Friday, April 06, 2007

Geraldo's Nightmare

Nobody Flashes: Today, men who had never heard of the minute men, gathered near the border in recognition of Geraldo Rivera's:

"Honor a Illegal Alien's Right to Get Drunk Day."

Last week, in case you didn't see it, Geraldo Rivera was very upset with Bill O'Reilly for having no compassion for a poor simple Mexican drunk, who had come over the border illegally, and who not ONLY had the misfortune for not having the name BUBBA...but suffered the indignity of having to have Geraldo Rivera stand up for his good name of Ramos

All this poor guy wanted to do evidently was get drunk and drive in a country that would not load up his inebriated carcase and send him off to jail if he committed any crimes. And in the state of Virginia, he had found just the right place to commit any crime he wanted and live in a drunken stupor, unlike Mexico where he might have been eaten by wild pigs.

He was always getting stopped for drinking here, but the cops let him go---what a great country! So what if he accidentally killed two young girls? Lots of people do that!

What a racist Bill was, Geraldo felt, for even bringing up his illegality! Why, Ramos has just as much right to get drunk and kill people as the citizens already here, and to say anything contrary to that fact, was just plain....not fair! We are luring the drunks here! Democrats are giving them free beer in the waiting rooms of every hospital!

Geraldo was so mad at O'Reilly for being outraged at illegals breaking our laws, and no one caring about it, that Geraldo lost it all, and called him one of the worst thing a man can call another man..."Lou Dobb's Mom."

And then, even though Lou Dobb's was not anywhere near Geraldo, or the scene of the crime, Geraldo said,"Lou Dobbs has regenerated his dead career on the backs of illegal aliens."

I thought O'Reilly was going to say, "Well, at least he HAD a serious career, besides opening mob bosses vaults, and drawing troop movements in the sand of Iraq," but he didn't

Geraldo also thinks that we have "lured these poor illegally drunk people here" By also offering free houses, education, all the gringo's jobs---It's our own fault!
We are SUCH an uncompassionate nation!

Yet the thing that frightened Geraldo the most, was that the minutemen were now carrying guns.

Yes, the citizens of America had decided to use their 2nd amendment rights, and also join the illegal aliens in their right to get drunk in the most generous country on the planet.

If the drug cartels can shoot at border agents for not letting them come over and sell their drugs, then by golly, the minute men should be allowed to go into Mexico, get drunk, kill a few Mexicans while driving, and be able to not ever be punished, and stay as long as they like.

I'd say that's fair.

I read that the Spanish people think the Americans are stupid, and it's no wonder...with guys like Geraldo on the air.

So here's a nobody toast!---To all men in the United States that are legal citizens, have guns, like beer, and still shake Geraldo's hand when they see him.

God Bless America!

Nobody's Perfect: Our President George Bush, wants the American people to back him on his Iraq war....maybe we could do that if he would back us on stopping the Spanish Invasion and the final end of our English speaking country.

Nobody Knows: Today on Fox, Sheppard Smith was upset about just WHO would mow the lawns if all the illegals were sent home?

Something tells me Sheppard is now living very nicely, and has a big lawn.

Nobody Cares: Bill O'Reilly was great...Bill, you're this nobody's Huckleberry for the month. Thanks for "Looking Out for Us!"

And shame on Geraldo for thinking more about his Mexican buddies than the parents of those two poor girls, and the country that gave him the opportunity to be as famous as he is.


Thursday, April 05, 2007

Mama, Please Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys

Nobody’s Opinion: Boy, could we sure use a few more cowboys at this moment in time. Seeing Nancy Pelosi in her designer suits and scarves obsequiously meandering to the Arab tyrants is enough to drive any true American off looking for a lasso. A fantasy of Nancy Pelosi tied up like a heifer around the angles, is a nice vision of mine.

You won’t read this many places, but for years, the American cowboy was the hero not only of this country, but our westerns were popular all over the world. The good cowboy would come in, clean up the town, and justice would be served. There was a right, and there was a wrong. Life was simple. If the sheriff was a bad guy, some drifter would come in, and shoot him dead.

Thank you very much.

The men were tough. And the women were also tough. Together they worked the fields, fed the kids, fought Indians, and somehow managed to go on and populate the nation. We remained a tough people, until…well somewhere around Jimmy Carter.

Jimmy Carter was such a wuss.

For many years, our culture was forged on the old westerns. My husband stills watches the old John Wayne movies. My mother, bless her heart, never missed one episode of The Lone Ranger. Long after my father died, the Lone Ranger was her secret hero. I personally liked Tombstone, the movie where Val Kilmer playing Doc Holiday. He looks at Ringo, the scumbag bad guy and says:

“I’m Your Huckleberry” and then shots him.

And that’s why most of us voted for George Bush. We thought he was a cowboy.

Unfortunately, the American cowboy mentality is slowing fading into the sunset, because of political correctness.

The cowboy mentality isn’t only for men. It’s a mentality of there’s a right and a wrong, and the right will prevail.

One of my favorite cowboys is Ann Coulter. She came out both guns barreling all through the Clinton years. At the time, besides a few of the men on the impeachment team, who have recently become silent, she was the only one really blasting. She is STILL packing. My hero. My American Cowboy, God bless her cowboy straight shooting heart.

And Rush Limbaugh, he has more than once pointed out right from wrong. He’s like the old time sheriff that nobody messes with, the bad guys hate him, but he is just so damn popular with the whole town, they can’t touch him.

Michelle Malkin is another great cowboy. I can just see her all dressed up fancy, standing in the middle of town, hands on her guns, looking real pretty, waiting to face any liberal who dared to challenge her. (I would put Nancy at the other end of the street, but that’s just me.) She would squint those pretty eyes and say, “You feeling Lucky?”

This brings us to Clint Eastwood. The most famous cowboy of us baby boomers. Clint, the man who just came in and saved the woman, the town, righted the universe.

Who put cookies in his milk? Clint turned out to be a great actor after all.

Lou Dobbs…yes, a new sheriff is in town, boys, move over. Yeeeeessssssss!

And Glenn Beck, my goodness. Glenn is more than a cowboy; he is like a whole posse, but also a great guy to hang out with around the campfire. How can you not love Glenn Beck?

Bill O’Reilly is another great cowboy. He was like the bounty hunter who would hunt you down over fifty states. Like Sundance saying “Who IS this guy?”

And Michael Savage…sometimes he gets full of himself, but he would have been the ultimate cowboy, at the head of the posse, running the horse as fast as possible, both guns in his hands, and the reins between his teeth, shooting ten men at once.

And of course, the liberals most hated cowboy, Ronald Reagan, who was the beacon of right and wrong, with a philosophy so indisputable that even now, liberals quote him at every chance.

So here’s the dilemma---we have an awful lot of cowboys, why can’t they clean up the country? Why can’t they come in and get rid of the bad guys?

Because the cowboys are not in charge.

No, to right the wrongs of our country we must put on the American Cowboy mentality on all of the people in America who want to hold on to liberty, and justice to all. Get out the guns of rationality. Get on the horses. Get mad. Get really mad.

It’s time for the mama’s to start raising some cowboys, and that’s only going to happen when the people of America, stand up to their politicians, stare them straight in the eye and say, “Mr. liberal democratic bad man (woman):

I’m Your Huckleberry.”

Nobody’s Perfect: Now I realize many groups speak will blame the loss of our cowboy mentality on feminization. Me…I’d say feminization was part of the plan to move the nation to socialism then to communism, in order to make way for the ultimate fascist state of the One World Government. But then again, even though I am just one nobody, I’m going to load up.

Nobody Knows: Clint Eastwood once said, “I always cry when I watch myself on screen.”

I cried when I found out that Clint was just a very good actor making money, and did not believe in one moment of anything he ever represented on screen---how sad.

Nobody Cares; Bill Clinton used to like to tell everyone that his favorite movie was “High Noon.” He even talked about it in his book. He wanted you to think that he was like Gary Cooper, the only man in the world walking down the street at high noon to face down the evil Republicans all by himself.

Bill Clinton would actually be more like the chicken town mayor, always in some brothel at the time of the shootout. Sending out his “boys” to do the dirty work.

Nobody Wins
: Some of our best cowboys have been wounded. Rumsfeld, (I refuse to believe that he caused the mess in Iraq) Dick Cheney, Phyllis Schlafly. Maybe they were the ones who actually were the bravest.

Somehow I can’t see any of these people giving multi-million dollar lectures in Dubai anytime soon.

The day that happens, we will be a nation of clowns. We're not there YET.


Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Nobody Flips

Nobody's Opinion: It was a day, where I couldn’t for the life of me, put anything together…there were no connections, just a series of pictures and events…that stuck in my mind like some universal television, begging for a “click.” (Okay, I admit, I finally saw Adam Sandler’s latest movie)

So here are some various thoughts on the day, in an American nobody’s mind…thoughts that floated up in my mind: pushing up between the overstuffed usual marsh-gas junk---

Tonight I was flipping TV channels, like the good citizen that I am, when I came upon the National Geographic Channel. A man was talking about the young Jesus, and of course scenes were recreated so the viewer could see just what a bully and mean kid Jesus really was. He is just walking in a crowd, and a smaller kid walks by and accidentally bumps into him. Jesus got so mad he struck him dead and walked away. In another scene some other kid tells Jesus to hold his temper, (Jesus is about eight) and Jesus paralyzes him for life. “Jesus of the Hood” will be coming out as a movie soon right after the Florida votes are recounted again on HBO with Al Gore winning this time.

(Flip) Oprah Winfrey is in front of a battalion of white American soldiers. (Only two blacks did I count.) Oprah is going against the rulings of the Supreme Court, but then again, nobody cares. The young dashing men are all so handsome in their uniforms…all with faces of honesty, pride, happy to be home with their loving families---mothers are crying. America’s finest. A big group of dads, moms, wives, and adorable little girls in brand new outfits with their proud fathers…Oprah is carrying a young white girl around on her hip. The dad comes and gets the girl…but the girl somehow always ends back up on Oprah’s hip. Oprah says, “Thanks to the soldiers that are protecting all of us.” She looks very pained while she is saying it. This nobody thinks she has been watching Rosie. Something tells this might be a sign that she is losing some of her white baby-boomer audience.

(Flip) Three university students at Yale burn the American flag, and are arrested. One boy is Hyder Akbar who is a U.S. citizen born in Pakistan, and worked as an informal translator for U.S. forces during the invasion of Afghanistan, so this nobody wonders just how many of his jihads friends lives he saved while giving the Americans the wrong interpretations, and how many men died due to his rearranging a word or two. But, his father is the governor of Afghanistan, not a reassuring thought. One boy, Farhad Anklesaria, was British, and one boy, Angelopoulos was Greek. Their public defender said “All three of these gentlemen are clearly happy to be in the United States and happy to be attending Yale.” Right.

(Flip) Good news about the hostages in Iran. Ahmadinejad has once again showed why the Arabs invented chess. He comes across to the world as a benevolent, sensible man, while once again finding ways to stall---and stall, while at the same time using the media in a brilliant move to let the hostages go in honor of Easter, thus buying more time to get his nukes built, and getting Bill Clinton’s notice as a twin in political BS. Stalling is a favorite and worn out tactic known by every lawyer. Too bad it works.

(Flip) I hear somewhere that Bill Clinton watches “24.” This is not a good sign, because whenever Bill wants to put over ideas to the masses, he sweetly suggests his “likes and dislikes” so that the masses will check it out and buy it. This year, the plots are wandering all over, but the most important tension is caused by top politicians wanting to nuke the Arabs…the Presidents and Vice Presidents are portrayed as panting megalomaniacs. Howards Booth is especially convincing. You can almost see mad-dog saliva dripping off the big screen. The thought occurs to me that according to the man who guarded the nuclear suitcase for Clinton, he once lost it. And Bill really didn’t care. Maybe Sandy Burger took it out back and put it in the dumpster.

(Flip) Obama says, “I am the underdog because my last name is Obama.” Nobody thinks to herself, “MAN…this guy is good! That’s the best spin yet.”

(Flip) John McCain is wearing a baseball cap to hide a possible cancer on his head. News is heard that John Edwards’s wife’s cancer is not curable but “treatable.” The very same thing is said about Tony Snow’s cancer…as if they are delivering great news. What do they say to them? “Hey, you will die, but you WILL be treated until the time comes.” Nobody wonders if the CIA can give cancer. She also still wonders just who was standing behind Dick Cheney’s friend when he was shot. Like the JFK story, we will never know…if Cheney just took the fall for somebody else. That story was not much better than the one they put out that the President fell off the couch while eating a pretzel…

(Flip) Kids were having sex in grade school. No one says where the teacher was. No one says who kept the video tape. But O’Reilly is on it. Bill O’Reilly is bound to catch every sexual predator in the world. Go for it Bill.

(Flip) A new commercial on TV--- very hip, enticing all young girls to rush out and get that vaginal protection vaccine---sweet Jesus, I feel like I’m in Sweden.

(Flip) Sweden has dictated that a mother and father cannot name their daughter Metallica, because it implies metal. All names have to be approved by the state. One wonders if they had called her Woody, if the state would have approved. Or better yet…Solar.

(Flip) England, which has a camera on every corner, is now going to make those cameras’s talk to you. If you are shown throwing down trash, you will be told to pick it up, and probably fined if you don’t. Can’t wait to go there, throw down some trash, and leave.

(Flip) The hostages went from soldier uniforms, to jump suits, to horribly fitting suits, right out of Ahmadinejad’s closet…in a few months they will all have cancer.

(Flip) A letter from our local hospital…back surgery cost $73,000. Good thing we had insurance because I would be blogging from prison next month. Still, one wonders just how many surgeries one doctor can do in a week…our doctor it seems did so many that he didn’t even remember us on our check-up visit…a week later.

(Flip) I can see an almost full moon right outside my window tonight. Yesterday we got up to 80 degrees. Tonight, the temperatures will drop to 25 degrees. This happens every single year, as far back as I can remember, and yet, all weather channels are acting like it’s a new thing. Still, it’s a good night to go and look at it. Nothing clears the mind like a good long glance at a full moon on a clear, cold night.

Yes, this is a good night to put a coat over my PJ's, pull on some boots, stand still in the middle of my back yard, take a deep breathe, and then--- (click.)


Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Kissinger's NEW GLOBAL ORDER, and Puppies

Nobody Flashes: Henry Kissinger has once again, come to the rescue of the US and of our beloved puppies and pets that are being poisoned by wheat gluten put into their dog food by...well, we do not want to actually point any fingers all came from places like Wangdien,China. Yes, China, which likes to kill dogs for FUN, put some poison in our dog food.


He has figured out a solution to the problem, once and for all.

America, Henry says, should basically just merge with China and form a "New Global Order." After all...there is no doubt in Henry's mind that China is now the "top dog" (as Clinton always called them) in the world, and there "is nothing we should do to prevent it." (I like how he picked the word...SHOULD) We'd better be careful and not upset them because they will basically smash us. It would be a "catastrophe."

"We are not always going to be the top dog on the block and we'd better get used to it...heh, heh,"
said Bill Clinton. He is at this moment trying to find that tape and destroy every copy of it.

Henry wants to remind us that if we choose to actually FIGHT them, they have lots more people, and economically own us-- not to mention they are communists and don't give a hoot about us.

All that Chinese campaign cash to Bill and Hillary better pay off!

Although Henry said it in his more diplomatic style.. what he is trying to say is we need to cooperated with anything and everything the Chinese say otherwise, rat poison will not just be in dog food, but in every product not made in the United States.

Which is bascially, just about everything.

So, I'm thinking of plowing up my back yard and planting crops. With global warming, I should have some really great tomatoes this year.

Dogs eat tomatoes...don't they?

Nobody's Perfect: Henry Kissinger, although the adviser to many Presidents, just seems to keep on giving very bad advice. Vietnam, now Iraq...He was always talking to Nixon, and now Bush. Somebody needs to muzzle this guy, or send him to Switzerland permanetly.

Nobody Knows; Where Henry keeps his bank accounts. Also, how old IS this guy?

Nobody Cares: Have you noticed that they have stopped talking about all the many dogs and cats dying? Suddenly we are waiting hour upon hour to hear just to hear WHO IS the father of Anna Nicole's baby.

Someone should ask Henry. He has the answer to everything.


Monday, April 02, 2007

Nobody's Absurdities, No. 41..Where is YOUR Darth Vader?

Nobody’s Opinion
: Tonight, somewhere high up in Washington’s National Cathedral, is a stone gargoyle meant to represent all the true rulers in our nation’s capitol…yes, Darth Vader is looking down on you, and every politician who comes here to make his obligatory appearances to the National televised funnels of x-Presidents: where they all get to sit in the front row and look important, and make faces.

You probably think this is a joke left over from the April Fools Day, or maybe a nobody full moon wack-job. But no, evidently there was a contest for the “children” to present different ideas for a new gargoyle, and guess who they just happened to pick as a worthy representation of evil?

Dare anyone who portents to be of a religious and moral background to have the inclination to think that this is perhaps going just a bit too far and smacks of incogitable incivility… may I remind them of the various nefarious men who have served in the many other places around the Capitol that have been held throughout our history as places where only men of good and righteousness should reside, the Congress and the White House----

May I suggest that it is only fitting that we erect these stone gargoyles on the White House and the Capitol Rotunda in their honor?

Why put only one Darth Vader up, when we have so many?

I’m sure Jesus might agree. It’s time we put some more Darth Vader gargoyles to reflect our real history.

And speaking of Star Wars, it got another plug tonight on “Dancing With the Stars.” The last dance was a tango, down with the girl dressed up in a Bikini, and Luke with a blue Laser…to the soundtrack of Star Wars. The male dancer threw off his hooded robe, and grabbed the imposter Leah to do a very star-wars dance of silliness.

It was a BIG hit with all the judges, and the movie got a huge plug.

I wonder how much that cost?

This nobody wonders just how far George Lucas will go to promote his 30th anniversary celebrations. What next?

Add Darth Vader’s face to Mt. Rushmore? Make the Congressmen wear Robes? Take out the words “In God We Trust” off our money and put instead, “The Force Be With You?”
Build a “Death Star” to commemorate the movies in the middle of the mall? Make all hockey player sticks light up?

No wonder Stephen Hawkins wants to leave the planet.


And speaking of leaving the planet, last night on Coast to Coast am, Art Bell interview a guy named Major Ed Danes, who declared with unbounded preponderance that earth as we know it, and all life on it was going to exist no more…we had fifty years.

None of us would survive…unless we lived underground. And even then, we would have trouble growing food.

Ed knows this because he used to be a “remote viewer” for the CIA, and since they closed down the program, he has been giving lessons in remote viewing for anyone who cares to learn the “art.”

In case your wondering…remote viewing is where you sort of go into a trance, and then you can see the future; like hurricanes, where bin Laden is, future lottery numbers, and which table to go to in order to win big bucks in Las Vegas.

This is of course where he teaches all his classes.

The price for a video set is only $299.95. But if you want to learn how to really do it from the master, for a cool $699.00 you can join a three day class. (This does NOT include room and board at the Vegas hotel.) This week he has a special, only $599.00.

This nobody thinks Darth Vader takes on many other forms besides gargoyles, and con artists have gotten so creative they just tell you the world will end, and you should buy that cheaper car, or learn to remote view, because if you don’t, you WILL be forever condemned to purgatory…which is filled with endless visions of bad actors.

And they get very, very rich dishing out the end of the world as we know it routine.


Which leads us to the last case of evil news today, the Supreme Court (Which has more than a few dark lords) has decided that AL Gore will soon be able to tell you to drive a smaller car. In fact, he can MAKE all car makers make nice little European cars that cut out greenhouse emissions.

No mention was made of course of the fact that we will still be letting those new huge Airbuses land here---and all planes and jets will continue as usual. Oh and how about all those gigantic new designer refrigerators, washers and dryers…

Of course all 800 Mexican trucking companies and all their trucks will be exempt.

John Travolta will continue to be able to fly his 747’s and fleet of planes…as will all the other Star Wars Rich and Famous…because, after all, the force is with them.

He also suggested we should live in domed cities and leave the planet.

Another man who wants off…

Meanwhile, the real Darth Vader…Ahmadinejad is somewhere doing remote viewing, and praying to his dark forces…like all con artists.

Okay, it may be long past April the lst, but I do think the full moon is affecting me. I might as well go sit in my hot tub and enjoy it…after all; I’ve only got 50 more years…

Nobody’s Perfect: Today, John McCain went through Bagdad and declared it a safe place to walk…not realizing that statement is ONLY true if you are John McCain and have 100 special forces packing the best weapons money can buy and a fleet of helicopters following you everywhere.

Nobody Knows: I wonder what happens to Major Ed Danes if someone goes out to Las Vegas, forks over a good thousand dollars expecting to WIN at the tables with all the remote viewing lessons he learned, only to find out he loses more money at the tables. And that his lessons didn’t work?

Does Ed Danes have the power to “see” this guy coming for him?

And you would think if he was so good, he would find bin Laden, then he wouldn’t have to put on seminar’s in Las Vegas.

Nobody Cares; Everyone in the world expects those poor British hostages to be sacrificial lambs…because everyone knows that the Iranians are trying to start a fight, and it seems neither the British or the Americans will at this point start a war for the lives of a few.

It seems only a higher power can save them now. So, I really don’t care if anyone thinks it’s absurd when I say, I plan to pray to a higher power for their safety, and their families grief.

The real face of evil has shown his face, and God only knows if they will survive.


Sunday, April 01, 2007

Counterpunching Alexander Cockburn

Nobody’s Opinion: Sundays are made for lazing…and yesterday afternoon I was trying to find something on my 2,399 channels of cable to watch. I had just finished watching Tom Cruise agonizing over the end of the world (once again) in Spielberg’s remake of “War of the Worlds” and I did not want to go from that cheery film to getting my tax stuff together---so I went looking hard for any kind of procrastinating excuse to forget about taxes, and I found one.

I came upon some really interesting and optimistic looking guy named Alexander Cockburn talking on C-Span. I thought to myself, “Well, he seems to be a very articulate, and an intelligent looking fellow, why not listen to him? I might learn something.”

It’s surprising how looks can deceive.

The interview was probably near the middle, and Mr. Cockburn was bragging about his family. It seems he was very proud to be a journalist, as were his two brothers, and all three were right about everything they ever wrote or said.

Oh, and by the way, he kept making the statement that he was very independent as was his blog, which he called Counterpunch.

He was British, so right away I was attentive. He seemed anxious to have them show his daughter’s picture. Alexander was very proud to say that she was into some kind of…well, it was all nebulous, some kind of manipulation style of the spinal column developed by an obviously famous European somebody.

Well, is she a chiropractor?” asked the lady interviewer.

“No.” he said…in fact, dad did not want to come out and say his daughter actually had no degrees of any kind (a COMPLETE embarrassment to someone of his obvious pedigree) and was just a plain old masseuse. He had to make what she did for a living sound so…elite and special, bless his heart. She manipulated the spine…it’s all so…progressive.

Liberals are so good at BS.

Then they started taking calls, and he said something about how he really liked the American people, but was totally amazed when all those American people came out for Ronald Reagan’s funereal. After all, Reagan was so stupid.

He also made a very loving point about Hugo Chavez, and how he was officially and democratically elected. Yes, it was embarrassing for the United States to have Chavez paying for the oil and gas bills of the poor in the Northeastern area of the United States. The capitalists never do a thing. (I guess we're too busy supporting millions of illegal immigrants from Mexico, giving them free medical care, free education, and welfare checks, doesn’t count to help out our own people.)

Hugo is doing such wonderful things according to Mr. Cockburn, that it was obvious he would be quite happy for Hugo to run the entire world, or at least come and let him adopt him as another brother.

Hugo Chavez coming to Alexander’s house for tea would probably be the highlight of his life.

Okay…it’s the same old stuff you hear all the time---in fact; his was not a very independent view at all. Too bad the guy was under the impression that he was such a brilliant and independent thinker.

He seemed harmless, almost like watching an old rerun of “What’s My Line,” until he got to the subject of impeachment.

That’s a sore spot with this nobody.

If there is one thing liberals NEVER ever tire of talking about, it is how President Bush should be impeached for invading Iraq, and how absurd it was that Bill Clinton was impeached over sex.

It’s funny…the liberals are so quick to forgive Bill Clintons his long lists of sexual affairs, (and rape) but Rudy Giuliani is being blasted for being married three times, as if Bill gets a pass because Hillary never divorced him for being a sexual predator.

Liberals also like to say that Bill’s sex life has nothing to do with how great a President he was.

Never mind that he talked to the head of the FBI only twice, and Monica hundreds. The country was never in danger.

But, nowhere will you ever hear a liberal, or many conservatives for that matter, compare Bill Clinton’s crime of handing over (opening up all channels) our nuclear secrets to China, who in turn gave the technology over to Iran and Iraq.

The only places I saw that it was being reported were WorldNet Daily, NewsMax, and then Drudge.

Great…Ronald Reagan takes down the communist’s threat from the Russians, and Bill Clinton turns around and gives nuclear arms capability to communist China. China now, thanks to Bill Clinton, has missiles aimed at every city here. Something that Iran has not been able to accomplish. And if they did, it would not be President George Bush that would give them the capabilities.

It will be China.

China is now helping out the Muslims all over the world.

This fact, and the fact that no one talks about this threat, seems to only infuriate me…okay, cool off Joyanna….

Anyway, last week in Sometimes a Synchronicity, I wrote about George Orwell, and his education at Eton, and how communism had been introduced into the elite universities of England and the United States, so after the impeachment comment, I decided to look this guy up.

According to Wikpedia, Alexander Cockburn graduated from Oxford and was the son of Claud Cockburn, a man who was a famous author himself. Claud was a communist, and worked for the Daily Worker, a British communist paper.

Claud Cockburn and George Orwell had both gone to the Spanish War, and George Orwell had attacked Claud about his communistic views, in his piece called Homage to Catalonia.

I guess you just can’t keep a good communist down, or his kids.

Reading on, it seems that Alexandra Cockburn, the indoctrinated son, has been attacking a real educated British journalist that I read and enjoy called Christopher Hitchens, because Christopher, a British journalist and once friends with Alexander has stood by President Bush’s decision to go into Iraq, and because of this has taken some pretty powerful “bullets” from his liberal friends.

What a truly disgusting sack of shit Hitchens is.” said Alexander Cockburn.

To which Christopher replied, “Cockburn is welcome to describe me as a “sack of shit” as well as to smear excrement all over the walls of his nursery.”

Don’t you just love it when the elite talk dirty?

This goes to prove, that even the finest schools can turn out men who sometimes resort to the lowest form of rhetorical counter punches….

And Chris’s punch was a great one.

Now, if only I could counter punch my tax return.

That’s what I get for practicing procrastination. But then again, if I had done my taxes, I would never have learned about Alexander Cockburn: another elite to put on the my nobody list of people to columnistically punctuate at least once a year, around April.

Anything to waste time.

Nobody’s Perfect: I put off doing my taxes every year, because it really is disgusting how little we get back. It hardly seems worth the effort.

Nobody Knows: Alexander Cockburn is Irish. So, what did the clan of Cockburn do to earn its name? Burn a cock?

Nobody Cares; Has anyone else noticed but me, that almost all of the intellectuals, and elite university snobs, all have dirty and sometimes horrible teeth? It’s not like they don’t have the money to get nice teeth, or even brush them.

I once had a crush on my professor of Western Civilization in college. He had the worst teeth and the most horrible breathe: and after I kissed him, I figured I’d rather read a book, than suffer yukky kisses. I’ll never know what I missed--- but then again, neither will he.