Saturday, April 16, 2011

Obama's Work Space...

Nobody Flashes Email: Today, I was happy with myself that I had gotten the whole house cleaned-- everything was in its place, and then I came to my office. Just shoot me. There are papers everywhere: notes, books, shoe boxes filled with old receipts, closets dripping with so much stuff I dare not move anything for fear something will fall. I was feeling downright depressed about how I can't ever seem to keep my "office" in order, when I got this email.

A Person's Mind and His Desk.

There's an old saying that seems to apply: Creative minds are rarely tidy. I've used that often to explain my desk/workspace. Here we see the workspaces of William F. Buckley, Nat Hentoff, Albert Einstein, and a guy from Kenya.

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Friday, April 15, 2011

Nobody Cares About a Sleeping Joe Biden

Nobody Cares: My country has in its wisdom contrived for me the most insignificant office that ever the invention of man contrived or his imagination conceived." John Adams The most remembered moment of Obama's speech this week was Vice President, Joe Biden, who was sleeping . Joe was so inspired, that he took a nap. Either that or he was bored. If you look at the black lady behind him, and the woman who can hardly keep her head up right in back of him... he wasn't the only one bored. are a few guesses as to what he was thinking, or what Timothy Geithner was thinking: Tim: There he goes again. You don't see the guy for months, and when he does show up, all he does is sleep. The bastard is faking it. He owes me for covering up all his expenses in Rio, and he doesn't want to fork out. He's just pretending to be asleep so he doesn't have to pay me. Joe: Mary had a little lamb, it's fleece was white as snow, and everywhere that Mary went, the lamb was sure to go. Tim: God...I'd like to punch the guy...he's such a moron. Joe: Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm...bacon.....mmmmmmmmmm..steak...mmmmm..train.... Tim: Couldn't he have picked someone with a little more class to be VP, like me? Joe: I think that I shall never see, a poem as lovely as a tree... Tim: Look, there's the camera. I'm NOT going to kick him..I hope they blast him tomorrow. Joe: Nipples. Honey. Tim: He doesn't know it, but I've got the numbers to his Cayman account. Joe: Okay...not many people know that Joe Biden almost died at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, in February 1988, because he had to have surgery to correct an intracranial berry aneurysm that had begun leaking. And while he was recovering, he suffered a pulmonary embolism. Later in May of 1988 he had another operation to repair a second aneurysm, and was out of the Senate for nine months. And while no more incidents have been reported...maybe Joe is due. I'm just saying. And this is the man that is second in line to become President.


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Soros Projects Death In America

Nobody Remembers: I'm not going to talk about Obama's speech today. He said the same old, same old: Tax the rich, Bush is at fault, and I'm going to keep spending money. You have to sacrifice for ME. I found out something today, much more interesting...the actual author of Obamacare. I thought it was Hillary Clinton. I was wrong. Remember Hillary's Health Security Act? In 1994, Hillarycare, even though it was cooked up in secret meetings behind closed doors (as was Obamacare) it was being promoted by anchors on the major television networks giving the plan free promotion. But then, a private group of healthcare insurers put up one single $14 million dollar ad campaign called "Harry and Louise." America reacted with horror, and Bill and Hillary had to accept defeat. Nevertheless, George Soros, wanted to keep one thing alive from Hillarycare: "rationed care." Not long after Hillarycare's defeat, Soros spoke at Columbia University's school of medicine to a roomful of physicians and introduced his new, "Project on Death in America." Yes, that's what he called it. This from The Shadow Party by David Horowitz:
"Its overt purpose was to help the elderly and the terminally ill go to their deaths more comfortably, by providing hospices, pain reduction and other sorts of "palliative" care, not designed to cure them but simply to help them relax, feel better and accept the inevitable. But the Project on Death also had a covert purpose, which was almost certainly its real purpose. That purpose was to save money by rationing healthcare---specifically by denying expensive care to people who were deemed hopeless or whose lives were not considered worth saving for one reason or another. Under Soros's proposal many gravely ill people would be given "palliative" care instead of real care, which was much less expensive."
Soros said, "The fear is that the dying of the elderly will drain the national treasury." we hear in every debate now...they can't afford the baby boomers to live to long. We cost too much. We just have to trim Medicare. We...are expendable. Sorry. That's why it MUST be repealed. Later on, in order to make sure that NO commercial could ever defeat the passage of Soros' Project on Death ever again, Soros gave big money to McCain and Feingold. (through all his many organizations) The McCain-Feingold bill's purpose was not to clean up dirty money in politics, it did nothing of the sort, but to regulate political speech 60 days before a general election. Did McCain know what he was doing? (Does Lady Gaga like to go naked?) And just why does Palin keep protecting him again? George Soros was the man behind the McCain-Feingold Bill. He wanted to make sure that no one could post a negative advertisement about his Soros/Hillary/ObamaCare ever again. No more "Obamacare Holocaust" commercials will ever appear in our lifetime, thanks to George Soros depriving us of free speech. And John McCain. (Mr. McCain...shame on you. Pimp your ride and get out of Dodge, for the love of Pete.) In his book, David Horowitz connects the long time association between Hillary and Soros. It seems, both Hillary and Obama truly are his puppets. Yeah, well, we really didn't think Obama picked Hillary to be his Secretary of State--- did we now? You have to give Glenn Beck credit. He showed how this one man is ruining the world, for his own glee and profit. George Soros is one man who should be tried for crimes against humanity. Hopefully, he will have to abide someday by his own Project on Death, the sooner the better.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What's in YOUR Cookie Jar Little Girl?

Nobody Wins : This article was sent to me by my good colleague in Australia, (amfortas) who was ever so keen to note that this happened all the way around the world, in my little home town. I'm glad SOMEONE is paying attention. Put that with the video, and you see the problem.

*** Who needs the human tapeworms behind these restrictions? St. Louis-Area Girls Told to Close Cookie Stand Each February and March for the past six years, Caitlin Mills, 16, and Abigail Mills, 14, have put a card table in front of their home in Hazelwood, Mo., and sold Girl Scout cookies to drivers passing by. This year, however, the city of Hazelwood notified their mother, Carolyn Mills, that the girls’ cookie stand violated city ordinances and must be shut down. Today, according to a news release from Freedom Center of Missouri, the Mills family — but not the Girl Scouts of America as they are not involved in the case — filed suit in state court to ensure that children in Hazelwood and all over the state will be free to set up similar stands in their own front yards.

“It is a time-honoured tradition for American children to set up a stand in the front yard and sell lemonade or baked goods to people passing by,” said Dave Roland, Freedom Center of Missouri director of litigation. “These stands are not only a fun way to pass a summer afternoon, they are frequently children’s first encounter with the basics of entrepreneurship, customer service, and money management.”

Notice of the city’s move to shut down the cookie-selling stand came as a surprise to Mrs. Mills. “It never even crossed my mind that my girls might need to get permission from the city before setting up their cookie stand,” she said. “I was even more shocked when city officials told me that you couldn’t even get a permit for it.” Caitlin Mills was diplomatic about the situation. “We know that our city officials are working hard to make sure that Hazelwood is a nice place to live,” she explained. “But even good city officials sometimes make mistakes. All we are asking is for the court to say it was a mistake for the city to tell us to shut down our cookie stand.” The implications of this case, however, reach far beyond Hazelwood’s city limits, according to Roland: For more than a century, American courts adhered to the principle that people could use their property almost any way they saw fit as long as they were not harming anyone else. Despite this general rule, courts allowed governments to use the “police power” to create laws carefully designed to protect the public health, safety, and welfare. Over time, however, courts shifted from the presumption that citizens should be able to make use of their property to a presumption that government should be able to restrict its use. The issue in this case is whether state and local governments still face any constitutional limitations on their ability to control the use of private property.

“Courts have already held that cities can control what citizens can build on their property, where they can build it… even what color they can paint it,” Roland said. “If Hazelwood and other cities can prohibit kids from setting up a harmless, temporary cookie stand in their own front yard, it is hard to say that our constitutions still offer any significant protection for private property rights. The Freedom Center of Missouri hopes to remind the courts that vigorous protection of property rights is vital to the American constitutional system and way of life.”


So, a kid (or in this case young adult) cannot sell lemonade (or cookies) here in Hazelwood without a permit, and they do not issue permits. Therefore, the kid has to wait till he grows up and gets his first job at McDonalds...thereby discouraging him from having a business of his own.

Getting 'permission' is how they are training the kids that they cannot do much of anything without the government's permission. It also makes the parents look weak.

On the other hand, if Caitlin and her friend Abigail had actually been allowed to sell their cookies here in Hazelwood, more than likely, they would could been robbed, as this young girl was in the video. I'd say the chances were at least 50/50.

The question here this happening in YOUR neighbourhood? Here in Hazelwood, I have it on good source (a teacher) that a boatload of the kids make their money selling drugs in the halls between classes.

And now...we know why: In Hazelwood, you don't need a permit to sell drugs in school, and you have your locker to put the money safely away.

Many a billionaire has a story about how he making money as a kid. Paper routes, selling lemonade, and their early experiences made them into the success they become.

What kind of choices are we giving our kids when they can't experiment with selling honest products, and yet the profits of drugs are sold in the halls of our school, with teachers looking the other way?

Not much.


Monday, April 11, 2011

Nobody's Perfect: Obama VS GM

Nobody's Perfect: Henry Ford...are you watching this? As usual, I can't leave Obama out of this week's contest because, like the energizer bunny, he just keeps ticking on and on..drumming out imperfections---this time, in his head. But, nobody wants to start with the fun stuff: Cars...that don't work. On the radio this morning came the news: Warning..Will Rogers! The much publicized and anticipated car of all cars to carry us dreamily into the Obama future and keep us within a fifty miles area of our homes--- GM's Chevy Volt...has a problem: It won't start. But don't worry said the announcer, this is NOT a safety problem. Oh..that's good to know. You are safely at might lose your job because you can't start your car..but you can't sue GM for that. You should have walked to work. On the other hand, the Chevy Cruze, has a steering wheel which might come off at anytime during your drive. And you COULD sue for it's been filed under 'safety issues'. Good thing GM doesn't make planes. A pilot without a steering mechanism would be a bit more frantic. At least, you can take your foot off the gas, and live, if you are going under--- 10 mph. Nobody thinks they want us all to buy Segways. Yes, America has come into the wonderful world of globalization. Cars that break up, and cars that won't start: and they call it...progress, because the less people driving the better. Nudging us all...into the future. Except the nudging isn't working, so they are back to using old fashion...fear. And then, there's the big scar we all saw on Obama's Head, put up on Drudge last week. It's's NOT a birthmark. And so, either somebody is having fun with Photoshop, or it's real. What could this mean? Can I have some fun? Many think that Obama is really the Anti-Christ...because according to the Bible, the Anti-Christ comes from the Middle-East. (I'm with Donald on this) Then somebody shoots him in the head (the Anti-Christ) and he lives, to go on to be the most beloved person on the planet, and therefore, for seven years he rules the world and everybody really loves him, before he brings on Armageddon. So..what if, to keep in power, Obama has a steel plate put into the back of his head, to TAKE a bullet by a planted KKK guy, therefore starting riots...and chaos, and out of the chaos, Martial Law is enacted and Obama becomes even MORE powerful, the 2012 elections are postponed, and the Bible's Revelations come to pass. Either that, or they had to remove that chip to get him to start acting more conservative in order to win the next election. We heard him say this week, that he misses being anonymous..and that's why he plays golf. It's also why he visited the Lincoln Memorial last week. He wanted to remain anonymous about all the great work he did on keeping the government open. Really, nobody ever visits the Lincoln Memorial.


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Let the Wolves Out!

Nobody's Opinion: Last week I went to Missouri's wolf sanctuary, and found out that gray wolves are an endangered species. In fact, it doesn't seem that the wolf is doing very well in the world at all, which is a shame because they are such beautiful animals. There has never been a wolf attack on a human ever recorded in the United States. Coyotes killed 22 times more cattle than wolves do.

Here in Missouri, there are no wolves. We have "foxes." Cute-- but I wish we had more wolves. The "government" is not going to introduce them back into the wild. They are genetically monitored and strictly controlled, every single pup is accounted for---god forbid a wolf have too many.

So, are they doing this for OUR benefit?

I doubt it. BECAUSE...ladies and gents...we have WILD PIGS! And they're not controlling them too well at all. What's up with that? Compared to a pig, the wolves are angels They might kill a cow here or there, but pigs...just ask any Texas rancher. They can devour whole fields or sorghum, rice, wheat, soybeans, potatoes, melons, nuts, grass and hay. Corn is a favorite. And disease...they bring that too.

Texas and Florida have the most...but they are spreading, even to my state of Missouri. And as you can see by the picture, not all those pigs are little. Texas alone killed 24, 648 wild pigs in 2009.

So, how did this happen? Pigs are not native to America. Christopher Columbus brought them to the Caribbean, and Hernando DeSoto brought them to Florida, and some rich and bored hunters some time ago, brought some Eurasian boars over for hunting, and THEY managed to mate with the local feral pigs....which brings me to my story.

When I was a kid, of about nine, I went on a wild boar hunt in the Everglades. Yes, there I was, little Miss Daniel Crockett...riding in the back of a swamp buggy (a swamp buggy is just a big jeep with airplane tires...sort of the first BIG FOOT)..Like I said, there I was, on a Friday night, with about seventeen other girls, all older than me. I was the youngest girl there, and there were actually three swamp buggies carrying these fine young women out into the Everglades...that go...wild boar hunting.

I have NEVER figured out why two men would take seventeen young women out to hunt boars..and I don't want to know. It's not like they gave the girls guns, or taught them to hunt. No...they took them along just for the fun of it!

I was not at the age yet--- where screaming and giggling every two seconds had evolved into my brain, being a few years shy of puberty, so you can imagine I was more amazed at the girls, than the dark and scary ride out to a tiny little hut. Whatever danger lurked in the dark was miles away from the noise made by seventeen giggling girls.

When we got to our "quarters" it was one small hut, with ten bunkers, one fridge, one pot bellied stove...and an outhouse. I slept on the floor.

Don't forget the outhouse. There was a spider that was on the top left corner of the inside that was as big as a hubcap. I kid you not. We went to the bathroom in pairs.

I talked to it. "Don't you EVEN think about it!"

There were three adults on this trip...and they had all been evidently, expert hog hunters--- in the Philippines. None of them spoke English very well, but the small petite woman, who was going to hunt the boar, could tell, I was told, the most fabulous raunchy dirty jokes.---good thing I knew nothing about sex, because this lady did NOT shut up. To this day, I have not heard a comedian match her memory of jokes anywhere. I always knew when they ended because she would laugh really loud at herself. And then she start up again.

When it came time to hunt the boars, we all got in the swamp buggies, and it took us quite a while before we found one. And it had tusks, and screamed furiously, ..and put up a big fight. Time and again it attacked the buggy, and was just about the ugliest thing I had ever seen. Was I scared? Okay, a little. But the guys had guns, so...I was more amazed.

The NEXT day...that was the scary day. The men went back out to hunt some more "boar" and the little comedian decided to take us all out for a nice walk in the midday swampy sun, all seventeen of us. I was near the front, and after about an hour...the girl in the lead, screamed as loud as she could, and ran right past me. The NEXT girl in front of her...again...screamed---"'SNAKE!!!" and ran passed me.

So, there I was. In front telling them to knock it off. Cowards. Then...I saw...palmettos...being flattened against the ground. Dozens of them. (picture a big bush being flattened...same thing.) and as I looked down, about twelve feet in front of me was the biggest snake I had ever seen, and I had seen many for my age. The body...sleuthing slowly...slowly...about the size of a Oak tree trunk..

I froze, fascinated at first, and then, said nothing. It's head was a good deal already pass me...and I got tired of waiting for the other end. I wanted to see it, really I did...the tail I mean. was moving too slow, and the rest of the girls were making too much noise.

I calmly walked back to the other girls who were crying hysterically, and told them it was just a big python.


Yes, I was brave that day, and then...puberty hit. Today, I would probably scream...although, quietly.

And now, to my point. Those big pylons are all other the Everglades now, they are NOT natives. They can eat small children. And wild boars...another alien species, can devastate a big portion of your land.

But wolves? Who do they hurt?

And more importantly, why are they letting hogs, wild boars, and pythons multiply while they are keeping wolves (who ARE natives) in some kind of perpetual endangered spices limbo?

I don't know. But in a metaphor...the wolves of America are being overrun by alien species.

I suggest we take make our Congressmen and women go on a wild boar hunt before they enter office. Let them scream for once and take the government out of species control.

It's typical of Congress. isn't it? Control the natives,--but let the aliens run lose. They think of people just the same as they think of animals.

Nobody suggest that we put the worst of them on the political endangered speices list in 2012. Personally, I take a Wolf over a politican any day of the week. Few of them are as noble.