Friday, December 29, 2006

2007: An Algorithm Victory

Nobody’s Opinion; While listening to the news on the radio that “Saddam” is dead, I happened to be thinking about another death, that will be coming in the future…much to the horror of a man named John Carroll, who was forecasting yesterday on C-Span, the death of the American newspaper.

John Carroll, who used to be The Los Angles Times Editor, is now being supported by the Knight Foundation and the Shorenstein Center at Harvard. He is going around the world lamenting the lack of newspaper subscriptions and the fate of the great propaganda machines for the liberal socialists.

Mainly---The Lost Angeles Times and The New York Times.

And Bloggers are to blame, poor souls that we are. We are NOT journalists. We have NOT studied the fine art of journalism at the universities and been brainwashed with the proper norm of liberal bias. We cannot give the American’s anything but lies and rehashed rubbish according to him and poor John is all in a tether.

So John, this nobody says, “You talking to me? You talking to me?”

Now, I know he is talking about me; you’re basic nobody blogger who is really mad about everything going on, but has no college degrees.

But the real fact that he doesn’t want you do know is that, despite what he tells you, there are plenty of great “journalists” on the web---in fact its crawling with them.

Yes, the great newspaper men have met the enemy, and it’s the American people.

This guy claims to have been in the business for a long time, and who am I to doubt him? There was a time in America when the average citizen felt like the newspapers we were getting were reporting the truth, we believed them.

I don’t know about the other cities, but here in St. Louis, we used to have two newspapers, the Post-Dispatch, which was liberal, and the Globe, which was conservative. This was fair. The Globe went out of business.

It was a sad day.

Right away, we started seeing the “globalization” of local and national news. There is only so much you can take when every single morning you have the problems of some starving African baby on the front page; or the problems of the poor in China.

The brainwashing was so obvious that you could melt your paper in the fireplace and a little voice would come of the burning ashes like the wicked witch of the West and start screaming, “I’m melting, I’m melting…the poor babies are dying of Aids! Oh cruel, cruel world!”

I tried to stomach the Post-Dispatch for years, I used to get sick just reading it.

I finally canceled my subscription after the paper did a seething piece on Mark McGuire. This was right after the year he broke Roger Maris’s home run record, the year that every one in the country came back to the stadiums just to see Mark McGuire hit home runs.

The piece was incredibly nasty.

The paper had also written a seething and undeserved article on Brett Hull, a hometown hockey hero, who single-handedly built a new hockey stadium…and then they got rid of him. The paper helped tried to help demolish our home town hero’s image.

Now while John makes the argument that Newspapers are now all about the bottom line, does it make any sense that two great sports hero’s were trashed in their hometowns at the height of their popularity with vicious lies?

And they wondered why everyone went out and canceled their subscriptions?

No, it’s not about the bottom line. It’s all about the line of the New World Order/ socialists agenda, that you simply are supposed to READ, and believe, and accept.

These guys just don’t get it, do they?

The masses are awakening.

John said the small and unimportant Bloggers mistakenly think that they are being like the colonials at the beginning of the county. Giving everyone a say…letting people speak.

BUT…we are not a little country now he says, and the little individual blogger cannot stand up to the huge and very big government. Only a huge newspaper organization can stand up to the government because it has more money, and lawyers.

Well, one individual did stand up to the government and almost brought it down, and his name was Matt Drudge.

One man alone, with his little, website brought the Impeachment Trial of President Clinton with the Drudge report.

So much for that theory.

Now, standing up to the government according to the BIG city newspapers means putting American soldiers in deathly danger by revealing top secret military moves. Frankly I don’t get the connection.

In fact, because of this fact alone, both papers should be shut down.

John states that there are no real reporters or facts on the internet.

I want to know, what he is using…Microsoft 3.0?

Most of us that finally mastered the computer found out that the only facts worth reading were on the internet. All the facts that our government AND the newspapers aren’t telling us can be found online.

Not to mention that, with the high cost of equipment, and time spent there in front of the screen, why in the world should we buy a paper, unless for the coupons and local sales?

Besides, most of the newspapers are already online.

Then he goes into scare tactics. There will be libel suits soon, he says. The reason lawyers are not suing now is because they know bloggers don’t have much money.

Well, I doubt if that fact changes.

The main thing that we all need to worry about is censorship, and that is a real concern.
The big corporations are trying to pass a law where the little sites will not come up first, only the ones with the ads….bloggers will be hidden, the “freedom” of equality will disappear. Google has already started.

There is the very real possibility that the government will step in with more censorship and taxes.

After all, Hillary is just around the corner. And I’m sure, being as he was trained in Oxford, John Carroll already has a spot waiting for him at the White House in 2008.

Hopefully, tomorrow, I will wake up and find out Saddam really was killed. And hopefully, the people of America will keep putting their voices and thoughts on the internet and shout as loud as we can…for it’s only there where OUR voices can be truly heard.

And if they shut that down, then we should start up our own newspapers again…but this time---make sure they are written for us.

Nobody’s Perfect; John Carroll also said, “How galling for us (newspapers) to be replaced by an algorithm.”

I think he’s been watching replays of the “Matrix” too much. He needs a life.

Nobody Knows; He also said the radio used to have serious reporting, like Edward R. Murrow…but there is none today.

I don’t know what that makes Rush Limbaugh, but if you want to know what’s going on in the U.S. Congress, Rush always keeps you informed. As do most of the talk show conservatives.

Nobody Cares; If Saddam is hanged, or if John Carroll does not make it back into the newspaper business. After this year, my main concern is the electrical grid, and my new favorite treat, peanut brittle, two important elements I need to blog and upset Mr. Carroll.

So, here’s a New Year’s Toast to all writers, bloggers, editors, and readers of the great internet news….May we bug the hell out of all the liberal newspaper and 2007, and bring them to their senses.

(Ha!) Well, that’s not going to happen. Let’s just keep attacking.

Happy New Year to ALL….

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Nobody’s Opinion; I know it’s not polite to make fun of people’s religions, but there is a practice going on right now in Mecca, where up to 3 million people travel great distances to go and walk around and around and around a rock in Mecca, and then, the highlight of the trip is when they get to throw little rocks at three BIG rocks who are suppose to represent the devil.

One wonders if someone drew a picture of George Bush on it.

Besides being pretty funny when you think about it…last year 360 people died in a stampede because someone tripped over some luggage, (which is not so funny) so this year they have hired 30,000 police to help the clumsy and watch out for lost baggage.

On the other hand, many would say the Christian practice of a Priest putting a wafer of bread in your mouth and giving you some wine, and telling you that the wine is the blood of Jesus, might be considered by many as also silly.

But compared a person having to go thousands of miles just to get dizzy, or maybe buried under a mob of sweaty rock-throwing fanatics, having a drink of wine at the end of the sermon is a lot more safe, not to mention economical.

Today, the great singer James Brown, who past away on Christmas day, was carried to the Apollo Theatre in Harlem, in a white carriage drawn by white horses, followed by the Reverend Al Sharpton, singing, “I’m black, and I’m proud.”

The fact that James Brown would have liked added to that phrase, “And I’m proud to be an American” did not make it into Al Sharpton’s funeral plans.

Hey, this is discrimination…I’m white, and I’m proud, and I’m proud to be an American.
Can I have a black hearse and black horses at my funeral, which would be in a bar down the street? (The first place I ever had a job as a drummer.)

I’m sure at least the local drunk would walk behind my hearse and say, “She had the best pair of legs, along with Betty Gravels, and I’ve SEEN Betty Gravels legs.”

He could then say, “I’m white, and I’m proud.” And leave out the fact that he was drunk.

Anyway, that’s all he ever said to me. My musical ability was never on his mind.

Rest in peace James Brown. You made the American music scene proud, with some great funky music. You really were the King of Soul.

(Oh by the way, the picture is James and I performing his well known hit… “Talking Loud And Saying Nothing” which was GOING to be performed at the upcoming Democratic convention. Too bad he didn’t make it.)


After reading some stuff on MND, there is a concern that many writers are being censured, on Google.

Lots of people are being censored on Google. I do not find this surprising at all, since Google had no moral qualms at helping the Chinese government censure internet sites and gather up lawbreakers to torture in their jails, using their software.

Also, Google has names like Omid Kordestani, Kavitark Ram Shriram, and Al Gore on its boards. They may be brilliant, but that doesn’t mean they are prone to care about who they censure, especially if the political agenda is conservative.

After all, it was Al Gore who invented the internet.


Now that we are being told that our military is spread too thin, because it seems we are protecting the whole world…the fact that we are protecting Central and Eastern Europe, the Eastern Balkans, Israel, Kuwait, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan, (not to mention Kosovo, Bosnia..), seems beyond reason. Why don’t we just let those countries use their own guys to protect themselves?

So what are they not telling us? That part of the trade deals of our big companies getting into their countries is that we have to protect their borders? Is it because the baby boomers did not have enough boys….there is just not enough men in the population?

Or is it really world domination that our politicians want?

And does it matter to them what we want? (If you said yes, you may be brain dead.)

I mean, come on…how long have we been in South Korea?

And if China takes back Taiwan, how many of our companies will be hurt since we are already building factories in China? By all accounts, all the Presidents, past, and present, seem to think that we are getting along just hunky dory with China.

They don’t care about the communism now in China…why should it matter in Taiwan?

Is it really freedom that they are concerned about?


And speaking of world domination, I hate to admit it, but I read my first Norm Chomsky today, (I have been trying hard to avoid him.) a book called Imperial Ambitions, in which he makes the most absurd comment, which was…

“Incidentally, the idea that Reagan struck a chord among the American people is simply not true. He was not a popular president.”

He backs up this up by the polls taken at the time, who told him this. And all that mourning of the American public when he died? Well Norm said---that was a very well manipulated propaganda campaign.

What…you mean my memories of having the best time financially during Reagan, my love of him, the security we all felt when he was in office, was “programmed.”

That wall being torn down was part of the propaganda?

Reading Norm Chomsky is pretty much equivalent to going around in circles and then throwing rocks at a bunch of stones.

Poor Norm, he is not allowed in Mecca, so he throws pathological stones for communists.

And he is being read in English classes all over America. No wonder we have so many dropouts.


Nobody’s Perfect; On a happier note, everyone is rooting for the Trumpster, who is saying what many of us have wanted to say about Rosie O’Donnell for quite some time.

Where was the ACLU when he called her a “Fat slob?

He also said he thought she was a “loser” a “bully” and had a “death wish.”

God, I just love it when a man talks dirty.

O’Donnell came back with a lame...”He’s a pimp.”

But that’s not what makes him the man of the week. What really makes him a hero to us nobodys is when he said, “The day you need a permit to put up the American flag that will be a sad day for the country.”

Yes Donald, and to let the Mexican flag fly over the American flag in our own country is more than absurd, it’s criminal.

I think Donald should put the biggest American flag ever made on top of the Empire State Building, I mean, he owns it doesn’t he? ….now that would be cool.

Nobody Knows; There are 80,000 Bosnians here in St. Louis, bought here on taxpayer’s money by the Clinton Administration. There are 30,000 Somali refugees in Minnesota, brought here by the taxpayer’s money.

Why we have to import thousands of people from other nations here is beyond me. I guess they need more lab rats for the great American non-melting pot.

What’s in your neighborhood?

Nobody Cares; Ford’s death has given the liberal press another way to criticize President Bush by replaying over and over Ford’s statement that President Bush made a mistake by going into Iraq. Also, the fact that those two evil devils, Dick Cheney and Ronald Rumsfeld once worked for Ford.

No one mentioned that maybe the reason Ford had such a smooth and well remembered legacy, is BECAUSE he had Cheney and Rumsfeld working in his cabinet.

No…not one. Absurd.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

John Edwards is Rising

Nobody’s Opinion; On December 26, a poll by the Des Moines Register said that John Edwards was tied with Sen. Barack Obama, leading with 22%, followed by Gov. Tom Vilsack, with 14%, and then Hillary Clinton with 10%.

Ahhhh…they are just warming up.

That’s how it starts…with a poll to tell you how to think, how to vote, or just to prepare you into thinking that you dear American citizen, are going to elect the next President.

I’ve been silently watching this guy. Ever since Kerry lost the election, John Edwards has been on the fast track to every global network of New World Order places he could possibly stick into his life. He was in Prague, he was at the meetings of the WTO, and he was at the G8 meetings somewhere delivering the coffee. He was at the trilateral meetings and the Bilderbeck meetings. He is also co-chairman of a Council on Foreign Relations task force on United States-Russia relations.

John Edwards is a globalist big time. He has, as the History Channel’s new motto says, “Globalized himself.”

Now, why would an out-of- work politician from North Carolina be seen tramping all over the world trying to sell himself as the next guy to put in power?

Soon, no doubt we will hear that he is a descendant of Jesus and Mary Madeleine, on his mother’s side.

He has the two most important characteristics that Americans seem to always be a sucker for…he’s southern, and he’s a great talker. For some reason, Americans think southerners are more honest, more like them. It’s a great cover, and helps immensely when you have to lie a lot. And since Bush presented himself as a Texan, we trusted him more. Kerry’s upper class arrogance was a sure loser with the nobody’s.

As I’ve said before, Kerry was put up to lose, to make way for Hillary. Just like Bob Dole was put up to lose against Clinton.

It’s never an even race. It’s not meant to be. (That’s just a nobody’s opinion) Anyway, back to the point.

Edwards was also the lawyer responsible for the depositions of Monica Lewinsky and Vernon Jordan in Bill Clinton’s impeachment trial, and for that alone, he should, along with Johnny Cochran, go down in history as committing the most unethical acts of human indecency and justice in the annals of prosecution.

John Edwards wants power…he can hardly contain himself. And even though he started off his announcement for candidacy to the Presidency by putting on his best, “I’m here to help poor old Miss nobody black lady clean up her yard…because the government has not send in any soldiers to clean up the yard…what a disgrace…Oh and by the way, I’m running for President and the office of Santa Clause.” ” Or something to that effect.

No, his real announcement came on the Chris Mathews Show, set up a few miles from his home at the University of North Carolina…the place where both he and his lawyer wife Elizabeth both graduated from, and donated who knows how many millions because they had a son who died in a car crash and they donated a “chair” to his memory there.

Now, I do feel for one losing a child, but they are using this dead son as a political ploy to play on your sympathy for votes.

One wonders how much it costs to sit in the chair.

It was like a football rally for the team of Edwards, there were even cheerleaders for God’s sake… and I don’t know what Chris Mathews is drinking these days, but his questions were so acrimonious in his relentless hatred of President Bush, that he went overboard in his ranting and did something I’ve never seen…he set a new high for obnoxiousness…

I have to set this up, if you didn’t see it.

There was John Edwards saying nauseating things like

“I just want to be in the best place to serve” (translated; if I can’t get into the Presidency, I would sure take the VP spot.)

The future of the World is at stake here.” (Right, vote for him, and he will save Uganda.)

“When I was running for President, I mean Vice President”
(oops, he was running for Kerry, a Freudian slip of the ego.)

“I’ve done everything I can to serve” (not mentioning what it was that he did.)

Then the obligatory pictures of him going all over Africa and shaking little black children’s hands and how “Uganda’s in a civil war and we could make such a difference”

Here we go to Africa…AGAIN.

Oh, but as for helping AMERICA, he will support universal health care for everyone, because those poor children of the employees of Wal-mart are not getting care, and being as there are no manufacturing jobs left here, why John Edwards is going to Unionized all service industry jobs!

Comrades of Burger King…UNIT!

Then Elizabeth had to show off, mentioning that the women’s sports team at the University had won many contests…in sports…go feminists!

Comrades of the university feminist’s sports team…UNIT!

But here’s what was funny. Chris Mathews said this incredible slip of the idiot tongue after something that Elizabeth said...

And I quote, “Wow, do you always let her bite your balls like that?”


Elizabeth said, “Hey, my kids are watching.” Edwards said nothing. Mathews did not apologize.

So, there’s you’re new future President. His wife says something, Edwards has nothing to say.

He will make a good Vice President for Hillary. He will do all the talking, (after all, they have got to keep her off the mike.) our medical system will be socialized as has been the plan, all the globalization that has been going on will come to the final fruition in the eight years of Hillary and Edwards.

Forget Obama…they are saving him, he is just a ploy right now.

John Edwards will take Bill Clinton’s place as the new fast talker. He is going to be something to watch.

He once told a jury in one of his summations, “I didn’t plan to talk about this, right now I feel her (the girl that died) I feel her presence. She’s inside me and she’s talking to you right now.”

He also said that Christopher Reeve was going to get up out of that wheelchair and walk again if John Kerry was elected.

I can’t wait to hear what he is going to say about whoever votes for him…probably that there will be no more hungry or sick children ever again in the world…because Jesus is inside of him, and has told him that the world needs to be saved.

Wait! What am I saying? I mean I can wait, and wait, and wait some more.

John Edwards has that megalomaniac “I want to rule the world” feverish look in his eyes, and he, like Hillary, will do anything to get it.

If Elizabeth doesn’t bite his balls off first.

Nobody’s Perfect; I once read a book by Chris Mathews, where he declared that John Wayne was one of his hero’s. You would never guess that in a million years, by the stuff that comes out of his mouth.

Nobody Knows; Thanks to trail lawyers like John Edwards, our whole medical system has been screwed up because of scumbags trial lawyers like him, making millions off of some misfortune. He has even sued the Red Cross.

Nobody Cares; The guy is such a weasel, I wouldn’t trust him with my life…or even that of my dogs. He is transparently out for himself. After all, I didn’t see him helping any Katrina victim’s right after the event, did you?

He waited till the day he announced his Presidency to get the black vote, and the poor vote, and the Hispanic vote…

I say we make him King of Uganda.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Nobody’s Opinion: There was big news today that Elvis today is still “King” of the American Postage Stamp. Actually, I think this was a good sign. 124.1 million people bought the Elvis stamp. Somewhere, gathering dust in old attics, Elvis stamps are waiting to be discovered by some grandchild, who will not know who he was and probably throw them away, only to discover while surfing e-bay, that the stamp he threw away as a kid, is now worth 2 millions dollars.

Not something you’d care to put in your portfolio of “How big a fool was I?”

And that’s one of the reason people collect. Sort of like a poor’s man’s pension.

American stamps might end up being one of the last things that the American people actually have a say in. Anybody can make send a stamp idea into the Post Office, where a committee decides which idea to actually make into stamps.

And BECAUSE they love to make money, they are going to pick American culture that everyone loves, instead of some politically correct person like Kofi Annun…although I’m sure he has been suggested along with Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Arafat, and legends of American Idol. By the way, they might actually already be on a stamp already as far as I know.

No, someone should tell Bill O’Reilly that the culture war is being won in at least one segment of society… the American postage stamp. Coming in second next to Elvis was the Wonders of America. And in the top sellers is a who’s who of American culture: we have the Art of Disney, the Civil War, Legends of the West, Comic strip Classics, Advances in Aviation, Bugs Bunny, Baseball Sluggers, Lucille Ball, Rock & Roll/Rhythm and Blues, Marilyn Monroe, Star and Stripes, and my personal favorite, Insects and Spiders.

As everyone knows who lives in America, insects and spiders have been part of the American culture since the Indians suggested we eat them for desert. Millions of American dollars have been spent trying to get rid of the little creatures.

But Elvis is still King, and I have a friend who has a collection of Elvis paraphernalia that would actually made her a multimillionaire if she wanted to sell the stuff.

You see, when she was young, and Elvis was in his prime, Judy (not her real name)
and her girlfriends used to take trips to Graceland and…well…just hang around. They got to know all Elvis’s bodyguards and all his “buddies.” Being cute was a big plus. They got to know Elvis, and they took LOTs of pictures.

This lady has HUNDREDS of unpublished pictures, Elvis scarves, and letters from his dad…stuff some collector would be salivating over.

As I was looking through her “collection” and then looking around at her house, which was smaller than Elvis’ bathroom, I asked her why she didn’t sell some stuff just to get a few bucks for retirement.

No, she was going to give it all to her daughters. Most of us would think this was insane, but not really. I suspect the real reason is that, she just loved Elvis too much to part with any of it, each picture, and each letter, brought back the best times of her life.

She is still in love with him.

So…what’s her husband say?
He smiles and says...“Ca-ching!”

Which is why people collect stamps, someday they might be worth something. You might not have enough money to buy stocks, but stamps you can afford. The poor man’s insurance.

And right now, at this moment before the globalization hits everyone in full force, the stamps remain reflections of the American Culture.

But not for long. Soon there will be a Hillary stamp (she has already posed for it.), and Bill Clinton stamp, the United Nations stamp, and a series of all religions…so as we can all globalize effectively together.

They’d better get at it, because I have a feeling that Elvis, like every King, is going to be a hard one to get rid of.

Let’s hope so.

Nobody’s Perfect; Okay, I collect Disney stuff, from Walt’s time. This stuff has no purpose, and just sits around collecting dirt, but it doesn’t matter. To this day I could kick myself for giving away a Tinker Bell Christmas tree ornament that was one of a kind.

Which makes me have something in common with Rosie O’Donnell who collects the same useless stuff…I don’t want to discuss it.

Nobody Knows; Why was Elvis loved so much by his fans? This nobody suspects he had that one extra bit of something that everyone else lacked. Elvis was magnanimous, he kissed every girl he came in contact with, which means, that he was exposed to millions of germs and never got really sick. Just think what they could do with his DNA.

How much would a lock of his hair go for on e-bay, since stem-cell research?Mmmmm?

Nobody Cares; I got a bill back in the mail the other day, one in which I had “taped” on a stamp, because I took it off another envelope that I had made a mistake on. What does this mean? Did I feel enraged by this act of blatent piracy on the part of our government? You bet I did.

Sadly, we now have stamp stealers.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Cost of Cardinal Tee-Shirt for Sister in Law; $25.00

Cost of Marshmellow gun for Brother; $6.00

Cost of Perfect Dark Video Game for Husband: $55.00

Cost of NIKE jump suit for son; $100.00

Cost of Turkey dinner; $75.00

Pet dog finnaly finding a toy she likes; Priceless