Friday, March 14, 2008

Suggestion: Presidential Test Run

Nobody Flashes: This afternoon, President George W. Bush, son of the former President Bush, son of...came out this afternoon and gave us all a pep talk about the economy.

Anyway--being as people are fainting not only at Obama speehes but at various gas stations all over the nation when they find out what they owe after filling up their gas tanks, he figured it was high time he explained to the American people that--- well, if we don't continue on the same path he has planned we are all doomed.

Bombs will be dropped on our heads. National security is at risk.

In fact, if we do not continue to pay huge gas prices, where- oh-where will the gas companies get the money to develop alternatives fuels?

As for jobs leaving the United States, well, he said that if the population wasn't so darn stupid, those jobs would have stayed here. His plan is to get more of the kids who did not pass high school, into those cheaper community colleges where they will have to re-learn fourth grade math, and how to write a sentence, and how to treat all minorities with respect.

Then the big companies will hire them.

All I can say is--too bad we can't post this little sign on the White House front door.

Maybe we should have a "test" run for all Presidents before they assume office.

Any ideas?


Thursday, March 13, 2008

Novanglus, 2008

Nobody’s Flashes; In 1774, John Adams wrote a series of articles in the local Boston Gazette. He used a fake name, Novanglus (which means New England in Latin) in order to hide his identity.

Now, why should he do that?

Because, if the British ministers who were running the government at the time knew who was talking against them, that person could be in fear of his well-being, to put it mildly.

But someone had to speak out, and John Adams did. He stated his purpose.

I have heretofore intimated my intention of pursuing the Tories through all their dark intrigues and wicked machinations, and to show the rise and progress of their schemes for enslaving this country.”

He then continued on in his many observations of exactly what he thought they were about to do to America.

Then he said: and this is important---

“I will proceed no further without producing my evidence. Indeed, to a man who was acquainted with this junto, and had any opportunity to watch their motions, observe their language, and remark their countenances, for these last twelve years, no other evidence is necessary; it was plain to such persons what this junto were about.”

Well, that’s exactly how I feel, when writing about our current government and the top people who, completely against our forefathers intentions, grab the reigns of power with such velocity that they now can dictate where we live, what we eat, how much money they can take from us, and how we will hand our children over to the state, and how we’d better not complain about it when they take our freedoms away.

This junto makes the first junto look meek in comparison.

I seem to have caused a minor upset yesterday when I wrote and hinted at the Clintons being somehow involved in the Splitzer scandal. After all, the Clintons vast history of controlling every single aspect of the political process has been well documented for years now---by Newsmax, by the Drudge Report, by World Net Daily…by common people that worked for them.

By their very own words and books.

As John Adams would say…”no other evidence is necessary” for even hinting at the “intrigues and wicked machinations” of these two megalomaniacs who wish to take over the world and make it their own laboratory of experimental social engineering.

Now, it seems the last place for the lowly “citizens” voice, is the internet.

Of course the internet is run by Al Gore and his Google buddies. And even though it’s a bit freer here in America, you can rant all you want on it, but they will get you, just like the Tories in John’s day, if you talk against their favorite Kings.

They can control what is read. And if you are conservative, you will be censored.

I don’t know how to solve this problem. But in my own time on this earth, I have watched America and it’s good patriotic citizens attacked on every level by it’s bloated Congress and ex-Presidents who seen to be at the mercy of whatever corporation or country can give them the most money.

We have had our own Presidents and Congress attack its own people. We have been called “vigilantes, addicted to oil, wasteful, and stupid.” We have watched time and again our rulers break laws a common citizen would be jailed for, and go on to lead lucrative lives.

You don’t have to be a genius like John Adams, to see what’s happening.

John Adams bravely stood up to the Tories, as did his cousin Sam, and because they were brave enough, (along with all the other brave founders) to help form a resistance to the British, America became the greatest country in history.

Thank God they did.

“There are but two sorts of men in the world, freemen and slaves. The very definition of a freeman is one who is bound by no law to which he has not consented.”

“When luxury, effeminacy, and venality are arrived at such a shocking pitch in England; when both electors and elected are become on mass of corruption; when the nation is oppressed to death with debts and taxes, owing to their own extravagance and want of wisdom, what would be your conditions under such an absolute subjection to parliament? You would not only be slaves, but the most abject sort of slaves, to the worst sort of masters! At least this is my opinion.”
So said Novanglus.

So, in my "Nobody’s Opinion", I am not sorry to have caused any kind of discomfort to Google, or the Clintons, or any person who intends to make America a part of some vast global dream of utopian socialist spam, dreamed up by self-made Kings.

That is not what our ancestors fought for.

Free speech should be fought for with every opinionated breathe.

And if we don’t speak up in masses against this blatant slaverocracy that is being pushed on us at an excruciating pace, our children will never know the light of what it’s like to be a free man, or woman.

Do we want to just go along with every single rule and law they decide is for our own good? Rationing our water, our food, our medical education, our children’s education, our housing, our businesses, and what we can watch on Televisions?

Is that what we want?

Well, not me. I’m the seventh granddaughter of the original Henry Adams, my name is Novanglus. I may be a nobody--- but I’m mad as hell.

And my God---you should be too. That's MY opinion.


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Only Their Prostitutes Know For Sure

Nobody’s Opinion: It’s certainly a good thing we have the breaking news of another hypocritical, sex crazed, corrupting New York politician scandal on TV today. By wisely resigning his governorship, New Yorker, Eliot Spitzer…well, let’s just say, instead of being prosecuted as he should be, will go on to work in a wonderful corporate job, where he will make more money than he ever dreamed of.

Dubai is waiting.

Besides, another day of Obama’s resounding victory over Hillary Clinton in yet another black state would just be too much for the old gal to bear---especially since she is claiming superiority over the black man named Obama.

Having control over what goes on the news is very important at this time.

What---they can’t control the news? Will a pig eat cooked turkey?

While standing in line yesterday at my local K-Mart, I noticed that every single tabloid had some disgusting heading on Obama…he was a gay, he was a Muslim, he was found sucking blood from a dead baby in the middle of a Satanic ritual….

Well, the dead baby sucking I made up. But hey, the point here is---where were the Hillary scandal pieces?

(At this moment in my writing, I must inform the reader that I am purposely restraining myself on the many various comparisons I could use with the two words…Hillary and “suck.” But, don’t let that stop you.)

This story came at a most convenient time for the Clintons. Wolf Blizer was quick to compare the brave “stand by your man” moment from Hillary when she stood by Bill’s “it’s not sex if it’s oral” moment with Monica Lewinsky.

And look how brave Mrs. Spitzer is; standing by her man. She looked more like his mom, than his wife.


What else are women who marry into power and money going to do?

If they say anything like, “He’s a scumbag and I’m divorcing him tomorrow.” the consequences might be graver for them then any of us know.

No, they too are accustomed to the power and wealth of their husbands, something they could not achieve on their own.

Giving up trips to the Bahamas, maids, limo’s, daily trips to the spa’s, and in Hillary’s case, a chance at the Presidency, the White House, and a new Air Force One


Anyway, it’s not their humiliation.

But this morning, the actual truth came out of a prostitute who was on a talk show.

She said that all these politicians feel they are above the law. She mentioned that a mayor of Louisiana had spent over six figures on her after three years, and that the estimation of $80,000 was probably very low for Mr. Spitzer. She also believes it is the taxpayers who pay for these expensive trysts of relaxation. These men are from the “old boys club” and they usually protect each other’s back.

As she pointed out, the prostitutes go to jail, the ‘Johns’ are never touched.

Unless they are politicians who need to be gotten rid of.

So the real question here is; Who wanted Spitzer gone? Who did he offend? Who wanted the blind guy from Harlem, the place where Bill Clinton has his famous offices, as the new runner?

Who do you think?

Everyone sat for hours around their TV’s this morning waiting for the fallen governor to speak, only to watch him get into his big SUV in the middle of Manhattan, drive a few blocks and get out…to announce his resignation.

This took over two hours, enough time for him to have at least three more prostitute visits, lunch with his wife, and drinks with Bill Clinton.

Not that he did those things. (But then again, how do we know?)

No, it’s all about timing. Politicians are experts at being rude. Making everyone around them wait for hours for them to show up---hours that could be spent in much more productive ways (like working) is par for the course.

One thing this whole story makes you wonder is; just how many of our trusted politicians are making money in criminal activities for themselves, while at the same time, putting their competition out of business?

The prostitute said she had once asked her “John” mayor why the streets of New Orleans were always so full of pot-holes, and why didn’t they fix them?

His answer---they needed that money to buy drugs.

So the question here is: Why is it our country is still so full of drugs and prostitution?

Only their prostitutes know for sure.


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Helping with Green Stamps

Nobody Flashes: The boys on Wall Street are very excitied today, because once again the govenment has come to the rescue of the failing economy in order to find off that nasty thing called recession.

They have begun issuing billions upon billions, upon trillons of green stamps to all banks that got hit with all that outstanding debt...and also to all the people who just cannot pay off those big pesky house loans.

Green stamps were also found in the bedroom of the number nine governor, Eliot Sptizer, now known in local cirlces as George (the not so sly) Fox--- and his Emperor Club VIP vixen, proving that the value of these stamps is worth more than the American dollar!

Arnold is giving them out faster than his governor jet can handle them.

Once again, our great and noble govenment is at work for the American people! stamps can be purchased at your local post office.

(Please, don't try this at home)


Monday, March 10, 2008

Nobody Reports on a Monday--The Dream Team is a Dream

Nobody’s Reports on a Monday:
Boy, those Clintons are a tease, aren’t they? They had all the talk shows on Sunday hopelessly panting out exciting pictures of the “dream team.” The Clinton/Obama ticket. Old Bubba was out there getting all those old women all gooey eyed. George Stephanopoulos was so excited, he probably went off his meds for a whole day.

Bill Clinton made sure to explain why this dream team would work so well…why Hillary would get all the rural areas, and Obama could get all the urban! He said they would be an unstoppable force.

In other words, Hillary could get the white women’s vote, and Obama could get all the black’s vote.

If you’re a white man, I feel sorry for you. You’re a dying breed.

But, don’t hold your breathe.

First off, the Clintons don’t need Obama on a “dream team” ticket to win. They would win the black votes by default against a Republican. Besides---Obama is weak on the Mexican vote, and Hillary needs that Mexican vote against McCain. Maybe that’s why Bill Richardson is growing that Che Guevara mustache look.

Does anyone doubt that Hillary will grab the super delegates? Does anyone doubt that a re-vote of “sent-in” ballots in banana-boat Florida, will have her win by a huge majority?

Does anyone doubt that the Clintons planned this like a chess game all along?

Well, it seems Bill Bradley does. “The Clintons do not do long term-planning.”

Right---Bill Clinton has his picture taken at seventeen with John F. Kennedy. Bill Clinton has lunch with David Rockefeller before he gets into Oxford. Hillary Clinton gives up lucrative feminist career to go to Arkansas.

“Eight years for him, eight years for her.”

The thought that the great Hillary Clinton would accept anything less than the Presidency is almost laughable. Hillary is used to having power, as VP she would have none.

She would have more power as a Senator, where she can control the Senate and the House and Ways Committee.

How ever you look at it, somehow, someway, Hillary will end up President, or on the Supreme Court.

So, build your “dream” babies now, before it’s too late.

Nobody’s Perfect---Because we all loved Ronald Reagan so much, it’s getting harder and harder to put up with that loopy kid of his, you know---the one who used to be a ballet dancer.

It seems he thinks getting rid of the Electoral College would be a great thing, and we should do it right away.

Right. We’ll just let Los Angles and New York decide all American Presidents from now on. Why should Detroit, Iowa, or god forbid, Nashville, Tennessee have any say?

Obviously, someone dropped this boy on his head during a Swan Lake rehearsal.

They should have dropped him in Swan Lake.

Nobody Knows--- John McCain is having a hard time hiding that big lump on the side of his face. It was clear last week that all the news stations were trying to hide it with a “brown” shadow…which came out looking like your two-year old was painting with his crayons and missed the lines. I bet on blue-ray, it was even funnier. The fact that the media is even hiding it should tell you something.

And they wonder why we don’t trust them.

Nobody Cares---It’s being reported that America is being drugged through our water system. Even bottled water has traces of a staggering 56 pharmaceuticals that come out of our urine and into our water system and right back into our bodies.

So that’s why we all feel like old potato skins.

Even half of those people who have “happy” genes are not going to survive the mood alternating tranquilizers, hormones, anticonvulsants, and who knows what else, floating in their taps.

How long have they been telling us all to “Drink at least eight glasses of water a day?”

So---why aren’t our water systems being purified? Well, surprise…Virgina Beach has good water, which tells you they know exactly what they are doing.

Nobody Wins---
Just a thought. George Bush, Rupert Murdock, Anne Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, all support Hillary for President. Hillary can’t lose with the Republicans helping to get her elected too.

Nobody’s Fool;
Is it me, or is this all been fixed? Well, get your ticket and stand in line. The nightmare of a liberal “dream” world is soon to become an HD living-color reality show.

No wonder the water is drugged.