Saturday, July 03, 2010

Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day!!!


Friday, July 02, 2010

Nobody Gets Frock Mania...

Nobody Flashes: This is just a Nobody Rant....

I just read on Drudge that Arnold Schwarzenegger was truly upset today when he heard that an American Flag that was painted on the side of a highway in California by good citizens after 9/11, had just been painted over...right before our Independence Day. And Arnold, like the true politician that he is, made some wonderfully patriot remarks about it...but did he do anything about it? Couldn't he, as governor, paid a few hundred bucks out of his own very rich pocket and had it painted back for the holiday?

Yeah, actions speak louder than words.

The fact that he didn't just goes to show, that he is all talk. That's what they all are, a big bloated bunch of sweet-talking plutocrats. Arnold ran as a conservative, but he has done a complete turnaround and joined the global world of put American citizens last. He is globalist- warming on steroids. And speaking of steroids...
We had Bill Clinton saying at the funeral today of old man Byrd, that the reason he was in the KKK, was because he wanted to be elected...insinuating that all white people loved the KKK.

And these...are our leaders. I know. It's enough to make you cry.
Obama is on TV every single day...full of arrogance...and lies. Every time he says "God Bless America" I'm looking around for lighting to hit him. Flies and rats are not enough.

He might think that the sight of oil gushing out and killing all the beaches and jobs is going give him the excuse to rally the world into global warming taxes...but all it's really going to do is make a lot of people hate him even more. He did nothing...but take a few photo ops and complain.

Yes, I'm starting to hate the man...and I really don't care if it's politically in-correct to say it.
(As I'm writing this, it's after 2 in the morning on a Friday night, and the teens next door are bursting firecrackers..John Adams would be happy.)

Not to change the subject but tonight, my husband and I were watching a fight on TV. Carl Frock of England was defending his Middleweight Champion title against a black fighter from the United States named Andre Dirrell.
Now, you didn't have to know a thing about boxing to see that Dirrell kept going in and just holding on to Frock...every time Frock would take a swing, he would just hug him. This went on for twelve rounds, and there was a split decision, but the title, thankfully stayed to Frock.
Afterwards, they interviewed Dirrell who of course, like a real loser, acted like he lost not because of his actions...he thought he won...and it was unfair, and well, it sounded like the typical thing that dishonest people say if something goes wrong. He insinuated that it was because he was black. Sure he stayed 12 rounds with the champ...but that's only because most of the time he was hugging the guy instead of fighting.
And Frock said just that. The man wouldn't stand toe to toe and fight. What was he to do? He kept trying to get him to stand and fight, but he just wouldn't do it. One in a while he'd punch him in the back of the head because the guy just wouldn't get off him.
Frock was a great boxer, and a hell of a man. I was yelling, "Go on...hit that coward... NOW!"
If they had given that fight to Dirrel, I would have been really pissed, as would most of England.
And you know what? Dirrel reminded me of Obama. Arrogant and incapable of a clean fight.
Recently we had the southern dough boy, Lindsey Graham say the other day, that he thinks the tea party movement is going to fade away. They have no leader. And you know what? George W. Bush said that "these" things just happened from time to time, but they disappear. Don't worry about those tea party people.
They WILL die off. That's what they think. That's what they hope. That's the plan.
Oh yeah? Not without a fight we won't.
Not without a fight.


Thursday, July 01, 2010

E Pluribus Unum Now Means...Invite One, and Many Will Come

Nobody Reports: Today was an historic day...because finally 'President' Obama gave us all his opinions in support of granting amnesty to millions of Mexicans that are here anyway. He talked about how we are a country of immigrants...and then at the end of his speech he quoted the famous American concept that has always kept us together..
E PLURIBUS UNUM...which means out of many...ONE.
In order to become a citizen all the Mexicans will have to do is register, pay a fine and taxes, and then learn English....
Hope that works out for ya Mr. Obama.


Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Nobody Knows Nothin'

Nobody Knows..why Nobody Knows...and today, it's all a mystery.

Nobody Knows why our biggest tanker that could be used to suck up the oil in the Gulf, is sitting in the harbor of Virginia.

Nobody Knows why a President does not have to show a valid birth certificate to run for office, and why his nomination for the Supreme Court doesn't have to have any experience as a judge.

Nobody Knows why the women who claimed a Vice President sexually attacked her would wait three year to bring her accusations into the public eye.

Nobody Knows that IF and WHEN everyone is required to get a National ID card, if you will also have to buy insurance to protect yourself against the theft of your national ID card, because you will have to use your ID at every bank, or else. Thus.... leaving your account wide open, even to Russian Spies.

Nobody Knows how come Elena Kagan was not asked about her homosexuality and how it would influence her decisions on the bench about men.

Nobody Knows why the woman who just got an Oscar playing the Queen of England is now going to play the Madame of a Brothel, and if she will again win the Oscar again.

And speaking of brothels, Nobody Knows how many men brought in their vuvuzelas to the brothels in Africa and used them to announce the release of their 'chakras.'

Nobody Knows if Supreme Court Nomination Elena Kagan and Homeland Security Chief Janet Napolitano are actually---sisters.

Nobody Knows if the 43,000 dogs killed in Baghdad could have been saved by PETA.

Nobody Knows who is going to mine the gold and titanium in Afghanistan..and if that's the real reason every big country in the world wants to conquer it.

Nobody Knows if a President can be impeached for the high crime of not protecting our borders from drug lords and terrorists, ignoring TWO devastating national crisis' thereby helping to destroy the livelihoods of millions of American, and allowing Russia to basically see all our nuclear sites, and disarm us...

Okay, many of us know,but unfortunately, none of them are in Congress.

And Nobody Knows why Luiz Inacio Lula de Sliva, the President of Brazil, was the first big picture you saw in Time's magazine's "The 100 Most Influential People." And why all of a sudden, Hillary wants us to be more like Brazil...and Nobody Knows if this guy already has a farm lined up for him in Ohio.

Maybe we will find out at the next summer Olympics. Something tells me he has already purchased a Greek island, right next to Soros.

And Nobody Knows that in Kenya, (Where Obama, it is said by many in his family, was born.) the people drink blood...(for protein)

And that in itself, explains everything.


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Nobody Says that Marilyn Monroe had a FINE set of Lungs.

Nobody Cares: What do these three items have in common?
You have to be RICH to buy them! And two of these items are going for the same amount...7 million dollars.
The first item, ladies and gentlemen, is a 1914 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost, which belonged to the last Tsar of Russia. For a cool 7 can be yours.
The second item on the list, is an x-ray of Marilyn Monroe's chest. Someone just paid $45,000 dollars for it.
The third, is a Chopard platinum engagement ring...which you can buy for your soul mate for $7 million dollars.
If Marilyn were alive, she would take the diamond...that is, if Elizabeth Taylor didn't get it first. And if Michael Jackson was still alive, he'd buy it for her. (Liz)
And as I was imagining which item I would pick if I had to choose, I thought to myself...why choose? That's not how the rich think!
I would take all three, thank you very much. I would sell the diamond, keep the car for a year, then sell it...(because I like the color purple) and I would put Marilyn's X-ray in a nice frame and hang it in my bathroom, and forever wonder just WHAT those things were at the bottom of the picture? Potato Spuds?
Then, when I got tired of it, I'd sell it on e-bay to the highest bidder, after I made a copy of course.
And that's why, I'm not rich.


Monday, June 28, 2010

When Good Men Do Nothing.

Nobody"s Perfect:

Did you think I was going to pick on another politician today? Nope. I figured it was time to tell the second tale of one of my biggest Nobody's Perfect that I wish I could go back in time and correct. An error that to my own opinion of myself, was so grievous, that stealing a piece of bubble gum seems like a ripple in a wine glass of laughter.

It was eighteen years ago, and I had just gotten "engaged' to my current husband, and we had plans to merge our two kids. He had a daughter, and I had a son from a previous marriage, something as all parents of divorces know, is a task that is not always easy. And this particular day, my husband's daughter had a basketball game at her junior high school. My husband's parents were also there, and they were not exactly happy about their son marrying a ...needless to say, it was a very precarious time for me to try to make a good impression. I tend to say the wrong thing at the wrong time, and I wanted to be careful.

And BECAUSE I was so concerned about making a good impression...I did not speak up.

The setting was your usual school gym...pick any gym in America. It was filled with about 500 parents who were all sitting in the bleachers...all looking lovingly down on their team of eight- year old girls, who were sitting around in a circle, where everyone could see them. The other team had not come out yet. Danny (short for Danielle, my husband's daughter) was not going to play till the next we were all just standing on the sidelines...near the court.

And heard it...the voice. In the middle of this circle of girls was this little man. And then this man, the "coach," came out and started yelling at these girls and the horror of the things he said to them, just completely shocked everyone into a great silent wall of..."OMG!" The whole arena just got very, very...quiet.

And this tiny man was yelling at those ...screaming at the top of his lungs.

"F&** you!...You little idiots. What makes you think you're so %^&special.? You are the worst bunch of losers I've ever seen. You are not going to win this game, you losers. You can't even pass the &*%&$ ball!!! "

And on, and on, and he got louder...and louder, and more obnoxious, and belligerent.

And then he started waving his arms, and cussing more..., and those poor girls, were humiliated beyond anything I could imagine. To this day, I have never heard such a put-down by anyone, man or woman, on film or anywhere else, to match this man's berating statements.

I turned to my future husband, and said, "What is that man's problem.? Why doesn't anyone stop him? Why aren't any of the men in this crowd jumping down his throat? One of us should say something...I'll say something...will you be mad if I do?"

And I was embarrassed, that my own future husband did not feel the need to do anything. He just shook his head. Don't get involved.

Not one soul stood up to that man, who acted like he was drunk, or high, or both.


And, deep down inside I was jumping with anger. I fumed...because I told my boyfriend "I can't take it. I'm not from here, I'm going to tell that man that he is a coward, and a bully, and what is wrong with everybody? "

With every single vile remark he made, I was fuming. I started prancing back and forth. I was almost ready to take the basketball and knock his him down. If my own child had been sitting there, I would have gotten out of my seat, and walked down, grabbed her hand, and told the man, "You need therapy." and we would have left. I would have taken a stand.

But, I was just a bystander.

I looked around that silent crowd...and wondered how they could let this man do this to their own children?

It was clear, there was not a single soul that had the guts to stand up to him. I wanted to, but I thought to myself, that I would have embarrassed Danny to the whole school, and it was her school, and she didn't see a bit upset about it--- but I did not want to cause trouble for her, which is why many parents do nothing...they fear the backlash would be worse.

As the man's voice dirtied the air with great booming profanities... when I realized he was going to be allowed to continue, I remember being filled with so much sadness. Had there ever been a time when a when good decent men of the community would have knocked this guy on his butt?

Those days are gone.

Have we, as a people, come to this?

I remember looking up, while the man got worse, at a beautiful stream of soft sunlight, coming in from the tiny windows high above...the sun was setting, and the light fell right on that circle of humiliating and scared young girls. It was as if God himself was trying to protect those children...and sent a light of an angle to show the damage being done and the shame of those little girl's faces, which of course made this madman's rant much more surreal.

I will never forget those poor kids having to sit through that man's insane mental beating. It was just a basketball game for God's sake. I will also never forget the people that sat there, and did nothing.

And to the day I die, I will regret that, I did not at least yell ----"Hey..pick on somebody your own size you big bully!"

I should have risked the breakup. I should have stopped that guy...said something. Because you see, in the end, my in-laws never liked me anyway. They still don't. My husband has completely disowned them, and trust's been for the best.

So, when good men and women do nothing. they always regret it later.


The Destroyers

Protesters and G-20 leaders...who does the most damage?

Nobody's Opinion: Dr. you see him? I don't know about you, but this picture creeps me out. This might surprise many of you what I am going to say... but ---take your pick...which one of these pictures does NOT have criminals in it? And before you answer that the ones throwing rocks and bottles and starting fires are the bad guys, (which are well-organized communists and union thugs) remember what the Feds, and the politicians have done to cause the biggest depressions in the world, while making millions for themselves. There are many people who feel powerless and are angry at what the rich elite rulers and bankers have done to us all.

I'm surprised frankly, that there aren't more people protesting.

In the scheme of things, which one of these groups are actually doing the most damage to the economy? The people sitting around that table live in a world where they eat lobster and steak, while the protesters outside burn down the little business shops outside. This actually helps the big corporations, whose goal it is to get rid of ALL competition. One company to run our food (Monsanto) One company to control our water (Coke) One company to sell us our goods. (Wal-Mart)

Where are the global anti-trust laws?

Isn't it funny that we NEVER hear the side of the peaceful protesters? Do you ever hear what they are mad at? Do they give them much time on TV? I for one, would like to hear a few of them talk, to decide for myself.

The leaders get four hours on a Sunday afternoon to blast to the world their intentions of a "global" community where all nations will have to basically give up their sovereignty to the "new global rules." The Canadian Prime minster put it the best. He said the people may not like it, but giving up their sovereignty is a "simple reality."

We may not like It? Of course we don't like it. This WILL be a global dictatorship, with career politicians of a higher oligarchy telling everyone on the planet what they can make, where they can live, what they can drink and eat...and they are not shy anymore about their plans. They all will be rich beyond any imagination...and the rest of us...will be...mad.

This nobody remembers the protests of the sixties, and back then, the protesters were mostly spoiled kids from middle-class families who didn't have jobs, and were very idealistic. They were manipulated by the left who were already in place as teachers in the colleges. The kids of my generation didn't know what communism was. They had no clue. Their friends were dying in the Vietnam War, which made no sense to them. The black panthers, and the communists took these stoned kids and told them that capitalism was bad, and their parents were bad, and they should overthrow the capitalist system. A capitalistic system that, let's face it, has pretty much left a whole slew of bankers to rob the planet...with the help of mergers and kickbacks and offshore bank accounts.

It's like having a baseball game where all the umpires are paid to call the shots in favor of one team, and it's perfectly legal.

In the year 2000, I was in Washington D.C, during a WTO gathering and the city was a complete police state. I was stopped at every single corner and asked where I was going. When I finally saw the "fearful crowd" of dangerous protesters, I had to laugh. I felt like I was back in the sixties. The same young idealistic stupid faces...all hopeful that by protesting the big boys in Washington they could stop the bleeding.

Standing among them I felt no fear at all, only pity. Nevertheless... I found the sheer magnitude of a whole city in lock down, controlled by 40,000 or more soldiers and police with big guns, being used to control about 200 protesters...VERY frightening

In fact, I almost got into a fight with one soldier toting a big gun, because I told him I was going to Independent Hall to see The Declaration of Independence and that man said here WAS no such hall. I was so angry at the treatment of someone who just wanted to cross the street, that I demanded to see his supervisor, who just laughed.

I didn't think it was funny.

I was also told I would be SHOT if I happened to fall off the curb while the President passed in his limousine.
Yes, shot. Bill Clinton didn't need but two motorcycles to take him down the street, and why should he be concerned? The whole city was in lockdown. It was a police state. And for what? A bunch of rich college kids?
This is America?

We have seen real protests in other countries...Iran, Greece, Paris, London, China.. It's no wonder the elite get scared.

And now, the world is in collapse. Trillions of dollars have been stolen and an oligarchy of rich politicians and corporate managers have planned a very gloomy future for most of us. Water, food, and even heavier taxation is being planned with a one world currency. And no matter how much money they take from the little guy, not one of them will go to jail.

They protest the leaders of the world, and it's nothing new. In August, Glenn Beck is asking people to meet him in Washington. Do you think the rich and powerful globalists will listen? Will these new leaders of the New World Order be made into a Republic? Or a oligarchy?

Hillary wants the world to be more like Brazil...two classes. The rich and the poor.

It makes sense to them. They are just having a hard time explaining it to the rest of us.


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Nobody Gets Email: Fine Marine Art

Nobody Gets Email....
I should have posted this last night, but I was watching a Hispanic woman beat the hell out of some blond on some kind of new boxing on TV last night, and then I just couldn't get into anything after that.
But...all that fighting made me think of the real fighters...God bless em...better late than never....
A picture from J.R.
If a Muslim sees a naked woman he is suppose to kill himself.
Nobody suggests some on the helmets.