving the car, and I have to take off my tennis shoes just to put my foot on the gas. I admit it…I used to go dancing in the things---jumping up in the air like Michael Jordan. Some men would actually walk off the floor afraid of getting double spiked.

Like a cigarette smoker who quits, only to die of lung cancer ten years later, wearing high-heels to work every day leaves you paying the price in your later years.

Ah…but you say…I love shoes, especially if you’re a man with a shoe fetish. In that case you can to go the High-Heel shoe museum and enjoy.

Most woman have enough shoes in their closets, they would have to wear at least five pairs a day just to say they’ve worn them all once. Whole countries have been known to go into debt from their Queens having to have more shoes.

I remember seeing some rapper woman on MTV cribs (I think her name was Misty) who kept her high-heel tennis shoes in her Lamborghini bed trunk.

Some women get really downright silly.

A woman might fall flat on her face coming down the driveway to get in your car, but you men don’t seem care. In fact, for the sexes it does wonders, because a woman in high heels almost always has to hold on to something, and most of the time it’s the guys’ arm.

It’s nice. It’s romantic. But at the same time while your feeling like a real woman, your feet are absolutely killing you and you literally count the minutes till you can get home and take the damn things off. If you are at a party, you look for breaks to go to the bathroom and sneak a message.

Who started this heel nonsense? Some texts say it was Leonardo Davinci. (This fact for some reason, was left out of “The Code.”) Most will agree it was started by Catherine d’ Medici who wanted to be higher so she put herself on two inch platforms and called them chopines. Then it became a reason for the rich to show off that they were rich. Now, the rich will buy expensive cars to match their shoes.

The reasoning back then was the poor didn’t have shoes, but big, flat, dirty, ugly feet. So the rich decided to make their feet dainty to show that they didn’t have to get their feet dirty, they were superior.

The Chinese went so far as to bind their woman’s feet so they couldn’t run away. Then with mass production, high-heels came in to stay.

In the 1990’s, due to NIKE, and the fact that we were getting poorer by the paycheck and couldn’t afford to go out to eat anymore, we didn’t dress up, we didn’t need high-heels unless we lived in Las Vegas. (I am talking about the people who did not have any money to own stock.) You know…nobody’s.

I was beginning to think the fad would end. After all, the shoe industry in the United States was destroyed by our trade policies.

Most all shoes are made overseas now so they should be cheaper…notice I said should.
I still haven’t gotten over the shock of having to pay $130 for my five-year old son’s NIKE tennis shoes. And that was in the 1980s.’

But “Sex In the City,” it seems has made high-heel shoes very popular again. In fact, I was not too surprised to learn in last weeks’ Post-Dispatch that woman will pay up to $400 for a pair of Manolo Blahnik shoes.

See, I told you we were stupid. We will pay $400 dollars for a pair of shoes made overseas for maybe five? And instead of using the money for something more meaningful, we buy them anyway because the market demands you too. You are controlled by the television to want to look sexy, to be young.

Just like you are controlled into thinking that illegal immigrants should be citizens and we should continue to down our American standard of living and lose American sovereignty for this globalization stuff--- so the rich can get more rich and buy more hi-heel shoes, while the rest of us run around in Target’s two for one sale.

Well, it makes me feel better to know that some rich lady somewhere is driving her brand new red Porsche, and her feet hurt so bad, she has to take off her shoes.

And if I were rich, I would be wearing hi-heels too.

That’s my point. We are not ready to be cloned.

Nobody’s Perfect; The picture above an old picture of this nobody, taken sometime during the disco period when big hair was in. I use the picture for evidence of insanity. Well, the fact that the heels were NOT five-inches shows that I was not that crazy. I know they sell even seven inches, but I've never witness anyone being able to actually walk in them. Then again, some man reading this is having a memory right now...just how high were those heels?

Nobodys Knows; Today Howard Dean said that “Democrats should worry about the materialism of our country.” Gee, does this mean we should stop buying expensive shoes Dean? That would hurt the Chinese. That might hurt Tiger Woods. That might hurt the globalization plans. That would hurt sales tax collection. Are you materialistic Dean? God, I hate it when they bring out the Marxist stuff. Why don’t you just say…”Get used to being poor folks, there are babies in Sudan we need to feed!“

Nobody Cares; Some strange person paid $11.7 million for Andy Warhol’s version of a Campbell Soup Can picked up from a New Jersey Land fill. More proof that the human race should not be cloned.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Bloggers To Get Hit With a Branch of COPE

Nobody’s Opinion; Get ready bloggers---you are about to be delegated to the slow lane of cyberspace, where the politicians would much prefer you would go. And, this journey is not only going to piss you off, it will also dig into your gas money.

They are so clever…just so clever.

The program is called COPE, the Communications Opportunity, Promotion, and Enhancement Act. (Don’t you just love it when they give sinister losses of freedom such grand and noble sounding names?)

This “act’ will promote as always, the rich guy and the politically correct, and demote all us freedom loving little guys who are finally excited about being able to express our opinions, where other normal nobody’s can read them.

AT&T and Verizon want to divide the information superhighway into separate fast and slow lanes. Guess which one you and I will be in? And the Congress wants to do this, as soon as possible.

If you pay a fee for you web site, you might get on the fast lane. If someone wants to get on your website and you don’t pay, your site will take up to a day to load, or the searcher will be taken to another site. You might want to read Doug Powers’s thoughts for the day, but you will get taken to Rosie O’Donnell’s poem masturbation site. Not funny.

In other words---censorship of the internet. And just as with the border issues which will not be taken care of, both political parties are about to pass this major legislation, very quietly of course. President Bush is all for it. The big conglomerate companies who control the news want it very badly. Control of what YOU read and hear is essential.

They know the American people are not too happy with government right now. Even Bill Fist said that statement on Bill O’Reilly tonight.

If you haven’t noticed, there have been many powerful pundits and politicians scathing about honest and in depth reporting on the internet. And the politicians are mentioning the bloggers with spit in their eyes. Many recent scandals have been uncovered on the internet by normal people.

They hate it when they are exposed.

President Bush is expected to sign it, in between lobbying for his brother to be President.

He’s no fool…he was watching when his buddy Bill Clinton was taken down to the road of impeachment by a simple report from Matt Drudge, a regular guy---and it was on this regular guy’s internet site, The Drudge Report that I first read about this.

Now, they all know they can’t tax us just yet. We would scream bloody murder. But censorship is essential, and they seem to have figured out a way to do it.

It won’t be called censorship anywhere---oh no. Even though others will be deciding what comes into your home and how fast, it will be sold as a much better arrangement for you and your children. We will be “enhanced.” It won’t be censorship, just a matter of business. The site will just not load in. Most people have go back to work. Like the emission tests on all our cars that we had to add on, we will have nothing to say about it.

We should be just as mad about this as we are about the takeover of our country by Mexico. Why? Because it’s only on the internet that free speech can flourish.

I mean, where in the world can simple citizens express their concerns about what is happening to the country if not on the internet? Even though you might be able to get onto a radio talk show after waiting an hour…the host will guide the conversation. C-Span lets people on, but you’ve got about 30 seconds. And television? Well, you can go and vote on your favorite singer on American Idol.

Not exactly free speech.

In other words, think about it. The general public has no where to converse with each other in detail, except the internet. And God Bless Tim Berners-Lee for giving it to the world.

Actually, we should all have known this day was coming. The freedom of the internet seemed too good to be true. The United Nations has been wanting to get control of it (coming soon)…and if the CEO’s of the big search engines have no problem with censorship in China, why should they care about it here? Think again. They have no principles.

Communication is vital for the survival of a free nation. In the beginning of our country, a young poor guy named Sam Adams went around to every town in New England, stopping in each, gathering leaders, informing all the people everywhere of the plans and news. He helped formed town committees. He organized and started the conversations of debate. It was the beginning of our independence from Britain.

Sam would get the people to gather under the Liberty Tree. And that’s what the internet has become: a branch of liberty, connecting free speech and people everywhere.

It would be a loss to the world if they pass this. The companies seem to control our government, and now they want the internet. Let’s not give it to them.

Nobody’s Perfect; I wish Sam were here, he would tell me to put down the M&M’s. and get a grip. He would also tell me he was not too happy that his statue ended up in the basement of the Capitol building, right in front of the entrance to the ladies restrooms. It should have been Bill Clintons’ statue there instead.

Nobody Knows: If half the children under five in the country are Mexican and can’t speak English, will they insist that their children learn Arabic and practice Islam and polygamy when they are grown up and taken over some day?

Nobody Cares; Jane Fonda is going to get paid $700,000 by L'Oreal cosmetics to promote makeup for communists, I mean aging baby boomers. She just can’t seem to get enough of herself. I won’t be surprised if someday there will be a Jane Fonda museum, where she will be preserved in perfect condition, the first movie star to be mummified and put on display…kind of like Roy Rogers’s horse Silver was. Or was it Trigger? OK…I admit it, I’m not that old.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Follow the Chicken-Flu Rooster

Nobody’s Opinion; Tonight, innocent Americans were sitting around enjoying the springtime weather, only to sit down after dinner to ABC’s government sponsored version of the bird-flu holocaust. ABC is of course being controlled by the liberals---but the Bush administration is also on this bandwagon, it’s hard to tell which party is in on this. So far, looks like both.

Let’s be honest. The government has been trying to tell us for months to get ready for the pandemic bird-flu, but evidently we have not been listening. And why not? Because every year, in all of mankind’s history, there has always been some kind of flu bug. Some worst than others. Some old people die from it, and some very young. Some flu’s in history have been more lethal then others.

But this flu is the mother of all flu’s. This flu will take your guts and make them into oatmeal in just a few hours. You get a fever, your insides start to melt; you bleed out your nose, and eyes, and then, within days you drown in your own blood.

In other words, they don’t want to tell you that this flu is really a biological man-made weapon. They just show lots of actors lying around with blood pouring out of their mouths. And at the end of the program, they tell you it can mutate, into something far worse.

Please--- has there ever been flu in history where you hemorrhage blood out of your mouth in buckets?

This is not bird flu at all; it’s the upcoming threat of a biological attack. They just don’t think you are ready to hear the real truth, so they say its bird flu. They put this movie out to ease their own conscience so when they are in the bunkers they can tell themselves; “Well, we tried to warn them.”

According to the movie, there is a vaccine. (It’s in France, and the French won’t send us any.) Nurses, doctors, and the military get first dibs, as does New York, because that’s where most of the important people live. The rest of us will need to fend for ourselves.

They are covering their butts on all scenarios in this movie. There must have been a whole slew of Harvard lawyers working on this.

The main character was a “woman” doctor. She never got sick. There is a latino nurse with a National Guard black boyfriend who has to kill looters. They also live. There is a hero mom who loses her husband, but ends up forming a neighborhood survival group, and for that, the governor comes and shakes her hand.

All the politicians of course were in such despair for their fellow citizens---behind their protected barriers. These politicians could not get enough vaccine for the masses, so the people died horrible deaths from the virus, or starved. They even killed off a high governmental guy in the movie to get your sympathy.

We learned from 9/11 just how the elites run for the bunkers and leave the rest of us who pay for their privileged lives... to die. I remember just hearing over and over “The Senators and Congress have been guided to safety. The President is going to Colorado.”

Gee, didn’t that make us all feel special?

In one maudlin scene, a governor gazed down into a pit of thousands upon thousands of bodies being bulldozed into a mass grave while his wife says “Honey, you shouldn’t be here.” Poor man.

This is our warning? This is our protection? Guess what, we will show you a movie.

Now, either they are doing this to put fear in us so that we can be better controlled, or they are trying to tell you what’s coming soon, and since they want to stay in power and live while you die, they want you to know how sorry they are that nothing is being done about it.

Our government is trying to prepare us for what will happen when it’s released. And this movie is one of their tickets of “get out of jail free, we had nothing to do with millions dying” card.

Personally, I think they should all die with the rest of us, but that won't happen.

Who actually made this ‘bird-flu virus’ it is anyone’s guess. Could be the Saudi’s, the Chinese, the Russians, or that shadow government (in the United States and Britain) who seems to rule everyone, and who have decided that culling the population of the earth, in order for the earth to survive, is a necessary thing.

It really doesn’t matter who.

Somehow I don’t think it’s only cars that Al Gore would not miss. When an Iranian leader writes a letter to the President of the United States that sounds like something written by a United States Democrat, and a movie of the horrible deaths of millions of Americans comes out the same day: when Hillary Clinton comes out and says that President Bush is charming while being wooed by Rupert Murdock, when high officials warn the Mexican border agents of whereabouts of the Minute Men, when you hear that if there is a pandemic they have NO plans to guard the border, then hard as it is to believe---someone high up in our government wants this to happen and you better start counting your eggs.

Well, amigos--- all the governmental chickens will be following the Presidential roosters to the safe side, when this bird-fu hits.

And if you don’t believe that this bird-flu scare propaganda is not real. Just call the state department. They have hired millions of extra chickens to take your calls.

Nobody’s Perfect: Michigan Rep. John Conyers says that the American people should pay back reparations to Africans for slavery. Who wants to bet he gets re-elected?

Nobody Cares; Whoopi Goldberg is starting a whole new career with her own radio show in the morning. She is going to sing…and dance. I can’t wait to see her dance on the radio. Does this mean that Imus is going to have to dance too?

Nobody Knows; Madeline Albright is really a transsexual polygamist. (Just kidding) But have you seen her recently? She is really scary. She has written a book bashing President Bush of course. She wants to be Secretary of Defense again. I think those leg crunches are pushing her brain up a little too far into her skull. Next thing you know, it will be reported that she fell out of a rickshaw in New York.

The Fashion of the Insane and Big Bunny Spies

Nobody’s Opinion: What a day this was. I spent the day, like a good citizen, shopping for the perfect pillow. I was quite happy shopping for this pillow, the perfect image of it being held in my mind in glorious digital color. But I wanted a bright red pillow and bright red is just not “in” style right now. So, I came home with no pillow. And let me tell you, I looked at hundreds of pillows. You would have thought there would be just one red one, but no, at least 75% of them were downright ugly.

I’ve had this happen before. Once, I wanted to buy sexy white slippers with feathers on the top, to go with my special nightgown for my wedding night. (Sorry guys, it’s a girl thing.) And I wanted a white suit for my honeymoon. Well, I searched for a whole year…but no luck.

And of course, three years later, white suits and frilly white slippers with white fluffy feathers on top were everywhere.

There is a point to this…hold on. The reason for this is that every year, the elites in fashion get together and decides what “colors” are going to be fashionable for that spring or year. You have no choice. If Martha Stewart wants you in pink and yellow, that’s what you’ll have to like. I can’t stand her stuff. Lots of people like her, but it’s just not my taste. All those pucky yellows, and little girly pinks and pea soup greens… yuk. I actually get a little nauseated if I have to pass through the kitchen towels.

I have been known to pass out in the curtain sections.

Anyway, feeling bad for wasting so much time looking for a pillow, I thought I'd turn on the radio and the television. I was looking for meaningful news; something to make me feel better. I was looking for sanity in the human condition. I was craving some logical and optimistic news.

I’ve got bad news; sanity was nowhere to be found. “Sanity” is not in style this year.

First off, President Bush looked very depressed standing next to his new general of the CIA. He has a hard time faking his emotions. He might be smiling, but you can look in his eyes and see the utter despair. He looked like he had just lost his first born. Not good.

I don’t even want to know what is bothering him. Somehow, I don’t think it’s the Democrats. The message here is: something terrible is coming our way, and we need a general to take care of it. Your style this year is doom and gloom.

Then, the Iranian President writes a letter to President Bush which says he would like “new solutions for getting our of international problems and current fragile situations of the world.”

Obviously this was really written by John Kerry, because this guy has never been known to say a diplomatic sentence to anyone. His style is more like; “You touch this country, and I will wipe Israel off the map. And then I will take you down.” Just a few days before he was arguing with a rich Sheik over what the name of the Persian Gulf should be. The Sheik wanted to rename it of course, the Arabian Gulf. Two grown men, arguing over a name---more insanity.

Then the Vice Premier of Israel Shimon Peres says to the Iranian madman; “Right back at ya.” or the actual quote was “Iran can also be wiped of the map.”

But then, after he says this, he wants the United States to “lead the action.’ Which means--- go ahead, you nuke him. I’m not going to start WWIII. He too was frothing with misery. His face said it all---the style of the year was nuclear war. More insanity.

When I was reading that Fox’s Rupert Murdoch was going to give a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton, I stared to feel like I was back in the pillow aisle at K-Mart. This defies all reasoning. Why does she have to be President? Why is he backing her?

The picture of Rupert looked like a man who was just beaten by a giant bunny. He too looked incredibly sad. Once again--- not good. Some elites who design the world are telling us that they have picked Hillary to be the style in 2008, and you’d better like it no matter how insane it may appear.

Jeb Bush comes out and says that Katherine Harris, the woman who probably had just as much to do with his brother becoming President as the Supreme Court, would not be elected. He has no faith in her at all. What? This message is that all the people who voted for the Republican Party and their principles are being abandoned. We are just not in style anymore. Katherine Harris had the audacity to actually enforce the laws, a big no-no now in our government. She will have to take her eye-makeup and leave.

A Republican in Massachusetts helped pass the law that if you don’t have insurance you will be fined over a thousand dollars. He has started Hillary’s healthcare. Insanity is always fashionable in Ted Kennedy’s state, especially when the Kennedy’s decide to drive their cars.

Tony Blair we learn, has changed his mind about fighting anymore. He is going to step down soon. Tony, who has been the United States' only true friend in the Iraq war, is being told he is no longer fashionable.

He is about as out-of-style as your mother’s bedroom slippers.

Clinton is working on making Aids testing mandatory for all people in the United States. If you just visit an emergency room or go in for a check-up, you will be tested. They have just got to get that needle in you somehow, and if that doesn’t do it, then scary movies and hour by hour warning against the bird flu will get you running for the needle.

We find out today that North Korea is developing the bird flu as a weapon. One fifth of the earth population will die. You will die of Aids, or the bird flu. Fear is in even bigger fashion than lying.

Congress will not get to immigration this year. Each party will blame the other. But, we will see more commercials with Spanish woman dating white guys, and vice versa to get us conditioned to accept the decisions that they say they have NOT made, which of course was decided long ago.

The Spanish people are in very high fashion this year. American fashion is way out. You might never see it again. It is going out of style just like the paisley shirt.

And in the middle of “Medium” tonight we saw more “fashion” with propaganda for all sick people to accept the loveliness of death. Kelsey Grammer, who played death, told us all how unfashionable it was to fight death, because if you just died it was a “win-win” situation.

Good thing I was lying down.

OK…the whole world has gone insane. The Republicans are doing whatever the Democrats want.

What are the mathematical possibilities of all of them acting completely coo-coo at the same time?

The Democrats are lining up to impeach President Bush, and they want the fashionable Powell back to take Rumfeld’s job. They want the White House records of visitors.

Gee, I would have like to see that list when Clinton was President. Wouldn’t you? I have a feeling they will say that a giant bunny was allowed to stay in the Lincoln bedroom, and Carl Rove, along with Dick Cheny, put top-secret information into his bunny collar, and the bunny was leaked out. A woman’s life was put in jeopardy, because of that bunny, putting all of us at risk for…wait, they will think of something. The bunny is now in jail.

So sanity and the color red is out of style this year. I can deal with the red pillow loss, but the loss of any sanity in the world is much harder to bear.

Nobody’s Perfect: Mission Impossible the repeated repeat, did not have a great opening. So what? Everyone is acting like it’s the biggest news of the century. Tom Hanks last three films drew maybe the population of Cedar Rapids Iowa, but no one said a thing about his flops. The news media is really out to get Tom, and I have a feeling that it was because he didn’t want to work for the United Nations. Good enough reason for me to go see it. Did you notice that nobody said it wasn’t any good, just that it didn’t do as well as expected? Mmmmm

Nobody Cares; I still don’t understand why no one is outrages at Bill Clinton having the power to change things like... if we can drink soda. And now he will get mandatory testing for aids. Last time I looked, aids was not an epidemic here.

Nobody Knows; Just why they put all the good programs on very late at night when everyone is sleeping.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Why a Feminist Should NOT Vote For Hillary As President

Nobody’s Opinion: Edward Klein’s book “The Truth About Hillary” confirms what every single American knows already. Hillary wants to be President. She feels she deserves it, whether we want her to be or not.

Obviously, there are many American women who instinctively know that Hillary Clinton is a devoted Marxist, and as the book says, has been one since her days in college. She will not get our vote.

But there are other women, who went through the “feminists” movement and who consider themselves still feminists and therefore think that it is time for a woman President. Maybe so--- but not Hillary Clinton. Let me tell you why.

Hillary Clinton is as far from being a feminist, as a potato is from being an orange.

Hillary is not independent, just neurotic. And despite her habit of punching men from the time she could walk, she is a coward.

Not someone we should have leading the United States in this dangerous time.

First off, (this being a more serious blog from me) I was a “feminist” at one time. I read all the “feminists” books. I wanted to be independent, I fell for it all. But, what I didn’t know at the time was that I was already independent, because I had a wonderful role model.

I was the daughter of a woman who ran a printing company. It wasn’t big--- there were only about thirty union employees, but it wasn’t small either. Sure, she inherited it from her father, but she learned the whole business from top to bottom. She was the President, the Vice President, the auditor…she did the bids, answered the phones, worked in the bindery, managed the payroll, and when anyone came in the door, she was the first one anyone saw.

She was the first one there, the last to leave, and she would work in the bindery on weekends. On top of that, she kept the house, did the laundry, and cooked.

When men came into the door for business, they thought she was the cleaning lady.

My mother never considered herself a feminist. She worked hard and supported the family, including my dad. She did it because she loved it, and she loved her family. She was a true American woman, like the pioneer woman who helped found the country.

I was proud to be her daughter. She made me independent, not Gloria Steinem.

America is filled with this kind of woman. These are the true feminists. They don’t brag, they love men, they love their kids, they love the work they do, and they do it well.

So let’s see if Hillary is the feminist she thinks she is. The definition of a feminist being, as their leaders were writing at the time: an independent woman who can take care of herself in any situation.

A real feminist is self-made. Hillary Clinton is not. She had to marry Bill to have the power she has. Bill was her ticket to fame. And that’s not because of the world, that’s because she did not have the talent to rise to the position of Senator without him. If Hillary had been the President of her own company, then ran for office, we could say she was a real woman. A real American feminist. But she’s not. She derives her confidence from sheer ego.

A real feminist, when having found out how much her husband cheated on her, would have left him in a heartbeat, because she would be independent enough, and have enough confidence in herself to leave him and make it on her own. Remember, Hillary has known about all of Bill’s girlfriends for years, before she was even first lady. Now, some of you my think---well she had to stay with him so she could become President to help the world. Nonsense. Women have been elected to office long before Hillary Clinton. Margaret Thatcher for one. If she were Presidential material, a person capable of making difficult decision, she would have announced at least a separation from Bill. But she was silent. And for that, no real American woman can respect her.

A real feminist does not hit, lie, manipulate, pout, slander, or judge other woman. She doesn’t hire people to keep track of her husband and keep him out of trouble.

A real feminist, and this is most important, will come out in loud and righteous protest when another woman has been raped, abused, or hurt. Hillary Clinton did not say one word when Juanita Broderick told her story of being raped, or when Monica Lewinsky was being horribly taking advantage of. All I can say is; what a coward. She knows full well that her husband is a sexual predator and she doesn’t care at all how many women he hurts, except when it hurts her chances to be President. This means that Hillary Clinton doesn’t really care about people at all, especially woman. Hillary Clinton cares about one person; Hillary Clinton. She alone, by her silence of her husband’s abominable actions, put feminism back sixty years. Thanks Hillary. Now it’s O.K. for all men to treat woman as sexual bimbo’s again. The porn industry loves you. This was one of the areas that real feminists were trying to get rid of.

Most feminists take pride in their children. There is not much evidence that Hillary has been much of a mother. Chelsea seems to have been born to further the brand image of two megalomaniacs’ careers on the road to power. The proof--- Bill Clinton first heard about Hillary’s pregnancy in the paper.

Hillary the feminist, the Marine wanna-be,(who hates guns) the woman who hired all her old lesbian friends from college and put them in high places, (Donna Shalala, Janet Reno) the feminist who picked Bill up at the library (lie) and the only one who will guard the borders.

She will say she is the backbone of her family, acting like the victim who stood by her man. Well, what a family. Bill spends every night with another babe, and she works on her plans to take over the Presidency, and how to impeach President Bush.

Hillary, after doing leg curls with Madeline Albright, will soon be presented as the only human being on the earth who can save the country.

And if you fall for the up coming blitz from all the liberal outlets of how we need a woman to “clean house” then you are not the daughter of a true American woman and for that you have my condolences.

Hillary is not a feminist. And if she is elected President, we will have eight more years of King and Queen Clinton, because Bill is part of the package. (Remember, feminists take pride in standing alone.) Eight years was already enough. Any more of those two and we might as well give America back to Britain. (or to China)

And China will have won. Because the feminist revolution was implanted by the extreme left, in order to pave the way for woman to take the pill, get abortions, and get into the work force. The family was decimated. Millions of future Americans were lost to abortion, and religion has had a blow that it might not ever recover from. It’s all in the communist takeover playbook that anyone can read.

The truth about Hillary is not that she has no integrity, no real intelligence besides her own ambitions, and is married to a man who wants to run the world.

If Hillary Clinton is elected, you will not get an American woman for a President, but a communist puppet.

Don’t do it---For the sake of your children, and the honor of your real feministic American mother.

Nobody’s Perfect: When the Clintons first moved into the White House, Hillary took an office near the West Wing, (kicking Gore out) and had her staff put up signs everywhere saying “Hillary for President." Also recently, her picture at the Smithsonian is perfect profile for the minted coin she expects to have made when she is President. I wonder if it will be a half-cent?

Nobody Knows; Hillary had all the phone lines in the White House ripped out and special ones put in just for her and Bill that were encrypted. The question is: are these the same lines that Bill used to call Monica on every night?

Nobody Cares; Keith Richards has had brain surgery due to a blood clot. All this for a coconut. Well, it wouldn’t sound too good to say he had a stroke…some of us might think he was getting too old. Actually it’s a wonder the man is still alive with all the drugs he has done. This means that Mick wants to do more touring. And even if the surgery goes badly, I doubt we see any difference in the man. As long as he can play the few chords in “Start Me Up” everyone will be happy.