Saturday, April 17, 2010

Nobody Gets EMail: The Charts Be With You

Nobody's Email:'s Saturday night!
Here's my favorite from the week. Well, I actually have a better one, all about what you do in an earthquake (Like DO NOT stand under a doorway, duh, I would have.) but I didn't feel like posting it.
So therefore... I thought the two charts pretty much went together...and also, if you think about it, explained why our politicians and CEO's love China. Of course, I never believe polls or really have to consider the source...but they are fun.
Have a great Sunday!


Friday, April 16, 2010

Free Speech: Use it, or lose it.

Integrity. Character. Respect. Simple words, but what do they mean anymore? Especially in our Presidents?
How did you feel today, when the President of the United States sneered and joked about the great gathering of millions of Americans in hundreds of spots all over our nation yesterday? How did it make you feel when he said we should all be "thankful" to him?
Thankful? For what?
Would you say this man has integrity? Respect for YOU? Character? Decency? If nothing else, shouldn't we at least expect that?
And as if that wasn't enough, how about our X-President, Bill Clinton, trying to convince us all with his "intellectual" glasses looming on his face...that every man, woman, and child who are conservative right-wing Americans, were basically, dangerous thugs, and full of hatred?
Today he said..."Words do mean something."
This, coming from a man who is a master at changing words to suit his own fancy...Yes, coming from a President who stood in front of the whole world and declared that oral sex really wasn't "sex" ----President Clinton selfishly choose his words carefully during his impeachment trial-- just to get keep himself out of jail...and caused incredible damage to thousands of teenagers all across our country--teenagers who took Bill Clinton's very words to be true.
Many a worried parent spend many a heartfelt night wondering if their daughters were giving Clinton's "sex" to local boys in middle- school. In many schools "oral" sex became all the rage. "Hey, it's no big deal mom...everyone does it!" said the middle- school 12-year old young girl to her mom.
Yes, Bill Clinton's famous manipulation of "words" became so repulsive that everyone just started calling any political acts of lies and twisted meanings...Clintonian. And that was the least of his offensives.
Is it any WONDER that 'they' want to fill the world with gay, weak, and impotent men?
Do you see the pattern here? Bill and Obama are TRYING to pick a fight, with people they are being paid to protect, so that they can come in and smash your freedoms with one more big blow.
Well, if they are trying to make us mad...they are succeeding.
Do you feel like me...that you want to find the closest hammer to hit the TV with, when they, these lords and Kings... mock, insult, and treat us all like little misbehaving children? You are worried about your future, your children's future, not to mention another terrorist attack, and they do THIS to you? They laugh and belittle you? Scold you?
And how does it make you feel when you know Obama and Clinton will never be convicted for the many treasonous acts they have committed against their own citizens? How does it make you feel to know that, short of marching them both up to the top of Mt. Everest and leaving them there, we will never be able to get rid of these egomaniacs posing as benevolent leaders, simply because the Office of the Presidency itself has gotten so much power, do to so would mean tremendous harm to you and your family?
Most of us envision the wrath of the government coming down on us, and they have done a tremendous job showing you that you would be powerless. Camera's are now everywhere. Every night there is something caught on "camera" for your nightly news entertainment.
They have nukes, and gas, and the IRS. They have viruses, "accidents" and weather modification. Obama would bring out the military in less than it takes him to say..."tea party." And he is building his "citizen' army now.
And what do we have to fight this corruption? The truth says Glenn Beck.
Well, the Jews had the truth. They would have been better off with a bigger defense.
I happen to believe old Presidents should fade into the sunset, so when I saw Bill Clinton on TV today, all the old feelings came back. What a vile man. No integrity. No character. No honor. That was our President for eight years.
And he has worked relentlessly to rewrite his miserable in which he has put the whole world on the track to where it is now, and has succeeded to a high degree.
The other day, Glenn Beck and many others were making a showing of how Andy Stern was remarking that "the United States won't always be on top." Gee...Bill Clinton made that very same remark, years ago, talking on C-Span. A President...I couldn't beleive it.
No one said a word about it, but this one little nobody was so furious when I heard him say it...he pointed his big finger and said: "We won't always be the big dog on the block (referring to China) and we'd better get used to it." I wanted to take that big finger of his and poke him in the eye, wrap him up in cellophane and send him on the slowest boat to China, without his favorite appendage.
How dare he enjoy sneering out that statement---and he did.
And yes, we ARE mad. Do you honestly think our forefathers would have not been gathering to protest such (I'll be nice) leaders of no morals or character?
The good news is: Bill and Obama would not have gotten together today to denigrate the tea partiers if they weren't just a bit...scared. Or concerned. They need to nip the protests in the bud...and fast.
Can it be more obvious what they want? First: Complete control. Second: the downfall of America...Third: Put the final nails of tyranny on us.
So...the question is: what do we do?
I say we start with a laugh. Call our radio stations and make FUN of THEM about how POWERLESS they are to try to control the American spirit, and how scared they must be to even bring the subject up to mock.
And have some them names...(fun ones) Call them Black Bubba One, and Black Bubba One-Two. Clinton claimed to be the first black president...and Obama claimed to be the first black president...let's give them what they want..proper names. Call them: the race baiters, gong-kickers: nudgemuckers: skankymanks. (Okay, that last one I made up.) Go ahead, it's fun.
Or more to the point; Citizens haters.
Next time they talk about "hate speech": tell them to read the Constitution:
Thousands men have died for that right, and no President, past or present is going to take that away from us.
And if they don't like it.. they can---move--- to China.


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fear the Fuzzy!

NOBODY CARES: It's tea party day, time to really let them know how we are getting sick of their crimes, with our hard-earned dollars..
I am posting this picture of myself so that when the drones pass over the tea party here in St. Louis (As they did at the FIRST tea party here two years ago) they will be sure not to miss me!
Yes, we ARE the almighty...fear us!


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Nobody Knows How Much a Nuclear Summit Cost...

Nobody Knows: How much more can we take?
Another day-- another goofy Obama summit...(notice the O in the branding logo of the name?)
Obama just loves to make himself feel what a better way than to boost your ego than to invite everyone on the planet to come and listen to you, the most important man in the universe---talk. Obama decided to make 47 countries and their leaders all come to Washington D.C. to discuss about how they are all going to just stop making nuclear weapons. Well, nobody is going to stop but us, but he wanted to throw a big party to make that clear. much did THAT cost us? Even if everyone did all pay their own airfare...I bet we had to pay for the food, the hotels, the late night parties...and not to mention the security alone for just HIS HIGHNESS BARACK was enough to add another few trillion to the deficit. I bet Washington D.C. looked like North Korea on steroids.
How much did all that security cost? Were there soldiers on every corner? Did you HEAR about the soldiers on every corner?
No wonder he sent Michelle out of the country.
How successful was Obama's plan? We let the whole world know, that we will not be the ones to mess up the lovely planet of green grass and national monuments. No, we are getting rid of all our nuclear weapons, ...and let the world watch.
That's his plan.
Yes, the President, wants to assure the world, that he doesn't give a hoot about the American people...'just kill them as you wish,' and if you MUST...but please...use chemical, gas, viruses, Ebola, EMP, you know....go for it. Just leave the birds and bees, and the Congresses big mansions...which are all OVER the place.
Obama, saving the creative step at a time, and having a really great time doing it! (Which is the real reason there were no reporters allowed. You can't bribe a dictator if there are camera's!)
Somebody needs to find this man's girlfriends, and fast.


Monday, April 12, 2010

Nobody's Perfect: Ahmed Karzai

Nobody's Perfect;
Ahmed Karzai...what are you going to do with him? Fareed Zakaria, wrote a Washington Post piece this week saying that, sure..he's currupt and horrible, but we should keep him...he's all we got.
Ya gotta love that reasoning.
After 9/11,---Americans were surprised to learn that some little country called Afghanistan was a hotbed for these mean little suckers called the Taliban--- terrorists that wanted all Americans dead. After all, most of the 9/11 terrorists were from Saudi figure.
The fact that we armed, and trained the Taliban in the first place to fight the Russians, was a mute fact....oops.
Anyway, whether it was Charlie Wilson's war, or George Bush's revenge, it hardly matters, how we got into that mess overseas. After 9/11, the United States needed a KING to put in charge of Afghanistan to do their bidding, and so they came up with this x CIA guy whose family were of royal Afghan descent....whatever that means.
While good American soldiers were dying in Iraq, it seems this guy and his brother were setting up a nice living in the palaces of Kabul, with the money from those really cool poppy fields. Many of us wondered how come we let all those poppy fields just keep popping, but nobody ever talks about it. They say, that WE wanted to get rid of them, but Karzai talked us out of it.
This guy...gets around.
Now that Iraq is firmly in the hands of Nouri-al Maliki, who prefers the Shiites, our 'President' took our boys out of Iraq and sent them all to fight the Taliban.
As you can see from the outfit, Karzai takes this kingship stuff very seriously. In the last election, we were told that the Karzai administration, according to the Afghan people, were much more corrupt than the Taliban. They wanted the old guys back. The election results were questioned...but wow! He won!
This probably means that Karzai is not cutting in certain people on the poppy trade, because his brother runs it all. Therefore Obama made a dash over to see him, March 28, and it was the Olympics all over again.
Not to be outdone--- after Karzai has received billions upon billions of our taxpayers money, to rebuild and fight for his KINGDOM, using the sacrifice of American blood,....he has now decided to be best buddies with Ahmadinejad, the reason we are suppose to be in Afghanistan in the first place.
So, what can we think of this man who acts like a typical political weasel? We have so many weasels it's getting hard to tell the slimy wily weasels from the slimy sand snakes.
The lesson? When you have possession of 90% of the heroin market of the world in your can just about make a fool of any leader you like. Presidents of countries will fly over to shake your hand, give you money, and even, help you stay in power.
Karzai likes the Taliban now. Obama is thinking of accepting them too. What's that tell you?
When they legalize marijuana, the bumper crop of opium should go sky high. Chicago is already to go.
Anyway...I have no idea what the Sam Hill they are all doing, all of the are nuts. I just didn't want to talk about the imperfections of Tiger Woods.
I mean, Karzai, by giving the Taliban access to the opium, which buys the weapons to kill our soldiers...I hardly think Tiger matches up to that, no matter how many women come out of the closet.
Tiger is a choir boy compared to Karzai, which is why everyone is talking about him instead.


Sunday, April 11, 2010

Programming the Masses

Nobody's Opinion:
Two of my favorite programs, are Dr. Who, and 24.
I could write for ions on both but, I just wanted to mention a few things...and that's how popular shows are being used more and more to gently shape our opinions about the world at large.
I know this is nothing new under the sun, but it's getting to be more obvious.
In the last episode tonight, of the current Dr. Who before his next regeneration,President Obama, it was said in the plot, was going to save the world from the great world depression: the whole world mind you. This played little part in the plot, where the Evil Master comes back to destroy the universe once again, so one can assume that the inclusion of it was strictly for propaganda.
I'm only halfway through it, so I don't know if Obama actually does save the world at the end, but I wouldn't doubt it. The thought of Obama saving the world from depression is just about as laughable as the tooth fairy saving kids from losing their teeth. Nevertheless, Dr. Who is watched by millions of kids around the world, so that troubles me.
In the original Dr. Who series, Presidents of the United States were almost never brought into praise of any kind, or even mentioned in plots. If they were, the names of the Presidents were fictional.
But Dr. Who...seems harmless compared to 24's last episode, in which a United States general disobeys a President's direct orders, and ties to save New York from losing 59,000 people. (by dirty bomb, of course) The women President had made the decision that peace in the Middle East was WORTH the sacrifice of American citizens. When she found out the general's plot, she arrested him, and the main character stayed true to the President.
What bothered me about this was that they portrayed the general as such an evil guy, and the woman President, as being moral, upright, and completely within her powers to go ahead and sacrifice thousands of American citizens lives, BECAUSE she had worked out a peace agreement with some Saudi leader and had given him her word, that she would work with him on a peace settlement. Even I thought the general was a bad guy, until I thought about the message being drilled into us...ever so subtly, later.
The message was: The world is much more important than a country, and Presidents have the right to choose other country's well-being over their own. What's 59, 000 New Yorkers when you want to go down in the World History Books as responsible as the man or woman responsible for Middle East peace?
I was thinking about these two programs tonight because tomorrow, President Obama is going to "save" the world from nuclear annihilation; he is bridging the world's leaders here to sign treaties, and make himself leader of the world.
I guess he has to do that before he saves the world from the great world depression.'s the question: Do the writers that write these fictional plays for our entertainment, believe things like---Obama is going to save the world, and peace in the middle East is more important than a city? they get direct orders from higher placed government officials to include certain dogma's in their plots? OR do they, like an actor smoking in a scene, get money for including certain political mantras in their plots? it just about what sells? Mixing exciting, action-filled drama, with liberal political messages appeals to it that simple?
I wonder.
24 is almost over, and good thing too---it was getting tired. It had some really great shows, and a good run.
But Dr. Who...can go on it seems, forever, because some clever long ago, figured out a way to keep it fresh. You just make the Doctor a Time Lord, and he can regenerate himself over and over the show longevity with new actors.
Too bad we can't just have our Time Lord politicians serve for just 24 hours. The whole world might be better off.
I can say one thing. I beleive we are all being programed along with our favorite programs.
What do you think?