Saturday, November 08, 2008

Nothing Like a Good Weather Map..

Nobody Flashes: Well, it must be true...only the good die young, which means God has a sick sense of humor as we've all suspected.

By that I mean, Michael Crichton, one of the most entertaining and informative writers of our nation has passed away, much too soon.

I used to wonder why they didn't just replace Romeo and Juliet, the obligatory 9th-grade reading with Jurassic Park, but then that's me.

No offense to Shakespeare, but let's fact it, the message of two kids falling in love and then killing themselves was lame even when I was a kid. (BC Video Games)

The only things our kids read nowadays are where to find the "weapons" in Playstation. Twister too was a great film...the guy was a great intellect.

They had Michael on C-span today, and he was more brillant than I even imagined him to be.

Something tells me he would have thought this picture pretty much summed up what he thought about man-made global warming...the science was and still is...all wrong.

And if you think his thoughts on weather manipulation were scary, (yes, he believes that they manipulate the weather) read his thoughts on nano-technology.

Talk speaking about scary...Obama, came out of his first intelligence briefing with the SAME exact look that President Bush has had on his face for the last three years.

It's as if he is thinking, "Oh we're $#&*!" NO WONDER John McCain was such a happy loser!

He complained about not having good, whose fault is that?

Whatever you may say, let's hope the Irish in the man...comes out fighting


Friday, November 07, 2008

People Will Do Just About Anything...

Nobody Wins---There are many people like me tonight, sitting around wondering just how this country got so beyond hope and recognition? How did it happen in our lifetime? The last two decades were scary enough, but to end up as a socialist nation, with a Marxist coming into the White House? How in the world?

Well, I’ve been thinking about this, and I think that one of the reasons is, is that people will just about do anything you tell them to. It’s true.

Take for instance The Holocaust. For years, very few people dared bring up the question which everyone has thought of, but I guess thought was to delicate to ask: How could the Jews, who are the smartest people on the face of the earth, with the highest recorded IQ’s of any race, according to scientists that have measured them against all other races…

How could these brilliant people just walk into the ovens? Why did millions of them stand in line, to be shot into their own graves? Why did they stand the horrible humiliations that came at them with every turn? After all, “turn the other cheek” is a famous philosophy of Christians, not Jews.

I believe it’s for the same reason (it’s only part, of course) that a vast majority of people voted in a Marxist to be President.

I.Q. has nothing to do with it. People will do just about anything you tell them to, because people are mostly by nature…good natured and trusting, and hopeful.

While witnessing the unprecedented crowds turning out to hail Obama, I couldn’t help but think back on my first rock concert years ago: Led Zeppelin, was playing, and it’s where I first thought of this phenomenon.

My seat was high up over the main floor. Thousands were gathered together below me. I remember getting quite a revelation at a certain moment in time…the band had the whole auditorium throwing their fists into the air in a Nazi salute.

My mouth dropped open. There was not a single kid in that auditorium that did not put his fist and pump it into the air. My mind of course flashed back to Hitler’s famous speeches where everyone saluted him in the exact same frenzy.

Didn’t these kids know they were doing the very same salute that honored the man that killed millions in gas ovens?


Later on, when I became a performer myself, I was always completely amazed just how easy it was to get a crowd to do anything:

Okay…everybody form a line and jump up and down! And go back into the kitchen, then take the line outside, and come back!” I’d play some upbeat song, and sure enough, every adult in the room, would get up and do exactly that.

Did I feel powerful? No, frankly, I couldn’t believe how easy it was to get people to do things I would never dream of doing.

Of course it helps if they’re drunk or stoned.

All leaders know this simple fact. Tell people what they have to do, and they will do it.
Tell them they have to be “patriotic” and they will hand over all their money.
Tell people they will have to sacrifice: and they will do so to their own death.

Tell people they are prejudice, and must give their money to the less fortunate …and they will.

Tell them to stand while you shoot them in the back, and they fall into their graves, and they will.

I’m sure there’s a psychological name for this, but please, don’t tell me what’s it’s called.

They start training this “crowd” obedience lesson in the very first day of school. You’d better not get out of line, or you are forever demeaned on the planet earth.

Most importantly, tell a people they need their government and should never fight them, and they won’t.

Thomas Edison once said “The trouble with our way of education as generally followed is that it does not give elasticity to the mind. It casts the brain into a mould. It insists that the child must accept. It does not encourage original thought or reasoning and it lays more stress on memory than on observation.”

There are very few original thinkers anymore…people haven’t changed. You could say, it’s in our nature to always hope for the best. We are so trusting that we cannot believe that our very own demise in right in front of our eyes.

While everyone is putting their trust in Obama to save us, I think I’ll put my trust in God.

I’m not ready to salute.


Thursday, November 06, 2008

Kenya's Cows Make Celebration!

Nobody Cares: Today in Kenya, the exuberant elation upon Barack Obama being elected President of the United States was in full swing.

Not only was it declared a National Holiday, but all cows were given free pail of oats and rum.

Here we see an overjoyed cow graping one of Obama's many aunts in a moment of joyous rapture.

Yes---change and hope has come not only to America, but to the cows in Kenya, who now can count on an extra bail of hay from the new President.

The people on the other hand, will have to wait in line for their money, like all those volunteers who thought they were going to paid their $10 a hour, but only got half...

As for this aunt, Obama claims he hasn't talked to her in a while, but will call her as soon as he is finished meeting with Oprah.


Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Let the Tower Babbling Begin!

Nobody Knows: It’s been just one day since the election of Obama, and the change he promised has come already to my neighborhood.

Here’s a few minor “changes” that have already hit the Obama mark…

Nobody Knows: Just one day before the election, Obama was so upset about his white grandmother being sick, that he had to drop everything he was doing and run out to see her. He got off the plane, spent one hour, and hurried back. Now, she is dead, and what did he do this morning? Did he get on a plane right after his celebration party to go to Hawaii to take care of her funeral? No…he played basketball.

So, if we hear no more about his“grandmother”, than to me it’s pretty clear that the whole affair was staged to take care of his birth certificate problem. It’s also pretty clear that if he does not make the trip out to Hawaii to honor his white grandmother, he is sending a message to everyone that he really doesn’t give a hoot. After all, she was white---how else should we take that message?

And how convenient to have a picture of Obama with a big tear streaming down his face the night before the election. In politics, nothing is a coincidence. Hillary…learn and weep.

Too bad she didn’t live one more day…her white son is now President.

Hey, if a man half “Arab” can be called black, and half of him is white, I see no reason why I can’t call him white. I still think the whole world is nuts, on this matter. Does no one think anymore?

Tiger Woods gets annoyed when you say he’s black…he insists it’s not so, and he’s right. I love it when millions of people are told to ignore scientific fact and

Nobody Knows: Today, on Fox, there was the most vicious attacks and reports on Sarah Palin that I could have ever imagined. Yes, the “conservative” network tore into the poor woman with such malicious and ridiculous stuff…how she didn’t know Africa was a continent, and how she was so incapable of being a President…I was horrified that even Fox is out to destroy her.
This is blatent evidence to me that she was just used as a ruse to calm the conservative base.

I know one thing…after Obama won last night, here in St. Louis, you saw mostly white faces on the news celebrating. They didn’t show the black celebrations until today while everyone was at work.

Nobody Knows: Where I live, whites are now the minority. I get cable, and all the programs now are almost entirely, all black sitcoms. All the advertisements I get from the major companies, have nothing but black families on the cover. For years, you saw all races represented in every medium. Now, I am finding out how the companies target their consumers.

My point is: if we are supposed to stand united, why keep us all divided with advertising targeting the demographics? Is it simply for revenge of the blacks to make the whites suffer?
I don't know...but the Tower of Babel has updated it’s software!

Nobody Knows: For most of my lifetime, I have been told time and again how prejudice white people are. When I went to college, I couldn’t afford to stay in it, but in all my classes, there was always a black person who did not want to be there, but it was free because they were black, and their mother made them. As I grew older, I watched them get privilege after special privilege because they were black.

At parties my son gave, we welcomed them into our home. Yet, the black kids would steal whatever they wanted, and walk right out in front of your face. They knew you would not do a thing, and they were right. Jesse Jackson had taught them well.

The blacks where I live, all have good paying government jobs, free education, huge $50,.000 gas guzzlers, and are the most mean and prejudice people against whites you have ever seen. They still think they are being abused.

Of course you meet some that are smarter, and realize the scams. But, not often.

Today, I heard a black man on the radio in answer to a white man who was basically kissing up to the man, say…”We will now say when you have done enough for us…we will say when the white man is prejudice no more.”

This is NOT good. Until the blacks get rid of their hatred for whites, we are in for a long hall. Obama is just going to fuel that fire, God help us.

If some great black man like Thomas Sowell, or Clarence Thomas had been the first black President, we might have stood a chance…

Nobody Knows: Was I the only one in the country that thought Michelle’s dress was meant to symbolize the “blood” of blacks suffering? It reminded me of so many movies when the dictator goes up in front of the crowd wearing the shirt he got blood on? Come on…it was the ugliest dress I’d ever seen. They are going to have a hard time keeping this woman quiet.

Nobody Knows: There are a lot of people tonight that think Obama is going to be the greatest President that ever walked the earth. My husband’s co-worker thought he gave the best speech he ever heard….a lady on the radio (both white) said she voted for him simply because someone came to her house and asked to put up a sign.

That was their reason…he speaks well, and he had signs. We’ve come soooo far.

Nobody Knows: I stated writing when President Bush WARNED us that we’d better give our ports up to Dubai. Now we have a President named Obama in the White House and his right hand man is named Rahm Emanael, a Jew.

Don’t be surprised if they name the new puppy Mao.
Let the Tower Babbling Begin.


Tuesday, November 04, 2008

One Too Many Gin and Tonics

Nobody Cares: Today...I came into my little office and my picture of Sam Adams standing in Boston had tilted, far to the left.

It's standing there by a hair...I'm just going to leave it that way...I took it as a sign, since nothing short of an earthquake could have moved it.

And since there is not much else to say at the moment, I won't.

But I will reprint some old song lyrics that seem to fit the moment:

It's from an old Bob Dylan album and It's called:

One Too Many Mornings

Down the street the dogs are barkin' and the day is a-gettin' dark

As the night comes in a-fallin; The dogs'll lose their bark

An the silent night will shatter from the sounds inside my minds

For I'm one too many mornings and a thousand miles behind.

It's a restless hungry feeling that don't mean no one no good

When ev'rything I'm a sayin' you can say it just as good

You're right from your side and I'm right from mine

We're both just one too many mornings an' a thousand miles behind.


Monday, November 03, 2008

Obama's Gothopotamuses

Nobody's Perfect: Today, as you go to vote, and you get frustrated with all the Obama voters surrounding you (Here we see an Obama supporter and her son)...
Remember one thing: It's a good thing there are still good people in the world...
Otherwise we might never get the urge to reproduce ever again, and the human race would be doomed sooner than the four years Obama would destroy it.
Yes, My name is nobody, and I approve this message. Don't forget to VOTE !


Sunday, November 02, 2008

The People Who Would Not Tolerate...

Nobody's Opinion:

Once upon a time, there was a band of people who lived in a northern country called England, on a lonely planet called Earth. The King of that country would not give his subjects freedom of religion.

This they did not tolerate.

So they left, and moved across the sea, where they started a country of their own: a new nation based upon Christianity, and new laws.

They remained loyal to their King, but lived as free people.

Then one day the King, whose treasury was bankrupt after a long war with France, started taxing the people across the ocean for more money. He felt, since he had paid to defend the new country from the war with the French, they should pay him back.

And in this new nation, was a man named Sam Adams. He was a tax collector.

And he could tolerate the taxes no more.

So he formed the Sons of Liberty, which grew and became strong. Many men gave their lives and fortunes to break away from the oppressive King, because they had no representation in Parliament.

And they could tolerate it no more.

The people of Untied States of America went to war, and won independence.

The wisest of their men wrote a Constitution, to keep government from ever being able to rule over the people. It was to be a representative government, the first ever on the earth: By the people and for the people. Every President thereafter swore to uphold that oath.

But it wasn’t long before the nation had a cancer: the great abomination of slavery. Because of the cheap labor it afforded to big plantation owners, and the votes awarded by slaves just being present, the Congress did not want it to end.

But the people could tolerate it no more.

And so a great civil war was fought to free the slaves, and millions of men gave their lives to end it, and so it was.

Then it was lamented that women and black men, could not vote.

And the people could tolerate it no more.

So, they fought hard, and many suffered fighting for the cause, and it was granted.
Time passed and WWI came. The President at the time sent our men overseas to fight the Germans, and the war was won, at a great cost in human lives.

The people came home, and wanted just to be free again, having suffered so many men’s lives lost fighting. But again, America was attacked at Pearl Harbor; thousands of our men were brutally killed.

And the American people would tolerate no more.

So they went to war again on two fronts and defeated the dictators of Japan, the Nazis of Germany, and the fascists of Italy. At the cost of millions of American lives.

The young nation, a nation raised on truth, justice, and the American way--- freed the world, and help rebuild the countries devastated.

The whole world became a better place.

Because America was the land of freedom, millions wanted to come here. And because it was a country by the people and for the people, these new immigrants were screened at the harbors. They had to be clear of disease, and properly admitted. They had to learn the American way, and speak English.

This kept the country strong and united.

But then, another abomination needed to be dealt with. When black people were not allowed to sit at the same places as whites---

The people could tolerate it no more.

Many protests were staged, and voices were raised, and civil rights laws were enacted.

And then, slowly, corruption set in. The politicians were corrupted by big business.

The big companies, like the plantation owners of old, started using many immigrants like cattle for their big ventures: the Chinese, the Irish, and the poor blacks.

The people could tolerate it no more.

So they formed unions.

And then the unions became as corrupted as the big companies. Criminal organization like the Mafia began buying judges and politicians. Eventually, as we see now, it seems the criminals and the government simply merged.

Before you knew it, the unions controlled the schools, and our children were no longer educated to compete, but to be controlled for the state. Laws were changed; slowly the universities became incubators of “leftists.”

Then, we went to war in Vietnam, and drugs invaded our country.

But the people could not tolerate the Vietnam War anymore.

So it ended. Sadly, the drugs stayed.

Life went on, and the American people continued to lead the world in innovation, because only in freedom can the small guy take his ideas to fruition.

And then, sadly, big business lobbyists started having too much say in Washington. The American people lost a vital constitutional right to their own property, if a big company wants it; they have to give it up. Demands were made to change the patent system to favor the big companies over the individual inventors.

Like the plantation slave owners of old, the big companies needed a new cheap slave labor, so they gave money to the politicians to bring in the poor immigrants from Mexico. Because we do not have a government by the people and for the people, these immigrants can bring in diseases, they can be criminals, and they are even encouraged by our politicians, by taxing the citizens here heavily in order to give them free medical care, and free houses---to come here. They do not have to speak English, instead, we the people; will have to learn their language to keep our jobs.

Then on 9/11, America was not protected by her government. In New York, Muslims took planes into our biggest buildings and thousands of innocents died a most horrible death.

America lost many of her freedoms that day, and now in response, young brave Americans are now fighting once again…in Iraq. The Muslims want to take over the world, and our leaders have let them get full advantage over us, by not developing our own energy resources.

Now, they want to force us into “new energy” because it will create jobs, …service jobs are just not getting them enough revenue. It also will provide them with more control over our lives.

One again, big business and the government sided over, “We the People.”

America, we have come full circle. Only our very rich can run for office. We are back to having a whole Congress of rich Kings.

They have taken our children’s future, our jobs, and our freedom. Both parties went in and raped our retirement pensions, with the recent stock market crash. Most of them protect each other, and like Kings, can commit crimes time and again without punishment.

Our country’s leaders have left America in such dire straights, that some of us that went through our bad union schools (and that’s half of the people) do not know that Obama is a Marxist, fueled by money from foreign countries. The enemies that attacked us are praying he takes control.

And history shows that it’s only when the people are in dire need, can a communist take control.
Whatever you think of John McCain…he’s no Marxist.

Obama will become like the King George of old. He will ask for you to sacrifice, and if you don’t, you will suffer. He will not unit, he will divide--- the old from the young, the rich from the poor, the sick from the healthy; he will give us all no choice.

The jobs he creates will be government jobs. Do you know what that means? Those of you who have dreams of someday getting rich…forget it. You’re riches will become his.
You will have to, as Obama says: sacrifice for the world. He means to be leader of the world…he has said it. He will be like FDR on steroids.

Whatever you say about John McCain, he has no Messianic vision to rule the world: the ones in history that have, have killed millions trying.

So, it is the most important election of our lifetimes:

Remember: We are all Americans. And Americans, black, white, rich, and poor, whatever nationality have never tolerated injustice.

Will we stand up, like our forefathers before us, and demand representation?

Will we stand as Americans together and defend our freedoms with our lives and our fortunes? Will we demand again a government by the people?

Will we fight for the greatest document ever written on the face of the planet…our Constitution?

Or will we go quietly into that dark night?

And when, just when....will we stand up as the Americans we are and say?---
"We will tolerate no more..."