Thursday, February 18, 2010

Why Angels?

Nobody Reports:
I'm sorry. The reason that I have not been writing is because I have had no fewer than SIX computer crashes.
Do I blame this on China? Bush? Bill Gates? NSA? Best Buy? Clinton? Bernanke? My grandmother's antique lamp? HlNl flu? I don't know, but take your pick. All I do know is, it's not my fault. It is my fault that I can't seem to figure out...why this is happening. But then again, neither can about 15 other experts who actually know computers...go figure.
So, it doesn't look to promising. Best Buy, will not even talk to me. They say, sorry, call somebody else. We can't find the problem...just make sure you pay us.
During this trouble, my neighbor, Ray, a dear man who had become almost substitute grandfatherly figure to me, passed away last week of a heart attack. Probably at the exact instance when I was playing a wonderful game of "tug of war" with my adorable American Eskimo, Zippy, in the middle of a snow storm, in the middle of his front yard, around midnight.
The next morning, this Image was found in my driveway, right outside my window...I know it's not a perfect picture (As I write now, I have no idea if this will print, being as I will probably lose WINDOWS 7 again, due to the fact that Microsoft does not recognise my computer, a few minutes...blackout..) but I have never seen such a perfect image of an angel...made in the snow.
Not by anything other than a human.
Obviously some Dove-like bird laid down and flapped it's wings...just explains why all last week the movie "SIGNS" had been on TV (Mel Gibson's Movie)...
You know the old saying "nothing is a coincidence."
"You ask yourself....are you the kind of person who believes in signs?"
Whenever Ray went on his travels, he would always bring me some little something...a jar of jelly, or some little thing...I figure he just sent me a little "angel." He knows how much I love my birds. Thanks Ray.
Anyway, as I watch the news, the rest of the world is stressing out right now...some man just crashed his plane into a government building because he couldn't "take it anymore."
Too bad he wasn't a horror novelist, he could have just made millions putting his darkness into killing off whole towns, like Mr. King does in "Under the Dome."
By the way, I just starting reading it.
And funny, after all last month, Glenn Beck's education on Mao did not include this golden nugget. I just read this passage in Stephen King's latest novel---the main character named Barbara (who is a guy) expressed his (or Stephen's) feelings..
"I don't know if we do or not, (plan for four weeks) but when I was in Iraq, someone gave me a copy of Chairman Mao's Little Red Book. I carried it around in my pocket, read it cover to cover. Most of it makes more sense than our politicians do no their sanest days. One thing that stuck with me was this: Wish for sunshine, but build dykes." (p. 96)
Something tells me you won't see this on Glenn Beck...which is why I expect more people to be running planes into buildings..
So, maybe it's just the signs of the time..but I'm going to wish for more angels.
In the meantime...what can I say? Wish me luck, as I wish you.